Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4314, Mountains and Seas Pavilion


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On the boat, the old man surnamed Qi turned to look at the young man who had been standing beside him, “Han Jue, our Mountains and Seas Pavilion is prepared to spend all of our savings in exchange for a set of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements materials for you. You have to cultivate hard from now on, so as to live up to the expectations of us old fogeys.”


Mountains and Seas Pavilion used to be called Mountains and Seas Province, but because it had given rise to two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, it renamed itself to Mountains and Seas Pavilion, barely qualifying as a Second Class great force. The original Seven Wonders Land, which consisted of a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and several Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Protector Venerables, was more than just a little stronger than Mountains and Seas Pavilion.


But these were the rules of the 3,000 Worlds. Any great force which had Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters assuming command could be classified as Second Class, and any great force with High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters would be classified as First Class. Great forces with only Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could only be considered Third Class.


A great force such as the Mountains and Seas Pavilion was not rich in financial resources, and a complete set of Fifth-Order materials was worth no less than ten million Open Heaven Pills.


Under normal circumstances, they would not be able to afford it, giving them no way to obtain Fifth-Order materials.


But when the news of Fifth-Order materials being traded in Void Star City was heard, Mountains and Seas Pavilion could not help being tempted.


This could not be helped as a disciple, the young man named Han Jue, was born in the Mountains and Seas Pavilion with outstanding aptitude. 


Mountains and Seas Pavilion was never too ambitious, so even if they knew that Han Jue’s Dao Seal was firm enough to condense Fifth-Order Elements, they did not even consider doing so. They were more than satisfied with him breaking through to just the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


With Han Jue’s aptitude, reaching the Fourth Order was a certain bet. Although they felt as though they had let him down, they had no choice. Mountains and Seas Pavilion needed money in order to continue functioning properly. Where could they find the spare Open Heaven Pills to purchase valuable Fifth-Order materials?


It was at this point that news reached Mountains and Seas Pavilion that Fifth-Order materials could be purchased at Void Territory’s Star City.


The old man surnamed Qi was overjoyed and immediately consulted the Pavilion Master. After explaining the situation, he persuaded the Pavilion Master to support Han Jue’s promotion to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm to the best of his ability!


As long as Han Jue could reach the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, the entire Mountains and Seas Pavilion would rise to a new height and eventually gain a firm foothold as a Second Class great force.


Of course, the Pavilion Master of Mountains and Seas Pavilion knew this. They did not have much hope before now, for they lacked financial resources, but most of all, there was no way to find appropriate Fifth-Order materials. There might be hope for materials of the Five Elements, for some could be purchased with Open Heaven Pills in various medium-sized and large-sized Star Cities. However, in many cases, even money could not buy Yin and Yang materials.


Since ancient times, Yin and Yang materials had always been much rarer and more expensive than Five Elements materials.


Now though, the Star City in Void Territory was selling complete sets of Fifth-Order materials; as long as they had enough resources or Open Heaven Pills to exchange, it would undoubtedly serve as a glimmer of light in the darkness for Mountains and Seas Pavilion.


Mountains and Seas Pavilion’s Master did not hesitate much and soon decided to strongly support the decision of the old man surnamed Qi, which was why this trip took place. They spent a month on this journey and crossed several Great Territories to arrive at this place.


Loaded on the boat were almost all the reserves of Mountains and Seas Pavilion. In order to successfully exchange for the Fifth-Order set of materials, Mountains and Seas Pavilion was ready to wager everything.


In this way, the old man surnamed Qi’s expectations for Han Jue were naturally understandable.


Han Jue obviously understood this, so he cupped his fist with the utmost solemnity, “Honoured Master, rest assured. This disciple will work hard to cultivate and break through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm as soon as possible, never daring to slack off!”


The old man surnamed Qi stroked his beard with a smile, and replied with great faith, “This Old Master is not worried about your aptitude. As long as your temperament can keep up with your cultivation, there won’t be too many dangers in your promotion to the Fifth Order in the future.”


Han Jue respectfully saluted, “Disciple will follow Honoured Master’s teachings diligently!”


To the side, the dignified woman suddenly spoke up, “Senior Brother Qi, someone is approaching.”


The old man surnamed Qi turned his eyes to the front and saw that there was indeed a ship approaching them at an incredible speed, and by the looks of its direction, it seemed to be coming straight at them.


The expression on the old man surnamed Qi’s face changed slightly, and he uttered in a low voice, “These visitors don’t seem to have good intentions, be on alert.”


As soon as the words fell, the ship had arrived in front of them, blocking the way. On the deck, a dozen figures stood and looked at them with cold eyes.


The expression on the old man surnamed Qi and the two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Mountains and Seas Pavilions turned stiff. That was because the dozen people on the opposing ship were all Open Heaven Realm Masters! Although the leader seemed to only be a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like the old man surnamed Qi, the other side had vastly superior numbers.


Although it seemed like the other party was ill-intentioned, the old man surnamed Qi still cupped his fist, “Qi Chang Ying of Mountains and Seas Pavilion greets fellow travelers. May I know why you have stopped us here?”


“Mountains and Seas Pavilion?” The leading Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master scoffed disdainfully, “What Mountains and Seas Pavilion? I’ve never heard of it.”


The expression on the old man surnamed Qi darkened, and was about to say something when the man suddenly waved his hand and growled in a low voice, “Kill! Don’t leave a single one alive!”


Everyone from Mountains and Seas Pavilion was appalled when they heard these words. They never thought that they would encounter pirates in the void, much less ruthless ones who would kill without a second thought!


How could the Mountains and Seas Pavilion disciples sit still? Not only did they come with all the wealth Mountains and Seas Pavilion possessed, but even the Sect’s hope for the future, Han Jue, was on board too. If something happened to them, Mountains and Seas Pavilion would be completely done for.


Qi Chang Ying immediately shouted, “Retreat!”


When the words fell, the Grand Array of the ship was immediately activated and it drove forward at shocking speed.


He did not back down, because retreating would be futile. The enemy’s numbers were overwhelming, and Mountains and Seas Pavilion was no match for them at all. They could only move forward, hoping to reach Void Star City. As long as they could reach Void Star City, they would be safe, and these people would not dare to cause trouble.


At this crucial moment, Qi Chang Ying made a firm and resolute decision. His thoughts were very keen, and his judgment was even more accurate, but in the next instant, the enemy leader waved his hand and a shocking beam of light struck the middle of their ship. This attack was not something a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could throw out, and a single strike greatly damaged the Grand Array of the ship, shaking it violently and throwing many people to the deck.


Seeing this, Qi Chang Ying’s heart sank as he surged his own strength desperately, struggling to support the Grand Array as he continued their attempt to flee.


More than ten figures had already rushed over from the enemy ship in that time though, and the brilliance of artifacts and Secret Techniques bloomed before swiftly smashing onto the ship.


After a stick of incense, accompanied by a loud bang, the Mountains and Seas Pavilion ship shattered. The violent force from the explosion swept through the disciples, causing countless casualties.


Han Jue, the future hope of Mountains and Seas Pavilion, died instantly without a complete corpse.


Qi Chang Ying’s eyes were about to burst out of their socket when a ray of light slashed towards him. His mind still in a daze, he was too late to evade the blow, which cut through his body. All he could feel was his body almost splitting in two.


The severe pain cleared his mind for a moment. At this moment, no matter how much he resisted, it would be useless, and he would only be dying in vain, so he immediately held his breath, and concealed his aura, quietly suspending himself in the void as if he was really dead.


Each of the miserable cries for help coming from his surroundings represented a disciple on the brink of death. Every scream felt like a knife stabbing through his heart. Despite the excruciating physical pain Qi Chang Ying felt, it was nothing compared to the pain in his heart.


After a while, everything returned to calmness.


The ten or so enemy Open Heaven Realm Masters gathered. Qi Chang Ying pushed his Divine Sense secretly, and only vaguely heard the words ‘Void Land’ and ‘Senior Yun’ before falling into a coma.


He did not know how much time had passed when he woke up again. Shuddering from the severe pain, he barely stood up, looked around, and saw corpses scattered across the void, all vitality drained from their familiar faces. The fragmented ship was stained with blood, and broken limbs and hashed meat was scattered everywhere.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out as Qi Chang Ying growled through gritted teeth, “Void Land, I’ll never forgive you!”


This was Void Territory, the Great Territory controlled by Void Land. Qi Chang Ying did not think to relate the ambush to Void Land originally, because this did not make sense. How could Void Land provoke others and risk their own reputation within their own territory?


However, the few words he heard before he fell into unconsciousness reminded him of something.


As far as he knew, the person in charge of Void Star City was named Yun Xing Hua, who happened to be a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Master, which was equivalent to his cultivation!


If Void Land deliberately spread rumours about them selling Fifth-Order materials and lured victims like them to come with a lot of money just to rob them halfway, it would make sense!


[It’s over, Mountains and Seas Pavilion is finished!] All their wealth was swept away, and even the Sect’s most promising disciple that had a chance to break through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm directly died tragically in front of his eyes.


Such a blood feud was absolutely irreconcilable! Qi Chang Ying panted violently for a while before hurriedly taking out a few Spirit Pills and stuffing them into his mouth. He then dragged his damaged body with gritted teeth towards the place where Void Star City sat, his eyes filled with vengeance.




Time flew by, and soon a year had passed. In his secret room, Time Principles lingered around Yang Kai as the Sun and Moon rose and set in an infinite cycle above his palm.


It took a year to finally improve the Time Flies Seal. His comprehension of the Dao of Time and of his own Powers were much greater than before.


Yang Kai had not used the newly improved Time Flies Seal against any enemy yet, but he was sure that it was definitely not inferior to his Golden Crow Casts the Sun, and it could be even better!


Because this move integrated Golden Crow Casts the Sun and Moonlight Reflection in the Water, how could it be weak?


Yang Kai was confident that if a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm was caught off guard, this Divine Ability was sufficient to take their life.


One could not guarantee that there would not be one in the future, but throughout the ages, it was absolutely unprecedented for an Emperor Realm Junior to make such an achievement!


While he was still rejoicing, the barrier of the secret room was suddenly disturbed.


Yang Kai frowned. He had left Bian Yu Qing instructions before he went into retreat that unless it was an urgent matter, he should not be disturbed. Now that the barrier has been touched, it was obvious that something major had happened.




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