Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4315, Accident In the Star City


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“Sect Master, there’s been an accident in the Star City,” As soon as Yang Kai opened the door, Bian Yu Qing hurriedly reported, looking a little flustered.


Yang Kai raised his brow in surprise but quickly consoled her, “What happened, don’t rush and speak slowly!”


Letting her into the room, Bian Yu Qing took a deep breath to calm her nerves and then began to explain.


Something indeed had happened in the Star City, and it was a major issue.


Void Star City had been developing rapidly because of the availability of complete sets of Fifth-Order materials. Many people had been flocking towards the Star City, which increased its population, popularity, and daily trading volume.


However, since about a year ago, it seemed to have also attracted foreign great forces with ill intentions, ambushing and robbing others brutally and ruthlessly.


The news quickly spread to the Star City as these incidents happened in the space surrounding the Star City. Yun Xing Hua was not bothered by it at first; after all, such incidents were not uncommon in the 3,000 Worlds. Now that he was in high spirits ever since he took charge of Void Star City, he had no time to concern himself with such external matters.


However, as time passed, another ugly rumour began circulating. It was said that the robberies and murders were closely associated with Void Land; otherwise, why would Void Land sit idly by and allow criminals to act presumptuously at their doorsteps?


One after another, seven or so great forces travelling to and from Void Star City had encountered mishaps and suffered serious casualties. The site of the murders was even more appalling as not a single survivor was left, and all possessions were robbed.


As a result, the great forces that intended to trade in Void Star City in exchange for resources had all retreated. The most direct consequence was the sharp decline of Void Star City’s popularity and the sharp plummet in the number of cultivators residing in it. The rumours spread like wildfire, and after a brief period of fermentation, even the nearby Great Territories became aware of this situation.


Yun Xing Hua could no longer sit still. He was in charge of the Star City, and the income of the Star City had a lot to do with his position in Yang Kai’s eyes. If he could not even handle such a minor issue, how could he deserve such a good opportunity to be in charge of the Star City? He was afraid that Yang Kai might even punish him.


Therefore, he immediately sent a message back to Void Land to consult Second Manager Bian Yu Qing.


Bian Yu Qing could sense something was wrong. This was obviously the result of someone deliberately causing trouble out of envy of the development of Void Land and its Star City. Regardless of what happened behind the scenes, the tragedies did happen in Void Territory, so Void Land had to give a reasonable explanation.


Bian Yu Qing quickly took action and ordered Lu Xue and her subordinates to investigate the situation around the Star City.


Lu Xue, who was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master, brought more than ten Fourth-Order and Third-Order Open Heaven Masters from Abundance City with her, quite a luxurious lineup. Unless they had to face a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master, there would not be any difficulties, so Bian Yu Qing was not worried at all. The instructions given to Lu Xue were very clear too, which was to find out who the criminals who caused all this trouble in Void Territory were, and report back immediately.


But it had been a month since Lu Xue left, and Bian Yu Qing still had not received any news from her!


Bian Yu Qing then sent a message to Void Star City, but there was no reply from them either.


She immediately realized that something went terribly wrong, and hurriedly came to report to Yang Kai who was still in retreat.


After listening to her report, Yang Kai’s face turned sullen and remained silent for a while, “It seems that Lu Xue and the Star City must have been attacked and captured, otherwise we would have heard from them already. Yun Xing Hua is a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Master and the Star City has a group of his Blood Swan Continent Masters who are all pretty strong. What’s more, there’s also Lu Xue, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master, who had a team of ten Fourth-Order and Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with her for support. It’s obvious that the enemy is very strong. There must be at least one Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master among them!”


Bian Yu Qing repeated, “Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master… Doesn’t that mean that it’s a top-tier Second Class great force we’re facing?” To have a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master meant that the enemy was among the top Second Class great forces, “Would anything happen to Elder Lu and the others?”


Although she was the Second Manager of Void Land and stood above almost all others in terms of authority, she had only been in Void Land for a short time so there was still much for her to learn about the 3,000 Worlds. What she was most worried about was the safety of Lu Xue and the others at this moment.


Yang Kai tapped the table lightly with his fingers, his eyes narrowed into slits as he sneered to himself, [Is someone getting impatient?]


He was almost certain that this incident was directed against him.


The road to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm was difficult and filled with obstacles. The Proprietress had told him before that the Cave Heavens and Paradises would never sit by idly and watch him break through directly to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm safely. Qu Hua Shang had also confided in him some ancient secrets about why this was so.


Although he had caught the attention of the major Cave Heavens and Paradises before, because he was still not a threat to them, he had not faced any real danger. Those top Masters of the Cave Heavens and Paradises could not be seen bullying the weak as they had their status and reputation to consider, which would be besmeared if they were desperate enough to lay a hand on far weaker Sects.


It was inconvenient for them to take action, but their Juniors did not need to worry about such things. Any tragedies caused between cultivators of the same generation would only display one’s lack of aptitude and luck, it was no one else’s fault.


That was why there were some who were set on killing him, while some wanted to form an alliance with him when he was in Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Qu Hua Shang too, wanted to recruit him into Yin Yang Cave Heaven, but the price was that Yang Kai could never advance directly to the Seventh Order, only the Sixth Order!


In short, the major Cave Heavens and Paradises wanted to stop anyone whose ability could exceed their control and challenge their authority and status one day in the future.


This was the same for every Cave Heaven and Paradise.


This was the situation before the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened.


However, when Blood Monster Cave Heaven closed, there was a shift in the situation because Yang Kai obtained a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core!


He had used his Golden Crow Casts the Sun and Dragon Shield Secret Technique more than once and even displayed the Towering Evergreen outside the Blood Monster Divine Palace. He also spent a fortune to purchase the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng from Ye Jian from Thunderclap Hall at the exchange meeting in Thousand Birds Star City. Anyone who was paying attention would be able to realize he had condensed Fire, Earth, Wood, and Yang Elements, and as soon as he refined the Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core that he had newly obtained, how far would he be from ascending to the Open Heaven Realm?


Although directly breaking through to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm was extremely dangerous, and no one dared say that Yang Kai would definitely succeed in doing so, what if he did?


They had not been oppressing him openly before because the situation was not yet urgent. The advancement from the peak of the Emperor Realm to the Open Heaven Realm was always a long process, and any accident along the way would be enough to take Yang Kai’s life.


But Yang Kai’s cultivation speed obviously exceeded everyone’s expectations, and there were even rumours now that Lan You Ruo of First Inn was sparing no effort to search for High-Rank Yin Element resources.


Many were aware of the relationship between Lan You Ruo and Yang Kai. Lan You Ruo was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master, so she had no reason to be looking for a Seventh-Order Yin Element treasure other than for Yang Kai.


Rumour had it that she now had a lead on such a resource and had led several subordinates of First Inn to a certain Forbidden Zone. If she succeeded in coming out safely, she might just bring a Seventh-Order Yin Element treasure with her. By then, Yang Kai would have a great chance of breaking through!


It was a matter that could not afford to be delayed any longer. If they wanted to make a move, it had to be done before Lan You Ruo returned. Otherwise, if this Sixth-Order woman went crazy, it would be hard to subdue her without a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master making a move.


Yang Kai was not aware that the Proprietress, Old Bai, Chef, and Accounted had risked their lives to venture into a Forbidden Zone to search for a Yin Element treasure for him, but he quickly realized after learning about the incident in Void Star City and the disappearance of Lu Xue and the others that someone had lost their patience and was now making a move against him!


[Is it the Cave Heavens and Paradises? Not necessarily, the Cave Heavens and Paradises are highly exalted and renowned, so they would not have acted out directly without a righteous cause; otherwise, it would put their reputations at risk. The loss would outweigh the gain.]


[Then, who could it be?] Only a top-tier Second Class great force could dispatch a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. After a little bit of pondering, a figure flashed across Yang Kai’s mind and a sneer appeared on his face.


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai ordered, “Second Manager, be patient. Elder Lu and the others should not be in any danger, but they’re most likely captured and restrained.”


As long as that person still desired the Seventh-Order Monster Core he possessed, he would not mistreat Lu Xue and the others. If he pushed Yang Kai past his limits, what would he have to bargain with?


However, this was only Yang Kai’s speculation, and it was really hard to say whether it was accurate or not.


That person also knew that Yang Kai had Yue He, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, with him, and he was also only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Where did he get the courage to stir up trouble? Unless, he had someone even stronger backing him!


After some thinking, Yang Kai’s confusion slowly cleared. At this moment, Bian Yu Qing’s expression suddenly changed and she took out a communication bead. After reading the message she just received, her face filled with great panic as she announced, “Sect Master, there are many ships coming towards Void Land!”


Yang Kai’s face sank, “Such an ugly appetite.”


Although he had already anticipated the situation after learning that Lu Xue and the others were missing, he did not expect the other party to come so quickly. He had just received the news, and the other party was already at his gates.


“Follow me to have a look,” Yang Kai shot out of the room as soon as he spoke, followed closely by Bian Yu Qing.


They arrived at the edge of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. After opening a window in the Grand Array and stealing a peek, the colour completely drained from Bian Yu Qing’s beautiful face while Yang Kai’s too, looking extremely sullen.


Previously, Bian Yu Qing was only informed by the patrols guarding the Grand Array that many ships were advancing towards Void Land, but the number was not specified. Now, from the glance into the void she just took, it was clear that an overwhelming number of ships was filling the void!


“Why are there so many?” Bian Yu Qing’s beautiful eyes quivered.


Yang Kai did not expect this scene either, but after a little thought, he understood.


If Void Land was really just an ordinary Second Class great force, the other party would probably not dispatch such an overwhelming lineup; however, Void Land’s Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was extraordinary, and the other party was not confident it could overwhelm them with only a slight advantage in numbers, hence they had called out for help from allies.


Yang Kai glanced back at his own Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, sneering coldly in his heart. It seemed that many people would die here today!




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