Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4306, Expenditure And Income


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In the Main Hall at the centre of Void Land, Yang Kai sat in the head seat, while Yue He stood behind him. Although she was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she was as humble as a maidservant, standing by the side to pour tea for Yang Kai.


Below, Chen Tian Fei and Lu Xue sat on the left and right. Hearing of Yang Kai’s return, the two of them hurriedly came to greet him. For now, Void Land was lacking Open Heaven Realm Masters, so besides Yue He, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, there were only Lu Xue, a Fifth-Order Open Realm Master, Chen Tian Fei, a Fourth-Order Open Realm Master, and Guo Zi Yan, a Third-Order Open Realm Master. These were all the Open Heaven Realm Masters Void Land had for now.


Of course, there was also Hei He, who was restricted by the Loyalty List, but Yang Kai stationed him outside the Star Boundary to ensure its safety.


In addition, there was the Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, Zhu Jiu Yin. This woman was extraordinarily strong, and after coming out of Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary for such a long time, a good portion of her strength should have been restored, but no one knew what her true condition was at the moment.


Bian Yu Qing’s voice echoed in the Main Hall as she reported the developments and transformations of Void Land during this period of time to Yang Kai. In fact, there were not many changes. The 600,000 people who Yang Kai brought back from the Star Boundary were mostly cultivating in the retreat. All the Great Emperors and Pseudo-Great Emperors had obtained some cultivation resources and now just needed time to refine them, so there would not be many results in the short term.


However, as a result, the expenses for cultivation resources had become shockingly high. Although Void Land was still quite rich, it was clear that it could not handle this rate of consumption for long. If they continued to consume without any means of replenishing, Void Land would eventually be completely drained. Signs had already started showing when Yang Kai departed, but after this period of time, the situation had become progressively worse.


In conclusion, the expenditures of Void Land were overwhelming. Before Yang Kai left, he basically handed over all the cultivation resources he had to Bian Yu Qing and allowed her to distribute them. But now, after listening to the reported figures, there was really not much left, and they would most likely be exhausted soon.


After reporting the spending, Bian Yu Qing continued, “Even taking into consideration the expenditures though, the current income is also pretty good.”


Yang Kai raised his brow as her statement piqued his interest, “Oh? Let’s hear about it.”


Bian Yu Qing turned to look at Chen Tian Fei, and smiled faintly, “Sect Master, just so you know, the biggest income in Void Land now comes from the Gourd Vine, which is under the care of Sir Chen. The Gourd Vine truly lives up to its name as a Divine Medicine. In essence, we can collect a full set of Fifth-Order Yin, Yang, and the Five Element materials once a month. It is truly valuable, and what makes it even more precious is that all of the materials stem from the same source. If a disciple can refine all their Fifth-Order materials from the Gourd Vine, there may be unexpected gains.”


Yang Kai gave a light nod. When he saw the Gourd Vine in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he already had a vague feeling that it would become a foundation to the success of any Sect that obtained it. By the looks of it now, it seemed that he was right.


“Good work, Fatty,” Yang Kai nodded at Fatty Chen Tian.


Chen Tian Fei hurriedly got up. Although he replied humbly, his face was radiant, looking notably proudly. To be honest, it was a boring job to watch over the Gourd Vine, and the task of collecting the Element treasures was not something really worth praising, but he was still glad to be noticed by Yang Kai. Although he was forced to leave his name on the Loyalty List, and his fate was now Yang Kai’s to control, after even a short period of time, he realized the terrifying potential Void Land had. It was many times better than Scarlet Star. Although Void Land was still in its infant stage, it would definitely have the world at its feet in time.


His cultivation was not too high, but he had an exceptionally sharp vision, so he had no doubts about this. Even without the restriction of Loyalty List, he would never choose to leave Void Land. This place had a broad and promising future. If he continued to stay here, he would benefit as Void Land rose. How could he find any place better than this?


Not to mention, staying with Yang Kai could quickly improve his strength too. Until now, he still did not understand how Lu Xue could rapidly reach the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm after a simple trip out with Yang Kai. Initially, they were both Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and he had reached that realm long before Lu Xue, but she had broken through to the next Order first.


Besides Lu Xue, even Guo Zi Yan reached the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm!


Previously, Chen Tian Fei secretly tried to gain information from Lu Xue, but her lips were tightly sealed, so he could not figure out anything. However, he was not discouraged. He believed that as long as he could win Yang Kai’s trust, sooner or later he would be able to make sense of it all.


Additionally, since he was now in charge of collecting the resources from the Gourd Vine, he believed that he must be able to have a share of the collected resources when he was promoted to the Fifth Order in the future.


The Fifth-Order materials were exceedingly valuable as each one cost on after 1 to 2 million Open Heaven Pills, making a set of seven nearly 10 million. Fatty Chen had witnessed Yang Kai’s generosity towards his subordinates during this period of time, and he believed that as long as he could be promoted to the Fifth Order, he would definitely be able to obtain quite a number of Gourd Vine materials. With that, reaching the Sixth Order would be just a matter of time.


If he left Void Land, where could he find this many resources?


It could be said that Chen Tian Fei had now truly pledged his loyalty to Void Land.


Bian Yu Qing pressed on, “However, there is a problem now. The number of disciples who can refine Fifth-Order materials is limited, and a lot of the materials collected from the Gourd Vine may accumulate.”


The requirements for the Dao Seal of a cultivator to refine Fifth-Order Elements were somewhat high, and only Bing Yun, Wen Zi Shan, and other top Emperors could refine them safely. Therefore, although there were 600,000 people in Void Land, not many of them could refine the Fifth-Order materials. Therefore, as the resources were collected monthly from the Gourd Vine, they would naturally begin to pile up.


“In contrast, Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials are in extremely high demand, and we are short on them. Therefore, without Sect Master’s approval, this subordinate decided to exchange some Fifth-Order resources from the Gourd Vine for the Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials in the Star City. If there is anything wrong about this, this subordinate is willing to be punished.”


Yang Kai beamed, “How could I punish Second Manager for doing such a good job? I should be thanking you instead.”


It was a reasonable move to exchange the Fifth-Order materials that could not be used for Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials that they lacked.


Bian Yu Qing was slightly relieved when she heard him, and further reported, “Inside Void Land, aside from the income of the Gourd Vine, there are the Spirit Fruits collected in the various Orchards. Although Wondrous Pill Great Emperor is deriving the pill recipe for Open Heaven Pills, the progress has been quite slow because he is focused more on cultivating in retreat, so the accumulated Spirit Fruits cannot be refined into pills.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’ve solved the matter of the pill recipe and will give it to the Great Emperor later so that he can begin refining pills.”


Bian Yu Qing nodded and continued, “That’s all for the income from within Void land. Regarding the external income, a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master named Yun Xing Hua came to Void Land and claimed that it was Sect Master that sent him to manage Void Territory’s Star City. The harvest there is also not bad, and there is a fixed income every month from taxes and rent. I have asked him to exchange all the income into cultivation materials of various Orders and ship them to Void Land.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I did send Yun Xing Hua over, but he is an outsider after all, so it’s difficult to entrust such an important task to him. It’s better to have someone in the Star City to assume proper command.”


Blood Swan Continent was originally Guo Miao’s great force, but after Yang Kai broke through its Sect Defending Array, he forced Yun Xing Hua to leave his name on the Loyalty List. There was a shortage of manpower in Void Land, so Yang Kai had ordered Yun Xing Hua to lead a group of people from Blood Swan Continent to enter and manage the Star City.


Although there was the Loyalty List to guarantee his compliance, and Yang Kai was not afraid of Yun Xing Hua betraying him, he worried that this guy would be tempted by the fortunes he made and would begin embezzling them for himself. In Yang Kai’s plan, the Star City of Void Land needed to be well managed and developed, and it would not be difficult to do so. As long as he threw out the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, the reputation of the Star City in Void Territory would soar overnight. When that happened, it would certainly attract countless people to the Star City of Void Land. The increase of population would bring the Star City to life, and by that time, even if he did not do anything, he could make a fortune just collecting taxes.


For now though, Void Territory’s Star city had no fame to its name and could only be regarded as a medium-sized Star City, incomparable to Thousand Birds Star City, not to mention the Star Cities in the Cave-Heavens and Paradises’ Territories. Although the Star City was making some income, it was not much, so Yang Kai was not worried about letting Yun Xing Hua take charge of it for now. However, when the Star City matured in the future, Yang Kai needed to station someone trustworthy there to manage it.


More importantly, that person needed to be strong enough! At that time, the Void Territory Star City would be bustling and full of all kinds of people. Without enough strength, the one in charge would not be able to maintain order and security.


That person had to be at least a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master! Currently, it seemed that Mo Mei was the only suitable candidate as there was no way Yang Kai could let Yue He take charge of the Star City as she had to take care of Void Land itself.


While thinking about it, Lu Xue got up and volunteered, “Sir, let me go to the Star City.”


Lu Xue was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now. If she went to the Star City, Yun Xing Hua would not dare to be presumptuous; after all, he had only just reached the Fourth Order.


Yang Kai waved his hand, “No, Lu Xue. Just focus on teaching in Void Land. The people I brought here from my homeland know nothing about the Outer Universe and the Open Heaven Realm, so I need you to guide them.”


There were only a few Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land. Chen Tian Fei was in charge of the Gourd Vine, while Lu Xue taught the cultivators from the Star Boundary. Almost every day, she had to solve countless questions and doubts of the disciples. It could be said that her task was tough. Even the Great Emperors would ask her for advice during their spare time outside of retreat.


Although in the future, the achievements of Lu Xue may not be as great as those Great Emperors who were refining Sixth-Order materials, she was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now and had the experiences they needed most. At this stage, it was no problem for her to provide guidance to the Great Emperors.


Lu Xue sat down after Yang Kai announced what she should do.


Bian Yu Qing continued, “From the current situation, the income of Void Land is sufficient to cover the expenditure, and there’s even some revenue left over, but it will be difficult to maintain in the long run.”


This was because as time passed, there would be more cultivators who condensed their own Dao Seals. Once they had their Dao Seals, they would need Open Heaven materials, which would put more pressure on Void Land’s finances.


It would be fine if there were just one or two of them. The problem was that there were 600,000 people in Void Land!


Hearing that, Yang Kai asked, “Does Second Manager have a solution?”


Bian Yu Qing proposed, “Other than increasing the income of Void Land, I think we can let the disciples go out for training to find resources for themselves. Void Land can support them for the time being, but not for a lifetime!”




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