Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4308, Let Me Check


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Mo Mei accepted and happily thanked Yang Kai.


To the side, Chen Tian Fei looked at Yang Kai with some surprise, “Sect Master, what Spirit Pills are these?”


Mo Mei and the others had lived in Blood Monster Cave Heaven for a long time so they did not know anything about the outside world and had never been in contact with the Open Heaven Realm before. Therefore, how would they know the hardships and dangers of breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm?


After a cultivator condensed their Dao Seal, they had to work hard to collect all kinds of materials to refine. Even after they gathered the Yin, Yang, and Five Element Powers, they may not have the courage to proceed to attempt to break through; after all, their Soul was at risk of being extinguished upon failure. This was why there were countless Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Masters throughout the 3,000 Worlds. Some were limited by their financial resources and could not gather sufficient cultivation materials, while some lacked confidence in themselves or had problems with their cultivation and dared not attempt to break through.


It was for this reason that there were numerous Second-Order and Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, as well as many even in the First-Order. Not because these people did not have dreams to pursue, but because the lower the Order one attempted to break through to directly, the lower the impact on themselves would be. Likewise, the lower the risk they would need to take.


The risk of advancing to the Open Heaven Realm was well-known, but there was no way to avoid it, and auxiliary aids or Spirit Pills that could increase the chances of success had all but vanished over the ages.


Although Mo Mei did not fully understand how miraculous the Spirit Pills Yang Kai handed to her were, how could Fatty Chen and Lu Xue not know?


“Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills.” Yang Kai answered casually.


Chen Tian Fei replied with a cracked voice, “Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill? As in, the legendary Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills that have long gone extinct?”


Even Lu Xue had her beautiful eyes widen as she stared at Yang Kai in disbelief.


“They’re not extinct anymore. I won the pill recipe for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill during my trip to the Thousand Birds Territory Star City in an auction. These Spirit Pills were refined by me.”


Chen Tian Fei was stunned on the spot as if he was struck by lightning.


Lu Xue, who had been indifferent throughout the whole meeting, could not help covering her red lips with her hands as she gasped.


Seeing their reactions, Mo Mei and the others finally realized the value of the Spirit Pills in their hands. Although they had never heard of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, it did not mean that they lacked common sense. Earlier, when Yang Kai passed her the ring, she scanned it casually and found hundreds of Spirit Pills inside. She thought that these Spirit Pills were ordinary things that could be easily found everywhere, but now, she learnt how rare they were.


Tentatively looking at Chen Tian Fei, Mo Mei asked, “Elder Chen, is this Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill very precious?”


Chen Tian Fei gulped and started to explain with difficulty, “It’s more than just precious. It’s a treasure that one can essentially never find. It’s said that this Spirit Pill can stabilize one’s Dao Seal during their breakthrough to the Open Heaven Realm, greatly improving their chances of success. Moreover, it is rumoured that taking it during one’s breakthrough can help a cultivator experience the birth of a new world, which harmonizes perfectly with the Grand Dao of the splitting Heaven and Earth apart…” 


Then, he continued with a solemn tone, “Junior Sister Mo, let’s put it this way. If a cultivator has gathered Sixth-Order Element Powers like you, but their Dao Seal is not firm enough to support their breakthrough, they are likely to fail and die if they insist on it. But with such a pill, their chances of succeeding increase dramatically. In other words, each of these Spirit Pills can guarantee the successful breakthrough of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!”


After hearing what Chen Tian Fei said, Mo Mei and the others finally understood the value of these Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. Although it seemed to only be a Spirit Pill, it actually represented a powerful Open Heaven Realm Master!


Chen Tian Fei continued, “If you put such a Spirit Pill up for auction, it would be worth at least 10 to 20 million Open Heaven Pills, and that is the absolute lowest price possible. En, you may not know what 10 million Open Heaven Pills means. In the 3,000 Worlds, the value of a Sixth-Order material is generally 15 million.”


Mo Mei’s hand, which was holding the ring, started trembling.


Each of these Spirit Pills were worth 10 to 20 million Open Heaven Pills, and there were some 300 of them in the ring Yang Kai gave to her! Didn’t that mean this single ring was worth billions of Open Heaven Pills?


They had no idea about the value of an Open Heaven Pill, but they did understand the value of a Sixth-Order material as they had only obtained a handful of them even after centuries of accumulation.


“Sect Master, these Spirit Pills are too valuable!” Mo Mei hurriedly looked at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai waved his hand, and grinned, “What Elder Chen just said is not wrong. A single Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill is worth a fortune, but that is only under the circumstances that they cannot be found.” 


Previously at the auction, the price of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill and its recipe was indeed high, costing Yang Kai a great fortune just to win them.


“If a large number of these things were available in the world, their value would naturally reduce greatly. What our Void Land lacks now are Open Heaven Realm Masters, so you don’t have to feel pressured about these pills. I can refine them myself, so I can always make more when they are used up. What you have to do is to assist the people of Abundance City to advance to the Open Heaven Realm as soon as possible.”


Despite Yang Kai’s words, everyone knew that the value of Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills would not drop much even if a large quantity of them became available on the market. No cultivator could be absolutely certain that their breakthrough to the Open Heaven Realm would succeed, so as long as they had enough money, anyone would definitely be willing to buy one as insurance.


Before Mo Mei could say any more, Yang Kai stopped her, “This has already been settled. You don’t need to think too much. Just use these Spirit Pills when you should.”


Realizing Yang Kai’s decision was firm, Mo Mei grasped the ring in her hand and bowed deeply, “Many thanks, Sect Master.”


“Good, that’s all for today. Second Manager, please help those from Abundance City settle in.”


Bian Yu Qing received the order and the group followed Yang Kai out of the Main Hall. After Yang Kai released all of the cultivators of Abundance City from the Small Sealed World, Bian Yu Qing led them away.


Yang Kai dismissed Yue He and then returned to his residence with his hands folded behind his back. Knowing that he was heading to see his wives, Yue He did not bother to follow him.


Chen Tian Fei and Lu Xue still remained in Main Hall with somewhat complicated feelings.


After a long time, Chen Tian Fei smiled bitterly, “If I had a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill in the past, I would have been confident in attempting to break through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm…”


He chose to break through to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm due to limitations in his aptitude, but if he had a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill to secure his breakthrough, he would stand a chance to directly advance to the Fifth-Order. Although there was only one Order difference between the Fourth-Order and Fifth-Order, the difference in upper limits was immense. The highest limit a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could achieve was the Sixth-Order, which was still in the Mid-Rank, but a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could attempt to reach the Seventh-Order, which was the High-Rank.


Lu Xue remained silent. She had always been quiet, but she could also understand Chen Tian Fei’s feelings right now. If she did not obtain a Mid-Rank World Fruit from Yang Kai due to unforeseen circumstances, how could she have the power and achievements she had today?


“Our Sect Master is not a simple man. The future of Void Land… is really worth anticipating!” Chen Tian Fei sighed. Although he did not have as much authority as he did back in Scarlet Star, he was still proud to be in a Sect with such high prospects!


What could he do even if he wielded power in Scarlet Star? Scarlet Star would forever be a small place that could never stand out in the one Star City where it was situated, while Void Land had unlimited potential and would one day rise to become an existence on par with the Cave-Heavens or Paradises! By that time, Chen Tian Fei would also be famous!




When Yang Kai returned to his residence and pushed the door open, he saw Yu Ru Meng, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, and Ji Yao standing side by side, with Yu Ru Meng in the lead.


They had obviously heard the news of Yang Kai’s return, so they had decided to wait here.


As soon as they saw him, happiness covered their faces. Under the lead of Yu Ru Meng, they all saluted and greeted in unison, “Husband, many thanks for your hard work.”


Yu Ru Meng smiled sweetly, Xia Ning Chang and Ji Yao blushed, Xue Yue grinned, while Su Yan lowered her head slightly, her long hair falling from both sides of her ears and resting on her ample peaks.


Yang Kai stared at all of them, stunned.


Yu Ru Meng’s face remained unchanged, but the rest flushed increasingly red.


It was mainly because they had never done something like this before. They were still in retreat previously, but were summoned out one by one by Yu Ru Meng. They still had not gotten used to the situation where they all gathered together to welcome their man back.


With a bang, Yang Kai closed the door again and left the room.


Standing at the door, Yang Kai touched his chin, frowned, and pondered for a long time. He secretly thought to himself that he did not do anything out of line in Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Although that enchantress kept trying to seduce him, he righteously rejected her and did not display any inappropriate behaviour towards her. Thinking so, he calmed down and put a smile on his face before pushing the door open again.


“Husband, why did you do that?” Yu Ru Meng asked puzzledly.


Yang Kai hurriedly answered, “I can’t help but be in such bliss when I see my wives welcome me like this, together. It took me by surprise. I forgot how to behave myself for a while. Please forgive me!”


Yu Ru Meng looked at him suspiciously, “Really? Why do you seem to look a little guilty?”


Cold sweat drenched Yang Kai’s back as he smiled, “Ru Meng, why would you say something so ridiculous? I wasn’t unfaithful to you all, so why would I feel guilty? Heh heh.”


Yu Ru Meng grinned, “This Mistress never accused Husband of being unfaithful… so why is Husband in such a hurry to explain himself, hmm?”


“Am I?” Yang Kai frowned, “Nonsense. There’s nothing of the sort. I’m afraid Ru Meng has misunderstood me. I haven’t seen you all for too long, and I miss all of you very much. Oh, Ning Chang, have you condensed your Dao Seal?”


Little Senior Sister nodded innocently, “En, I have condensed my Dao Seal. Not just me, but everyone has condensed their Dao Seal already. However, Elder Sister Ru Meng said that we should only start cultivating after you come back, so we haven’t condensed any Elements yet.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Ru Meng is right, it is exactly as she says. Come come, let me check everyone’s Dao Seal.”


After declaring so, he spread his arms open and grabbed all the women together without hesitation, pushing them towards the bedroom.


Su Yan, Ji Yao, and Xue Yue all exchanged looks, their faces flushed an even deeper red than before. They naturally knew what kind of ‘checking’ he wanted to perform on them; however, Little Senior Sister in all her innocence still had no idea that she was being led into the wolf’s den, so she continued to boast proudly, “We asked Senior Zhu Jiu Yin to check us once before. She said that we can condense Fifth-Order elements without a problem, and we can directly advance to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future!”


“En, en!” Yang Kai kept nodding, “Since Zhu Jiu Yin said so, it should be right. However, in the end, she is a Divine Spirit, different from us Humans. There could be errors in her judgement, so I still need to check each of you thoroughly.”


“Is that so?” Xia Ning Chang thought about it for a while, and nodded, “It seems like what Junior Brother said is reasonable.”


Yu Ru Meng sneered, “Then Ning Chang, you can be the first one he ‘checks;’ later.”


Xia Ning Chang replied, “En… Ah, Junior Brother, what are you…”




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