Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4334, Stutter


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If it was not for their incredible heritage, how could the Cave Heavens and Paradises have such breathtaking sceneries? How could their disciples have such rapid cultivation?


That was why Yang Kai immediately ordered for the closure of the array! Once the Grand Array was sealed shut, the World Force released by the dead Open Heaven Realm Masters would be sealed in Void Land, and over time be absorbed and assimilated by it.


Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, and many others including the Great Emperors rushed over in a hurry. These cultivators from the Star Boundary had been in retreat for intense cultivation, and now they had all condensed their Dao Seals. It was the perfect timing to refine the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. They definitely should not waste any time over other things. Nonetheless, what happened today was extremely conspicuous, and it was difficult for them not to notice.


However, in such an intense battle, there was not much they could do, so even if they were aware of what was happening, they could only observe from afar and stay hidden. They knew their strength was limited, and they would probably be more of a burden than help if they tried to participate.


Now that the overall situation had been decided, they naturally came out.


Yang Kai was still tending to his injuries, so Second Manager Bian Yu Qing briefly explained the details of the incident to them. Only then did everyone know that Void Land had survived a great tribulation.


The Great Emperors glanced at each other and turned around to return to their retreat without disrupting Yang Kai, as did Su Yan and the others.


It was not that they did not care about the situation in Void Land, but what happened to Void Land today gave them a sense of crisis. Void Land managed to triumph this time, but what about the next time?


If they wanted to help, they had to advance to the Open Heaven Realm as soon as possible. So, they were racing against time to cultivate as quickly as they could, not daring to slack off.


Yang Kai had created such a good environment for them, one where they did not even need to worry about resources. It would be a waste of Yang Kai’s hard work if they did not show some accomplishments.


With Yue He’s administration, the Grand Array rolled shut with a loud rumble. The Bewildering Array was damaged, but the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array had self-repair abilities, and since Nanmen Da Jun had learned a lot from Grandmaster Wu Liang during the several months of apprenticeship, this damage could be repaired by him.


The only issue was that the energy stored in the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was completely exhausted. It was no longer possible to stimulate the power of the Grand Array, and this was a matter that could only be solved with time.


The battlefield was cleaned thoroughly as a mountain of corpses was gathered. The Hundred Sect Alliance dispatched more than 10,000 people, but only a handful of them had escaped. The intruders who came to Void Land, whether they be Open Heaven Realm Masters or Emperor Realm cultivators, had suffered heavy casualties, and their scattered corpses had to be found and piled up together.


A bloody stench filled the air, but with a wave of her hand, Yue He burned them all to ashes.


The plunder from the thousands of deaths was bountiful. Every cultivator had more than one Space Ring, so Void Land had harvested tens of thousands of Space Rings. Even if most of these Space Rings were not filled with abundant riches, the Open Heaven Realm Masters, especially the Mid-Rank ones, were naturally not poor. Every Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who came here was a representative of their respective Sects, so how could they have no savings?


For example, Qi Jin, Ling Chun Qiu, Old Hong… 


Especially Kong Feng, the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, could never have shabby possessions.


However, Yang Kai was not interested in this loot at all and just handed all of it over to Second Manager Bian Yu Qing. Since all the future expenditures of various materials in Void Land would also be managed by her, she naturally would need to tally up these winnings.


“Young Master, the battlefield has been cleaned.” Yue He reported softly after cremating the several thousand corpses.


Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes. His aura was still a little weak and the colour had not yet fully returned to his face, but he looked much better than before. Hearing that, he nodded and asked in a low voice, “How about the casualties?”


“Dozens were injured, but no one died, and none suffered serious injuries. They just need some time to recover.” Yue He replied.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, letting out a sigh of relief.


They fought against the Hundred Sect Alliance all by themselves, and not only did the entire enemy army perish, no one from Void Land was even killed. Who would ever believe such an absurd story? How was it possible for one side to be defeated while the other did not suffer any casualties in such a fierce battle?


However, it was a fact that none of the 335 Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land died. Among these people, 315 were cultivators from Abundance City, about a dozen were from Blood Swan Continent, and the rest were residents of Void Land.


One had to say, this was nothing short of a miracle.


To achieve such a victory was undoubtedly thanks to the power of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. The more than 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters fought in the Bewildering Array twice, where the enemy was blinded and confused, and with the addition of Yang Kai’s guidance, the victory was almost as easy as breathing. As long as they were careful enough, how could they die?


Injuries were inevitable of course, and with the enemy’s desperate counterattack, some were indeed sustained.


Slowly getting up, Yang Kai’s eyes swept over every direction, meeting pair after pair of eyes that flashed with elation.


Whether it was a cultivator from Abundance City or Blood Swan Continent, none of them had ever experienced such a fulfilling and satisfying battle before, and through this battle, they were able to deeply comprehend the power of their own Sect. Being a part of Void Land now was a great honour!


“We, Void Land, were able to overcome this difficult trial, thanks to everyone’s concerted efforts. Many thanks for your hard work!” Yang Kai’s voice boomed loudly.


Mo Mei answered, “Sect Master is too modest. Now that we are a part of Void Land, we all should contribute when enemies arrive at our borders. We were only able to achieve victory today thanks to Sect Master’s constant efforts. Void Land is our home, and we swear to live and die in Void Land!”


“We swear to live and die with Void Land!” The world shook with the crowd echoing in unison.


Reputation was a wonderful thing. Over 90% of Void Land’s Open Heaven Realm Masters now were cultivators from Abundance City. Yang Kai gave them the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills to help them achieve the Open Heaven Realm, giving them an extra reason to be grateful. Additionally, Yang Kai did not reveal a single trace of fear in face of two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, and even dauntlessly beheaded Kong Feng. This garnered even more of their respect for Yang Kai. It could be said that today’s victory had laid the foundation for Yang Kai’s supreme prestige in Void Land.


He achieved all of this although he was still just a trivial Emperor Realm cultivator!


Everyone was dismissed, each of them looking for a place to heal their wounds, while Bian Yu Qing was busy finalizing the cleanup.


Yang Kai spent a day in his room recovering from his injuries, but left to visit Zhu Jiu Yin once he no longer had difficulty moving about.


He wanted to find out more details about the turtle-shelled old man from Zhu Jiu Yin. Judging from the warning the woman gave him before, she must have been aware of his existence for some time. Maybe Zhu Jiu Yin knew something more about the turtle-shelled old man.


However, Zhu Jiu Yin’s door remained closed, probably busy recovering, or probably just deliberately ignoring him, which made Yang Kai extremely frustrated!


Unable to talk to Zhu Jiu Yin, Yang Kai had no choice but to head towards a different peak.


This peak was located in Earth Spirit Land. 


Among the seven Spirit Lands of Void Land, Earth Spirit Land was located right in the centre and occupied the largest region. The previous Main Hall of Seven Wonders Land was located in Earth Spirit Land, while now, many important halls of Void Land were located here too. 


Earth Spirit Land was comprised of many Spirit Peaks, and although the previous battle between Zhu Jiu Yin and the two High-Rank Open Heavens caused a huge mess and flattened many of them, there were still a lot left.


On one of the more inconspicuous peaks, Yang Kai sensed the presence of the turtle-shelled old man, not through his aura, but rather by tracing a faint bloodline connection.


Yang Kai had to understand why this Divine Spirit was hiding inside Void Land. Based on his stance before, the turtle-shelled old man did not have any malice towards him, but it was always good to be careful in everything.


When he came to the peak, Yang Kai did not rush up it, but gave a respectful salute, greeting in a clear and loud voice, “Junior Yang Kai has come to visit Senior. May Senior show himself.”


After shouting, a fiery red figure rushed down from the peak towards Yang Kai.


When it got closer, the figure was revealed to be a little girl who looked about seven or eight years old. She looked exceedingly adorable dressed in a fiery red dress, and even her hair was a brilliant scarlet, weaved into two little braids. Her delicate features and tender white skin made her look as though she was a beautiful doll.


The little girl stopped in front of Yang Kai, clenched her two small fists tightly, raised her small head, and looked at him with large, bright, excited eyes, “Y-Y-You… Young M-M-Mast… Master!”


“Hm…” Yang Kai hesitated, [Who’s this girl? Did Void Land not only have a hidden Divine Spirit, but also a delicate little girl like this?]


What made Yang Kai feel even odder was that the aura of this girl was somewhat familiar to him, as if he had sensed it before.


However, it was such a pity for such a dainty little girl to have such a heavy stutter…  


Nonetheless, although she was small, her strength was immense. The aura she exuded was on par with a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, and Yang Kai could sense a wisp of Monster Qi coming from her.


“Y-Y-Young… Mas… Mas… Master. It… it… it’s m-m-me… ah!” The little girl clenched her fists even more tightly as she shouted loudly, blood flushing into her face.


Yang Kai laughed and comforted, “Speak slowly, no one is rushing you.”


“I… I… I…” The little girl drew a big breath, unable to say anything audible and almost suffocating herself. She stomped her feet in frustration, shook her body, and exploded in a bright red flash, transforming into a massive creature in front of Yang Kai.


Stepping back quickly, Yang Kai looked up in shock and blurted out in a stunned voice, “Scarlet Flood Dragon?”


The creature in front of him was the Scarlet Flood Dragon he brought out from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary!


The Scarlet Flood Dragon shook her head, exclaiming, “En, it’s me!” 


It was the voice of the little girl from just now, just a little deeper.


Yang Kai was both surprised and delighted, “Have you gone through the Human Form Tribulation, and can now take on Human form?”


Any Monster Beast who wanted to cultivate and have a Human form must overcome the difficulty of Human Form Tribulation.




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  1. Seems that the two Dragons that Yang Kai brought in were becoming humanoid due to the Old Master Turtle. If the Scarlet Flood Dragon was a pretty girl, the Earth Worm Dragon cold be a boy.

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