Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4328, Two High-Ranks

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Translator: Silavin & Danny

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Kong Feng was not weak; after all, he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. However, given that the Master hidden in Void Land could severely injure him with just one blow, even though part of the reason was because Kong Feng was caught off guard, it was still enough to show the strength of his attacker.


The slender and fair finger that hit Kong Feng from across the sky pierced his defences like they were paper. Blood spewed out of his mouth but the power of the attack persisted without weakening.


Kong Feng’s body kept flying backwards, but that finger chased after him persistently, as if it was determined to kill him at all cost! Seeing this situation, goosebumps rose all over his body and his pupils shrunk to the size of needles. He continuously threw his fists out, trying to neutralize the power of the approaching finger.


However, everything was in vain. Seeing that the finger continued to press towards him, Kong Feng was dreadfully depressed and infuriated.


If he had known that there was such a Master in Void Land and was prepared for it, he might not have ended up in such a dire situation. Even if he was no match for such a Master, he would not be in immediate danger of losing his life.


The opponent did not reveal her aura before, but once she did, she launched a deadly attack without any hesitation. Kong Feng was far weaker than her, so he immediately ended up in such an embarrassing situation.


The aura of death enveloped him, and although Kong Feng was unwilling, he could only close his eyes and accept his fate.


Just then, a sudden change happened.


A cold snort suddenly came from the sky, followed by a startling sword light that flashed through the Illusion Array enveloping the periphery of Void Land, shattering it in one blow. The sword light directly greeted the slender finger and stopped it before Kong Feng succumbed. With a loud bang, the sword light was annihilated while the slender finger collapsed. The world trembled from the impact.


Immediately after the sword light, two figures plummeted from the sky. One of them let out a strange cackle and rapidly rushed in a certain direction upon entering Void Land. He stretched out his hand like an eagle’s claw, and grabbed towards the direction, with wind stirring and cloud rending World Force gathered in the palm of his hand.


It was in the direction of Zhu Jiu Yin’s palace!


However, the man retreated as quickly as he advanced when another Earth-shaking sound exploded and a fair palm approached him from the direction he was heading. A halo of light exploded as the man returned to the side of his companion.


The second person was holding a long sword. It was obvious that he was the one who broke the Illusion Array with the sword wave earlier.


Kong Feng was pleasantly surprised to narrowly escape death. Although he had no idea who saved him from the power of the finger just now, this person was definitely a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Looking up, he saw two figures standing side by side with heavy World Force auras permeating from their respective bodies. They were two Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters! However, both of them were shrouded in a layer of haze, so he could only roughly see their silhouette, not their true faces. He could not even distinguish whether they were men or women.


With a single thought, Kong Feng vaguely guessed their background, but he had no idea where they came from exactly. Still, he quickly cupped his fist and saluted, “Many thanks to two Seniors for saving my life.”


The two Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters did not say a word, but remained standing there quietly, facing one direction with a dignified air about them. In that direction, a slim figure approached meanderingly. Her beauty was enthralling, her long skirt fluttering behind with the movements of her graceful figure. Who else other than Zhu Jiu Yin could it be?


From Zhu Jiu Yin’s attack on Kong Feng, to the flash of the startling sword wave, Kong Feng’s narrow escape from death, and the appearance of the two ghostly High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, everything happened in less than three breaths of time. It was so fast that Yang Kai could not even react to it.


He thought that with the help of Zhu Jiu Yin, Kong Feng would certainly die today. As long as Kong Feng died, the so-called Hundred Sect Alliance would easily be scattered and destroyed. By then, he could entrap them within the Illusion Array outside Void Land, and wipe them all out!


But how could he have anticipated such a turn of events at this critical moment!


Yang Kai was frozen for a moment before a sharp light flashed across his eyes as he stared at the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. He grinned as he shouted, “Good, very good!”


Although he did not know the background of these two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, he was sure that they were definitely from some Cave Heaven or Paradise that did not want him to succeed. He believed the great forces behind these two were the same great forces that goaded Kong Feng into assembling the 100 great forces to invade Void Land!


Now, it seemed that these two had been following behind Kong Feng all this time. They did not show up earlier because there was no need to. Moreover, with such a huge lineup like the Hundred Sect Alliance, as High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters of the Cave Heavens and Paradises, them appearing could only be considered shameless bullying of the weak.


That was why they just followed and observed the situation.


However, the heritage of Void Land was truly surprising. The large number of people brought back by Yang Kai from Blood Monster Cave Heaven was the biggest surprise. Due to the sudden increase of more than 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land, its strength had undergone Earth-shaking changes.


No one would have anticipated Void Land gathering so many Open Heaven Realm Masters in such a short time, including a large number in the Fifth and Sixth-Orders.


However, the two observers remained on the sidelines even when the Hundred Sect Alliance fell into a disadvantage in the battle and suffered heavy losses. After all, the life and death of these people had nothing to do with them.


But they stopped hiding when Zhu Jiu Yin’s attack put Kong Feng’s life in danger. Although Kong Feng was the one who gathered the 100 great forces and took the opportunity to seek trouble with Void Land, anyone who had a little knowledge and insight could see that the Cave Heavens and Paradises were behind this move.


If they still failed in such a public plan, they would lose a great deal of face.


As such, Kong Feng could not die. Whether they liked it or not, they had to save him!


At this moment, they concealed their true faces with Secret Techniques, because they did not want to reveal their identities. Although it was obvious that they were from the Cave Heavens and Paradises, they still could not leave any evidence. Therefore, such a cover up was somehow meant to protect the prestige of the great forces behind them.


Only now did Yang Kai finally understand Zhu Jiu Yin’s statement that the situation was going to be troublesome.


Zhu Jiu Yin was a powerful Divine Spirit, so there was no way these two could remain unnoticed by her.


Yang Kai clenched his fist and glared at them, his blood boiling with anger, his heart feeling like a volcano about to erupt.


He had been cultivating on his own and did not bother anyone, but these people insisted on oppressing him again and again. Back in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, many from the younger generations made things difficult for him.


That was still fine, as they were all in the same Realm and generation. If he was killed, he could only blame himself for being incompetent.


After it became clear that the younger generations could not stop him though, the Old Monsters came out to interfere. It seemed that they were determined to remove him from this world.


Anyone who faced such oppression would definitely be upset!


Fortunately, he had Zhu Jiu Yin here with him; otherwise, how could he stand against these two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters? Should he just do nothing and accept death?


Yang Kai examined the bodies of the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Although he could not see their faces clearly, he took note of their auras in detail. He could not be sure where the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters came from, but as long as he was still alive, sooner or later they would meet again.


“Divine Spirit!” The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master with the sword suddenly spoke. His distorted voice sounded a bit like an old man’s, but it was obvious that his original voice was disguised by a Secret Technique, “May I know which Divine Spirit Madam is?”


He could only detect the Divine Spirit aura from Zhu Jiu Yin, but he could not determine what her true form was, unless Zhu Jiu Yin revealed it herself!


“What will you do if I tell you?” Zhu Jiu Yin asked faintly.


The sword wielder replied, “We have no intention of disturbing Madam. So, we would be grateful if you could step aside!”


Zhu Jiu Yin chuckled softly and replied, “I should be the one saying this. In fact, this Queen doesn’t want to bother you either, so you’d best go back where you came from.”


The sword wielder shook his head slowly, “We have a duty to perform here, so we can’t leave. Forgive us, Madam!”


Zhu Jiu Yin raised her eyebrows, “What duty is that?”


“Madam, why do you ask when you already know?”


Zhu Jiu Yin turned her head to look in Yang Kai’s direction before chortling while covering her mouth, “You two are High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Why do you have to waste time on causing all kinds of trouble to a snot-nosed brat?”


Yang Kai snorted coldly, “Cowards! You’re bold enough to appear here, but lack the courage to show your true faces? Is it because you’re too ugly?”


The sword wielder remained silent, as if he did not hear Yang Kai, but his companion immediately turned to him and released a powerful burst of World Force towards him.


Yang Kai could not respond to it at all and his mind went black. When he regained his senses, a faint scent lingered at the tip of his nose as he saw Zhu Jiu Yin standing in front of him.


Yang Kai took a sniff, and found that the woman truly smelled pleasant… 


Zhu Jiu Yin glared at the man with a darkened face, “Who gave you the courage to touch him in front of this Queen?”


Yang Kai peeped his head out from Zhu Jiu Yin’s shoulder, and rebuked, “Old cowards who only know how to bully the young and the weak! Show your faces if you dare to! When I advance to the Open Heaven Realm, I swear I will kill yo… Ack, hey, I’m not finished yet.”


Zhu Jiu Yin harshly shoved Yang Kai’s head back with her hand. His spit sprayed all over her neck when he shouted just now, which felt disgusting.


On the other side, a sudden distortion appeared on the man, and the Secret Technique that covered his appearance and figure dispersed. He actually showed his true face and grinned, “I’ll be waiting for you then!”


Yang Kai peeped and cried, “Myriad Demons Heaven!”


This man had Demon Qi wafting from his body, which was an obvious characteristic. If Yang Kai could not recognize his origin after seeing this, he would be blind.


Yang Kai found that he indeed had some fated rivalry with Myriad Demons Heaven. Back then, it was Great Demon God Mo Sheng who started a disaster in the Star Boundary. That guy definitely originated from Myriad Demons Heaven.


Next, he had an unpleasant experience with Pei Wen Xuan in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Now, one of the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who came to Void Land was actually from Myriad Demons Heaven. It was truly annoying.


This person was from Myriad Demons Heaven, but Yang Kai did not know the origin of the other one. Although he had a guess, he could not be sure about it.


Yang Kai clenched his teeth and quietly memorised the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master’s appearance. He secretly swore that he would tear this bastard to pieces sooner or later.



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