Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4317, Own Respective Needs


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Certainly, the Black Prison was not a safe place, and Luan Bai Feng was not a philanthropist who was happy to give alms. The reason she was willing to accept those Open Heaven Realm Masters was because the Black Prison was rich with a special cultivation resource which could only be collected by Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Luan Bai Feng often paid great forces to bring over Open Heaven Realm criminals to collect resources inside the Black Prison. With this, not only could those great forces get rid of these convicts, they could also make some profit from it. Naturally, many were more than willing to deal with her.


However, it was well-known that none of the Open Heaven Realm Masters who entered the Black Prison ever came out. The harsh environment and various dangers inside could take away the lives of cultivators at any time. Even if they survived there by chance, their cultivations would be devoured continuously. Eventually, the Small Universe in their bodies would be obliterated and they would suffer a fate worse than death.


Due to the special environment of the Black Prison, it had attracted many desperate cultivators seeking refuge, who Luan Bai Feng was more than willing to welcome. In any case, as long as she controlled the entrance to the Black Prison, no one could disobey her.


Every year, there would be countless casualties in the Black Prison, so as its owner, how could Luan Bai Feng be a naïve and innocent woman?


In the entire vast 3,000 Worlds, there were not many people who were as ruthless as her.


Kong Feng and Luan Bai Feng were old acquaintances. This time, he invited her to join hands in dealing with Void Land. Since the closing of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Kong Feng had been gathering information about Void Land. As far as he knew, Void Land was once Seven Wonders Land, which was just an ordinary Second Class great force. It was nothing to him, as the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land was said to be extremely limited. Such a great force was simply vulnerable in front of Heavenly Sword Union.


If possible, Kong Feng would have preferred to act alone to seize Void Land. In this way, he could monopolize the benefits of Void Land without sharing with others.


However, he was dreadfully frightened by the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array protecting Void Land. Even a top tier Second Class great force such as Heavenly Sword Union did not have such a Spirit Array guarding its headquarters. It was truly hard for him to believe that Void Land had such a deep heritage.


He had gotten someone to investigate it before, and learnt that the array was arranged by a man named Grandmaster Wu Liang. He initially wanted to search for Grandmaster Wu Liang to inquire about the details of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. Unfortunately, Grandmaster Wu Liang was a lone wolf and did not serve any Sect or great force, so Kong Feng couldn’t track him down even after several months of searching.


In desperation, he could only invite Luan Bai Feng to assist him.


Luan Bai Feng was not weaker than him as she too was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. In addition, they knew each other, so they had the foundation to cooperate with each other. Of course, the main reason Kong Feng sought out Luan Bai Feng was because of her outstanding attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. For her to be able to live in a place where countless Natural Arrays existed, how could she not have a profound understanding about Spirit Arrays?


Among the people Kong Feng knew, Luan Bai Feng was definitely ranked in the top three in attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays.


With the help of this woman, they could crack the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, making it a simple matter to capture Void Land. However, before that, Kong Feng still needed to send some people to probe the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, so as to facilitate Luan Bai Feng’s analysis.


They definitely had to sacrifice lives to break such a Grand Array, but Kong Feng was naturally reluctant to sacrifice his Heavenly Sword Union’s disciples. As such, he could only gather others to use as pawns. This was what led to the current situation.


It could be said that Kong Feng was the main reason why 100 great forces were gathered around Void Land.


Hearing Luan Bai Feng’s complaint, Kong Feng smiled faintly, “Those who achieve great things don’t bother about small matters. How could we be soft when facing the enemy? If we were, how could we force that brat to show up?”


He secretly criticized, [Like I haven’t seen how cruel you are, Luan Bai Feng. Is it funny to say such a thing at this time?]


Luan Bai Feng replied with admiration, “Union Master Kong is truly a man who knows how to achieve great things. This Mistress appreciates your approach very much.” Then she giggled with her mouth covered, “It’s just that… will that Yang Kai really show up because of this?”


Kong Feng grinned meaningfully, “Void Land was established not long ago, and Yang Kai is just an Emperor Realm Junior. I have no idea how he recruited so many Open Heaven Realm Masters, but since most of his subordinates were captured by me, he will certainly show up. He simply has no choice.”


According to the information Kong Feng had gathered, there were not many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land. Since he captured more than 30 of them at once, Void Land had definitely suffered a great loss. Therefore, he was confident Yang Kai would show up.


Luan Bai Feng nodded slightly, “That would be for the best. It will be easy if he shows up. Union Master Kong, don’t forget to share the benefits with this Mistress when this is all over.” While speaking, she glanced at Lu Xue and the others while licking her lips, as if she saw delicious food in front of her.


“Don’t worry, this Kong won’t go back on his word.” Kong Feng responded casually. Although he and Luan Bai Feng were old acquaintances, he still had to promise her some benefits when requesting her help; otherwise, how could he convince her to assist him? The condition he offered was to give her all the Open Heaven Realm Masters he captured in this battle!


The defeated party in the battle often ended up as captives. For example, when Yang Kai took over Void Land, he captured Chen Tian Fei. If Chen Tian Fei had not offered up the Loyalty List, Yang Kai would certainly have executed the fatty; after all, they had a deep blood feud, and Yang Kai could not guarantee his loyalty at all, so how could he let him live?


However, Chen Tian Fei was quick-witted. He immediately took out the Loyalty List as soon as he realized that he was cornered, allowing him to preserve his life until now.


In general, the fate of such captives was dreadful. Most of them would be brought back to the vanquisher’s headquarters to be killed, because after the death of an Open Heaven Realm Master, their Small Universe would collapse and their World Force would leak out and be absorbed by the Spirit Province, enhancing its background.


Only those captives who could prove themselves to be valuable could be exempted from death!


For other great forces, the greatest value of captives was to kill them in their headquarters to collect their World Force. However, Luan Bai Feng was different. What she needed most in Black Prison was Open Heaven Realm mining slaves; the more, the better. As such, after Kong Feng approached her, they only negotiated for about half a day before finalizing the conditions of their cooperation.


There were already more than 30 Open Heaven Realm captives on the ship at present, all of whom would belong to Luan Bai Feng in the end. It could be said that she had already reaped a great harvest from this trip. And that was not to mention that there may be more Open Heaven Realm Masters waiting for her once they captured Void Land.


Among these more than 30 people, Lu Xue was her favourite by far. There were many ore slaves in the Black Prison, but not many of them were Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Lu Xue. The value a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could provide there was enormous.


Seeing that Kong Feng agreed to her terms without hesitation, Luan Bai Feng was extremely satisfied with him. Of course, she had no idea that Kong Feng had plans of his own.


Luan Bai Feng did not know that Yang Kai had a Seventh-Order Monster Beast Core, but Kong Feng did. It had only been about a year since the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, and according to common sense, Yang Kai couldn’t have refined that Monster Core. If he could conquer Void Land, the Monster Core would be his.


Seventh-Order materials were incredibly valuable. Being a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Kong Feng would sooner or later break through to the Seventh-Order. At that time, he would need these Seventh-Order materials to improve his strength. As such, he naturally needed to collect resources like this whenever possible.


However, it was not just the Seventh-Order Monster Core that attracted him. The biggest temptation for Kong Feng was the complete sets of Fifth-Order materials.


It was no secret that Void Land traded numerous complete sets of Fifth-Order materials for materials of other Orders, so Kong Feng naturally knew about it.


Heavenly Sword Union even purchased a set from Void Land secretly.


After a thorough examination, Kong Feng was shocked to find that all these Fifth-Order materials came from the same source! He vaguely believed that Void Land must have a secret method which could regularly produce these Fifth-Order materials; otherwise, they would not have casually traded away so many of them.


If Heavenly Sword Union could gain control over this production method, it would definitely be able to produce more Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the future!


It could be said this material source was a critical component to the foundation of a Sect. How could Kong Feng not be envious of it? To him personally, the Seventh-Order Monster Core was more important, but to Heavenly Sword Union, this method to produce a steady stream of Fifth-Order materials was the most valuable.


If Heavenly Sword Union became more powerful, Kong Feng would benefit from it too. At that time, Heavenly Sword Union may be able to rise to the level of the Cave Heavens or Paradises!


During the simple conversation between the two of them, the Grand Array that enveloped Void Land suddenly distorted for a moment and three figures appeared in everyone’s sight.


Kong Feng raised his brow as he stared at Yang Kai and smiled.


As he expected, Yang Kai could no longer ignore them after they brought up Lu Xue and the others, and had to show up himself. At this moment, Yang Kai’s face was incredibly dark!


Luan Bai Feng, who was sitting next to Kong Feng, stared at Yue He enthusiastically. She had excellent vision so she naturally sensed that Yue He was strong. Unfortunately, because of the distance between them, she could not determine Yue He’s exact Order. She licked her red lips again as she asked, “Union Master Kong, what Open Heaven Order is that woman?”


Kong Feng answered, “Is Junior Sister Luan interested in her? I’m afraid that will be a little difficult; after all, she is also a Sixth-Order!”


“A Sixth-Order?” Luan Bai Feng was obviously taken aback. Given that Void Land was just newly established, it was already beyond her expectation that it could have more than 30 Open Heaven Realm Masters, including a Fifth-Order one like Lu Xue. She never expected Void Land to have a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master too!


The owner of Void Land was just an Emperor Realm boy; how could he convince so many Open Heaven Realm Masters to serve him?


As she thought of this, Luan Bai Feng turned to Yang Kai and saw that although this young man looked dignified and possessed an impressive demeanour, there didn’t seem to be anything else special about him. The gap between the Emperor Realm and the Open Heaven Realm was just too big. How could he get Open Heaven Realm Masters to listen to his orders?


Failing to understand this, she shook her head lightly and chuckled, “Union Master Kong, this Mistress likes that woman very much. I hope that you can help me capture her later.”


Kong Feng hesitated a while before he replied carelessly, “If there is a chance, this Kong will do his best.”




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  1. One moment everyone at this level is described as ancient and wise cultivators with the patience and temperament to progress slowly and diligently over several millennia with powerful minds and souls that are not easily disturbed, the next they’re all whiny bitches with less self control than an average toddler who’s had their candy snatched because someone looked at them funny.

    I look forward to YK pointing out their hypocrisy and them deciding the only appropriate response is to throw a temper tantrum big enough to destroy a small moon.

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