Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4303, If The House Is Crooked, The Foundation Must Be Too


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Yang Kai could not figure out who the Divine Sense belonged to. The four people standing in front of him were all in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm after all, so the difference in strength between them was simply too great.


He vaguely guessed that the Divine Sense belonged to Chu Liu Shan. That was because this old man was on bad terms with the Proprietress. Not to mention that there was also now a feud between Yang Kai and his disciple, Yin Xin Zhao. It was not strange for him to be paying extra attention to Yang Kai at this moment.


Just as Yang Kai was making guesses in his head, the fourth Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master that he did not recognise suddenly spoke up, “Madam Lan, I heard that you have a little one called Yang Kai in First Inn. Which one is he?”


The Proprietress immediately looked at that person vigilantly, “Why are you looking for him?”


That person smiled and replied, “There are some things I want to ask him.” He turned his gaze to Yang Kai and continued, “If my guess is correct, it should be you, right?”


This person probably did not know Yang Kai directly. It was just that Yang Kai’s aura stood out distinctly from among the many Emperor Realm Masters here, so it was not surprising for his cover to be blown.


In any case, Yang Kai didn’t bother to hide his identity either after being called out so directly. There were so many people here who knew him that it made no sense to hide anyway. Instead, he quickly responded, “Yes. Who are you? How can I help you?”


That person smiled and nodded, “You might not know me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, Kong Feng.”


[Heavenly Sword Union? I can’t believe that this guy does not belong to one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises!] When Yang Kai first saw this person standing beside Guo Nu, Chu Liu Shan, and Senior Brother Mao of Great Battle Heaven, he had assumed that he too was from one of the Cave-Heavens or Paradises. Only now did he realise that this person was the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union.


Nevertheless, Heavenly Sword Union was one of the top Second-Class great forces. As the Union Master, this person was indeed qualified to stand in this place. After all, neither Guo Nu, Chu Liu Shan, or Senior Brother Mao were especially powerful people in their respective Sects. They could only be considered middle-management at most.


Knowing that this person belonged to Heavenly Sword Union, Yang Kai immediately recalled the few Heavenly Sword Union disciples he killed previously. [Is this person here to seek justice for his disciples? That can’t be it. Among those who witnessed me killing them were Qu Hua Shang, Zhang Ruo Xi, and that Lang Ya Paradise disciple called Du Xu.]


Those Heavenly Sword Union disciples had brought death upon themselves by persistently chasing and trying to kill Zhang Ruo Xi and Du Xu. Qu Hua Shang and Zhang Ruo Xi would never expose this matter to the public. [Could it have been Du Xu?]


Sure enough, the smile on Kong Feng’s face suddenly faded and he said, “I heard you killed some of the outstanding disciples belonging to my Union.”


Yang Kai was furious. [As I thought, it was that little bastard Du Xu who leaked the news! Otherwise, there’s no reason for Kong Feng to know about this matter. I should have killed him!]


It was bad enough that Du Xu had focused on running away alone without any regard for the safety of his fellow Junior Sister when they were in danger; however, it could also be said that Yang Kai had saved his life.


[I can’t believe he is repaying a live-saving favour with enmity! If I had known that he was such a despicable villain, I would never have allowed him to live at the time!]


Before Yang Kai could say a word, the Proprietress coldly snorted, “Union Master Kong, rice may be eaten at will, but some words should not be spoken casually. You claim that Yang Kai killed several of Heavenly Sword Union disciples. Where is the evidence?”


She was convinced that Kong Feng did not have any evidence. That was why she countered his question in this manner.


To her surprise, Kong Feng answered lightly, “Naturally, I have the evidence. I was informed about this matter, and I believe that person is not lying. I only came here to confirm the truth.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Those Heavenly Sword Union disciples were blinded by greed and were trying to oppress the weak, so I killed them. What will you do now?”


Kong Feng didn’t seem to expect Yang Kai to be so hard-hearted, so he couldn’t help glancing at him again. He nodded lightly and said, “It’s good that you admit to your actions. It saves this King from wasting more time on nonsense. Since ancient times, debts are repaid with money and murder is repaid with one’s life. You killed several of Heavenly Sword Union’s Core Disciples and caused Heavenly Sword Union to suffer huge losses, including the loss of several talented individuals who were the backbone of the future generation. Don’t you think this King should avenge them? “


The Proprietress did not move, but her aura at the peak of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm permeated the air and her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, “I dare you to try!”


He glanced at her and calmly replied, “Madam Lan, your reputation precedes you. This Kong is aware that he is not your opponent. Besides, I have no wish to fight you. If this boy was unrelated to you, this Kong would have killed him to provide justice for my disciples. But, since you wish to protect this boy, Madame, then this Kong will back down out of respect for you. As long as this boy can provide some compensation, then we can forget about this matter. What do you think, Madame?”


She scowled fiercely, vaguely sensing that Kong Feng’s intentions were not noble; otherwise, he would not have brought up the deaths of his disciples at a time like this. It was just that she did not know what snake oil he was selling. She asked warily, “What kind of compensation do you want? Yang Kai is only in the Emperor Realm. What can he offer as compensation?”


He smilingly answered her question, “You don’t need to worry about that, Madame. This Kong will discuss with him myself.” Turning to look at Yang Kai, he asked, “You don’t have any objections to that, right?”


The rage in Yang Kai’s heart blazed even higher. [If I had enough strength, I would not be wasting time talking nonsense with him! I only killed those Heavenly Sword Union disciples because they were doggedly chasing Zhang Ruo Xi. Why is Kong Feng talking about justice? How ridiculous!]


Unfortunately, the only reason he could stand here today was thanks to the Proprietress’ protection. If he made things difficult, it would only drag her into this mess; thus, he suppressed the rage in his heart and asked coldly, “What do you want?”


Kong Feng calmly said, “Don’t worry. What I want is definitely in your possession. Moreover, it won’t harm a single hair on your head.” All of a sudden, he stopped talking out loud and sent a Divine Sense transmission to Yang Kai instead, “I want that Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Beast Core!”


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed at those words. His first reaction was to wonder how this guy knew that he had a Seventh-Order Monster Beast Core, let alone that it was of the Metal Element. However, he soon realised the truth.


Kong Feng learned about the fact that Yang Kai killed those Heavenly Sword Union disciples because Du Xu tipped him off. On the other hand, Old Hong of Heaven’s Border had witnessed Yang Kai obtaining the Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Beast Core back then. He could also have tipped Kong Feng off about this matter.


[So, this is his true purpose!]


Yang Kai responded flatly without even thinking about it, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


If Kong Feng had asked for anything else, there might have been room for discussion. Yang Kai was not averse to exchanging money to avoid disaster. Be that as it may, it was impossible for him to hand over the Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core. This matter was related to his future. If he lost the Monster Core in this place, he did not know when he would obtain another opportunity like this again.


Kong Feng narrowed his eyes slightly, “Boy, you should think carefully before you answer.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I was wondering why those Heavenly Sword Union disciples were so despicable. Now I understand. If the house is crooked, then the foundation must be too.”


Kong Feng gave Yang Kai a deep look and calmly said, “I hope you don’t regret your choice.” 


After that, he stopped conversing via Divine Sense and spoke out loud instead, “A Seventh-Order Monster Core might be a precious treasure, but you are only in the Emperor Realm. Don’t you think possessing something like that is very dangerous?”


“A Seventh-Order Monster Core?” Both Guo Nu and Chu Liu Shan murmured in unison, immediately turning to look at Yang Kai. Even Senior Brother Mao gave Yang Kai a surprised look. It was obvious that they had been kept out of the loop earlier.


A Seventh-Order Monster Core was an extremely rare object. When the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed, everything inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had flowed out as a result, but as far as they were aware, there was only one instance where somebody had killed a Seventh-Order Earth Attribute Monster Beast and obtained a Seventh-Order Monster Core. Aside from that, there were no other known Seventh-Order Monster Cores in existence. Therefore, it was unexpected to learn about another Seventh-Order Monster Core here.


Chu Liu Shan frowned, “Brother Kong, are you saying that this brat possesses a Seventh-Order Monster Core?”


Kong Feng gave Yang Kai a deep look and said, “That’s right. This boy is quite lucky. It seems he killed a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Beast and obtained a Metal Element Monster Core.”


Guo Nu scowled, “Brother Kong, how did you find out about this? And… how could he possibly have the strength to kill a Seventh-Order Monster Beast?”


Kong Feng chuckled, “You don’t need to be so suspicious, Brother Guo. This Kong learned about this matter from a personal source of information, but there is no doubt about the truth of this matter. I can guarantee that this boy possesses a Seventh-Order Monster Core.” 


He paused for a moment and continued with malicious intentions, “I heard that this boy is very ambitious. He plans to advance directly into the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. He has already condensed many Open Heaven Powers. If he refines the Metal Element Monster Core, I’m afraid it won’t be long before he succeeds.” 


Turning to Chu Liu Shan, he cupped his fist, “Congratulations, Brother Chu, Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven will soon have another talented individual!”


Chu Liu Shan’s expression was extremely ugly. If Yang Kai had been somebody from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, he would have been so happy that he would wake up laughing from his dreams for the next month. The problem was that Yang Kai was not from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. First Inn might have some involvement with Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, but they were ultimately unrelated. Besides, Lan You Ruo had always had a poor relationship with him.


More importantly, his disciple had a life-or-death feud with Yang Kai. If Yang Kai were to advance into the High-Rank Open Heaven, the future of his disciple would be disheartening. [This can never be allowed to happen!]


Looking at Yang Kai, he spoke in a cold voice, “Hand it over!”


Yang Kai glanced sideways at Chu Liu Shan, “What the Hell do you count for?”


“What an impudent Junior!” Chu Liu Shan’s expression darkened.


The Proprietress stepped forward and scolded, “Brazen old dog!”


Chu Liu Shan was livid, “Lan You Ruo!”


Guo Nu hurriedly came forward to mediate the situation. He stood between them, lest they actually got into a fight, “Alright, alright. Calm down, both of you. Stop arguing.” 


He turned to the Proprietress and continued, “Junior Sister Lan, you’re not unaware of the boy’s situation. The Seventh-Order Monster Core in his possession is not a good thing for him.”


The Proprietress coldly snorted, “Why bother coming up with such high-sounding excuses when all you want is to snatch the Seventh-Order Monster Core by force?”


Guo Nu shook his head, “Junior Sister, what are you saying? We don’t want to snatch anything from him. If he does have the Seventh-Order Monster Core, we can purchase it from him. Ask him to set a price. As long as the price is reasonable, this Senior Brother will not quibble about it.”


Snorting, she replied, “Let’s put aside whether or not he does have a Seventh-Order Monster Core in his possession. Even if he does have one, it will never belong to Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven!” 


Turning to look at Yang Kai, she asked, “Do you have a Seventh-Order Monster Core?”


Yang Kai replied decisively, “That’s a groundless accusation!”


Chu Liu Shan coldly snorted, “We’ll know whether he has the item or not if we perform a check!”


“I dare you to try!” the Proprietress glared at Chu Liu Shan.


Chu Liu Shan calmly said, “It doesn’t matter who has the Seventh-Order Monster Core, but it must not be in this brat’s hands. This matter is very important. There is no room for negligence. Lan You Ruo, I advise you not to make a mistake!”


She was so furious that she laughed instead, “This Queen will happily be your opponent if you want to fight. Why are you wasting time with nonsense?”


Saying so, World Force surged around her body.




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