Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4310, Refining The Metal Element


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“Zhu Jiu Yin, I will make you pay one day!” Hovering in the sky of Void Land, Yang Kai declared silently with his teeth gritted.


Since Zhu Jiu Yin stated that this Void Land was not as simple as it seemed, and asked him to investigate it carefully, Yang Kai naturally did not dare to neglect her words. This place was the foundation of his foothold in 3,000 Worlds. Not to mention, there were 600,000 people he brought from the Star Boundary here. If anything happened here, how could he face those that remained in the Star Boundary?


But after checking for days, he found nothing at all.


He had lived in this place for quite some time, and did not notice anything strange about it. At most, it was just a Spirit Province where a Second Class great force stood. There was truly nothing special about it.


He took Zhu Jiu Yin’s words seriously because she was a powerful Divine Spirit. That perhaps, she may have felt something.


But now, it seemed that it was either that woman had misled him, or he was too weak to detect it. Yang Kai believed that the former was more likely, which enraged him.


After a few bitter grumblings, Yang Kai gave up on continuing his investigation. He found Second Manager Bian Yu Qing, informed her that he would be in retreat for a while, and told her not to disturb him unless there was an urgent matter.


Bian Yu Qing respectfully acknowledged his orders.


Thus, Yang Kai returned to his residence, went into the secret room and activated the various barriers. He sat cross-legged and focused his mind for three days before solemnly taking out the Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core.


The Monster Core was the size of a fist, its entire mass golden, and a strong and pure Metal Element Power surrounded it. When he probed his Divine Sense into it, he could clearly feel the massive energy contained within.


Yang Kai was delighted, but his face remained calm.


It was not easy to obtain such a treasure, and it could be said that he was very lucky to have held onto it. He initially hoped to find the materials he needed in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but his efforts turned out to be in vain. He had completely given up, especially when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was collapsing; however, when one door closes, a window opens. Yang Kai bumped into the severely injured Golden Wolf King that happened to have devoured the Monster Core of Golden Gorilla King, allowing it to advance from the peak of Sixth Order to the Seventh Order.


At that time, Yang Kai still had the Divine Ability Bead given to him by the Proprietress!


Part of the reason the Golden Wolf King could defeat the Golden Gorilla King and advance to the Seventh Order was because of Yang Kai. If he had not fought with Golden Gorilla King in Abundance City back then, there would not have been a decisive battle between the two Monster Beasts, both at the peak of Sixth Order. After all, they had fought with each other for many years, and neither had prevailed. It could be said that their strength was always on par with each other.


It was precisely because Yang Kai fought with Golden Gorilla King in Abundance City and greatly weakened it that the Golden Wolf King had a chance to succeed!


It was all kinds of opportunistic coincidences that brought Yang Kai the Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core in his hand.


Now, it seemed that it was no longer necessary for him to go to Golden Antelope Paradise, where he was planning to head if he failed to obtain anything from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. After all, he might just be able to find something he needed there. However, he didn’t have to anymore.


No matter how indifferent he looked, Yang Kai was still a little exhilarated in his heart, because as long as he refined this Monster Core, he would be just one step away from the Open Heaven Realm. As soon as he found a suitable Yin Element treasure to refine, he could split Heaven and Earth within himself to create a Small Universe, directly advancing to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. By then, he would have the ability to protect himself in the 3,000 Worlds.


Yang Kai took a soft breath and closed his eyes. Before refining this Metal Element Monster Core, he still needed to make some preparations.


Among the Yin, Yang, and Five Element Powers, Yang Kai first condensed his Wood Element, then Fire, then Earth. However, he had not found an appropriate Metal Element. Fortunately, Zhu Jiu Yin handed him the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture, allowing him to skip the Metal Element and condensed his Water Element as well as his Yang Element.


Nonetheless, although the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture was amazing, anyone who used it had to dedicate a part of their attention to maintaining its operation. Once it was interrupted, the Powers inside the Dao Seal would fall into chaos, leading to disastrous results.


When refining his Water Element, Yang Kai spared a part of his focus on operating the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture. Similarly, Yang Kai had to spare another part of his focus when condensing his Yang Element Power.


It could be said that Yang Kai has always been in the state of multitasking on at least three things at the same time. It was a great load on any cultivator who did this, because multitasking on three things would consume a lot of one’s focus. Without a powerful Soul, this could not have been done, let alone fighting with others in this state.


Maybe multitasking on three things would not be too difficult for a short time, but the problem was this circulation could not be interrupted and had to be maintained at all times.


Fortunately, Yang Kai’s Soul was much stronger than other cultivators in the same Realm; thus, he was able to maintain this state without making any mistakes.


Now, since he wanted to condense the Metal Element Power, he had to spare another part of his focus again.


Divine Sense surged, and his focus was divided. As the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture was operating, Yang Kai held the Seventh-Order Monster Core with both hands, surged the Powers within his Dao Seal, and began absorbing the Metal Element Power in the Monster Core.


The Metal Element was renowned for its sharpness, and specialized in attacking. As such, the Monster Core’s Metal Element Power had an unparalleled sharpness to it. As soon as Yang Kai absorbed a trace of this Power, he felt a stabbing pain in his physique and meridians, as if a tiny needle had poked into his body, shuttled through his physique and meridians, and pierced his Dao Seal.


Yang Kai’s face trembled while he endured the pain.


Soon, an almost imperceptible golden aura appeared in his Dao Seal, and it began to tremble slightly. The Powers of Wood, Fire, Earth and Water seemed to become a little lively at this moment.


Yang Kai did not know whether it was an illusion, but he did not have time to find out now. Since he had begun to refine the Metal Element Power, he could not give up halfway, and constantly utilised his Dao Seal, absorbing the energy of the Monster Core in his hand.


As time passed, Yang Kai felt as though countless fine needles were drilling into his body, as if thousands of ants were eating his physique, and he had to endure the unbearable pain the whole time.


However, the golden aura in his Dao Seal was gradually growing stronger. With the increase of the Metal Element Power, the rest of the Five Element Powers became more and more active in his Dao Seal. Even the vibration of his Dao Seal became more and more apparent.


The Five Elements were a complete cycle that brought about unity. The process of advancing to the Open Heaven Realm was to integrate this unity into their Dao Seal. Before, the Five Element Powers in Yang Kai’s body were incomplete and could not harmonize with each other properly, so they had to act on their own. But now, Yang Kai has refined the Metal Element Power, and finally gathered all of the Five Elements.


Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth were gradually integrated with each other in an infinite loop, connecting to each other in an endless and wondrous cycle. The Dao Seal vibrated more and more, and its light flickered constantly.


With the refining of the Metal Element Power, Yang Kai’s aura also became stronger and stronger.


It was not easy to refine a Seventh-Order material, and if it were any other cultivator, they would have to be extremely careful, especially towards the Metal Element Power, because its innate nature to attack and kill was too strong. One mistake would lead to irreparable losses to their own meridians and Dao Seal, possibly even death.


Therefore, the time required for refining would naturally be exceedingly long, ranging from three to five years to more than ten years.


Yang Kai was not worried about this though. His Dao Seal was extremely firm, and among the Five Elements, he had gathered the Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth already. As such, he had great experience in condensing this kind of High-Rank Power.


He refined rapidly, and the aura of the Metal Element Monster Core in his hand disappeared at a visible speed. On the contrary, the golden light in Yang Kai’s Dao Seal gradually expanded.


At a certain moment, when the last bit of Power within the Monster Core in his hand was absorbed and condensed, Yang Kai felt that his mind relaxed, as if a heavy burden was lifted from him. He instinctively withdrew the several parts of his split focus, which had now been spared, and stopped the operation of the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture.


Although the technique was interrupted, there was no sign of disorder with the Powers in his Dao Seal. On the contrary, as the Five Elements in his Dao Seal were complete now, the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth Element Powers mutually reinforced and suppressed one another, forming a complete cycle.


Cultivators had to condense the Elements in a specific order, but the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture negated that necessity. Now that Yang Kai possessed all the Five Elements though, he naturally did not need this technique. It was a great relief for him, especially from the stress of maintaining it.


Yang Kai examined himself carefully and clearly perceived the endless cycle of the Five Elements in his Dao Seal. Following the cycle of the Five Elements, an inexplicable aura was released out of the Dao Seal. This aura felt like a newborn world, like the prototype of World Force, but at the same time not!


The feeling of the complete Five Elements circulating in his own body mutually reinforcing and suppressing each other was even more amazing. Yang Kai had long experienced the World Force; after all, he was the owner of the Small Sealed World, which was also an independent world itself and naturally had its own World Force. However, the Small Sealed World was not his own body, and the feeling that came from his own being at this moment was completely different.


A sudden realization suddenly dawned on Yang Kai, this was the true Half-Step Open Heaven Realm!


Although previously he had refined five Elements to reach the standard of the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm, due to the scattered Powers in his body, he did not form an orderly cycle at all. Therefore, he had not truly stepped into the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm.


But now, he had finally reached the threshold of the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. If he could take another step forward, he would be in the Open Heaven Realm!


Yang Kai concentrated his mind and immersed himself in this wonderful feeling. His Dao Seal constantly vibrated, and each vibration seemed to be a throb from the depths of his heart. The cycle of the Five Elements resonated with his Soul, giving rise to the illusion that his Dao Seal was about to evolve into a World.


And he himself was the creator of this World!


The feeling of dominating the World arose spontaneously, and his mood lifted a little. After condensing the Metal Element Power, Yang Kai stood firm in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. He could sense that his strength had increased by another leap. Even though it was not too outrageous, it was certainly different from before.


More importantly, with the completion of the Five Elements, it gave him another trump card to use.


Just when Yang Kai wanted to try a technique he had not used for a long time, a soft noise suddenly came out from within himself. Yang Kai was slightly stunned, unable to react to what had happened.


When the soft noise resounded for the second time, Yang Kai hurriedly examined its source and his face turned deathly pale.




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