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Martial Peak – Chapter 4322, It’s Your Turn

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Chen Tian Fei descended from the sky, and landed in front of Yang Kai with a cupped fist, “Sect Master, fortunately, I did not fail my mission!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Good work, Elder Chen!” 


Chen Tian Fei possessed a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, while there were only two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters among the people from Azure Clouds Temple. Furthermore, Azure Clouds Temple’s cultivators had fallen into the Bewildering Array and were all blind and lost. How could they stand against this Fatty Chen? Killing them all had been a simple task.


With Yang Kai having full control of the Array Jade, he could naturally see the situation inside the Grand Array clearly and knew that Chen Tian Fei sent the severed heads of the enemies out into the void. Although this was not his intention, he did not disapprove.


Chen Tian Fei was delighted, “It is this subordinate’s pleasure to serve the Sect Master!” After that, he stepped back and stood still behind Yang Kai.


Outside Void Land, Kong Feng kneaded his forehead gently. He looked around coldly, and saw a riot rising up among the Hundred Sect Alliance. The swift annihilation of Azure Clouds Temple’s entire force obviously threw them into panic. Although the people of Azure Clouds Temple were not strong, it was still unbelievable that they died in such a short period of time.


Kong Feng immediately realized that it was the wrong decision for him to send the people of Azure Clouds Temple to serve as a vanguard. Instead of achieving what he wanted, he actually bolstered the morale and image of Void Land!


Now that Void Land was shielded by their Grand Array, if Kong Feng wanted to win this battle, he would first need to crack it.


After pondering for a while, he turned his head and asked, “Junior Sister Luan, with your ability, how long will it take to crack this array?”


“Just a stick worth of incense,” Luan Bai Feng answered proudly.


Kong Feng nodded solemnly, “Then I’ll give you that time.”


Luan Bai Feng turned to look at him and raised her brow slightly. Given the current situation, if they wanted to trace the details of the Grand Array, they would have to sacrifice many more lives. However, the people here were not fools. No one would be willing to follow in Azure Clouds Temple’s footsteps. Still, it was none of her business. She just needed to do her part in examining the Grand Array carefully whenever it began operating.


Kong Feng turned to look in a certain direction and began moving his lips, probably transmitting a Divine Sense message to someone.


In that direction, Old Hong looked up at Kong Feng helplessly, but Kong Feng remained stone-faced and unmoved by Old Hong’s pleading.


Left with no choice, Old Hong clenched his teeth, stepped forward, and shouted as he cupped his fist, “Union Master Kong, Void Land is simply too outrageous. This Old Master requests to lead Heaven’s Border forces to attack and capture that bastard Yang Kai. Please grant me permission!”


Kong Feng replied after a brief hesitation, “This Union Master appreciates Brother Hong’s determination, but with this Grand Array protecting Void Land, entering will be extremely dangerous. Think twice, Old Hong!”


Old Hong answered solemnly, “Void Land is a cesspit of disease and evil. Many Fellow Brothers have suffered at their hands, as has my Heaven’s Border. How can this Hong not step forward when the enemy is right in front of me? Even if I have to give up my life, I will rip a piece of meat from Void Land first! Please grant me permission, Union Master Kong!”


Kong Feng feigned reluctance for a while more before ‘reluctantly’ agreeing, “Good, since Brother Hong is so sincere, how can this Union Master refuse? How about this, this Union Master will send 80 disciples from Heavenly Sword Union to accompany you. Do not try to engage the enemy, we only need to stimulate the Grand Array so that Warden Luan can crack its secrets. Focus on staying alive and buying time.”


After saying that, with a swing of his hand, 80 people immediately appeared behind him. There were many Open Heaven Realm Masters among them, and their leader was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Overjoyed, Old Hong cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Union Master Kong!” 


He was truly glad. He was only a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so after witnessing the powerful heritage of Void Land, he acknowledged that his strength was not enough to compete with them or even break into their Grand Array. If he really entered, he would definitely die miserably.


But now, he felt much safer being escorted by a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master sent by Kong Feng.


However, the people of Heaven’s Border and 80 members of Heavenly Sword Union alone were obviously still not enough. As such, Old Hong looked around and roared in a deep voice, “Who else will join this Old Master? Please step forward!”


All the others looked at each other awkwardly. They initially thought that they would easily take down Void Land under the lead of Heaven Sword Union, never having expected that Void Land would possess such strong forces and defences. They had also witnessed the frightening outcome of Azure Clouds Temple’s failed attempt to penetrate Void Land’s array.


But since Heavenly Sword Union had set an example for them, how could they do nothing? If no one was willing to stand out, Kong Feng would definitely hold a grudge against them. Even if they could escape today, they were afraid that they would have a hard time in the future.


Therefore, they had to send out some of their forces no matter what.


Just then, a man shouted, “Our Golden Rainbow Province will contribute.”


It was the leader of Golden Rainbow Province, Qi Jin. He had a great enmity with the Proprietress. Back then, he plotted to bait the Proprietress to bring Old Bai to a Restricted Area belonging to Golden Rainbow Province to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, then take the opportunity to besiege the Proprietress and kill her. Old Bai’s breakthrough had indeed been disrupted and the Proprietress had been thrown into a difficult situation. Fortunately, Yang Kai had World Source Liquid with him, which rescued Old Bai from certain death and allowed him to successfully break through.


Qi Jin naturally knew that Yang Kai had a deep relationship with the Proprietress, as did Kong Feng. It was for this reason that Kong Feng recruited Qi Jin to join the attack on Void Land this time. The enemy of one’s enemy was an ally, and Qi Jin certainly was more than willing to cooperate with Kong Feng.


Not only was Golden Rainbow Province recruited, but Boundless Altar was here too. After Qi Jin volunteered himself, Ling Chun Qiu of Boundless Altar also stood forward.


The enmity between these two and the Proprietress was inextricable. The Proprietress even made a Heart Demon Oath that until she wiped out their Headquarters, she would never advance to Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm!


The Proprietress had not tried to follow through on her oath because it was hard for her to accomplish it alone. Although she was a peak Sixth-Order Master and had outstanding combat capability, it was still too much for her to destroy two Second Class great forces, Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar, alone.


Therefore, although Qi Jin and Ling Chun Qiu had witnessed the Proprietress’ Heart Demon Oath with their own eyes, they had not worried much about it. However, after seeing the powerful heritage of Void Land, a strong sense of crisis could not help rising in their hearts.


In the past, Lan You Rou had not taken action because she lacked the necessary power, but since Yang Kai had a close relationship with Lan You Rou, if this group of Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land joined her, both Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar would stand no chance to resist. They did not have a Grand Array like the Nine Heavenly Layers to defend themselves.


As such, among the many great forces here, other than Kong Feng and Luan Bai Feng, Qi Jin and Ling Chun Qiu were the people most motivated to take down Void Land.


Old Hong did not expect that these two would respond to his call so enthusiastically, for he just shouted casually without hoping for any results. But no matter what, it was better to have more forces. As such, he immediately smiled, “With the help of Brother Qi and Brother Ling, this Hong can rest assured.”


Given the examples of Golden Rainbow Province and Boundless Altar, the other great forces naturally could not stay silent any longer. Furthermore, Heavenly Sword Union was still looming over them threateningly. So, others immediately sent out troops one after another.


Soon, the Hundred Sect Alliance dispatched nearly 5,000 people in total. It was a large number, with a few hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters leading the charge. Although there were only five or six Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters among them, there were plenty in the Third and Fourth-Orders.


Kong Feng let out a soft breath, looked at the thousands of people, and shouted sonorously, “If we can break this Grand Array today, all of you will be meritorious contributors, and this Union Master will not mistreat you. After entering the Grand Array this time, do not aim to kill the enemy, just prioritize protecting yourselves. We just need to trigger the Grand Array for a stick of incense worth of time, and Warden Luan will be able to break the array!”


The crowd agreed with a roar, led by Qi Jin, Ling Chun Qiu, and the other Masters. With these thousands of cultivators gathering together, their courage and confidence was greatly bolstered. Somehow, the Grand Array did not feel that scary to them anymore.


Kong Feng waved his hand, “Go!”


Upon receiving the command, thousands of people rushed into the Grand Array. As Kong Feng ordered, they did not attempt to kill the enemy after entering the Grand Array, but hurriedly activated their protective artifacts and techniques before surging their strength to trigger the Grand Array.


Previously, only about a hundred people from Azure Clouds Temple took the lead into the Grand Array. Their number was far too small, so it only took a short while for Chen Tian Fei to wipe them out, resulting in very little change in the Grand Array. However, with thousands of infiltrators rushing into it, the Grand Array kept displaying various transformations, and Luan Bai Feng quickly inspected these details with her piercing purple eyes.


In Void Land, Yang Kai saw thousands of people charging into the Grand Array; but instead of panicking, he revealed a cold smile, and ordered faintly, “Elder Fan!”


At the front of hundreds of Open Heaven Realm Masters, Fan Wu Xin stepped forward and cupped his fist, “Sect Master!”


Fan Wu Xin was also a cultivator of Abundance City. He was just a Deacon back in Abundance City, and it was he who captured Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang back then. However, he had condensed Fifth-Order Elements and had now broken through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, becoming a member of Void Land’s Elder Council.


When they rescued Lu Xue and the others earlier, Void Land had deployed all of its Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters except for him. This could not be helped, because someone needed to stay behind to lead the 300 or so Open Heaven Realm Masters Void Land had.


After being called by Yang Kai, he hurriedly came forward.


Yang Kai turned to look at him, “It’s your turn.”


Fan Wu Xin’s expression hardened and replied in a deep voice, “Yes!”


Similar to Kong Feng’s order, Yang Kai advised, “There are quite a large number of enemies this time, and there should be several Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters among them. You must be careful. Prioritize protecting yourselves rather than quickly killing the enemies. Never underestimate them. You are all my Void Land’s precious talents, losing any of you would be a great loss to us all.”


Fan Wu Xin responded, “Don’t worry, Sect Master. I will bring everyone back alive.”


Yang Kai nodded.


With a wave of Fan Wu Xin’s hand, the 300-plus Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land soared into the sky and disappeared into the Grand Array.


Yang Kai held the Array Jade in his hand and surged his Divine Sense, cooperating with the 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters as he guided them to their targets while creating opportunities for them to kill the enemy!


The Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array had the same bewildering effect on allies as well as enemies. Without Yang Kai’s guidance, Fan Wu Xin and the others would also lose all sense of direction. However, it was different if Yang Kai shielded and guided them. In the Bewildering Array, the enemies lost all sense of direction, so under the current situation, although Fan Wu Xin’s group was outnumbered, they were not in great danger as they were all Open Heaven Realm Masters and had the support of the Grand Array.


Just ten breaths of time after the 300 or so Open Heaven Realm Masters entered the Grand Array, mangled dead bodies began to rain down onto Void Land one after another from the sky like dumplings. The scene was both gruesome and spectacular to witness.



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