Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4311, Three Hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters


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A crack had appeared in his Dao Seal!


Yang Kai was beyond startled, his face turning green from shock. After reaching the peak of the Emperor Realm, the Dao Seal became the foundation of a cultivator. It was where their Grand Dao was stored, the product of a cultivator’s lifetime of hard work. If something went wrong with their Dao Seal, it would be the end of the cultivator.


Yang Kai never thought there would be a problem with his Dao Seal, because it was extremely firm and robust, especially with the nourishment of the Divine Dao Water.


But the most unlikely thing happened, and it happened so abruptly.


Yang Kai drew a deep breath and held it for a long while, focusing his Divine Sense closely on his Dao Seal. A small crack had indeed appeared in his Dao Seal, but he did not feel any discomfort. Instead, he felt light and refreshed.


[What’s happening?]


After waiting for a long while, the movement from his Dao Seal gradually stopped. Yang Kai tried to stimulate the Powers in his Dao Seal, but instead of any hindrance, they flowed smoother than ever. Still, the tiny crack was real, and there was no sign of it healing.


Yang Kai was baffled. Boldly, he raised his hand, and a wave of Sword Qi swirled around his fingertips, one that encompassed all Five Elements.


Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi was a Secret Technique that Yang Kai cultivated a long time ago. Resources of the Five Elements needed to be consumed during its cultivation, but the grade of those resources he used to do so were not very high. With the improvement of his cultivation, this Secret Technique lacked utility and was thus set aside.


However, this Secret Technique was also good because of its unlimited potential. The stronger the Five Element Powers used, the greater the power of the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi. The Five Element Powers that Yang Kai refined to reach the Open Heaven realm were all High-Rank; thus, the current Sword Qi he could use was on a completely different scale from before.


That Sword Qi lingered around the secret room ceaselessly for a long time, and one could imagine how difficult it would be for the enemy to contend against it.


Of course, Yang Kai was not testing out the power of this Sword Qi, but was instead using it to investigate his own Dao Seal.


After a while, he concluded that there was really nothing wrong with his Dao Seal.


Yang Kai frowned, feeling even more confused about his situation. He had no mentor to guide him throughout his cultivating journey, and had been experimenting and fumbling on his own most of the time. Right now, he was secretly worried that something had gone wrong and he was simply unable to detect it.


Feeling uneasy, he opened the secret room and summoned Yue He to ask her for some advice; after all, Yue He was an experienced Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so she might know something.


Unfortunately, there was no reply even after a long time! As such, Yang Kai summoned Lu Xue, but there was no response from her either.


Yue He and Lu Xue were the two most powerful Open Heaven Masters in Void Land currently, a Sixth-Order and a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master respectively, and Void Land supposedly didn’t have any urgent matters going on currently, so how could they not reply to him? The only explanation was that they were not in Void Land!


This made Yang Kai’s heart clench tight. Did something happen to Void Land when he was in retreat? Completely abandoning the problems about his own Dao Seal, he hurried out and sent a message to Bian Yu Qing.


Fortunately, Bian Yu Qing quickly replied.


After the two met, Yang Kai quickly asked, “Second Manager, what happened to Void Land? Why are Yue He and Lu Xue not here?”


Bian Yu Qing was momentarily stunned, but then laughed lightly and reassured him, “Sect Master, don’t worry, something did happen to Void Land, but it’s something worth celebrating.”


Yang Kai raised his brow, “What is it worth celebrating?”


Bian Yu Qing pointed up at the sky and explained, “The people from Abundance City are breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm. There are many of them, and it was an important matter, so all the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land are standing guard outside.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai was overjoyed when he heard the news, and his anxiety was immediately relieved. He thought something serious might have happened when he did not receive a response from Yue He and Lu Xue, but now he learnt that they actually left to stand guard for the people of Abundance City.


Yang Kai silently calculated the time and figured he should have taken three months to refine the Metal Element Monster Core in retreat. It was not too long nor too short, and during this period, the people from Abundance City should have familiarized themselves with the outside world and made the necessary preparations to break through to the Open Heaven Realm.


Suddenly feeling excited, he quickly left after saying, “I’ll go take a look too.”


In a flash, he opened a hole in the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array and left Void Land, reappearing in the void alone.


The reason why the people of Abundance City chose to break through to the Open Heaven Realm outside of Void Land was mainly that they were afraid of what damage the failure of their breakthroughs might bring to Void Land.


The breakthrough to the Open Heaven Realm did not have much requirement from the external environment. It could be done in a land rich in World Energy, or in the empty void as it was mainly dependent on one’s own heritage. Yue He and the others were naturally there too.


Outside of Void Land, Yue He, Lu Xue, Chen Tian Fei, and even Guo Zi Yan were standing by, spread out to the four corners of a huge space in the void where Mo Mei, Pang Duo, and several the others sat cross-legged, separated from each other by more than ten kilometres, each of them permeating vigorous auras.


There were not many of them, only 9. Besides City Lord Mo Mei, Pang Duo and the other four Great Elders, the remaining four were Deacons who had condensed Fifth-Order Elements.


Beyond that, there were many more cultivators clustered in another location.


Yang Kai arrived just in time for Mo Mei and the others to break through to the Open Heaven Realm. Without needing to approach, Yang Kai could already clearly feel World Force permeating from them.


He had witnessed Old Bai’s promotion to the Open Heaven Realm before, but he was the only one in that situation. Now that 9 people were breaking through together, how spectacular was the scene going to be? Void Land probably would be the only place to have such a spectacle in the entire 3,000 Worlds.


It was impossible for other Sects to find so many disciples who were all so close to Open Heaven Realm at the same time.


Yang Kai watched for a while, feeling that Mo Mei and others should have no problem with their breakthroughs, but he was still not sure so he flickered towards Yue He.


“Young Master, did you exit retreat?” Yue He was pleasantly surprised to see him. She felt around slightly, sensed the Metal Element Power Element permeating from Yang Kai, and confirmed that he had successfully refined it.


“En.” Yang Kai nodded as he motioned with his mouth to the people in front, “How are they doing?”


Yue He replied, “Everything is going well. I’m certain it won’t take more than three to five days for them to succeed.”


Yang Kai was delighted, “That’s good.”


Yue He covered her mouth and giggled, “Congratulations, Young Master, Void Land’s strength will greatly increase now.”


Yang Kai found what she said funny, then reached out and pinched her face, “You are also from Void Land, we should be celebrating together.”


After pinching her, Yang Kai froze. Although Yue He has always been obedient, he also knew the reason for it, so he had always been careful not to be too intimate with her. However, he was stunned by his own sudden action.


Yue He was also dumbfounded, and the both of them stared at each other.


After a while, Yang Kai cleared his throat and looked away awkwardly, “What’s their condition?”


There were nearly 300 people gathered there looking nervously at Mo Mei and the others, all of them likely cultivators of Abundance City.


Yue He reported, “They have broken through to the Open Heaven Realm already, Young Master. There are 315 new Open Heaven Realm Masters in total, including 35 Fourth-Order, 191 Third-Order, and 89 Second-Order Open Heaven Masters. This number is… quite unbelievable.”


Yang Kai was elated when he heard this.


Before now, the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land could be counted with just one hand, but the sudden rise in numbers to more than 300 of them meant that the strength of Void Land had soared.


With so many Open Heaven Realm Masters, Void Land still may not be as good as some top Second Class great forces, but how many years had they been established and developing for? How old was Void Land?


And this was just the beginning. Not to mention that there were even more cultivators in Abundance City that were only one or two steps away from the Open Heaven Realm, the more than 600,000 people brought from the Star Boundary were also all elites. Many people would definitely break through to the Open Heaven Realm in the near future.


But even if the number was not as good as other forces, Void Land was definitely not lacking in terms of quality. Of the more than 300 people who had broken through successfully, 35 of them were Fourth-Order Open Heaven Masters. This ratio was terrifying, and only a special environment such as the Blood Monster Cave Heaven could foster such potential, giving them the time to accumulate and break out of their shells all at once.


Not to mention, there were still 9 more who were still in the process of breaking through.


These 9 people, except Mo Mei, who was about to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, were all going to break through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm! Once successful, Void Land’s background would become quite terrifying.


Why did Yang Kai spend so much to set up the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array? It was to prepare for rainy days. The strength of the people who came from the Star Boundary was uneven, and the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land was scarce. If anyone really decided to come looking for trouble, they may not be able to triumph against them. But with the protection of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, they at least would have a safe environment.


However, he did not need to worry about that anymore, unless those Cave-Heavens and Paradises launched a major attack on them. Otherwise, there were only a few great forces in the 3,000 Worlds that could compete with Void Land now.


Excited, Yang Kai suddenly felt much more relaxed.


Although he had occupied Void Land that day by chance, formed a Sect here, then spent a fortune to arrange the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, he always felt a little insecure. However, he no longer felt that way. With so many Open Heaven Realm Masters guarding Void Land now, this place had now become a true place of refuge for him.


In the distance, the World Force escaping from the bodies of Mo Mei and the others became more and more apparent, giving off a vague feeling that a new world was about to be born.


However, judging from their appearance, it would still take a few days before the real promotion to Open Heaven Realm took place. Yang Kai relaxed and then recalled the reason for coming out of his retreat, quickly asking in a small voice, “Yue He, I want to ask you something.”


Yue He turned her head and asked, “Feel free to ask anything, Young Master.”


Yang Kai reiterated what happened during his retreat, and Yue He could not help getting nervous, “A crack on your Dao Seal?”


“En.” Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “Common sense says that when the Dao Seal is broken, even if one’s cultivation is not completely destroyed, they would at least be seriously injured, but… I don’t feel anything is off about myself. In fact, I feel quite comfortable.”


Yue He pondered for a while before asking, “Young Master, will you allow me to investigate carefully?”


Yang Kai nodded, “En. I was hoping you would.”


The Dao Seal was the root of a cultivator, so it was not something to be opened up to others casually. If the other party had any malicious intentions, he would be dead without knowing how he was killed. Nevertheless, Yue He was trustworthy and Yang Kai was confident it was impossible for her to have any ill intentions towards him.


Yue He immediately stretched out and tapped her slender jade finger on Yang Kai’s chest, surging her Divine Sense as she probed him carefully.


After a while, Yue He retracted her finger, a frown on her face.


“What is it?” Yang Kai asked nervously.


Yue He thought carefully before replying, “I didn’t notice anything wrong, but Young Master, your Dao Seal has signs of breaking. This is something unprecedented, and…”


“And what?”


“There are signs of you advancing to the Open Heaven Realm.”




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