Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4305, Return To Void Land


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In the deserted void, a ship sailed forward silently. All the people on board were consolidating their harvest from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Although Yang Kai lost five to six subordinates during this trip, those who came out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven alive definitely had grown leaps and bounds. This experience would be of great help to their futures.


In his room, Yang Kai hid in the Small Sealed World, helping the cultivators of Abundance City to remove the Blood Principles Restriction.


Time passed, and it took almost a month for Yang Kai to finish this task. While helping them to remove the Blood Principles Restriction, Yang Kai took some time to meet and speak with each of them.


He found out that Abundance City had brought up quite a few talents. In addition to the several Great Elders like Pang Duo, there were more than ten people who had condensed the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Elements. Deacon Fan Wu Xin, who ‘captured’ him and Qu Hua Shang back to Abundance City, was one of them.


Although they had not been in the Emperor Realm as long as Pang Duo and the others, and had weaker foundations overall, they were still more than qualified to break through to the Open Heaven Realm.


Furthermore, plenty of other cultivators from Abundance City had condensed Fourth-Order and Third-Order Element Powers.


Yang Kai was extremely delighted about this. If he brought these people back to Void Land, once they broke through in the future, one could imagine a sharp increase in Void Land’s strength in a very short time!


However, the number of Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills needed would be huge too!


Initially, Yang Kai wanted to spare some time to comprehend his new Wood Element Divine Ability, but it seemed he would have to put that aside for now. It was crucial to refine more Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills as soon as possible.


Before leaving for the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Yang Kai had refined some Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, but there were not many, and definitely not enough for those from Abundance City.


Yang Kai estimated he would need at least 500 Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills to barely meet the consumption of the first batch of Abundance City cultivators.


For other great forces, it would certainly not be worth it to exchange a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill to secure a single cultivator’s breakthrough to the Third-Order or Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. After all, the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was essentially an extinct Spirit Pill. Anyone who obtained one would regard it as a treasure, leaving it for their Disciple with the greatest potential.


However, Yang Kai could refine this Spirit Pill on his own, and he possessed a large amount of World Source Liquid; thus, he need not be concerned in this regard. Now, his main priority was to enhance Void Land’s strength within the shortest timespan, giving it the capability to protect itself in this 3,000 Worlds.


Yang Kai kept himself busy in his room, refining Spirit Pills without rest. Furnace after furnace of Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills appeared, with each one representing the birth of an Open Heaven Realm Master for Void Land!


After refining for an unknown time, Yang Kai only realized that his job was done when all his auxiliary ingredients were consumed. He calculated the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills he had, coming up with 435 in total. Although there was still a little gap from his initial estimate of 500, it should be enough for now. Not every cultivator would need this Spirit Pill to break through after all. It was unnecessary to waste it on someone who was confident in breaking through.


Nevertheless, for those such as Mo Mei and Pang Duo, Yang Kai had to let them take this pill to assure their breakthrough, even if they were confident.


Opening the barrier of the room, Yang Kai stepped onto the deck, and looked at the scenery of the void around him. He suddenly realized that something was wrong. It should not have taken them so long to return to Thousand Birds Territory from Blood Monster Cave Heaven. He spent one month helping the cultivators of Abundance City to remove their Blood Principles Restriction, and about more than a month refining Spirit Pills. Given that it had been about two to three months, they should have arrived at Thousand Birds Territory by now.


Confused, he took out his Universe Chart to check their position, and was dumbstruck.


“Young Master!” Probably because of noticing Yang Kai coming out of his retreat, Yue He hurriedly came out of her room too.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, and asked puzzledly, “Why are we in Void Territory?”


With the help of the Universe Chart, Yang Kai could easily tell that they were now in Void Territory instead of Thousand Birds Territory.


Yue He explained, “Elder Sister wanted to send us back to Void Land first, then they will return to First Inn of Thousand Birds Territory.”


Yang Kai immediately understood what this meant. The Proprietress was worried that they might encounter some kind of danger during their journey, so she decided to escort them all the way here. His heart could not help feeling a little warm. 


“I am going to see Proprietress,” He turned around and walked towards the room on the top floor.


It was necessary to pay the Proprietress a visit after coming out of his retreat, so Yang Kai knocked, entered the room, and had some casual conversation with her. Then, Yang Kai took out a bottle of Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, “Proprietress, Chef and Accountant will surely be breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm soon after returning. These Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills should be useful to them.”


Back then at the auction in Thousand Birds Star City, Yang Kai got the pill recipe for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill; furthermore, the Proprietress also learnt from Old Bai that Yang Kai had World Source Liquid on him, so she was not surprised that he could hand over Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills so casually.


There was no need for her to refuse as they were really useful for Chef and Accountant. As such, she immediately took the bottle and said, “I’ll accept it with gratitude. When Chef and Accountant reach the Open Heaven Realm Masters, I will ask them to thank you in person.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “No need, we’re friends. I hope they can successfully break through to the Open Heaven Realm as well.”


The Proprietress nodded gently, and asked, “What are your plans after going back this time?”


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai answered, “No matter what, it’s important to refine the Metal Element Monster Core first; after all, such a treasure could only truly belong to me after refining it.”


“As it should be,” the Proprietress agreed, “After refining it, don’t be in such a rush to exit retreat. Stay to consolidate your cultivation. Although you have excellent aptitude, I’m afraid that your foundation will be unstable in the future given that you refined so many High-Rank materials so quickly. Fortunately, it’s not too late. There is still a chance to rectify some minor flaws before condensing the Yin Element Power.”


“Proprietress is wise,” Yang Kai accepted her advice humbly. He agreed that he should spend some time consolidating his cultivation. It was not necessarily good to progress rapidly when it came to cultivating. Although his Dao Seal was incredibly firm due to the Divine Dao Water he had used, it would not hurt him to settle down a little and stabilize his foundation.


During his adventures in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Yang Kai had comprehended a potent Wood Element Divine Ability, but he still lacked a Water Element Divine Ability and a Yang Element Divine Ability. When he condensed his Metal Element Power upon returning this time, he should finish comprehending these. He had a faint feeling that if he could fully comprehend all the Divine Abilities of the seven Elements before advancing to become an Open Heaven Realm Master, it would be of great benefit to him during and after his breakthrough.


It was an inexplicable feeling, but Yang Kai had no doubt about it.


After a few days, the ship finally reached Void Land.


Standing on the deck, the Proprietress praised, “Grandmaster Wu Liang has extraordinary skill indeed. This Grand Array is magnificent. It is so profound that even I can’t see through it. Run this place well. One day, it may be one of the Cave Heavens or Paradises!”


During her last trip here, she brought Grandmaster Wu Liang to patch or arrange a Grand Array for Yang Kai. At that time, Void Land was still Seven Wonders Land, but the current atmosphere had changed dramatically compared to that time.


Yang Kai grinned, “This Grand Array that Grandmaster Wu Liang set up is called the Nine Heavenly Layers and has nine Grand Arrays linked together, including Bewildering Arrays, Illusion Arrays, Killing Arrays, and Trapping Arrays. It’s indeed powerful.”


Grandmaster Wu Liang had excellent skills, but Yang Kai had to give him tremendous support to create this Grand Array. Even though he had made a huge fortune in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he had to spend the majority of it for the sake of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. Only someone like Yang Kai would have the courage to support Grandmaster Wu Liang in arranging a Spirit Array like this. If it was any other Second Class great force, they would not have had the financial resources necessary to support such an endeavour.


Cost was also the main reason why it was so difficult for Grandmaster Wu Liang to implement his design before, even though he had conceived of it a long time ago. He had designed the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array many years ago and strongly recommended it to various great forces; however, those great forces rejected it despite their interest after hearing the price tag.


It was only after he met Yang Kai that he was finally able to display his true mastery over the Dao of Spirit Arrays!


After setting up the array, Grandmaster Wu Liang had a burst of inspiration and enlightenment and went into retreat. He estimated that his cultivation would improve after he came out of his retreat.


“En, a good Spirit Array!” The Proprietress did not hesitate to praise.


“There’s nothing special to see from the outside. You’ll understand its true mystery only from the inside. Please enter, Proprietress!” Yang Kai gestured.


Contrary to his expectations though, the Proprietress shook her head, “I’m not going in.”


Yang Kai was startled, “Are you leaving now?”


The Proprietress nodded gently, “This trip away from First Inn has taken too long. It’s not good to delay any longer. Don’t forget what I told you. Cultivate well after you go back.”


Yang Kai was a little reluctant to send her off. Void Land and Thousand Birds Star City were not close to each other, so it was not easy to have them here. Now that they were leaving before even stepping foot into Void Land, Yang Kai somehow felt like he lost an opportunity to welcome them as a host.


However, if the Proprietress did not want to enter, he could not force it either. As such, he just nodded as he replied, “I’ll remember. Don’t worry, Proprietress. I will work hard and not slack off.”


Leading Yue He and the others off the ship, Yang Kai solemnly bid farewell to the Proprietress and the rest. After seeing the ship, Yang Kai beckoned to the rest, “Let’s go home!”


It was Guo Miao’s first time coming to Void Land, and she could not help looking around curiously. She felt that this place was many times better than Blood Swan Continent, where she had stayed before. Although Void Land was also a Second Class great force, Blood Swan Continent could not be compared with it at all!


Yang Kai was the Master of Void Land, so the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array naturally could not stop him from leading his people inside. The alarm activated by the Grand Array startled Bian Yu Qing, who immediately came to investigate, but after finding that it was Yang Kai who returned, she quickly welcomed him delightedly, “Sect Master, you’ve returned!”


Yang Kai nodded, “Many thanks for your hard work, Second Manager.”


Speaking of the people who followed him all these years, besides Head Manager Hua Qing Si, it was Second Manager Bian Yu Qing who had worked the hardest.


Yang Kai was a well-known arm-flinging shopkeeper, always running around all year round while pushing the administrative work onto others. When he was not home, these two women were in charge of essentially all matters in the Sect. Many would feel envious of the two Managers for how much authority they possessed, but these people had no idea how much effort they had put in, and how much cultivation time they had sacrificed for the Sect.


Back then in High Heaven Palace in the Star Boundary, Head Manager Hua Qing Si was there to share the burden with her, but now in Void Land, Bian Yu Qing was doing it all alone.


Recalling the time when he was captured by Bian Yu Qing’s subordinates when he first left the Lower Star Field and entered the Star Boundary, Yang Kai could not help sighing nostalgically. All kinds of memories from the past were still vivid in his mind.




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