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Martial Peak – Chapter 4302, Please Take Us In

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The Proprietress looked at Yang Kai in astonishment, “You can remove the Blood Principles Restriction from their bodies?”


Yang Kai replied, “Black Crow Divine Monarch obtained Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Dao of Blood inheritance. I made a deal with him previously and received the necessary Secret Technique from him in exchange.”


A look of realisation appeared on her face, and she nodded at him. The truth was that she had never forgotten the people in Abundance City even though so many years had passed. After all, Lan Ting Yu had made a promise to them when he was still alive. Following his death, the Proprietress had wanted to fulfil this promise and thought about sending somebody into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven to help bring the people from Abundance City out.


Unfortunately, bringing them out without removing the Blood Principles Restriction was equivalent to sending them to their deaths. Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Blood Principles Restriction was also extremely difficult to remove; hence, she was strong in will but weak in strength. She never imagined that her wish would be fulfilled by Yang Kai at this moment.


Yang Kai was certain that they had a lot to say to each other; after all, it had been centuries since they last met each other. Besides, Mo Mei would surely want to ask about Lan Ting Yu; therefore, he did not stay for long after bringing Mo Mei and the others to the room. Yang Kai quickly left them there and returned to his room alone.


Returning to the Star City in Thousand Bird Territory from the Blood Monster Territory would take a long time, but Yang Kai did not want to remain idle. His top priority was to completely remove the Blood Principles Restriction from all the people in Abundance City. He might have sealed the Spirit Province containing Abundance City to prevent its World Force from dissipating, but he could not guarantee how long this solution would last. If he failed to free all the people in Abundance City before time ran out, they would be met with a gruesome death.


For that reason, Yang Kai remained inside the Small Sealed World over the next few days and constantly performed the Blood Secret Technique, consuming copious amounts of blood during this process. It was fortunate that his healing abilities were extraordinary; otherwise, he would not have been able to persevere for so long.


There were many people in Abundance City; therefore, Yang Kai decided to temporarily house them inside the Small Sealed World until he arrived at a safe place and could figure out his next course of action.


Four or five days later, Yang Kai was busy working in the Small Sealed World when he suddenly sensed somebody knocking on his door in the outside world. He asked the Abundance City cultivators who were waiting in line to wait for him, then returned to his room with a flash. Pushing the room door open, he saw Mo Mei and the others standing outside the door.


“Sir Yang!” Mo Mei bowed elegantly. Pang Duo and the others also cupped their fists in greeting.


“City Lord Mo, Elders, please come in!” Yang Kai did not know the reason they came to him, but he stepped to the side and invited them inside to talk. After they took their seats, he served them tea and finally asked, “Is there something you need from me?”


Mo Mei explained, “We came here to thank you, Sir Yang. Those of us who were born in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven lived our entire lives there. We have never left that place in our lives, and had very faint hope we ever would. It’s all thanks to your life saving grace that we can finally break free from the shackles of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and be released from the Blood Principles Restriction inherited from our Ancestors. We finally obtained our freedom.”


Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively, “You’re too polite, City Lord Mo. This was a simple matter for me.”


If not for the jade slip he received from Black Crow Divine Monarch, it would have been impossible for him to bring them out. But, with the Secret Technique recorded within the jade slip, this matter was truly not an issue for Yang Kai. All it cost him was some blood and some time.


Mo Mei shook her head sternly, “It might be a simple matter to you, Sir Yang; however, what you did amounts to a life-saving grace for all of us in Abundance City. Such great kindness is not something Abundance City can ever hope to repay. Even… Even now, this Mistress has a request.”


“City Lord Mo, please speak freely. I will not refuse as long as it is within my means to help.” He looked her straight in the eyes.


Hesitating for a moment, she began to speak, “It’s like this, Sir Yang. I heard from Big Sister Lan that you have a Spirit Province called Void Land in the 3,000 Worlds. It is a beautiful place with a vast area…”


She looked a little ashamed of herself. Even Pang Duo and the others looked apprehensive.


Yang Kai nodded, “En, indeed.”


“The Blood Monster Cave Heaven has been destroyed, so we… have nowhere else to go. May we… may we request that Void Land take us in, Sir Yang?” Mo Mei asked tentatively.


Pang Duo and the others sat up straight and placed their hands on their knees, looking very uneasy.


Yang Kai was taken aback for a moment, but immediately after, he was overjoyed and burst out laughing, “City Lord Mo, you’re far too polite. What do you mean by take you in? If you are willing to join Void Land, then there’s nothing more that I could wish for!”


He was certain that recruiting the people from Abundance City into Void Land would be easy; after all, he had just saved all their lives and they had nowhere else to go. It was just that he had yet to figure out how to broach the subject. He never imagined that Mo Mei would take the initiative to come and discuss this matter with him.


A moment later, realisation struck him. The Proprietress had probably helped by acting as the middle-man. She knew that Void Land was desperately in need of manpower. On the other hand, Mo Mei and the others were seeds that would eventually become Open Heaven Realm Masters. If they joined Void Land, they would not be the only ones benefiting from the deal. Their affiliation would also be tremendously beneficial for Void Land. It could be said to be a win-win situation.


Seeing how readily Yang Kai agreed to their request, they all breathed a sigh of relief and stood up in unison, “Greetings, Sect Master!”


Yang Kai raised a hand to stop them and smiled at them, “Please don’t be so uptight. In the future, we will all be one family. We can discuss the specific details once we arrive back at Void Land.”


They responded, “We obey your orders, Sect Master.”


Yang Kai was so elated that flowers were practically blooming in his heart. He swept his gaze over Mo Mei and the others, seeming to see them as future Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters! The people in front of him had experienced thousands of years of accumulation and precipitation in the Emperor Realm, so their heritage was extremely impressive. Advancing into the Open Heaven Realm would not be an issue for them. What’s more, he also had the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. These Spirit Pills would dramatically improve their chances of successfully breaking through. It could almost be said that there was no risk of failure at all.


Pang Duo, Jin Yuan Lang, Mu Qian Xuan, and Gong Yang Xi had condensed the Fifth-Order Elements, while Mo Mei had condensed Sixth-Order Element Powers! And this was just a few of them. When Yang Kai helped to remove the Blood Principles Restriction from the Abundance City cultivators, he noticed that there were quite a few of them who had condensed Fifth-Order Elements.


It could be said that once these people advanced into the Open Heaven Realm, Void Land’s strength would increase by several folds. At the time, Void Land would no longer have a severe shortage of Open Heaven Realm Masters. It would become a true Second-Class great force!


During their conversation, the ship groaned loudly for some reason and came to an abrupt halt. A person’s voice rang out a moment later, “You there, stop! Lower your defences and prepare to accept our inspection!”


Yang Kai swept out his Divine Sense and frowned slightly. Many flight-type artifacts were floating around in the void ahead. Each artifact was magnificent in shape and huge in size. He could tell that they belonged to the Cave Heavens and Paradises at a glance. More importantly, there was a large Territory Gate slowly rotating behind these ships.


A sudden thought flashed through his mind, and he vaguely guessed that this matter was related to Black Crow Divine Monarch.


The Proprietress had mentioned that the news of Black Crow Divine Monarch coming back to life via possession had already spread everywhere. All the Cave-Heavens and Paradises were searching for his current whereabouts. For this reason, they even went so far as to seal all the Territory Gates in the Blood Monster Territory to prevent him from escaping. Any cultivator or flight-type artifact that wished to leave the Blood Monster Territory would be subjected to careful inspection; therefore, it was not strange to be stopped here.


Nevertheless, the origins of Mo Mei and the others were a little special, so it would be best if they were not discovered.


After considering everything, Yang Kai said, “Everyone, please hide inside the Small Sealed World for now. I will let you out again once we reach our destination.”


Mo Mei and the others had no objection to his suggestion and did not resist.


Yang Kai successfully placed them back into the Small Sealed World, and when he was done, he moved to the deck.


On the deck, the Proprietress swept her beautiful eyes in Yang Kai’s direction. Seeing that Mo Mei and the others were nowhere to be seen, she knew that he must have hidden them away.


At this moment, everybody had gathered on the deck. Four figures came from the opposite side and slowly fluttered down.


Yang Kai looked at them and immediately felt a little sick. This couldn’t be helped. He recognised two out of the four figures. They were both from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. One was Guo Nu and the other was Yin Xin Zhao’s Master, Chu Liu Shan.


During their time inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Yin Xin Zhao had attempted to murder Yang Kai when he was heavily injured. It was only natural that Yang Kai did not hold a favourable impression towards Yin Xin Zhao’s Honoured Master. Be that as it may, both Guo Nu and Chu Liu Shan were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so they could not be underestimated.


It was not just them. The other two who landed on the ship were also in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm!


This was not difficult to understand though. The opening of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a grand event, so the Masters leading the disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises could not have weak cultivations. Those in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm were considered High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, so there was no need for them to appear at these kinds of occasions. It was just right for Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to come.


Yang Kai did not recognise the other two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but he could be certain that one of them was from Great Battle Heaven. That was because the people of Great Battle Heaven were very recognisable in terms of the aura surrounding them and their uniforms.


This Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Great Battle Heaven wore a set of golden armour and had a full plate helmet. He also had a longsword at his waist. His appearance was similar to a Great General who just returned from battle. It was a glorious sight!


Yang Kai did not know which great force the fourth person belonged to, but that person most likely belonged to one of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Otherwise, he would have no qualifications to stand here.


“Why do I run into you wherever I go?” The Proprietress looked as sick and tired as Yang Kai as she gave Guo Nu an undisguised look of disgust.


Guo Nu chuckled, “This Senior Brother is relieved to see you so spirited, Junior Sister Lan.”


She coldly snorted and turned to look at the others. Then, she bowed only to the Golden Armour General from Great Battle Heaven, “Senior Brother Mao!”


The man with the surname Mao nodded lightly and cupped his fist, “Junior Sister Lan, this is routine procedure. Please forgive us. As you know, a person called Black Crow Divine Monarch appeared in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. This person is ruthless and cruel. He killed many disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. In order to prevent him from escaping the Blood Monster Territory, all flight-type artifacts and people who want to leave have to undergo a strict inspection.”


The Proprietress flicked her sleeve, “I know. Please go ahead, Senior Brother Mao.”


He immediately gave a wave of his hand, “Check carefully. Don’t let any corner go uninspected!”


Following his orders, a bunch of Fourth-Order and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters stepped out from behind him and charged into the ship to investigate.


While everybody was waiting on the deck, Senior Brother Mao did not spare all the people who were gathered here either. Yang Kai clearly felt a powerful Divine Sense sweeping over him. It probably belonged to the man surnamed Mao; however, he soon furrowed his brow tightly together. The man surnamed Mao quickly had withdrawn his Divine Sense after a quick inspection, but there was another Divine Sense that was locked onto him the whole time.



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