Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4316, Invading Army At The Gates


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“Young Master!” Followed by a fragrant scent, Yue He appeared next to Yang Kai. She was cultivating in retreat before this, but she sensed that Void Land was encountering a crisis, so the first thing she did was to rush here to ensure Yang Kai’s safety. Although Yang Kai had astounding aptitude, he was still only a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master; therefore, his ability to protect himself on such an occasion was quite limited.


Yang Kai nodded to her before glancing up coldly at the void. There were more than a hundred flight-type artifacts there. Each flight-type artifact represented a great force. Even for Yue He, who was not unfamiliar with all kinds of grand occasions, could not help feeling goosebumps arising all over her body, her pretty face turning solemn.


The 3,000 Worlds was vast and full of bloody massacres and fierce battles. Countless people succumbed to death every day. Even the Cave Heavens and Paradises had no way to guarantee their eternal survival, let alone the other great forces. The cycle of birth and destruction of all kinds of major and minor great forces was never-ending. They could establish, soar, weaken, and be destroyed for a variety of reasons… 


Just like how Seven Wonders Land’s inheritance was destroyed after being occupied by others.


However, not many great forces would encounter a situation of being besieged by so many foreign forces. For those who had no idea about why this was happening, they may think that Void Land had committed some kind of outrageous crime.


“Yang Kai, your Void Land is vile and cruel! You lured people to your Star City with sinister intentions, intercepting them halfway to seize their wealth and take their lives! Many great forces have been exterminated because of you! Such monstrous acts cannot be tolerated. Devil-spawn, come out and face death!”


A furious howl resounded loudly throughout the sky, echoing back and forth for quite a long time.


Yang Kai turned to look in the direction of the voice. On a certain ship, an elderly man with a ruddy face stood at the bow, fire burning wildly in his eyes, as if he had an absolutely irreconcilable enmity with Yang Kai.


This elderly man was Old Hong of Heaven’s Border. It was this old man who happened to find out that Yang Kai had obtained the Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core and chased after him, only to lose him in the end and return in vain.


Soon after, the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, Kong Feng, came to Yang Kai and tried to coerce him into handing over the Seventh-Order Monster Core. Needless to say, Old Hong must have informed Kong Feng about it; after all, he was the only one who knew about the Seventh-Order Monster Core.


Old Hong was also the first person to stand up and condemn Void Land today.


Yang Kai believed that he did not have any real enmity with this old man. At most, he just teased the old guy when he seized the corpse of the Golden Crow, but it did not cause him to suffer any losses. How could this lead to a deep enmity? Looking at Old Hong’s eagerness though, Yang Kai could only wonder who he was representing this time!


Yang Kai swept his eyes across the flight-type artifacts and soon, he saw Kong Feng of Heavenly Sword Union!


The Heavenly Sword Union ship was extraordinary, which was not surprising considering it was one of the strongest Second Class great forces.


Compared to the artifacts of other great forces, the ship of Heavenly Sword Union was much bigger. There were many cultivators standing on the spacious deck and in the middle were two seats, one of which was occupied by Kong Feng, and the other by a young woman.


They were undoubtedly the owners of the ship. The woman looked young, but the aura that undulated from her body was not inferior to Kong Feng’s. Without a doubt, she was also a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai could observe the situation outside clearly from the safety of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, but anyone on the outside would not be able to see anything on the inside. However, when Yang Kai’s eyes landed on Kong Feng, the latter seemed to sense him. He turned to the place where Yang Kai was standing and revealed a faint smile.


Not only Kong Feng, but the young woman too had seemed to sense Yang Kai’s gaze and looked over before whispering to Kong Feng.


Although Yang Kai had no idea about what they were talking about, by the looks of their behaviour, the woman did not seem to be from Heavenly Sword Union, but rather from a different great force.


Seeing Kong Feng coming here in person, Yang Kai confirmed that Old Hong must be the pawn of Heavenly Sword Union. Back then, it was Old Hong who had informed Kong Feng about the Seventh-Order Monster Core, and now he was the first to jump out and denounce Void Land. Yang Kai wondered what kind of the relationship Heaven’s Border and Heavenly Sword Union had.


“What is that old thing talking about!?” Yue He cursed furiously as murderous intent surged from her body, “Young Master, let me kill him!”


She was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so she could easily kill Old Hong who was just a Fourth-Order Open Realm Master. However, even if she could successfully launch a surprise attack, it would be difficult for her to return safely under the circumstances; after all, there were too many great enemies assembled outside.


Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped her, “Don’t mind him. Just let him bark.”


Yue He ground her pristine teeth as she glared at Old Hong coldly. She secretly swore that if she had a chance, she would take this old dog’s life. She had been in retreat earlier, so she was actually clueless about what was going on outside and why there were so many forces surrounding Void Land all of a sudden, so she immediately sent a Divine Sense transmission to Bian Yu Qing to inquire about the situation.


Bian Yu Qing briefly told her everything she had explained to Yang Kai before. Yue He was a brilliant woman, so she instantly figured out the crux of the matter and couldn’t help turning to Yang Kai with worry.


The accusation of Void Land luring others in and then intercepting them was nothing more than an excuse. It was obvious that someone was using this matter to target Yang Kai!


With Heavenly Sword Union as the head of the assembly of these hundred or so great forces, Yue He could not help wondering which of the Cave Heavens and Paradises were the masterminds behind this, and how many of them were involved and just watching this show?


Yue He clenched her fists. This situation was somewhat similar to what had happened before. Back then, she was just a trivial Emperor Realm cultivator and she was helpless in the crisis. By the time she received word of what happened, that person had already died, leaving her completely heartbroken.


But she was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now! She finally had some strength to protect herself and others. Perhaps a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was nothing in front of the Cave Heavens and Paradises, but she would never let history repeat itself unless she died!


“Yang Kai, show yourself!” After Old Hong shouted, he was exasperated when Void Land did not react at all. After looking at Kong Feng for instructions, he called once more, “Do you think you can just hide behind your Grand Array? Today, we gather here to seek justice for our dead companions! It’s useless for you to hide in there like a coward. The Heavens have eyes, and wicked beings like you and your Void Land will be judged!”


“Come out now!” Someone suddenly yelled. Like a chain reaction, countless cultivators started shouting together. The scene was so spectacular that the void trembled endlessly.


Inside the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, Yang Kai watched indifferently and turned a deaf ear to these provocations. However, he also understood that this was truly a tough situation to resolve. The most important thing he needed to make sure was the safety of Lu Xue and the others, but he failed to find them even after searching around. Although he assured Bian Yu Qing that Lu Xue should be fine, it was just his own speculation. In truth, he was totally clueless regarding the real situation.


The commotion outside continued for a while, but seeing no response from Void Land, the people began to become furious and annoyed. On the Heavenly Sword Union ship, Kong Feng put down his teacup and waved his hand as he smiled, “Bring them up.”


When the words fell, the hatch of the ship opened up, and a group of people staggered out onto the deck.


The leader of the group was a woman dressed in palace robes. Other than the missing Lu Xue, who else could she be? It seemed that Lu Xue had just encountered a big fight. Blood stains were splattered all over her war-weathered robes, her hair was dishevelled, and her aura was weak. At the moment, she was bound tightly with her hands tied behind her back by a black rope-like artifact.


Following behind her was Yun Xing Hua, who seemed to be in much the same condition as Lu Xue. He too was bound by ropes, looking quite embarrassed.


In addition to the two of them, there were more than 30 Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Some of these people were from the batch of cultivators from Abundance City, while some were from the original Blood Swan Continent group.


Yun Xing Hua was ordered by Yang Kai to take care of the Star City with the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Blood Swan Continent. But now it seemed that he had been beaten and captured!


Lu Xue stumbled and almost fell flat onto the deck. A man, probably only a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master of Heavenly Sword Union, was pushing her from behind. He was extremely rude, pushing Lu Xue while also groping her waist and bottom as he grinned.


Lu Xue turned around and glared at him, but the man was not afraid at all. He was certain that Lu Xue and the others would be dead soon, so he had nothing to fear.


“What are you looking at? Move!” The man bellowed, whipping Lu Xue’s face with the whip in his hand, drawing a streak of blood from her delicate face.


Lu Xue grit her teeth, choked down the anger and humiliation in her heart, and walked up the deck.


“Hehe, Union Master Kong, isn’t it a little rude for you to treat a woman like this? She’s a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all!” On the deck, the young woman sitting next to Kong Feng suddenly giggled as she glanced at Lu Xue. The young woman had a beautiful and innocent look, seemingly only 25 years old. If someone met her for the first time, they would think that she was just a naïve and ignorant little girl.


Only those who knew her well would understand that innocence had nothing to do with this woman. She was as cruel as she was merciless.


This woman was Black Prison’s Warden, Luan Bai Feng!


The Black Prison was a very special Second Class force, because it was literally a prison, one formed naturally in a dreadfully dangerous environment. There were countless Natural Spirit Arrays inside the Black Prison, and if one was not familiar with the safe paths inside, even a High-Rank Open Heaven Master would be at risk of dying.


It was rumoured that although Luan Bai Feng was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, a normal Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was not her opponent inside the Black Prison.


There were naturally prisoners in Black Prison, most of which were criminals who committed various crimes in the 3,000 Worlds. Others were individuals who were captured from defeated forces after battles between great forces. Normally such people would simply be put to death, but the Black Prison offered an alternative. Luan Bai Feng was happy to accept all such convicts, allowing them to escape death at the cost of their freedom.




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