Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4326, Bewildering Array Starts Again


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However, before the Hundred Sect Alliance could escape Void Land, thick clouds rapidly permeated ahead of them. They did not notice it at first, and entered the fog bank one after another. For a moment, they could not see anything, and their Divine Senses were suppressed to a great extent. They lost their sense of direction just like headless flies.


[Why does this situation look so familiar?]


This was clearly the Bewildering Array at the periphery of Void Land. Earlier, they were obstructed by this Bewildering Array when they came in from the outside, but Luan Bai Feng managed to crack it, allowing them to invade.


Everyone was appalled. They could not understand how this array could be reactivated again after it was cracked.


Kong Feng was clueless too. On the ship, he turned to Luan Bai Feng and bellowed, “Junior Sister Luan, what is happening?”


Luan Bai Feng’s stunning face turned sullen, “We fell into that Brat’s trap again. He must have intentionally deactivated the Bewildering Array before.” 


She thought that she had cracked the Bewildering Array of Void Land, but by the looks of it now, the little bastard must have tricked her by removing it as she was working on it, luring them into the lion’s den. Since they attempted to escape now, he certainly could reactivate the Bewildering Array to stop them from running away.


Upon this realization, Luan Bai Feng clenched her pristine teeth so hard that they almost cracked. As the Black Prison’s Warden, she had never been fooled like this before in her life. She was maddened with rage.


Kong Feng asked anxiously, “Junior Sister, do you think you can crack the array?”


“I’ll try.” Luan Bai Feng replied with a solemn face, not daring to be too confident.


It was not like she gained nothing from observing the tremendous transformations of the Bewildering Array from the outside earlier. She found some details about the Bewildering Array, and she might be able to succeed if she focused on cracking it.


Her beautiful violet eyes flickered again as she stared at the Grand Array intently.


Shortly, Luan Bai Feng frowned deeply. She vaguely found that this Bewildering Array seemed to be dissimilar to the one she had previously cracked, but she could not tell the difference.


With her extraordinary attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, Luan Bai Feng could tell that the Bewildering Array this time was truly different from that of earlier. The Bewildering Array earlier only had the might of an independent Spirit Array, but the Bewildering Array at this moment… 


In the mists, two small figures appeared side by side. Pu Bai Xiong patted Little Mushroom’s and announced, “It’s time!”


“En.” After a quiet but firm response, Little Mushroom shook her body lightly and countless tiny spores undetectable by Divine Sense spread out, quickly integrating into the Grand Array.


The Bewildering Array of Nine Heavenly Layers had an Array Core, and it was a living Array Core, which was Little Mushroom. Little Mushroom was the Profound Multi-Coloured Illusionary Mushroom, born with innate hallucinatory powers; therefore, after the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was completed, when Grandmaster Wu Liang introduced its various functions, Yang Kai decided to place Little Mushroom in the Bewildering Array as its Core.


When the Hundred Sect Alliance launched their first attack, Yang Kai only activated the Bewildering Array in passive mode and did not unleash its active effects. One of the reasons was to keep its full potential a secret, while the other was to lure the enemy into a trap.


Since the enemy was attempting to escape now, it was naturally needless to hide this card anymore.


A Bewildering Array without an Array Core was just a Bewildering Array, but once the Core was activated, it evolved into an Illusion Array! There was a great difference between the two, with the latter being an order of magnitude more powerful. As such, Luan Bai Feng could not be blamed for not being able to see through it in short order.


The countless tiny spores suffused into the Grand Array, which drastically increased its effectiveness.


Many flight-type artifacts were lost in the Illusion Array, and many cultivators inhaled the spores into their lungs, unaware. Soon, they began to experience hallucinations.


Yang Kai was also affected by Little Mushroom in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but he managed to overcome it by relying on his Golden Crow’s True Fire and Soul Warming Lotus. If not for these two factors, he would have suffered a fatal disaster.


Although there were still many cultivators left in the Hundred Sect Alliance, how many people could resist the hallucinogenic power of the Profound Multi-Coloured Illusionary Mushroom?


Aboard a certain ship, one cultivator’s eyes suddenly turned bloodshot. He raised his hand to summon his sword artifact before swinging it down. Blood spurted, and the person, who was slashed by the sword, stared at his Senior Brother in disbelief, not understanding what had just happened.


On a different ship, a woman fell into a pool of blood and sobbed desperately, “Senior Brother, didn’t you say you loved me? Why…” Before she could finish, another sword light flashed, and her head flew up into the sky.


Chaos erupted aboard every flight-type artifact almost immediately. The weaker cultivators soon lost their senses and started summoning their artifacts to kill the allies they could no longer recognize.


Only the Open Heaven Realm Masters could put up some resistance. They surged their World Force to protect their bodies as soon as they realized something was wrong. Facing the disciples who charged at them fearlessly, they were instantly caught in a dilemma, for they could not decide whether to kill them or not!


From Void Land’s side, led by Pang Duo and the others, the 300-plus Open Heaven Realm Masters soared up into the sky again and charged into the Grand Array to start killing.


This time, Lu Xue, Yun Xing Hua, and the other former captives joined in too. Although they had been imprisoned before, their lives were not in danger, nor were they beaten or tortured. Luan Bai Feng had kept them safe, for she needed them to serve as ore slaves; any damage they suffered would be a net loss for her. Furthermore, they consumed Spirit Pills and rested for a while, so they were almost fully recovered.


It was natural for them to feel the need to avenge their previous humiliation.


The spectacle of blood and corpses raining endlessly like dumplings dropping into a pot was quite shocking.


Aboard Heavenly Sword Union’s ship, Kong Feng was as white as a sheet as he stared up at the swirling mists with so much rage he almost coughed up blood.


[It’s over. It’s completely over. My alliance came to attack Void Land confidently but ended up in such a miserable state… If word of this spreads, what would happen to the reputation of my Heavenly Sword Union?]


[How can there be so many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land? How can they all be so powerful? How can there be so many functions to the Grand Array here?]


Kong Feng was sharp-eyed and managed to stop his ship in time, preventing it from falling completely into the Illusion Array. But now, there were only seven or eight ships left outside of the Illusion Array. These ships noticed the dire situation too, and gathered around Heavenly Sword Union seeking some sense of security.


Luan Bai Feng had given up looking for ways to crack the Grand Array. Since so many Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land had rushed inside and started a massacre, there was no way she could help even if she found some flaws in it.


However, she was still a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was proficient in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. She was confident that if she wanted to leave, the Grand Array of Void Land could not stop her from doing so.


However, after coming all the way here, how could she be willing to return home empty-handed?


Looking down, Luan Bai Feng stated, “Union Master Kong, given the situation now, there’s only one solution.”


Infuriated and red-eyed, Kong Feng asked, “What’s that?”


Luan Bai Feng glanced at Yang Kai, “In order to destroy an army, take the general’s head! Although that boy is only an Emperor Realm Junior, it’s clear the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land follow his lead without question. If we capture him as a hostage, we can force the others to surrender and turn this situation around.”


Kong Feng’s mind was blinded by rage. Seeing the Hundred Sect Alliance suffering great losses, and knowing that his Heavenly Sword Union and his reputation would be gravely affected in the future, he had panicked for a moment. However, after listening to Luan Bai Feng’s suggestion, he instantly came back to his senses.


He nodded seriously, “What Junior Sister Luan says is true, but that brat is guarded by two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters…”


All of the Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land had rushed into the Illusion Array to slaughter the enemy, leaving only Mo Mei and Yue He behind to guard Yang Kai. After all, Yang Kai was still just an Emperor Realm cultivator who did not have the qualifications to participate in this kind of battle.


Luan Bai Feng chuckled, “Judging from how those two women moved just now, they must have just advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm recently, meaning they still cannot display their full strength. This Junior Sister can restrain one for you. As for the other one…” While speaking, Luan Bai Feng turned to look at the ships around them and continued with a faint smile, “We still have so many people. Why should we be afraid of her?”


Kong Feng’s eyes lit up, he could not help grinning, “That brat is too arrogant. He’s really courting death!”


There were so many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land, so if he retained some by his side, Kong Feng really wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. However, now that almost all of the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land had rushed into the Illusion Array, leaving just the two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters back to protect him, this was a great opportunity.


Kong Feng swept his eyes across all the Open Heaven Realm Masters still with him and immediately made the deployment.


After making the decision, Kong Feng quickly led his remaining people to attack Yang Kai again without delay, not wanting to give time to the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land to return and interfere.


His only worry now was the Offensive Grand Array of Void Land!


The previous sword light had frightened him greatly. If Luan Bai Feng had not summoned three Defensive Array Plates at the critical moment, he could have died to that attack while Heavenly Sword Union’s ship would definitely have been destroyed, and his subordinates would have been severely wounded or killed.


However, when he thought about it carefully, the energy consumed by such an Offensive Grand Array could not be trivial. Void Land was newly established, and the Spirit Array must have only been completed recently, so the energy that it had in reserve was probably extremely limited.


Since Void Land had operated the Grand Array so many times already, it probably would not be able to launch another strike again.


Even if the energy was sufficient, it may be difficult for Yang Kai, an Emperor Realm Master to act alone. Kong Feng clearly saw that when the Offensive Grand Array was launched, Yang Kai and Yue He had worked together to activate it.


In other words, as long as they could keep Yue He occupied and distract her from cooperating with Yang Kai, Kong Feng did not need to have any worries.


Yang Kai alone was not a threat. He could easily crush that brat to death with just a finger!


From Void Land, Yang Kai looked up and saw that the eight ships were rushing to him furiously under Kong Feng’s lead, “That old dog is at his wits’ end!”


He quickly sent a Divine Sense transmission to Yue He and Mo Mei. Immediately after, Yue He shook her head rapidly like a pellet drum and objected, “Young Master, no, it’s too dangerous!”




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