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Martial Peak – Chapter 4321, Provocation

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The Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was the culmination of Grandmaster Wu Liang’s lifetime of study into the Dao of Spirit Arrays. Nine interdependent Arrays which supported and reinforced one another.


Yang Kai spent nearly all of the wealth he acquired in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary on this Grand Array. Most forces did not have the boldness or even ability to pay such a huge price, but the returns would naturally be great too.


The array could be divided into three sections. The first, which consisted of three layers of the Array, was the foundation of the Grand Array. These three layers maintained the operation of the Grand Array, as well as drew in and stored Starlight Strength. These three layers had no lethality whatsoever; however, they formed the backbone of the Nine Heavenly Layers. On normal days, these three layers would draw in Starlight Strength to maintain the operation of the Grand Array without interruption, storing any excess for emergency use. Not only that, but the first three layers of the Grand Array were also capable of self-repair. As long as the damage was not too serious, it could fix any faults in the Grand Array.


The second section of the Grand Array was comprised of defensive mechanisms. It also consisted of three layers of the Grand Array. One layer was meant for concealment. Once activated, Void Land would become hidden from view. Anyone without a firm foundation of the Dao of Spirit Arrays would never be able to detect Void Land. The second layer was a powerful Bewildering Array, one that deprived ordinary cultivators of their external senses, blinding and misleading them. The third layer was purely protective, a shield to resist external bombardment. The Proprietress introduced Yang Kai to an Artifact Refining Grandmaster who produced two powerful Array Artifacts, one of which was the Heavenly Net Umbrella, which was used in this Defensive Grand Array as its Array Core.


The Heavenly Net Umbrella cost a fortune, but Grandmaster Wu Liang said that once the shield was activated, even the combined bombardment of ten top Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters for ten days and ten nights would not be able to break through it. It could be seen that the protective strength of this Grand Array was outstanding. Void Land now had a mighty army and was equipped with the finest arms, so how could it allow anyone to attack them for ten days straight without retaliating?


The last three layers of the Grand Array were the offensive parts. Most of the external Starlight Strength absorbed by the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was channelled here. Each of these three layers was different and more powerful than the one before.


The Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was placed by Grandmaster Wu Liang into the second layer of the offensive section of the Grand Array as its Array Core. The first offensive layer of the Grand Array did not have a specific core, but instead relied on a massive number of ordinary artifacts to function! These artifacts were brought back by Yang Kai after defeating enemies in this Outer Universe. Most of these artifacts were useless to the members of Void Land, but it would be too wasteful to simply discard them, so they were used to empower the Grand Array, which was a win-win solution.


As for the final offensive layer of the Grand Array, it was the trump card of Void Land, and it was saved for the most crucial of moments.


When the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was completed, Yang Kai had once considered that if someone was foolish to attack Void Land, he would teach them a lesson, and at the same time test the power of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array.


But this was just a random thought. No one would want their home to be besieged.


However, it was really under siege now, and the enemy’s numbers were overwhelming!


Yang Kai was extremely grateful that he did not make the stingy decision, but instead agreed to let Grandmaster Wu Liang arrange the complete Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array in Void Land. Otherwise, with the numbers and strength of the enemy today, even if there were hundreds more Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land now, it would be impossible to overcome such odds. Only by making use of the Grand Array could they possibly turn defeat into victory!


Standing in Void Land, Yang Kai looked out coldly. He was in control of the Array Jade and he knew the Grand Array inside and out. He rubbed his fingers together unconsciously as he stood nervously. In order to rescue Lu Xue and the others, he had no choice but to reveal some of Void Land’s strength. However, they immediately retreated. With such a display of weakness, old dog Kong Feng would certainly not just give up.


Behind Yang Kai, Left and Right Protectors Yue He and Mo Mei sat cross-legged and meditated to recover from their injuries. The Elder Council and the group of Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were also urgently restoring their own vitality.


Behind them were more than three hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters of various Orders, standing upright, their expressions solemn as a chilling air lingered in the void.


The majority of the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land were from Abundance City, and it was all thanks to Yang Kai, who removed the Blood Principle Restriction, that they could leave the Blood Monster Cave Heaven alive. In addition to that, he also provided them with an excellent living and cultivating environment, and supplied them with Spirit Pills to support their safe ascension to the Open Heaven Realm.


It was safe to say that Yang Kai was the one who made them what they were today.


After finally breaking free of the prison which held generations of their ancestors and entering the outside world; how could they sit by and bear it when someone came to oppress them before they had time to witness the wonders of this world?


So even though this was their first battle since they broke through to the Open Heaven Realm, everyone was incredibly motivated! Void Land was their home, where they would build a new family and future. They could not just take from this land without giving back, and right now was the time to pay their dues. Only by keeping this land could they provide a safe place for their future generations!


Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Yang Kai, waiting for his order to rush out and take down the invaders.


After a moment, Yang Kai muttered, “Here they come!”


Outside Void Land, a hundred or so of people from Azure Clouds Temple, led by two Third-Order Open Heavens, rushed towards Void Land with dark, sullen faces. Elder Gao tried to withdraw before the battle began, but was ruthlessly killed by Kong Feng instead. Everyone, including Azure Clouds Temple and the other great forces who wanted to leave, did not dare to act rashly anymore.


Shuddering at Kong Feng’s ruthlessness, they all feared that they would be the next unlucky one should they speak out.


However, Azure Clouds Temple still had to be punished as they took the lead in escaping, so Kong Feng forced them to be the vanguard in attacking the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array.


Although the two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were enraged, they were completely incapable of resisting, so they could only lead a hundred disciples they brought with them to the edge of the Grand Array.


After a slight hesitation, one of them sighed deeply and declared, “It may be a blessing and not a curse, and if it is a curse we cannot escape. Let’s go.”


Looking desolate, he took the lead and dived headfirst into the Grand Array. When the others saw this, they too rushed bravely into the swirling clouds and mists, soon disappearing from sight.


Aboard Heavenly Sword Union’s ship, Kong Feng turned to Luan Bai Feng, “Junior Sister Luan, it’s all up to you now.”


Luan Bai Feng coldly snorted, “Don’t worry, it would be one thing if the Grand Array was in an idle state, but once it begins operating, its intricacies cannot be hidden from this Mistress’ eyes.” 


She pointed to her own eyes as she spoke, and a glamorous but sinister light flashed across her beautiful pupils, turning them a breathtaking shade of purple.


The reason why Luan Bai Feng had such profound attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays was not that it was taught to her by a powerful Master. In fact, she was completely self-taught, a feat only possible thanks to her innate Eye Secret Technique.


Within the Black Prison were countless Natural Spirit Arrays. After years of observing those Spirit Arrays with her Eye Secret Technique, she comprehended many mysteries from them, allowing her to accumulate a profound understanding of the Dao of Spirit Arrays.


From the outside, the 100 great forces watched the hundred or so Azure Clouds Temple disciples disappearing quickly into the rolling clouds, but through Luan Bai Feng’s eyes, their movements were actually traceable, and as long as she could keep track of them and the progress they made, she would be able to find a way to crack the Grand Array!


Inside the Bewildering Array, two small figures came together and whispered to one another quietly. One of them had a string of purple grapes on his head, his arms akimbo, looking as though he was second beneath the Heavens; the other figure had a large mushroom cap atop her head and a timid expression on her face, wearing a little floral dress.


These two little figures were Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom.


Little Mushroom suddenly tugged at the roots of the grapes on Pu Bai Xiong’s head, “Big Brother Pu, someone is here, what should we do?”


Two strands of roots on Pu Bai Xiong’s head swayed around his forehead, “Someone came in? En, leave them alone, Yang Boy will take care of them.”


Little Mushroom spoke weakly, “But… But I’m scared. They’re wandering around everywhere… what if they find us? Will they eat us?”


Pu Bai Xiong consoled, “Don’t worry. They’re completely lost in the Spirit Array and won’t be able to find us. Yang Boy told you, you are the Array Core of this Bewildering Array, and will only need to make a move at the critical moment. Don’t easily expose yourself, but when you do, we’ll teach them a big lesson to show them how powerful you are.”


Little Mushroom nodded obediently, “En.” Then she suddenly exclaimed, “Ah, someone is right next to us…”


Pu Bai Xiong jumped and looked around. Sure enough, he saw a figure staggering around like a drunk, and quickly pulled Little Mushroom away.


In Void Land, Yang Kai asked, “About a hundred people entered the Array, among them are two Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters while the rest are all Emperor Realm cultivators. Who wants to deal with them?”


Fatty Chen Tian rushed out immediately and volunteered with a sonorous voice, “Sect Master, please let this subordinate go!”


How could Chen Tian Fei miss such an opportunity to showcase himself? He was not qualified to fight during the last mission to rescue Lu Xue and the others because he was only a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but now that he had the opportunity to exert his strength, he naturally would not let it fall into the hands of another.


Yang Kai turned his head to look at him and nodded lightly, “Good, Elder Chen, be careful.”


Immediately energised, Chen Tian Fei replied, “Sect Master, please wait for good news, this subordinate will be back before you know it!”


After saying so, his rotund figure soared into the sky, dashing towards the Grand Array.


Outside Void Land, aboard Heavenly Sword Union’s ship, Luan Bai Feng suddenly frowned. Kong Feng, who had been observing her expression hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”


Luan Bai Feng replied without removing her gaze on the swirling Grand Array, “It seems that something has changed. Someone entered the Grand Array from Void Land.”


Kong Feng raised his eyebrows, “Oh? Could they not withstand the pressure any longer?”


Luan Bai Feng was silent for a moment before suddenly sighing.


Kong Feng faintly sensed that something was wrong, but before he could ask, there were bursts of exclamations all around him. Turning his head back, Kong Feng narrowed his eyes slightly at the sight before him.


Severed heads drenched in fresh blood flew towards the fleet one by one from inside the Grand Array. Those heads belonged to the people from Azure Clouds Temple that he sent out before. One head for every person who went in was sent out. The blank expressions frozen on the faces of these severed heads obviously indicated that they had no idea what happened to them, right up to the moment they died.


Kong Feng’s face sank. [What is Void Land planning? Killing someone and throwing their head back is a naked provocation!]


Kong Feng turned to look at Luan Bai Feng, who shook her head lightly, “It was too short!”


It really was too short. It had only been several breaths of time since the hundred Azure Clouds Temple disciple entered the Grand Array. Although they only had two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters while the rest were Emperor Realm cultivators, meaning their strength was not great, it was still terrifying for them to be obliterated so quickly.



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