Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4313, Towering Evergreen


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“Towering Evergreen!”


Yang Kai’s lips murmured quietly in the secret room as the Wood Element Power in his Dao Seal shone brightly. Emerald light lingered around him, and a towering ancient tree suddenly sprouted behind his back, one so massive its crown seemed to cover the sky.


All kinds of mysterious sensations were imprinted in his heart, and Yang Kai could not help gaining a trace of enlightenment.


This was not a simple Wood Element Divine Ability, but a Divine Manifestation of the same grade as his Golden Crow Casts the Sun!


During his retreat, Yang Kai focused on consolidating his foundation and comprehending his gains, so as to avoid any twists and turns in his future advancement to the Open Heaven Realm. In order to do this, there was no better method than to comprehend the mysteries of his Yin, Yang, and Five Element Powers.


As long as he could comprehend the secrets of these Powers within his Dao Seal, he would be able to completely master his strength.


Among the various Powers he condensed, Yang Kai had already comprehended the Golden Crow Casts the Sun from the Fire Element Power, and the Dragon Shield Secret Technique from his Earth Element Power, but he was still clueless about the Water Element, Yang Element, and Metal Element Powers he had condensed. Regarding the Wood Element Power, he came across an opportunity before entering the Blood Monster Divine Palace; however, he was in an urgent situation at that time, so after saving Qu Hua Shang, he hurriedly rushed into Blood Monster Divine Palace, and did not have time to carefully experience his new Wood Element Divine Ability.


Then, after returning to Void Land, he had been busy refining the Seventh-Order Monster Core in retreat until now!


Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised to find that what he comprehended through his Wood Element Power was no mere Divine Ability, but rather a Divine Manifestation!


It was no wonder that Yang Kai was able to block a terrifying blow from the Seventh-Order Star Turtle back then. Despite the High-Order of the Wood Element Power he had condensed from the Immortal Tree, Yang Kai could not believe that he managed to block that attack at the time; after all, there was a huge gap between him and the Star Turtle. Now, he finally understood that he had underestimated the might of this Divine Manifestation.


Divine Manifestations had always been exclusive to High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Only they were eligible to comprehend Divine Manifestation, but that did not mean all of them could. There were many powerful High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who did not have their own Divine Manifestation.


It was a miracle that Yang Kai could comprehend the Golden Crow Casts the Sun as an Emperor Realm cultivator. When the Head Manager of Scarlet Star, Zhao Bai Chuan, saw it last time, he commented that Yang Kai could compete with ordinary Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters with just this Divine Manifestation alone. Thus, one could imagine the power of a Divine Manifestation.


Now, after learning the Golden Crow Casts the Sun, Yang Kai obtained the Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation. If Zhao Bai Chuan knew about it, he would most likely jump out of his coffin in envy.


Finally registering that the towering ancient tree behind him was a Divine Manifestation, Yang Kai could not help guffaw, his mouth opened wide as he let out genuine roars of laughter.


After comprehending carefully for a while, Yang Kai fully understood.


This Towering Evergreen was not just a defensive Divine Manifestation, but also possessed an extremely shocking healing ability. After all, this was the Wood Element Power that was condensed from the essence of the Immortal Tree, so it came as no surprise that it had such utility.


However, this Divine Manifestation was not really helpful to Yang Kai, because his own recovery abilities were already extraordinary, to the point that he did not need to rely on external forces.


The Golden Crow Casts the Sun was an offensive Divine Manifestation, while the Towering Evergreen was a defensive one. With both offensive and defensive abilities and also the newly refined Metal Element Power, there was a sharp increase in Yang Kai’s strength.


After studying it thoroughly for a while, Yang Kai dismissed this Divine Manifestation and began concentrating on comprehending his other Powers.


Being able to comprehend this Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation before the Blood Monster Divine Palace was greatly related to his perseverance in studying his Wood Element for a long time. Ever since he learnt about the Golden Crow Casts the Sun, Yang Kai put in effort to comprehend his Element Powers whenever he had spare time.


It was just that he had not perceived anything all this time. However, it was not because he was working in the wrong direction, but rather that the opportunity had not yet appeared.


Seeing the results now, Yang Kai knew that his efforts over the years had not been in vain, so he would spare no effort in doing so again.


Surprisingly, after half a year in retreat, Yang Kai made another achievement. In the secret room, a full moon suddenly rose slowly from behind him. It was the Moonlight Reflection in the Water, pouring down slowly in the room. The temperature dropped sharply, frost suddenly adorning everywhere in the room, emitting cracking noises.


The Water Element Divine Ability came into being!


He obtained his Water Element by refining a Moon Essence, and it could only produce such an amazing scene because of its Ice Attribute.


However, this Moonlight Reflection in the Water was not a Divine Manifestation, but rather a simple Divine Ability. Compared to Golden Crow Casts the Sun from the Fire Element and Towering Evergreen from the Wood Element, it was an order of magnitude weaker.


Yang Kai was not upset though. Given the rarity of Divine Manifestations, it was already exceedingly lucky for him to comprehend two with his current strength. How could he ask for more?


Now that he comprehended the Golden Crow Casts the Sun from his Fire Element Power and Moonlight Reflection in the Water from the Water Element Power, Yang Kai had gathered both the strength of the Sun and Moon. It was just a coincidence as it was truly rare.


As he thought about it, the full Moon set and the Sun rose.


The Sun rose when the Moon set, while the Sun set as the Moon rose… It was like an endless cycle. At this moment, Yang Kai actually felt that he had gained a deeper understanding of the Dao of Time.


In terms of attainments in the Dao of Time, Yang Kai knew he could not compare to Flowing Time Great Emperor, or even Yang Xiao and Yang Xue; after all, those two were the Inheritance Disciples of Flowing Time Great Emperor and had taken up his mantle. As such, their attainments in the Dao of Time were superior to Yang Kai’s.


Moreover, Yang Kai’s foundation was established on the Dao of Space. All along, he has been painstakingly comprehending Space Principles and did not invest much into the Dao of Time. Back then, it was only by chance that he learnt the Time Flies Seal, but he did not focus deeply on it.


However, at this moment, when he comprehended the Divine Ability, Moonlight Reflection, from his Water Element Power, Yang Kai could not help having a feeling of inspiration. If he could merge these Fire and Water Powers with the Time Flies Seal to form a new Divine Ability, it would definitely be one of his most powerful trump cards!


Without hesitation, Yang Kai started to surge his Fire and Water Element Powers in sequence in the secret room. Sometimes the Sun leapt out, and occasionally, the Moonlight poured down, while the Time Flies Seal fluctuated.




In the Void, a ship sailed forward slowly. Many people gathered on the deck of the ship in small groups, talking and laughing. It could be seen that this was a ship of a great force, and all the cultivators on board were the disciples of this great force.


Among the leaders, there was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. The Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm was an elderly man, while the two Third-Orders were a middle-aged man and a dignified woman.


An imposing young man stood beside the three of them. He was noble and handsome, and many Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters on the ship would steal glances at him quietly. From time to time, their eyes would meet his eyes, and they would quickly lower their heads shyly, but the young man just smiled gently, which sent the Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters swooning.


“Senior Brother Qi, does Void Territory’s Star City really have a complete set of Fifth-Order materials to be exchanged?” The dignified woman in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm asked, with a hint of disbelief in her beautiful eyes.


“Yes, Senior Brother Qi, we’ve crossed a few Great Territories to get here. It’d better not be false news; otherwise, we would have travelled all the way for nothing.” The middle-aged man also in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm questioned with a worried face.


The elderly man surnamed Qi stroked his beard lightly and smiled, “Don’t worry, the news is accurate, but it will be up to our own abilities to decide whether or not we are able to obtain these materials.”


The woman could not believe it, “But how could this Void Land be willing to sell their Fifth-Order materials? Don’t they need them?”


It was common to use lower Order materials to exchange for higher Order ones, but never did they expect that someone would be willing to exchange higher Order materials for lower Order ones, especially with other Second Class great forces. Why would anyone do such a thing?


Not to mention it was a complete set of Fifth-Order materials. The so-called ‘complete’ meant that it was a full set of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements materials. If one could get their hands on such a set of resources, it would completely meet the cultivation needs of a Junior who was looking to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, leaving no need to bother seeking out more materials.


The old man surnamed Qi replied, “I don’t know about this, but many people have traded for Fifth-Order materials from them already.”


Indeed, many people have exchanged for Fifth-Order materials from Void Territory’s Star City. Bian Yu Qing had reported this to Yang Kai before. It was because there were not many disciples who could refine Fifth-Order materials, but an enormous number who needed Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials, that she took the materials collected from Gourd Vine to sell in the Star City for the resources Void Land needed.


The move immediately created a sensation in the nearby Great Territories. Fifth-Order materials were neither high nor low in terms of Order. Perhaps, they might not be precious to the Cave-Heavens and Paradises, but they were strategic resources for any of the Second Class great forces. Not to mention those Third Class great forces that may not even know what Fifth-Order materials looked like.


Furthermore, the Fifth-Order materials that were brought out from Void Land were not just ordinary Fifth-Order materials, but obviously stemmed from the same source. If one could refine a complete set of such materials, there may be some unexpected gains; therefore, compared with normal Fifth-Order materials, a complete set of such materials was far more popular.


Initially, only a few great forces from the Great Territories nearby visited Void Territory’s Star City, but as the news spread, more and more people came. Many great forces even did not hesitate to pay a visit to Void Territory’s Star City despite all the obstacles in the journey, just to obtain a complete set of materials from the Gourd Vine.


Bian Yu Qing’s original plan was just to trade something they had for things they were lacking to solve the resource problems of Void Land. Beyond her expectation, she inadvertently promoted the reputation of Void Territory’s Star City.


The influx of cultivators coming and going from Void Territory’s Star City naturally livened up the city. Although it was only a medium-sized Star City and the differences were still significant compared with a large-sized one such as Thousand Birds Star City, the volume of trading in Void Star City had undoubtedly increased by more than ten times compared to before.


Void Star City was Void Land’s private property, so with the increase in trade volume, the tax that could be collected by Void Land would naturally rise too. Yun Xing Hua, who was sent by Yang Kai to take charge of this place, was delighted to see the development and growth of the Star City. He had even begun to consider ways to ask Yang Kai for credit and reward for it.


Yun Xing Hua was forced by Yang Kai to sign his name on the Loyalty List, and he had felt uneasy about it at first. He was worried that if Yang Kai was displeased with him one day, he could scratch his name off the Loyalty List, and his life would end.




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