Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4327, The Real Trump Card

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Mo Mei nodded too, and advised, “Sect Master, all of us Void Land depends on you. If anything were to happen…”


If Yang Kai died, Void Land would completely collapse. Now that the people who came out of Abundance City finally found a place to call home, how could they take such a risk?


Yang Kai chuckled playfully, “How is it dangerous? Don’t forget about our Void Land’s real trump card. If my life is in danger, I don’t believe she will remain a bystander!”


The true trump card of Void Land was not its 300 new Open Heaven Realm Masters, or even the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, but rather the Divine Spirit hidden in its depths, Zhu Jiu Yin!


Yang Kai was unsure how much power this woman could unleash currently, but he was certain that she could definitely match a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Judging by the standards of the 3,000 Worlds, a mature Divine Spirits possessed strength at least on par with the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, just like the Golden Crow and Mie Meng.


It was just that Zhu Jiu Yin was a Divine Spirit that was born and raised in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Although Yang Kai brought her out of that place, due to the differences in World Principles between the two worlds, she needed a long period of time to adapt before she could unleash her full strength.


It was hard to tell how much she had acclimated by now.


As Yang Kai’s Protector, she took an oath on her Source to protect him. Nonetheless, the oath was conditional. Only when Yang Kai’s life was in mortal danger would Zhu Jiu Yin take action. If Yang Kai was the one who provoked others or he encountered troubles during his adventures outside, Zhu Jiu Yin would not care about him.


Yang Kai was someone who liked to roam free, a fact Zhu Jiu Yin knew well, so she made sure to clearly set out such terms with him. Otherwise, she would have to follow Yang Kai around and guard him at all times. How could she permit such a thing? How could a noble Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider become a mere bodyguard? She really did not want to lose her status because of this hateful man.


To be honest, Zhu Jiu Yin could not wait for Yang Kai to die outside and not return anymore. That way, she could immediately get rid of the constraints of the oath.


However, they were in Void Land, and it was the Hundred Sect Alliance who initiated this battle. Once Yang Kai fell into danger, Zhu Jiu Yin would definitely have to do something, otherwise, she would suffer from the backlash of her oath. A Divine Spirit’s Source was their root, foundation, and heritage, a link between them and their ancestral bloodline, so there was no room for carelessness.


Although Yang Kai did not notice the presence of Zhu Jiu Yin’s aura yet, he was sure that this woman had been paying close attention to the battle.


With this woman looking after him in the dark, what did Yang Kai need to fear?


Although Mo Mei was a recent arrival, she was a full-fledged member of Void Land now and had learnt about Zhu Jiu Yin from Yue He before. She knew that a mature Divine Spirit was hiding in Void Land, and even though she had never seen her, she immediately understood what Yang Kai was up to after hearing his words.


After hesitating for a moment, Yue He nodded, “Then, Young Master must be careful.”


Yang Kai replied, “You two should also protect yourselves well!”


During their conversation, the eight ships had rushed down under the lead of Heavenly Sword Union. As soon as Kong Feng turned to look at Luan Bai Feng, she stretched out her hand and beckoned to Mo Mei with a grin, “Such a beautiful little girl. This Elder Sister likes women like you. Would you like to have a chat with me?”


With a slight swing of her hand, a powerful World Force descended from above Mo Mei.


Mo Mei’s face turned solemn. She did not dare to stay near Yang Kai to avoid him being involved in this battle, so with a flicker, she rushed straight at Luan Bai Feng. The two women made only light movements, but their World Forces collided with each other endlessly as they soon moved their battlefield further away.


However, Mo Mei had just advanced to the Sixth Order, so her foundation was not steady yet. After exchanging a few moves with Luan Bai Feng, she gradually fell into a disadvantage. Luan Bai Feng kept an indifferent look, obviously confident in handling her.


The gap between their strength was obvious, but although Luan Bai Feng was much stronger than Mo Mei and it was not difficult for her to suppress her, it would still be very hard to capture her alive or kill her, unless Mo Mei made a critical mistake.


Kong Feng was overjoyed to see that one of the two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters around Yang Kai was easily lured away by Luan Bai Feng. He bellowed solemnly, “Act according to the plan!”


All the surrounding Open Heaven Realm Masters nodded.


On the ship of Golden Rainbow Province, Qi Jin shouted, “Yue He, for the sake of our many years of friendship, leave now. This Qi will speak for you to Union Master Kong to let you live. Otherwise, don’t blame this Qi for not showing due consideration.”


Ling Chun Qiu also advised, “Madam Yue He, one must know how to adapt to their circumstances!”


It was not surprising that the two had known Yue He for a long time. When they schemed against the Proprietress by using Old Bai’s breakthrough to the Open Heaven Realm, Yue He was their partner. But at that time, all three of them were still Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. After obtaining a World Fruit, Yue He had risen to the Sixth Order and now had a brighter future, while Qi Jin and Ling Chun Qiu were still lingering in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


After a cultivator breaks through to the Open Heaven Realm, each improvement in Order requires lengthy accumulation, and the higher the Order, the longer the time it took. Not everyone could obtain such a Heaven-defying treasure like the World Fruit.


Yue He snorted coldly, “I may be just a simple woman, but whoever wants to harm my Young Master must go through me first!”


“Foolish stubbornness!” Ling Chun Qiu felt pity for her.


Kong Feng roared lividly, “Stop wasting time and attack!”


At that command, more than ten figures flew out from the eight ships and charged at Yue He together. They were all Open Heaven Realm Masters. Among them were 3 Fifth-Orders, while the rest were Third and Fourth-Orders. They had a significant numerical advantage, so Yue He did not dare to take them lightly even though she was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


In addition, Kong Feng was eyeing Yang Kai from the side, so she still had to look out for his safety.


Therefore, Yue He instantly fell into a disadvantage.


Kong Feng stood on the deck of his ship, observing the battlefield coldly while staring at Yang Kai maliciously.


Yang Kai looked flustered. Although he was not in danger under the protection of Yue He, he was also helpless to do anything. Having weaker cultivation in this case truly put him at the disadvantage.


Not long after the battle began, Yang Kai suddenly clenched his teeth and shouted, “Yue He, I’ll leave first. Take care of yourself!”


Yue He nodded as she executed a palm strike, “Young Master, you be careful too.”


Yang Kai nodded. Taking advantage of an opening created by Yue He, Space Principles surged and he disappeared with a flicker.


Kong Feng’s eyes lit up as he guffawed, “I’ve been waiting for this moment!”


If Yang Kai stuck by Yue He stubbornly, he could only find a chance to launch a sneak attack on Yue He to injure her first before capturing Yang Kai. Given that Yang Kai was escaping by himself now though, it was exactly what Kong Feng wanted.


It was not difficult for Kong Feng to understand why Yang Kai made this choice. The brat obviously felt that he was dragging Yue He down, so he decided to retreat. With his attainments in the Dao of Space, it was easy for him to flee.


However, Kong Feng had firmly locked his Divine Sense onto Yang Kai, so he instantly noticed his escape. With a wild surge of his Divine Sense, Kong Feng turned his head to a certain direction, jumped down from his ship, and grabbed at the Void.


In that direction, a figure appeared faintly, and Yang Kai was suddenly revealed like a ghost; however, before he came to his senses, his body had been wrapped up in a great power, making it feel like a huge mountain was pressing down on him. His bones creaked dangerously and even his body was bent forcefully in an instant.


The power of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was simply something he could not resist.


Yang Kai remained calm, however. He closed his eyes and mumbled with a sneer, “Zhu Jiu Yin, Zhu Jiu Yin. If you still don’t appear, this Junior will die!”


At that moment, a cold snort reached his ears, one that didn’t sound happy in the slightest.


It was obviously Zhu Jiu Yin’s voice, but before Yang Kai had time to celebrate, he heard Zhu Jiu Yin’s voice, “Brat, things are a bit troublesome this time. You’d better watch out for yourself.”


“Huh?” Yang Kai was stunned, not understanding what she meant.


At the same time, Kong Feng’s face changed drastically as he shouted, “Who!?”


Just as he was about to capture Yang Kai, a shocking aura suddenly emerged from somewhere in Void Land, one that was so powerful it terrified him to his bones.


Previously, when Yang Kai triggered the Offensive Array of Nine Heavenly Layers, Kong Feng was frightened by the potent Sword Qi. However, at this moment, the aura that appeared was clearly orders of magnitude more powerful than even that Sword Qi.


Void Land still held a trump card! A horrifying Master beyond anything he could have imagined!


For a moment, Kong Feng felt incredible regret. If he had known that there was such a Master protecting Void Land, he would never have been bold enough to come offend them. Whatever the case, it was too late to regret now.


Kong Feng secretly cursed, [This little bastard, why did he keep such a Master hidden until now? Why didn’t he expose them earlier? Was it fun taunting and mocking me this whole time?] As he thought about it, it did seem that Yang Kai had been toying with him since he came to this place.


Of course, Kong Feng had no idea that if Yang Kai’s life was not in danger, Zhu Jiu Yin would not make a move even if he called her.


While his mind was still spinning with such thoughts, Kong Feng looked up and saw a delicate finger pointing straight at him from somewhere in Void Land. Although from the outside the finger looked gentle and beautiful, in Kong Feng’s eyes it was like an entire world was crashing down on him.


Such a strike could only be delivered by a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Kong Feng clenched his teeth, and he tried his best to surge his own power, going all out to protect himself. At the same time, he quickly retreated. Even though he knew he was no match for this opponent, as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, how could he just stand there waiting to die?


As he flew back, Kong Feng channelled whatever strength he could to his fist and punch forward.


But everything was in vain before this finger!


Kong Feng sprayed out a mouthful of blood and was sent tumbling uncontrollably as a number of his bones broke. The Small Universe in his body was sent into turmoil, disrupting his World Force.


Kong Feng was absolutely dumbstruck. This kind of might was beyond what an ordinary Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could exert with such a casual blow. The person who attacked him either was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, or was not far from reaching that height.


Furthermore… Kong Feng vaguely felt something was off about the opponent’s aura.


However, it was meaningless to think about this now. He was severely hit by this opponent who he stood no chance of opposing at all.


[Will I be buried in this place today?] Kong Feng sighed in his heart. He did not expect that after rising to become a hegemon in the 3,000 Worlds, reigning over a peak Second Class force for so many years, he would actually end up dying in such a place.



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