Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4339, Migration


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Yue He’s gaze followed Mo Mei’s finger, her hand flying to her red lips when she saw what her fellow Protector was pointing at. In that direction, where the ground was shaking, a huge head had suddenly appeared.


A gargantuan behemoth that appeared like the head of a turtle had emerged at the location of Yang Spirit Land, with the entire Yang Spirit Land planted on this head.


Yue He suddenly seemed to realize something and she quickly soared into the air. When she turned around to look, thick and outrageously massive feet emerged beneath Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire Spirit Land. When she looked down further beneath Yin Spirit Land, there was even a tail… 


A picture was drawn in her mind involuntarily. The entire Void Land seemed to be carried on the back of a giant turtle!


Yue He was stunned!


She had lived here for years now, but she never once thought that such a huge secret was ever hidden under Void Land. In conjunction with the appearance of the turtle-shelled old man a few days ago, she vaguely had an idea of the situation.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters were both horrified and shocked at the sight of Old Man Bi Xi’s true form, but more than anything, they were excited.


“Aoo…” Bi Xi raised his head and let out a long, Earth-shaking howl that shook the world, then slowly turned his body, and moved his limbs in the direction that Yang Kai pointed, carrying the entire Void Land in the direction of the Star City.


While his movements were not fast, his speed was anything but slow. Everyone in Void Land felt a rapid acceleration and soon saw the outside world moving backwards as quickly as lightning.


Realization dawned, and Mo Mei exclaimed, “So this is Sect Master’s plan.”


With the current strength of Void Land and the enemies it had made, they could only choose between their Headquarters and the Star City, abandoning the other. However, if the entire Void Land was migrated next to the Star City, the problem would be solved. For others, relocating a Headquarters was a near-impossible task, but it was not a problem for Void Land.


Looking at the entire 3,000 Worlds, Void Land was probably the only Sect which could so easily do something like this. It was impossible for any of the Cave Heavens or Paradises to emulate.


With the help of this giant Divine Spirit, Yang Kai did not need to worry about the rest. All he needed to do was to give Bi Xi a direction, and the latter would carry Void Land towards the Star City.


The journey took only seven days.


During that time, Pang Duo received orders from Yang Kai to bring some subordinates to check out the situation in the Star City ahead of them.


After Yun Xing Hua and the others were captured by Heavenly Sword Union while on duty in the Star City, no one knew what the situation had become. Since they planned to re-model and re-invigorate the Star City, much more focus would be placed on operating it as well.


On Dragon Sons’ Peak, Yang Kai and Old Man Bi Xi sat opposite each other, a chessboard planted between them, while Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei served tea. Bi Xi was a superb chess player, and Yang Kai was clearly not worthy to be his opponent. His soldiers were annihilated after two to three rounds, sending them flying pell-mell, while Yang Kai scratched his head and ears in embarrassment.


Bi Xi was quickly bored, “Boy, your skills are quite lacking. It’s quite boring to play with you.”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes at him, fighting the urge to simply flip the board. After getting along for a few days, the both of them became better acquainted. Yang Kai found that although this old man had extraordinary strength and knowledge, he was not the slightest bit pretentious. He was friendly and amiable, so Yang Kai naturally did not need to act overly polite.


While cracking his neck to try to break the game plan, Yue He suddenly stepped in, “Young Master, we are approaching the Star City.”


“Oh? We’re here already? That was fast!” Yang Kai hurriedly got up, ‘accidentally’ scattering the remaining chess pieces in his hand onto the board, completely messing up the arrangement. Patting his butt, he loudly declared, “Let’s go and have a look!”


Old Man Bi Xi naturally grabbed him, “Where are you going? Finish this game first!”


Yang Kai looked down at the chessboard, and snickered, “This board is a mess now, how can we continue to play? I’ll accompany Senior again when I have time.”


Bi Xi was relentless, “Smelly brat! Cheating and running away is not a good thing!”


Yang Kai retorted, “Important matters come first, and there will be plenty of chances to play again in the long run. Why are you in such a hurry?”


Bi Xi shook his head, “I don’t care, you are not allowed to leave until the game is over.”


Yang Kai had been humiliated by him on numerous occasions over the past few days. This old man had a bad habit of taunting Yang Kai verbally while crushing him at chess, and was thoroughly enjoying it. Perhaps he was just too bored after having been asleep for way too long.


Yang Kai simply had enough! Now that he had an excuse to leave, why would he remain?


But the old man continued holding on to him. Speechless, Yang Kai rolled his eyes before pointing at Yue He, “Old man, if you want to play chess, just ask her! Yue He’s chess skills are far superior to mine. She will teach you how high the Heavens are and how thick the Earth is!”


“Me?” Yue He blinked and pointed at her nose.


Yang Kai shook off Bi Xi’s hand in a moment of distraction, yanked Yue He over and pushed her down on his seat, encouraging earnestly, “This old guy likes to play chess, you accompany him!”


“But Young Master, I…”


“It’s been decided!” Yang Kai did not dare to stay any longer and immediately fled after he finished speaking.


Yue He and Bi Xi stared at each other.


After a long time, Yue He forced a smile, “Please show mercy, Senior.”




The Star City was right in front of them. Standing above Void Land, one could already make out the outline of the Spirit Province it was located on. Speaking of which, Yang Kai had never been to Void Star City, and he did not even know the scale of his own Star City until now. From the looks of it right now, this Star City did not seem to be impressive. Compared with an ordinary medium-sized Star City, it was even slightly inferior, not to mention comparing it to Thousand Birds Star City.


However, Yang Kai believed that as soon as the news of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill got out, Void Star City would be crowded!


A group of people approached, and Yang Kai reached out to open the Grand Array, allowing them to fly straight into Void Land. It was Pang Duo and the others.


“Sect Master!” Pang Duo cupped his fists.


Yang Kai nodded and asked, “How’s the situation over there?”


Pang Duo replied, “When this subordinate and the others arrived, the Star City was practically empty, with only a few people left.”


Yang Kai nodded. It was just as he expected.


Void Land was invaded by the Hundred Sect Alliance, and everyone would have agreed that Void Land was done for. Since this Void Star City was the Star City under Void Land’s jurisdiction, who would dare to stay here? If the Hundred Sect Alliance came to cause trouble after their victory, anyone left here would surely suffer a tragic fate. The merchants who originally entered the Star City had withdrawn one after another, so there would not be too many people left.


However, no one would have thought that the Hundred Sect Alliance would be completely crushed by Void Land, with almost their entire force being wiped out. Even the Union Master of Heavenly Sword Union, Kong Feng, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, was beheaded by Yang Kai’s sword and died.


The current mess in Void Star City was due to the lack of hope for Void Land and the lack of order maintained.


After Pang Duo and the others arrived, they immediately set about rectifying the situation. Although it had only been a few days, the order had been restored to the Star City, but nothing could be done about the ghostly stillness due to the extreme lack of population. If this situation continued, it would not be long before all the merchants in the Star City left, and Void Star City would only exist in name.


But now that Yang Kai had relocated Void Land, and with the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill as his ace, it was only a matter of time before the popularity of the Star City was revived.


Pang Duo added, “Golden Light Dock, Soaring Crane Sect, and the other Third Class forces all heeded the orders and brought some spirit land to expand the scale of the Star City. I believe it won’t take long to complete.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Offer them our sincere thanks. Second Manager!”


Bian Yu Qing stepped forward and reported, “Sir.”


“Go back and give them some compensation, Void Land does not take advantage of others.”


Although these Third Class Sects swore loyalty to Void Land, and dared not complain even if they were not compensated, the spirit lands they contributed were all taken out from their respective Headquarters or subordinate Universe Worlds, which would naturally cause some damage to their respective heritages. It was understandable to compensate them with something.


Bian Yu Qing received the order and quickly moved to carry it out.


While they were speaking, the Star City had come into full view.


It was impossible for the cultivators in the Star City to miss the massive Void Land charging at them through the void. Expressions of shock and confusion were etched on their faces. Some timid ones had even fled, for fear that Void Land would crash into the Star City. They did not want to fall victim to such a tragedy. The remaining cultivators continued to watch, but they looked as though they were ready to run at any time.


Fortunately, Void Land was clearly decelerating, and it came to a stop just a hundred kilometres away from the Star City. This situation relieved the anxious cultivators in the Star City who were about to escape.


But the situation in front of them really puzzled them. What was going on?


However, they were astonished again when they saw the giant turtle below Void Land.


Since Bi Xi’s true form had been revealed, he did not bother to conceal himself anymore. It would be known sooner or later, so it was meaningless to hide. However, it was still a true rarity to witness such a giant turtle shuttling through the void with a great Spirit Province carried on its back.


Just as the cultivators in the Star City were whispering amongst themselves, a group of people suddenly flew out from Void Land and headed straight to them in a vigorous and imposing manner. The leader was naturally Yang Kai, followed by many Open Heaven Realm Masters beside him. 


Yang Kai and the others soon stopped in the sky over the Star City before the eyes of everyone. With a quick scan, Yang Kai took in the situation below. The condition of the Star City was neither bad nor good, which was expected. However, regardless of its condition, it would develop slowly in the future.


In the crowd, an elderly man bravely stepped out, cupped his fists and greeted, “So it is Sir Yun. This old man greets Sir Yun!”


Yun Xing Hua, who was standing not far behind Yang Kai, looked down and recognized the man. He had been taking care of the Star City for a while now, and was naturally familiar with these merchants. He glanced at Yang Kai, then nodded when Yang Kai remained indifferent, “So it is Shopkeeper Tong!”


Shopkeeper Tong replied, “I heard that Sir Yun was captured by wicked evildoers recently. This old man had been feeling uneasy and wanted to help, but was helpless due to his old age and failing strength. Now that Sir Yun has returned safely, this old man can finally breathe easily. Sir Yun is indeed a good person blessed with luck.”




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