Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4319, Lightning Speed Action


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Stunned, Yun Xing Hua could not help shouting back, “Old Sir, you’ve recognized the wrong person! I haven’t done anything like that, you should take a closer look!”


“Shut up!” Qi Chang Ying glared at him, his eyes spitting fire, “Despicable bastard, how dare you quibble with me!? This Old Master saw what you did that day with his own eyes, how can I be mistaken!? If this Old Master does not avenge this blood feud, he does not deserve to be human!”


Yun Xing Hua’s lips trembled, and turned his head to look in the direction of Yang Kai desperately, begging, “Sir, this subordinate is innocent, this subordinate has not done it. Sir, save me!”


Then, Old Hong sneered and patted Qi Chang Ying on the shoulder again, “Is Junior Brother Qi sure he’s the one?”


Qi Chang Ying closed his eyes, turned his head, and quickly replied, “Yes!”


There was no way to express the anger boiling in his heart. He could hardly breathe! He has lived for so many years, and he was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so how could he be a fool? He was besieged, completely robbed of his Sect’s properties, and everyone other than him was slaughtered, including his Legacy Disciple who shouldered the future of Mountains and Seas Pavilion. The pain Qi Chang Ying felt was like a knife stabbing through his heart.


At that time, he really believed that Void Land was behind this matter, but after escaping from the claws of death, Qi Chang Ying thought more carefully about it. Why would Void Land do such a thing? Was this not smearing their own reputation for paltry gains? He really did sneak into Void Star City to investigate Yun Xing Hua and quickly discovered that the latter was not the same person who attacked Mountains and Seas Pavilion’s ship that day.


Qi Chang Ying had a feeling that someone was trying to tarnish Void Land’s reputation, but before he could uncover the truth of the matter, Old Hong had appeared and had a long talk with him. After some consolation and intimidation, Old Hong ‘politely’ asked Qi Chang Ying to step forward to identify the culprit, with a promise of heavy compensation.


By that point, how could Qi Chang Ying still not understand what was going on?


Void Land was like a tall tree that attracted the wind, and Mountains and Seas Pavilion was coincidentally involved in this dispute. Qi Chang Ying was probably able to escape the catastrophe and keep his life only because the other party allowed him to.


Now that things have escalated to this point, what choice did Qi Chang Ying have?


He may be able to keep his conscience by rejecting Old Hong’s proposal, but it would certainly offend powerful people. The murderers who dared to blatantly slaughter Mountains and Seas Pavilion’s disciples could even cause trouble at the Headquarters of Mountains and Seas Pavilion. On the other hand, if he agreed to their conditions, he could at least obtain some compensation.


Mountains and Seas Pavilion could not endure any more struggle. With their most prized disciple dead and most of the Sect’s wealth lost, if Qi Chang Ying just returned home like this, Mountains and Seas Pavilion would not be able to recover for hundreds of years. But if he could get some compensation, the future would definitely not be so bleak.


Therefore, even though Qi Chang Ying knew the truth, he had no choice but to cooperate with Old Hong at this moment and lie with his eyes wide open. He had to consider the future of Mountains and Seas Pavilion.


“Boy, Junior Brother Qi of Mountains and Seas Pavilion had identified the culprit in person. It is ironclad evidence! Do you still wish to deny it?” Old Hong rebuked sharply.


Yang Kai snorted coldly, “For those determined to condemn others, there is never a lack of evidence!”


As soon as he finished speaking, shouts echoed from all directions. They were the representatives of the victimized great forces from the incidents in Void Territory.


Yang Kai looked around coldly before his gaze stopped at Kong Feng, “Union Master Kong is here in person. Did your allies’ ships suffer from the incident in the Void Territory too?”


Kong Feng smiled slightly, “Indeed. Many of my allied Sects encountered trouble and were robbed of all their property, with countless casualties. Naturally, as Union Master, I am here to seek justice for them!”


Yang Kai returned, “Then what justice does Union Master Kong want?”


Kong Feng tapped the armrest of his chair lightly, “If you are wise, you will deactivate this Defensive Grand Array, bind your own hands and feet, and follow this Union Master obediently. Rest assured, this Union Master will definitely investigate the situation thoroughly. If Void Land is innocent, you will be cleared of all guilt.”


Yang Kai sneered. How could he believe him? However, he still nodded gently, “Union Master Kong’s reputation is well known. I can trust this statement.”


Kong Feng raised his brow, “Since you trust this Kong, what are you still waiting for?”


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Union Master Kong, please wait a moment. I don’t know when I will be back. I must have a word with my family first.”


After saying that, he had already turned around and disappeared into Void Land without giving Kong Feng a chance to object.


Kong Feng frowned, vaguely feeling that Yang Kai was up to no good. However, after thinking about it carefully, Void Land would definitely not be able to resist. In the face of absolute strength, any conspiracy would be a joke.


He did not attack head-on mainly because he was afraid of destroying Void Land. There must be some hidden secrets in this place, so before he learnt the truth, he did not want to make a big move.


After pondering for a while, he spoke quietly, “Junior Sister Luan, your chance has come.”


Luan Bai Feng looked at Kong Feng with a smile, “What is Union Master Kong referring to?”


Kong Feng replied, “Don’t you want that Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman? She’s called Yue He, and she obeys Yang Kai’s words. When Yang Kai arrives, you are responsible for keeping Yue He in check while I capture that boy. As long as Yang Kai is restrained, Yue He will definitely not resist, and you can have her in any way you want!”


Luan Bai Feng’s beautiful eyes lit up when she heard the words and her scarlet tongue flicked across her red lips, “That would be best.”


She naturally knew why Kong Feng wanted her to deal with Yue He. The other party was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all. It’s hard to say who would emerge the victor in a real fight, but if she could capture a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master to be an ore slave, this risk was worth taking, so she did not complain.


While the two were talking, a figure flickered next to Yue He, and Yang Kai reappeared.


Kong Feng was slightly surprised, “So fast?”


He thought that Yang Kai would definitely delay for a while, but who would have thought that he came back as fast as he left.


Yang Kai chuckled, “There’s nothing to explain, Union Master Kong. However, this Junior’s cultivation is low, and it is not safe to travel alone. So I request permission to bring my Left Protector along.” After saying so, he pointed at Yue He.


Kong Feng replied indifferently, “Only her then.” 


He had already expected this. With his and Luan Bai Feng’s strength, a single Yue He would not be able to resist their united front.


Luan Bai Feng frowned slightly, vaguely feeling something was off, but most of her attention was drawn to Yue He at the moment, so she did not think much about it.


“Naturally!” Yang Kai nodded.


Signaling Yue He, he stepped forward and Bian Yu Qing, who was behind him, flew back into Void Land.


Kong Feng waved his hand and opened the barrier around the ship.


Yang Kai and Yue He landed on the deck soon after.


In the next moment, Kong Feng and Yang Kai shouted in unison, “Now!”


When the words fell, Kong Feng reached out to grab Yang Kai. Luan Bai Feng’s petite figure leapt up and rushed towards Yue He, who at the same time, raised her hand. A little flower umbrella appeared twirling in the air, then flew sharply in the opposite direction towards Luan Bai Feng and Kong Feng, obscuring their line of sight momentarily.


Yang Kai stepped back and opened the Six Fated Paths Bag. With a light pat, a dozen figures suddenly appeared.


The dozen figures, led by Mo Mei, immediately surrounded Yang Kai as soon as they appeared.


Heavenly Sword Union was a top-tier Second Class great force with outstanding strength. For this trip to Void Land, in addition to Kong Feng, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master, there were also numerous Fifth-Order Open Heaven Masters, and even more Fourth-Order and Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. This could only be described as a mighty army with the finest arms.


However, among the dozen or so people who suddenly appeared on Yang Kai’s side, Mo Mei was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, while the others were all Fifth-Order. Everyone was momentarily stunned by their sudden appearance.


When they finally came back to their senses, fierce attacks were already bearing down on them.


In a flash, screams and shrieks resounded one after another, followed by splatters of fresh blood and corpses collapsing to the ground.


Beyond all their expectations, in an instant, Heavenly Sword Union suffered heavy casualties, with as many as a dozen of Open Heaven Realm Masters under the Fifth Order being killed, not to mention countless other disciples below the Open Heaven Realm. At the same time, Pang Duo, Jin Yuan Lang, Mu Qian Xuan, and Gong Yang Xi had already rushed towards Lu Xue and the others.


The strength of the Heavenly Sword Union disciples guarding Lu Xue and the others wasn’t anything notable because their prisoner’s had their cultivations sealed.


Seeing these four pouncing towards them like tigers leaving the mountain, these disciples froze in place, not knowing what to do.


A brief hesitation in battle could lead to disaster. With the combination of four Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, the guards were cut down as easily as melons and vegetables, while Lu Xue and the others were dragged back into the encirclement.


At this moment, Yue He shouted in a strained voice, “Young Master!”


As soon as the words fell, the little flower umbrella exploded, and the colour on Yue He’s face drained slightly before a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out of her lips. Her artifact was destroyed, causing a backlash to her Soul and body.


However, there was no other way. This was the only option if they wanted to rescue the captives from the hands of the two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Kong Feng appeared with a livid face and spat through clenched jaws, “Junior, you court death!” He had never expected that in such a situation, Yang Kai would dare to attack first. He cursed silently, planning to give Yang Kai a taste of every kind of torture in the world once he was captured! 


However, when he looked up, Kong Feng was stunned for a moment, because scattered all over his ship were broken bodies of countless disciples, including as many as a dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters under the Fifth Order.


Opposite of him, a formation of more than a dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters circled around Yang Kai as they, along with Lu Xue and the other captives, fled towards Void Land hurriedly.


[How did Void Land gain so many Open Heaven Realm Masters?] Kong Feng was dumbstruck. What made him even more terrified was that the more than a dozen people who suddenly appeared in front of him were all Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and one leading them was a woman in the Sixth-Order!


After escaping from the Little Flower Umbrella’s suppression, Luan Bai Feng swept her eyes around coldly and growled through gritted teeth, “We were too careless!”


She had finally understood where that sense of unease came from before. Yang Kai mentioned that Yue He was his Left Protector, and since there was a Left Protector, there must also be a Right Protector! Now, the truth was revealed that there was another Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in Void Land!




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