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Martial Peak – Chapter 4336, Bi Xi’s True Form

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Bi Xi chuckled, “Why do you even bother to ask when you’ve already guessed the truth?”


Yang Kai could not help gulping, the shock in his eyes becoming increasingly intense. He thought Bi Xi had been hiding in Void Land, slumbering for centuries or even millennia, but now it seemed that he had made a fundamental mistake.


“I’ll be right back!” Saying so, Yang Kai hurriedly flew off.


With a flicker, he left the cave palace with a surge of Space Principles and reappeared directly above Void Land. He took out the Array Jade, surged his power, and stretched out his hand. The churning clouds that enveloped Void Land quickly dissipated, and the entire Void Land was presented clearly to Yang Kai’s field of vision.


After a while of observation, Yang Kai sucked in a breath of cold air as his eyes filled with shock and disbelief.


“Sect Master!” Bian Yu Qing suddenly rushed up from below in a panic, “What happened?”


She had been counting and cataloguing the tremendous gains from the previous battle when she noticed the sudden change in the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. She thought another formidable enemy had come to invade Void Land, only to realize that there was actually no one.


Yang Kai did not answer immediately but instead continued to scan across the entire length of Void Land. Puzzled, Bian Yu Qing quickly stood beside him and followed his eyes.


“Second Manager, look carefully. What does Void Land look like to you?” Yang Kai suddenly pointed his hand down and asked.


Bian Yu Qing replied without even thinking, “A turtle!”


Yang Kai gaped at her!


Bian Yu Qing giggled, “Doesn’t it? We have seven Spirit Lands in Void Land, with Earth Spirit Land, being the largest, planted right in the middle, representing the turtle shell. Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire Spirit Land are arranged in the four corners of Earth Spirit Land, which correspond to the limbs, then Yin and Yang Spirit Lands are located at the top and bottom of Earth Spirit Land, representing the head and tail of the turtle, isn’t it?”


“Indeed… indeed!” Yang Kai nodded lightly and laughed, “Why didn’t I see it before?”


Bian Yu Qing explained, “Sect Master has so many matters to attend to, so how could you have the time to notice something like this.” 


She stopped for a moment, then added, “Sect Master, is there any problem with Void Land?”


Yang Kai grinned, “No problem, no problem at all, hahahaha!”


Still cackling, he dived down again. Bian Yu Qing watched him leave, confused, wondering what in the world Yang Kai was thinking.


Yang Kai returned to the cave, sat down in front of Bi Xi again, took a deep breath, and asked respectfully, “Senior, may I know how old you are?”


Bi Xi replied, “I don’t remember! After living for so long, such things tend not to matter anymore.”


“Senior, your…” Yang Kai pointed at Bi Xi, struggling to form a description.


Fortunately, Bi Xi knew what he wanted to express, and smiled lightly, “I am this Old Master’s Embodiment.”


Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he became more and more aware of the strength of the man before him. The spear of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master from Myriad Demons Heaven did not even create a scratch on Bi Xi’s Embodiment. Bi Xi was also safe and sound, he just needed to shrink into his turtle shell. If a mere Embodiment already had such a strong defensive ability, what more need be said about his true form?


And Bi Xi’s true form was Void Land itself!


In other words, Bi Xi was not hidden in Void Land, but instead, Void Land was built atop Bi Xi’s body. Under the massive Void Land lay Bi Xi’s true form, but because the body was too large, it was far more convenient for Bi Xi to use his Embodiment to communicate.


This explained why Bi Xi was complaining that Zhu Jiu Yin was jumping on his back, since the whole of Void Land was built on his body.


He was a true, genuine behemoth! Yang Kai wondered how many years he had to live to reach such an enormous size.


However, Yang Kai was a little embarrassed and excited at the same time at the thought that the Void Land he established was actually built on such a Divine Spirit. It was embarrassing because Bi Xi was a living, breathing creature, a sentient one at that, so it was not exactly polite to build a Sect on his back, literally. However, based on Bi Xi’s reaction, he did not seem to care that much. If it was not for the intense battle previously, he might still have been asleep.


The exciting part was that Bi Xi was formidable, so as long as he was safe, Void Land would never suffer from disaster.


Though, it was still better to be more cautious. In the case Bi Xi no longer wanted to have a whole Sect living on him, Void Land would have to find a place to relocate.


After a bit of probing though, Yang Kai realized that Bi Xi obviously did not care about such things, allowing the former to breathe a sigh of relief.


Putting his mind at ease, Yang Kai spoke again, “As Dragonborn and having lived such a long life, this Junior has something to ask Senior!”


Bi Xi responded, “Let’s hear it.”


“Does Senior know where Dragon Altar is?”


Yang Kai had always wanted to find the Dragon Clan. Not to mention that he was considered to be carrying a pure Dragon Clan bloodline, Void Land had more than a dozen Dragon Clan members from Dragon Island. If he could locate Dragon Altar, he could return to his ancestral roots; and if he managed to form a relationship with the Dragon Clan, no one would dare to provoke Void Land anymore.


It was a pity that he had only heard of Dragon Altar, but did not know where it was located.


“Dragon Altar…” Bi Xi murmured and sighed slightly, “No one can trace Dragon Altar’s location except for the true members of the Dragon Clan. Although this Old Master is also Dragonborn and has lived an extremely long life, if you asked me where Dragon Altar is, this Old Master really cannot answer.”


“Even Senior doesn’t know!?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Bi Xi answered, “The place where the Dragon Clan is established is also the foundation of the Dragon Clan. It is reasonable for no others to be able to pry into it! The Dragon Clan is strong, but equally proud, so they have offended many over the years. If Dragon Altar were to be exposed, it may attract unnecessary trouble, so only true members of the Dragon Clan will know where Dragon Altar is.”


After a slight pause, Bi Xi looked at Yang Kai curiously, “Speaking of which, this Old Master has something to ask you.”


“Senior, please speak!” Yang Kai sat upright.


Bi Xi began, “The Dragon Clan bloodline in your body is extremely pure and rich, far more so than even this Old Master’s Dragon Vein. Logically speaking, you should be a member of the Dragon Clan, but why does this Old Master have a feeling that you’re not?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Senior is right, this Junior only obtained his Dragon Clan bloodline because he had fortunately refined a Dragon Source in his early years. I’m not of Dragon Clan origin.”


Bi Xi was enlightened, “So that’s the case. That Dragon Source must be very strong.”


Yang Kai was not sure of that, but judging from the reactions of those from Dragon Island, it was indeed not bad. But this was the Outer Universe after all, it could be a different case here.


“If you want to find where Dragon Altar is, this Old Master can’t help you. You can only rely on yourself.”


“Please enlighten me, Senior,” Yang Kai implored politely.


With a chuckle, Bi Xi explained, “With such a pure Dragon Vein, even as a Human, your bloodline can be continuously improved. Cultivate diligently while stimulating the power of your Dragon Source to further refine your bloodline. Keep doing so, and sooner or later, you will become a true Dragon Clan member. By then, you will naturally be able to sense where Dragon Altar is.”


Although Bi Xi was strong, his Dragon Clan bloodline was not of pure origin, and at his age, he could no longer improve it, so even if he was a rare Master in the 3,000 Worlds, it was absolutely impossible for him to locate the Dragon Altar.


Having said that, Bi Xi rubbed his hands together a little apologetically with an awkward smile on his face, “Someday, this Old Master would like to ask you, Little Friend, to take me to Dragon Altar as well.”


Yang Kai looked at him curiously.


Bi Xi explained, “This Old Master is also Dragonborn after all, and Dragon Altar is a supreme existence in the hearts of all Dragonborn. This Old Master’s greatest wish in life is to take a look at the origin of his own bloodline. If this wish can be fulfilled, I will die without regret.”


Yang Kai was stunned, but nodded and promised, “Don’t worry Senior, although I don’t know when it will happen, that day will come.”


Bi Xi lit up at his answer.


The old man, Bi Xi, was very talkative. Yang Kai was grateful for his previous help, and in addition to both having Dragon Veins, they naturally had a sense of familiarity.


However, although this old man was so powerful, he was extremely timid. He reminded Yang Kai countless times to avoid provoking the Cave Heavens and Paradises. All of Cave Heavens and Paradises were ancient monsters that must not be trifled with.


Yang Kai naturally nodded and agreed, but felt helpless on the inside. After all, since when did he want to provoke them? It was all because they were anxious that he wanted to achieve the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. That was why he became a target of the Hundred Sect Alliance.


But at this point, there was no room for turning back. Presumably, no one would be harassing Void Land again in the short term after the Hundred Sect Alliance was wiped out, unless the Cave Heavens and Paradises led the attack in person.


However, none of the Cave Heavens and Paradises would be willing to forego their dignity for this.


Therefore, as long as Yang Kai remained sheltered in Void Land, he should be fine. Now that there were two Divine Spirits in Void Land, one of which was Bi Xi, who had lived for countless years. If the enemy did not send an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, there was no way they could do anything to him!


After chatting with Bi Xi for a whole day and obtaining some guidance on how to improve his Dragon Clan bloodline, Yang Kai began to feel like he had spent too much time here and finally excused himself.


He had not recovered from his injuries completely, but because he wanted to get a feel for Bi Xi’s attitude and background, he decided to prioritize this meeting. Now, Yang Kai naturally had to go back to continue his recovery.


Before leaving, Bi Xi stopped him, “Little Friend, this Old Master has a presumptuous request!”


Yang Kai replied, “Senior, please speak!”


Bi Xi answered, “This Old Master won’t be falling asleep again for a short while after waking up this time. Time does bring great changes to life after all. The people who used to serve me have all passed away now, so this Old Master wants to request for those two little ones to keep me company.”


Yang Kai smiled when he heard the words, “Are Xiao Hei and Xiao Hong good choices to serve by Senior’s side?”


Bi Xi chuckled, “En, very good. Many thanks Little Friend.”


Yang Kai responded, “It is their blessing to be able to stay by Senior’s side since the two of them were only able to pass their Human Form Tribulations after Senior’s enlightenment.” 


After a pause, Yang Kai added, “If Senior is bored, feel free to go down the mountain more, we have many members of the Dragon Clan in Void Land.”



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