Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4320, Rapid Rescue


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Everything happened too fast. It had only been three breaths from Kong Feng’s and Luan Bai Feng’s entrapment to their escape. Yue He lost her artifact and was hurt, but Lu Xue and the others had been successfully rescued from Heavenly Sword Union’s ship.


Seeing that the people of Void Land were escaping, Kong Feng became enraged from shame, and roared, “Kill them!”


As he shouted, he charged forward together with Luan Bai Feng. They were the strongest among all the people present, so they had to participate if they wanted to restrain the two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land, because the others were not capable of doing so.


World Force flared as Yue He and Mo Mei turned solemn, executing their own Secret Techniques to meet the enemy.


Although they were all Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yue He and Mo Mei had just broken through recently. In comparison, Kong Feng and Luan Bai Feng both had more than 1,000 years of accumulation in their current Realm. With the difference in their heritages, their strength would be different too, not to mention that Yue He was injured. As soon as they clashed, one side gained an obvious advantage.


However, although the situation was somewhat unfavourable to Yue He and Mo Mei, Kong Feng and Luan Bai Feng still could not take them down within a short period of time.


At the same time, the Open Heaven Realm Masters on the 100 surrounding ships had charged forward together. As they were gathered by Kong Feng this time, they had already become enemies with Void Land. Initially, none of them put Void Land in their eyes; after all, it was just a recently risen great force, so how strong could it be?


But after Mo Mei showed up with more than ten Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, all of them were taken aback. Only now did they realize that Void Land possessed its own mighty army, equipped with the finest arms.


They had the advantage in numbers now that they were fighting against Void Land together, but if they failed to eliminate it today and allowed them to stage a comeback, Void Land would definitely not spare them in the future.


Since they had chosen to side with Heavenly Sword Union, they could only follow through to the end.


Countless Open Heaven Realm Masters from various great forces used their killing moves mercilessly one after another.


The people of Void Land continued fighting while retreating. Although there were two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and more than ten Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, they were too heavily outnumbered. After just ten breaths of time, several were already injured. Fortunately, no one was killed; otherwise, Void Land would have suffered a terrible loss.


The wounded immediately stepped back and hid in the encirclement while hastily trying to heal themselves.


Yang Kai grit his teeth and shouted, “Hold on for just a while longer!”


Void Land was just right behind them, and as long as they could enter the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, everyone would be safe.


Kong Feng obviously noticed this too and his eyes burned with impatience as he roared, “Don’t let them escape!” 


With a flash, the illusory phantom of his Small Universe behind him, he surged his might even more ferociously. Luan Bai Feng did not hold back either. Her face was as hard as steel as she moved swiftly and kept using killing moves!


The captives were supposed to be hers, but they all were rescued by Yang Kai. How could she tolerate this? At this time, there was no time to blame Kong Feng for gathering inaccurate information; they had to try their best to recapture as many of the people from Void Land as possible.


World Force collided endlessly as rumbling noises resounded continuously.


The short 30 breaths the clash had been going on for felt as though decades had passed.


When the people of Void Land finally rushed into the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, almost everyone was seriously injured, except Yang Kai and the captives, who were being protected in the center. Even Mo Mei had a long wound on her lower abdomen where blood flowed and continued seeping through her robes. Yue He’s pretty face was pale and her aura was somewhat unstable as a trace of blood could be seen on the corner of her lips. The two of them had the strongest cultivation so they were responsible for defending the rear of the group and had subsequently been under the greatest pressure. Pang Duo and the rest were also panting heavily, their vitality roiling somewhat.


It was tough for them, who had just advanced into the Open Heaven Realm, to fight such an intense battle. They simply could not unleash the true might of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm yet. Fortunately, all of them worked together and overcame the immediate disaster. If anyone had made a mistake at that time, everyone in Void Land would have fallen into danger.


The Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was reactivated, isolating the inside from the outside, and the battle paused for now.


A cold aura surged from Yang Kai’s body as he slowly turned around, glanced at Kong Feng and Luan Bai Feng, who were filled with frustration, then at the enemy ships, before he took a deep breath before he declared firmly, “If our Void Land survives this disaster, this Yang swears he will visit each and every one of your Headquarters to teach you how to show proper respect in the future!”


Despite his soft voice, it struck everyone’s hearts like a heavy hammer and goosebumps rose all over their bodies while their faces turned pale.


They would not care if they were threatened by an ordinary Second Class great force, because to be able to attack another force’s Headquarter, one had to possess overwhelming strength.


But after witnessing the terrifying heritage of Void Land, no one dared to take Yang Kai’s declaration lightly.


Such a lineup, with two Sixth-Order and more than ten Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, could almost match up to Heavenly Sword Union! This was the heritage that a true top-tier Second Class great force possessed. Other than the Cave Heavens and Paradises, who could stand against such force?


90% of the 100 great forces here did not even have a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master assuming command. If Void Land showed up at their doorstep, they would have no way to stop them. The only result would be the extermination of their Sect.


[Is this the kind of heritage a new great force can have? Just how did Void Land develop so rapidly and obtain so many Open Heaven Realm Masters in such a short time?]


Kong Feng’s face turned dreadfully ugly as he remarked coldly, “Do you think your Void Land still stands a chance? Today, your Void Land will be wiped from the 3,000 Worlds!”


Yang Kai sneered, “Come and try if you can. We’ll see who survives in the end!”


Then he beckoned, “Let’s go!”


Leading the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land, they all turned and disappeared behind the clouds and mists of the Grand Array!


Infuriated, Kong Feng clenched his fist and wanted nothing more than the give chase, but seeing the unpredictable changes of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, he did not dare to take the risk rashly. He turned to Luan Bai Feng and asked, “What can you see, Junior Sister?”


Luan Bai Feng answered with a cold face, “This Grand Array is not even displaying its full might yet, what can I possibly see from it? Union Master Kong, you didn’t tell me that there are so many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land.”


If she had known that Void Land was such a dangerous opponent, she would not have come here. Now that the captives that she obtained earlier were robbed away, it was natural for her to feel disgruntled.


Kong Feng replied while suppressing his anger, “What’s the use of blaming me now? It’s indeed this Union Master’s mistake for gathering incomplete intelligence about Void Land. This Union Master also didn’t expect that Void Land would have so many Open Heaven Realm Masters, but… isn’t this just what Junior Sister Luan wants? If we can conquer Void Land, you will be able to receive many times more benefits than you have expected.”


Luan Bai Feng snorted coldly, “But that can only be achieved if we take down Void Land. Now that the Grand Array has been activated, there’s nothing we can do unless we crack it.”


Kong Feng answered, “I invited Junior Sister Luan here precisely to resolve this issue. Don’t worry, I will arrange for someone to probe this Grand Array for you.”


Luan Bai Feng’s face softened a little bit, and she nodded, “It’s best if you make appropriate arrangements. But I wonder who Union Master Kong wants to assign to take the lead in this battle?”


Kong Feng’s eyes glinted slightly as he remained silent. Given this situation, it was highly unlikely anyone would volunteer to be the vanguard. Although their side looked imposing with 100 great forces seemingly joining hands, the truth was they were nothing but a fistful of loose sand. With the strength and prestige of Heavenly Sword Union, Kong Feng had forced many to support him here; however, those who had come expected the battle to be a one-sided massacre. Now that Kong Feng was facing difficulties, how could he still convince these people to follow his orders?


This was especially true for those who had to lead the first assault, as they would bear the greatest risks.


But… it was exactly because of this Grand Array that Kong Feng gathered so many people here.


Just as Kong Feng was pondering what to do, an elderly man suddenly flew over, stood several tens of meters away from Kong Feng, and cupped his fist, “Union Master Kong.”


Kong Feng raised his eyes and replied faintly, “Brother Gao.”


This person was an Elder of a great force called Azure Clouds Temple. Azure Clouds Temple was also a Second Class great force, but it was not very strong. It was similar to Mountains and Seas Pavilion in that it did not have a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master, just three or four Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Like Mountains and Seas Pavilion, Azure Clouds Temple encountered a similar incident in Void Territory. Its ship and property were robbed, with many of its disciples being killed or injured.


This man surnamed Gao was one of the ones who shouted down Yang Kai earlier, calling for revenge.


With an ashamed look, Elder Gao spoke, “Forgive me, Union Master Kong. I just received a message from the Temple Master that there is an urgent matter which needs to be attended to back at our Headquarters. This Elder must take his leave.”


Kong Feng narrowed his eyes slightly as he glanced behind Elder Gao. A number of people were watching them attentively and Kong Feng immediately sneered in his heart.


It was obvious that after seeing the strength of Void Land, Azure Clouds Temple dared not to offend it further and was attempting to distance itself from this matter. By the looks of this situation, Azure Clouds Temple was not the only force having such thoughts.


Kong Feng knew that once he accepted the request of Elder Gao, more than half of the 100 great forces here would leave.


Kong Feng was enraged, but he remained calm on the outside and asked with concern, “It’s easy for Elder Gao to leave, but if you can’t avenge your blood feud, how can the dead disciples of your Azure Clouds Temple rest in peace?”


Elder Gao averted his eyes as he replied insincerely, “Ten years is not too long for a gentleman to seek revenge.”


Kong Feng nodded, “Since Elder Gao has said so, then this Kong will leave the decision in your hands.”


Elder Gao cupped his fist, “Many thanks, Union Master Kong, for your understanding. This Gao wishes Union Master Kong success!”


Kong Feng smiled and made no comment.


Nevertheless, the moment when Elder Gao turned around, Kong Feng swiftly stretched out his arm to grasp him.


Elder Gao felt a slight pain in his neck, but before he could react, Kong Feng suddenly came close to him.


Elder Gao was puzzled and his eyes widened, “Union Master Kong, you…”


Before he finished, he immediately realized something was wrong with his vision, as if his head was on Kong Feng’s hand. He wanted to look down to check, but he failed to do so.


Kong Feng sneered as he grabbed Elder Gao’s severed head, still dripping with blood, and muttered, “You don’t wish to offend Void Land, but don’t care about offending my Heavenly Sword Union? Ridiculous!”


For a moment, Elder Gao’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets before his vitality quickly dissipated and his consciousness completely faded.


He was just a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it was a trivial matter for Kong Feng to take his life once his guard was down.


Kong Feng held the bloody head high and shouted loudly, “The battle is imminent, but this old dog attempted to desert us and disturbed the morale of our army. This Union Master killed him to serve as a warning, I hope that all of you have learnt a lesson!”


After saying that, with a slight push of his hand, the wide-eyed head was sent flying to the crowd, stirring up fear in everyone present.




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