Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4335, Divine Dragon’s Nine Sons

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A Monster Beast’s Human Form Tribulation was related to its strength and level of sentience. If a Monster Beast’s sentience was developed and strong enough, it could assume Human Form, but if it was lacking, even the most powerful could not take Human Form.


Therefore, in the 3,000 Worlds, even though some Monster Beasts were as powerful as Open Heaven Realm Masters, they were still just beasts unable to assume Human Form, living on wild instinct alone.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon were both Monster Beasts born in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and they possessed faint traces of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline.


It was not surprising to have Dragonborn in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary; after all, Yang Kai found the corpse of an Earth Attribute Great Dragon in Sleeping Dragon Mountain, and obtained its Earth Attribute Dragon Bead, which he used to refine his own Earth Element Power.


Since there was even a True Dragon in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, how could it be strange to have Dragonborn? If they were not Dragonborn, Yang Kai would not have been able to subdue them so easily back then. Living in the environment of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, the strength of these two Monster Beasts was definitely not low.


However, the sentience of both the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon were in a muddy state before, so they could only be regarded as Monster Beasts. Since Yang Kai took them out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Zhu Jiu Yin would teach them once in a while. After all, they were all natives of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. After leaving the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Zhu Jiu Yin would sometimes feel a bit nostalgic about her home, so she would teach the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon as a way of venting her feelings. In fact, she treated them much better than Yang Kai.


Yang Kai also fed the two a lot of Dragon Blood Pills, which greatly improved the purity of their bloodline.


With Zhu Jiu Yin’s occasional training, and much purer bloodlines, over time, these two would eventually become capable of assuming Human Form.


Yang Kai had no doubt about this.


But he thought the process for this would require a much longer time to achieve, so he never expected to see the Human Form of the Scarlet Flood Dragon today!


Seeing that Yang Kai finally recognized her now, the Scarlet Flood Dragon was obviously elated. She turned back into the little red-haired, fair-skinned girl again. However, probably because it had only just passed her Human Form Tribulation, the transformation this time was not complete. Her tail remained and wagged excitedly, looking extremely strange.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon smiled sweetly and stuttered, “Y-Y-Young… M-Mas-Master, it, it, it’s me!”


She must have followed in Yue He’s footsteps to address Yang Kai as Young Master.


Yang Kai was shocked, “You’re female?”


The Scarlet Flood Dragon turned and twisted her body, her face flushed red, and she did not say a word while just smiling.


Yang Kai added, “But why are you stuttering?”


Blood flushed into the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s face, “I-I j-j-just, just learnt to, to, to talk. So, so, so I-I-I’m n-n-not, not fluent y-yet!”


A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai, then he chuckled, “I see! En… Why are you here?” If he was not mistaken, this should be the residence of the turtle-shelled old man; therefore, he was puzzled to see the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s sudden appearance.


“G-G-Grandpa T-Turtle asked m-m-me to, to pick you up. It, it, it’s t-t-thanks, thanks to Grandpa-pa-pa T-T-Turtle that Xiao Hei and, and, and I c-can assume Human Form!”


Yang Kai followed Scarlet Flood Dragon all the way up the path as he finally understood why she was here from her spluttery narration. The Dragon Clan bloodline in her and the Earth Dragon’s bodies was greatly purified due to extensive feeding of Dragon Blood Pills from Yang Kai. In addition to Zhu Jiu Yin’s teachings, they were actually not far away from assuming Human Form.


Yesterday, the turtle-shelled old man suddenly appeared, before moving into this peak. The old man must have summoned these two over, and assisted them through their Human Form Tribulation, allowing them to assume Human Form through some unknown method.


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and the hypothesis in his heart was further verified.


The peak was exceptionally high, rocky, and rugged, surrounded by clouds and mists. The atmosphere was quite awe-inspiring.


There was a cave in the mountainside where Scarlet Flood Dragon led Yang Kai. Inside the cave was an extremely spacious cave, decorated and furnished like a grand hall, that looked quite ancient, and had obviously been here for many years.


Yang Kai wondered how long this Spirit Peak had existed in Earth Spirit Land. He had searched this place before, but never found this cave. This was certainly due to his lack of strength. If the old man intended to hide here, Yang Kai would have no way to find him.


The Hundred Sect Alliance came to attack, two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters emerged all of a sudden, Zhu Jiu Yin turned Void Land upside down, and then the turtle-shelled old man had no choice but to show himself. Since he had revealed himself, there was no need to hide anymore.


Inside this cave, two figures sat opposite to each other. One was the turtle-shelled old man Yang Kai had met yesterday, while the other was a boy with black skin in a short shirt and messy black hair on his head, looking quite funny.


The turtle-shelled old man was caressing the boy’s head with a smile and drooping eyes on his face. His two long eyebrows hung all the way down to his chest, giving him the demeanour of an immortal sage.


Aware of Yang Kai’s entry, the boy hurriedly opened his eyes and turned to look at Yang Kai, revealing a look of joy as he jumped towards him.


When he got close, he stood still and stared up at him.


After his experience with the Scarlet Flood Dragon, Yang Kai certainly could recognize the boy and smiled, “Earth Dragon?”


“Yes! It’s, it’s me, Young Master!” The boy kept nodding. Apparently, he spoke more fluently than the Scarlet Flood Dragon. At least he did not stutter as much. However, looking at his mouth, Yang Kai’s brow couldn’t help twitching slightly.


In terms of image, the Scarlet Flood Dragon was much more impressive than the Earth Dragon. The appearance of the Earth Dragon could only be described as hideous. Every time he opened his big, wide mouth, highly corrosive mucus spewed everywhere. Even if Yang Kai grew fond of him over time, he would still feel a little disgusted each time he saw this sight.


Yang Kai thought that the giant Earth Dragon had changed into Human Form, taking on the appearance of a cute little boy, but as soon as he opened his mouth, his former drooling image overlapped with his current one. The edges of his big, wide mouth almost reached the root of his ears, and a mouthful of fangs were bared every time he opened his jaw. As soon as he spoke, drool dripped from the corner of his lips, which was then quickly sucked back into the big mouth… 


Yang Kai’s hand could not help reaching his forehead, feeling a bit of a headache!


“You’re here,” The turtle-shelled old man sat up and looked at Yang Kai with a smile.


Yang Kai did not dare to hesitate, so he hurried forward a few steps and cupped his fist, “Junior Yang Kai greets Senior!”


“En, sit down,” the turtle-shelled old man gestured. Yang Kai thanked him before sitting on a futon opposite him.


The turtle-back old man continued, “Xiao Hong, Xiao Hei, go have fun outside first. I have some things to talk to your Young Master about.”


[Xiao Hong, Xiao Hei…] With a single thought, Yang Kai became aware of who he was referring to. It was the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon. One of them was scarlet red and the other was dark black, so their nicknames were easy to understand.


“En!” The two little ones saluted respectfully and retreated obediently. They both held great respect for this old man who helped them through their Human Form Tribulation.


The turtle-shelled old man smiled at Yang Kai, “I know you have many doubts. If you have any questions, just ask. This Old Master will answer anything if he can.”


Yang Kai turned solemn as he did have a lot of questions. Since the old man was being so frank, he did not feel the need to act restrained. Still, before he got started, Yang Kai replied sincerely, “Firstly, this Junior must thank Senior for his timely assistance!”


The turtle-shelled old man waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it. Even if I didn’t show up at that time, there was no way for those two to take you away with the protection of that little Heavenly Moon Demon Spider that day.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Although Zhu Jiu Yin could have protected me alone, she could not protect the whole of Void Land. It is all thanks to Senior’s help that Void Land remained safe and sound.”


The turtle-shelled old man smiled faintly and said no more.


Yang Kai decided to change the topic, and went straight to the point, “May I ask if Senior is a Dragonborn?”


Since the turtle-shelled old man appeared, Yang Kai vaguely felt a connection in their bloodline. Given that Yang Kai was now much closer in terms of bloodline to the Dragon Clan than Human, if the old man had a connection with him, it was undoubtedly related to the Dragon Clan. In addition to his help in the Human Form transformation of Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon, Yang Kai’s speculation was further affirmed.


It was precisely because he, the Scarlet Flood Dragon, and the Earth Dragon were all Dragonborn that this old man was willing to help.


“Correct, this Old Master is indeed a Dragonborn!” The turtle-shelled old man nodded calmly.


Yang Kai let out a soft breath. Many doubts were solved. It was exactly because Yang Kai was also a Dragonborn that this old man jumped out to save him, as they indeed shared some common heritage. Otherwise, as a Divine Spirit, why bother exposing himself to trouble after hiding in this place for so many years?


After pondering for a while, Yang Kai proceeded, “There is a saying that the Divine Dragon has nine sons. Which lineage of Dragonborn does Senior belong to?”


The turtle-shelled old man smiled, “Since you know about the Divine Dragon’s nine sons, do you know what they are?”


Yang Kai counted them out, “Qiu Niu is joyful, Ya Zi is bloodthirsty, Chao Feng is ominous, Pu Lao is loud, Suan Ni is shrouded in fog, Bi Xi bears a heavy load, Bi An is disputatiousness, Fu Xi is depicted on graves and monuments, Chi Wen swallows oceans…”


The turtle-shelled old man nodded, “Correct.”


“Then Senior…” Yang Kai looked at him hesitantly, and his eyes brightened, “Are you of the Bi Xi’s lineage?”


Among the nine sons, other than Bi Xi, there was nothing else that could match the image of the old man in front of him, which led Yang Kai to make such a guess.


“That’s right. This Old Master is indeed of the Bi Xi’s lineage.”


Yang Kai let out a soft breath. After clearing up this old man’s origin and background, Yang Kai knew that he truly did not mean to harm him. Since Yang Kai had a pure Dragon Clan bloodline and Bi Xi was also a Dragonborn, they were naturally all one family.


Before coming here, Yang Kai was still a little vigilant towards this old man, but now he was totally relieved. The old man in front of him was just like his Elder.


“Senior, have you been hiding in Void Land for many years?” Yang Kai talked to him casually with a smile.


Bi Xi chuckled meaningfully, “When this Old Master fell asleep, there was no Void Land here.”


Yang Kai patted his own head, “This place was originally known as Seven Wonders Land, but after defeating them it changed to Void Land.”


Bi Xi beamed, “No matter what its name, there was nothing here when this Old Master first arrived. If that little girl hadn’t jumped around on this Old Master’s back so much, this Old Master wouldn’t have awakened at all.”


He had mentioned this once before, so Yang Kai could not help laughing when he heard it again. For a dignified Divine Spirit like Zhu Jiu Yin to be called a little girl by Bi Xi was truly… 


While laughing, Yang Kai’s face suddenly froze as a sudden realization dawned on him. He stared at the Bi Xi in front of him with his eyes widened, “What does Senior mean?”



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