Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4333, Cut

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Yang Kai’s face darkened, and was silent for a moment before speaking, “Since Old Sir has said as much, this Junior will give some face.”


The turtle-shelled old man laughed, “A promising young man…”


Kong Feng let out a large breath of relief. When he was captured alive before, he was in despair, thinking that he was going to die in Void Land. Who knew that things would take a turn for the better? Feeling grateful to the sword wielder, he threw Yang Kai a vicious glare.


The Hundred Sect Alliance suffered heavy losses this time, and he was the only one left from Heavenly Sword Union. It could be said that this operation was a complete failure, but it was not without gain. At the very least, he exposed the details of Void Land to the ones above, allowing them to have a better understanding of its strength.


Although they failed this time, Void Land would not be able to resist their next attempt when they were properly prepared.


Ten years was not too long for a gentleman to seek revenge. As long as one was still alive, there would always be a possibility for a comeback.


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master of Myriad Demons Heaven snorted coldly, “Little brat, seems you’re not too foolish.”


The sword wielder nodded too, “Why are you still not letting him go?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll let him go now…”


Saying so, Yang Kai suddenly grabbed the cold water longsword from Lu Xue’s hand and slashed down, lighting up the space between Heaven and Earth with the brilliance of the sword.


The turtle-shelled old man’s smile froze, Zhu Jiu Yin was slightly absent-minded, and the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters too, were stunned… 


Kong Feng looked at Yang Kai in horror, his eyes bigger than eggs!


With a kick and a shove, Yang Kai sent Kong Feng in the direction of the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. How could Kong Feng, whose cultivation was restricted, resist his kick? His body involuntarily flew towards that direction as he exclaimed in exasperation, “Yang Kai, you bastard! I won’t forget this even when I turn into a ghost!”


When the words fell, a thin red streak suddenly appeared on his neck, which was immediately severed, followed by his head soaring into the sky, sending fresh blood spraying out like a fountain!


Yang Kai’s sword cut off his head directly, but he moved so fast that the head and body were still connected for a moment. As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Kong Feng possessed a tenacious vitality, which allowed him to let out a deafening roar of resentment before his death… 


However, if the head was cut off, nothing could help regardless of how strong one’s vitality was.


The fog around the sword wielder violently swirled, indicating the fluctuation in his mood. He growled through gritted teeth, “Bold Junior!”


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master of Myriad Demons Heaven on the other hand stared at Yang Kai with great interest. There was even a hint of appreciation. The people of Myriad Demons Heaven were all ruthless, and Yang Kai’s actions were undoubtedly very much in line with his tastes. If not because they were on opposing sides, he would have even applauded.


No one expected Yang Kai to act so decisively. A moment ago, he agreed to let Kong Feng go but took his life the next instant. The flipping of his attitude was hard to keep up with.


Kong Feng’s fate was tragic indeed. One would not dare say it would not happen again in the future, but it was definitely unprecedented until now for a dignified Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to be killed at the hands of an Emperor Realm Junior.


Yang Kai looked at the sword wielder coldly, and waved the long sword in his hand, “This Junior has never tried to act boldly, but when others try to bully me, I won’t sit still and take it. Anyone who dares to offend Void Land will never be forgiven!”


Since the enemy had shown up right at his doorstep, how could Yang Kai back down? Even if Kong Feng was released this time, would Kong Feng and the great force behind him be grateful to him? Enmity had been formed, and there was no possibility of a reconciliation. It was better to cut weeds and pull out roots instead of returning the tiger to the mountains. If Kong Feng was released today, he would certainly return for vengeance in the future.


Although a large number of Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Hundred Sect Alliance had died here today, that wasn’t too significant, but Kong Feng was different. With the execution of Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Master in Void Land, Void Land would definitely become famous. This would also serve as an example to others who might want to trifle with Void Land.


After this battle, anyone who had plans to cause trouble in Void Land would have to consider whether their necks were tough enough to survive its wrath.


“Very good!” The sword wielder quickly calmed his rage. He was only angry because Yang Kai killed Kong Feng in front of him. He had already opened his mouth to save Kong Feng’s life so killing Kong Feng was nothing short of a slap to his face.


But now that Kong Feng was dead, there was nothing to be gained by getting angry unless he had the ability to deal with Zhu Jiu Yin and the turtle-shelled old man.


The mental discipline of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was naturally extraordinary. Although Kong Feng’s death has caused him some humiliation, it had nothing to do with the overall situation.


From behind the fog, Yang Kai vaguely felt a pair of eyes staring deeply at him. A moment later, the sword wielder turned and fled, transforming into a stream of light that shot straight into the sky.


The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master of Myriad Demons Heaven looked Yang Kai up and down with a meaningful grin before muttering, “Interesting…”


After saying that, he left as well. With two Divine Spirits guarding Void Land and the departure of the sword wielder, what could he do alone?


Despite their immense strength, the Hundred Sect Alliance was almost wiped out in this battle. Even Kong Feng, Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Master, was captured and beheaded in Void Land. This was probably something that no one would have thought of before today. Except for the Black Prison’s Warden Luan Bai Feng, only a few Open Heaven Realm Masters managed to escape. Though their escape was only thanks to the sword wielder who broke the Illusion Array, otherwise no one would have escaped today.


This news would soon spread and cause a great uproar in the 3,000 Worlds. The rise of Void Land would surely attract the attention of many parties.


Yang Kai looked up to watch the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters leave, feeling unwilling but unable to do anything. Zhu Jiu Yin was only responsible for protecting his life, so she was definitely unwilling to fight these two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters to death. 


[I wonder what kind of attitude that turtle-shelled old man has towards this?] Yang Kai did not know. There was no way for Void Land to force the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters to remain if the two Divine Spirits did not make a move, so Yang Kai could only watch them leave.


Returning the long sword to Lu Xue, Yang Kai instructed, “Close the array, clean up the battlefield, and count the casualties!”


Everyone responded to the order and began performing their duties.


Zhu Jiu Yin turned into a stream of light and returned to the place where she was cultivating, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Yang Kai did not even have time to say anything to her, but as his Protector, she stood up when his life was in danger. This was originally agreed upon by the two of them, so there was no need to say anything more.


Yang Kai turned his head to look at the turtle-shelled old man, whose face was wrinkled into a ball, muttering anxiously, “What a disaster, a disaster!”


“Old Sir…” Yang Kai took two steps forward and cupped his fist respectfully, “Many thanks to Old Sir for his assistance today. This Junior will remember this favour!”


When the sword wielder said he was going to take him away, the turtle-shelled old man spoke up for him. If not, the sword wielder would definitely not have let him off.


Although it was just a few spoken words, it was also a life-saving grace. Furthermore, the result of what happened today was thanks to the sudden appearance of this turtle-shelled old man. Although he did nothing but stand there, speak a little, take an attack, and fall asleep, if he had not appeared, the situation today would not have ended so peacefully, and Void Land’s fate would have been precarious.


The turtle-shelled old man looked at Yang Kai sadly, tapping the floor with his heavy cane, “Little boy, you have caused a huge disaster.”


Yang Kai wondered, “Oh? What disaster is it?”


The turtle-shelled old man replied, “You slapped that guy’s face in public and offended a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, isn’t that a huge disaster?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Even if I bowed down and gave him what he wanted, he would still have come to provoke my Void Land again. Since the grudges between us are already irresolvable, it doesn’t matter if I slap him once or twice.”


The old man frowned, “That’s true, but…” 


He sighed, “Haa, such misfortune.”


“I have not gotten the chance to ask, how should I address Old Sir?” Yang Kai had already learned about his cowardice, so he ignored his defeatist mutterings.


The turtle-shelled old man looked around without answering, but simply replied, “You clean up first, we can speak later.”


After saying so, his figure flickered and suddenly disappeared.


Yang Kai was stunned. Although there was a huge gap in their strengths, he did not even see how the other person disappeared. However, he seemed to sense something and looked up at a peak not far away.


Yang Kai could never sit idly by when such a powerful, unknown Divine Spirit was living in Void Land. He had to investigate the old man’s details, but fortunately, the turtle-shelled old man showed no malice toward him, even speaking up to protect him instead. That relieved Yang Kai greatly.


Plopping himself on the ground, Yang Kai took out a Spirit Pill and stuffed it into his mouth, closing his eyes to refine it.


Although he only oversaw Void Land throughout the battle and did not participate physically, Yang Kai had been controlling the Grand Array from the outside, which consumed a lot of his energy. Whether it was the Bewildering Array or the Killing Arrays, they were all indiscriminate. Anyone would be affected by the Grand Array as long as they were involved in it.


That was why Yang Kai needed to constantly supervise the Grand Array to create opportunities for those from Void Land to kill enemies while avoiding the negative effects.


It was still bearable if supervising was all Yang Kai had to do, but the final layer of the Grand Array he used to fight against Kong Feng pushed him far beyond that. As a trivial Emperor Realm cultivator, it was extremely taxing for him to fight the enemy while wielding the power of the Grand Array.


With such injuries, it was impossible to recover without ten days to a half month of rest, and this was only thanks to Yang Kai’s awesome recovery abilities. If he were an average Emperor Realm cultivator, he would have been bedridden for a year and a half at least


But a huge effort meant a huge harvest. Not to mention the mountains of spoils from killing so many people, the deaths of the Open Heaven Realm Masters brought a fundamental enhancement to Void Land.


There were quite a few Open Heaven Realm Masters that came with the Hundred Sect Alliance, but very few escaped in the end. Among them, many were Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. The Small Universes within the many Open Heaven Realm Masters collapsed when they were killed, releasing their World Force into Void Land.


As long as Void Land could digest this World Force, its foundation would undergo Earth-shaking changes.


As Void Land’s heritage became stronger, the power of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array would increase accordingly. The efficiency of cultivators cultivating in Void Land would also increase, and the probability of those who lived here comprehending the Grand Dao would be boosted.



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