Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4330, Capturing Kong Feng Alive


Translator: Silavin & Danny

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As if a hibernated Great Dragon had awakened, a monstrous Dragon Pressure swept across the entire Void Land. Even the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who were fighting with Zhu Jiu Yin could not help turning their attention to it.


“A Dragon Artifact!” The sword wielder gasped.


The Dragon Clan was an exceptionally special and powerful Race in the 3,000 Worlds, and it was also incredibly united. Dragon Altar of the Dragon Clan was considered to be one of the 36 Cave Heavens. However, no one knew where Dragon Altar was, except the members of the Dragon Clan who bore Dragon Veins. Other than that, anyone with a strong enough bloodline of the Dragon Clan would be able to sense Dragon Altar and find its location.


Since Ancient Times, the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises were not always constant. The rulers were replaced with the passage of time, and there were Cave Heavens and Paradises that were destroyed and replaced by others. However, the status and existence of Dragon Altar had never been shaken, and would never be unless the Dragon Clan was exterminated.


In addition to Dragon Altar, there exited Phoenix Nest.


But it was undeniable that anything involved with the Dragon Clan was not a trivial matter.


No one expected that a mere Emperor Realm Junior could acquire a Dragon Artifact, and by the looks of its might, this Dragon Artifact was made from the remains of a Great Dragon.


Who in the world dared to be so presumptuous to use a Dragon Artifact? If the Dragon Clan found out, they would certainly take action!


Even the sword wielder was shocked, while Kong Feng was terrified. In his vision, Yang Kai was still standing there with a spear in hand, but when he looked up, he seemed to see a Great Dragon floating behind Yang Kai, covering the whole world with its figure, its Dragon Eyes staring down at him like he was an ant.


He felt a deadly sense of crisis.


Following a roar, World Force swirled around Kong Feng madly as he drew out the power of his Small Universe wildly and slammed it on Yang Kai.


He did not dare to have any reservations in this attack, using all the strength he could muster at the moment. At this point, he probably had no way to capture Yang Kai alive even if he wanted to. Given that Kong Feng was already badly wounded, if he did not give his best, he was afraid that he might really die!


If he accidentally killed Yang Kai because of that, that was just his fate.


At the same time, Yang Kai thrust out with his spear!


The attack was not fanciful, but it was fueled by all the remaining energy in the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. A loud series of cracks and pops came out from Yang Kai’s body, along with a large amount of blood. His strength was too low to manage such massive power. Before he could do anything to Kong Feng, the rampaging power had already begun to feel unbearable.


After the thrust, Yang Kai nearly collapsed, his vision turning black as he was on the verge of losing consciousness. Forcing himself to remain standing and awake, Yang Kai stared at Kong Feng without blinking an eye.


Seeing the situation, Kong Feng was flustered and his pupils constricted to the size of a needle. The Azure Dragon Spear was thrown out, turning into a 1,000-metre-long Great Dragon, shaking its head and flicking its tail as it roared up into the sky before charging down at Kong Feng.


In front of the 1,000-metre-long Great Dragon, Kong Feng felt as insignificant as a speck of dust and was soon swallowed up by it.


This was the power of the Azure Dragon Spear! Yang Kai felt enlightened. Although he refined the Azure Dragon Spear and used it many times to kill strong foes, it was impossible for him to unleash its true power due to his own lack of strength. He had also wondered what it would be like if all the power of this long spear was unleashed… 


He finally saw it today!


However, this should not be the limit of the Azure Dragon Spear. Although it was supplemented by a Grand Array to unleash its power to an unprecedented extent, Yang Kai still felt that the power of the Azure Dragon Spear was not fully released.


It seemed that he would have to wait until he was stronger before he could achieve his wish.


With a single thought, the 1,000-metre-long Great Dragon suddenly vanished, the Azure Dragon Spear reappeared, falling from the sky and was sunk obliquely into the ground.


In mid-air, Kong Feng stood on the spot, utterly terrified. He was drenched in blood, with not a single part of his body intact and his breathing dreadfully weak.


He had been severely injured by Zhu Jiu Yin earlier, and after being hit by the Azure Dragon Spear, his condition became even worse.


However, he was not dead yet!


Yang Kai ground his teeth, unable to believe that this old dog would be so tenacious! But then again, with the help of the Grand Array, he was the first Emperor Realm Junior in history to injure a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to such an extent. If he wanted to kill Kong Feng, he probably still needed more strength to do so.


Although Yang Kai had expected this outcome, he was still a little disappointed by it!


Kong Feng was appalled, but at the same time he was delighted to escape from death. At the moment, although 80% of his strength was depleted, he still had some remaining. Looking down, he saw Yang Kai’s wobbly stance and critical condition and immediately clenched his teeth to shout, “Let’s see if you can survive now!”


With a flicker, he pounced at Yang Kai again!


Yang Kai wanted to escape by surging his Space Principle, but his strength was completely exhausted from the blow just now, so how could he still be able to escape? Seeing Kong Feng was approaching, he could not do anything to resist him at all.


However, Yang Kai just cackled and shouted, “Come! Don’t be a coward and run!”


A sudden realization dawned on Kong Feng, and he seemed to remember something. When he looked around, he saw hundreds of Open Heaven Realm Masters rushing down at him from the sky, the leader of the group bellowing, “Stop right there, old dog!”


The person who shouted was Pang Duo!


A moment ago, 300 plus Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land had rushed into the Illusion Array to start a massacre. The Hundred Sect Alliance had no way to stand against them, resulting in countless casualties.


However, a rift was opened in the Illusion Array by the sword-wielding High-Rank Open Heaven Master, so its power was greatly reduced. The Hundred Sect Alliance naturally saw this opening and scrambled towards it. Many Open Heaven Realm Masters fought hard and found a chance to escape, but instead of Void Land’s forces giving chase, they prioritized cleaning up the stragglers while letting the others run away.


When these Void Land Masters turned around, they witnessed the scene where Yang Kai injured Kong Feng by summoning the Azure Dragon Spear.


Given that Yang Kai was in danger at that moment, Pang Duo and the others certainly had to rush over to rescue him.


Kong Feng felt his heart sink. He was in terrible condition. Not to mention 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters, even just 1 random Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could take his life at the moment.


As soon as he saw Pang Duo and the others, Kong Feng dared not to continue to entangle with Yang Kai. Following a flicker, he immediately soared into the sky.


How could Pang Duo and the others let Kong Feng escape? This man was the culprit behind all the problems caused today. If it were not for him, how would Void Land be in trouble today?


Pang Duo swung his hand, and commanded the 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters to split into more than ten teams, blocking Kong Feng from running away.


Seeing this situation, a hint of despair appeared in Kong Feng’s eyes. He did not have the ability to escape like Yang Kai as he was not proficient in the Dao of Space. Although he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was now seriously wounded and his strength has plummeted. How could he escape in the face of the seamless formation of others?


It was a messy battle, but after a short while, Kong Feng was terribly beaten. His hair was dishevelled, and blood spewed out of his mouth where several attacks hit his body directly, causing him to fall to the ground embarrassingly.


Pang Duo did not kill him directly, but instead used a Secret Technique to seal Kong Feng’s cultivation. After capturing the enemy leader alive, he took him to Yang Kai and saluted with his fist cupped, “My apologies for making Sect Master frightened.”


Yang Kai nodded faintly, “Don’t worry.” 


As soon as he spoke, a mouthful of blood was spurted out of his mouth wildly, which startled Pang Duo.


Yang Kai waved his hand back and forth shakily, “It doesn’t matter, I will recover with some rest.”


Although he was in a miserable condition now, he possessed powerful vitality and a frightening ability to recover. He even managed to survive when he was on the verge of death in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven back then; therefore, he could certainly recover from the situation now after some rest.


Looking up at the two battlefields in the sky, Yang Kai saw Luan Bai Feng make a feint which forced Mo Mei back before she turned into a stream of light and quickly escaped.


The woman definitely saw Kong Feng’s tragic end and understood that she could not win this alone. If she did not leave now, she might end up just like Kong Feng, so she decisively escaped.


Mo Mei did not chase after her. After an Earth-shaking battle with her, Mo Mei knew that she was much weaker and would not be able to keep Luan Bai Feng from running away. As such, she did not bother to do so.


Mo Mei turned around and rushed towards Yue He. Yue He was fighting against more than ten Open Heaven Realm Masters alone, among which were three Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, one from Heavenly Sword Union, while the other two were Qi Jin and Ling Chun Qiu.


The battle had been evenly matched, with Yue He at a slight disadvantage. After all, she was outnumbered, so even if she had the upper hand in strength, she could not do anything to them.


However, the tide changed dramatically when Mo Mei arrived. With the two of them working together, the dozen or so Open Heaven Realm Masters were quickly reduced to tears.


Qi Jin and Ling Chun Qiu noticed the distressing situation and bellowed as they looked at each other, “Run!”


But how could they leave at will now?


Yang Kai pointed his hand forward and ordered coldly, “Kill them all! Spare no one!”


Pang Duo and the others rushed up into the sky again after receiving the command, leaving only Lu Xue, Mu Qian Xuan, and Gong Yang Xi, behind to guard Yang Kai. There were more than 300 Void Land people in the sky now, surrounding Qi Jin, Ling Chun Qiu, and the rest.


If the two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were sufficient to secure a victory for Void Land, what more need be said after dispatching so many reinforcements at once?


Soon, only Qi Jin and Ling Chun Qiu remained alive among the more than ten Masters. Seeing that enemies were surrounding from all directions, Qi Jin decisively stopped and shouted, “I surrender, I surrender. From now on, Golden Rainbow Province will only follow Void Land. Sect Master Yang, please spare my life!”


Ling Chun Qiu also looked at Yue He pleadingly, “Madam Yue He, for the sake of our past friendship, please spare this Old Master!”


Yue He looked in Yang Kai’s direction.


Yang Kai put on a cold face, “How arrogant and domineering were you when you attacked our Sect earlier? Now you beg for mercy? It’s too late! Your death will not be the end! This King will trample on the residence of your two families, and wipe your Sects from the 3,000 Worlds. No one will be spared! Kill them!”


When the words fell, hundreds of attacks from all directions flew towards the two, and shrouded them in an instant.


Qi Jin roared depressingly, “Yang Kai, you will die misera…” 


His voice stopped abruptly. When the dust settled, Qi Jin and Ling Chun could no longer be seen. Both of them were vaporized, leaving behind only the World Forces from the shattered Small Universes.


Three of the four battlefields in Void Land have been settled in short order, and the Hundred Sect Alliance had almost been completely annihilated. Void Land had made a clean sweep!


But the last and most important battlefield was still raging. The entire seven Spirit Lands of Void Land were turned upside down, even the shopping district of Void Land that was isolated from Seven Wonders Land was turned into ruins.




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