Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4341, Rebuilding the Star City


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The words ‘Fourth-Order’ and ‘Fifth-Order’ slightly accelerated Tong He’s breathing. Clenching his fists, he replied decisively, “Good, grandson will listen to Grandpa.” After saying so, he disappeared without a trace.


Shopkeeper Tong turned to look in the direction of Tong He’s departure, and turned again to look in the direction the numerous Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land were gazing. Stroking his grey beard, his eyes flashed wildly while he considered his current situation. Despite what he said to his grandson, he was actually a little worried, for fear that, as his grandson said, Void Land would arrange for someone to raise the price to eventually win the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill back into its own hands.


But as he said, this was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If they succeeded, then the grandfather-grandson pair would soar in the future, and they would no longer have to struggle at the bottom of the world. If one did not grasp the opportunities right in front of them, one could only remain poor.


A large number of Open Heaven Realm Masters followed behind Yang Kai as he surveyed the Star City, allowing his identity to quickly spread, drawing the attention of all remaining cultivators in the Star City. People gathered together and whispered from time to time, pointing in his direction. At this point, many youths cast their eyes at him, admiration rising in their hearts. This was what a real man should be like!


They were Emperor Realm cultivators too, but while they were toiling away for a few trivial Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai was already sitting high above, commanding many Open Heaven Realm Masters. The difference was simply overwhelming… 


“Sect Master, are you really going to auction that Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill just to boost momentum?” Lu Xue, who was next to Yang Kai, asked softly.


Yang Kai nodded, “Right now, we can only rely on the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, so naturally we will need to raise some popularity.”


He mentioned this plan before, so no one was surprised, but there were advantages as well as disadvantages to taking out the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. The advantages included a large and rapid boost to the popularity of the Star City, while the biggest disadvantage was provoking greed from other great forces.


However, whenever potential gains appeared, risks would as well. If Shopkeeper Tong had the courage to gamble his life’s savings, how could Yang Kai not have the same courage?


Moreover, Void Land had now even migrated its Headquarters, and with the protection of two mature Divine Spirits, it more or less had some ability to defend itself.


“But with just three days, there will be no time to publicize the event. I’m afraid that only the cultivators who are still in this Star City will participate in the auction when the time comes.” Lu Xue was worried, “We won’t be able to fetch a high price.”


To auction an extinct treasure such as the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, it was necessary to start an advertising campaign a long time in advance to give the major forces time to gather funds, so as to obtain the maximum profit. Even the pill auction back in Thousand Birds Star City was advertised a year or two in advance, and with the addition of the opening of Blood Monster Cave Heaven, many Masters gathered in Thousand Birds the Star City, to profit from that.


It was really hasty for Yang Kai to announce an auction just three days before it took place.


Yang Kai, however, just smiled, “The price doesn’t matter. A Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill may be quite precious to others, but to Void Land, it’s nothing rare.”


Yang Kai had given each of the more than 300 cultivators from Abundance City a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill to assist their advancement to the Open Heaven Realm, including those who would only break through to the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm. What did it matter if one was auctioned now?


It was not necessarily a bad thing to lose profit sometimes.


It could be imagined that after this auction was over, Void Land would no longer need to deliberately promote itself because the news of this auction would spread like wildfire throughout every Great Territory in the Outer Universe. By then, there was no need to worry about the popularity of Void Star City.


Lu Xue pondered about it for a while and it seemed to make sense so she did not say anything more.


The Star City was not too large, so the inspection was soon completed. The representatives of the seven Third Class great forces, including Golden Light Dock and Soaring Crane Sect, had also heard of Yang Kai’s arrival and quickly came to greet him. Yang Kai naturally showed them a welcoming attitude and appropriate respect, allowing them to let out a sigh of relief.


As Subordinate Sects of Void Land, and being located in the same Great Territory, they lived and died at Void Land’s whim. Logically speaking, when Void Land encountered a crisis, they should have mobilized to help, but they did nothing at the time.


This was also Human nature. The strongest cultivators in these seven great forces were just Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Given the situation at the time, trying to intervene would be akin to trying to break a stone with an egg. If they were unlucky, their entire Sect could be annihilated. The Hundred Sect Alliance was hundreds of times more powerful than them, so how could they possibly stick their necks out?


Yang Kai knew their difficulties and naturally would not hold them accountable.


Still, they were afraid that Void Land would settle accounts after the incident was resolved, so after receiving the order from Yang Kai, they all contributed large pieces of spirit land from their Headquarters and busied themselves with the expansion of the scale of the Star City.


Yang Kai surveyed the work and soon calculated that the Star City’s landmass had now expanded to more than five times its original size! Although it was still not as good as Thousand Birds Star City, it was not far off. With such a vast area, the scarce population in the Star City became even more apparent; however, this was not a big deal. As long as Yang Kai’s plans for the Star City came to fruition, it would not be long before every inch of Void Star City would become priceless!


Yang Kai had stayed in Thousand Birds Star City for a while, so he had a deep understanding that even in such a large Star City, the annual rent for a store located in a good location was extremely high.


So, the current vacancy of Void Star City was not to be underestimated, because every bit of land here would soon bring enormous benefits to Void Land.


This place would surely become a treasure trove that continued to churn out Open Heaven Pills for Void Land, providing long-term funding for its development.


“Elder Chen!” Yang Kai called out.


Fatty Chen immediately stepped forward and replied respectfully, “Subordinate is here, what are your orders, Sir?”


Yang Kai pointed ahead and gave his command, “Take some people with you to record all the shopkeepers who own stores in the Star City. Contact them, and tell them that Void Star City will undergo a complete reconstruction, so all the original buildings will be levelled. Reassure them that Void Land will compensate them with a new store in the same location as their previous one and they will not suffer any financial losses.”


“Yes!” Chen Tian Fatty responded quickly and brought some people with him to carry out this task. In order for Void Star City to develop properly, it needed better planning. Even if there was no compensation, these shopkeepers wouldn’t dare to complain, not to mention that they would be compensated with a new store in the original site.


“Yun Xing Hua!” Yang Kai called out again.


Yun Xing Hua straightened his back, took two steps forward, and cupped his fist, “Subordinate is here!”


Yang Kai tapped his foot, “Build a grand auction house in this spot. You will be solely responsible for this matter!” This was the very centre of the entire Star City, the best location in the land. As this auction house would be directly affiliated with Void Land, it naturally had to occupy this spot.


Yun Xing Hua was taken aback, but he accepted the order sonorously, “Rest assured, Sir. This Subordinate will not fail!” After a pause, he added, “Sir, what are the requirements for this auction house?”


Yang Kai thought for a while before speaking, “It needs to be large enough to accommodate 10,000 comfortably! En, you can go back to the Headquarters to ask Yue He for her input.”


Yun Xing Hua had only broken through to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm recently. As his strength was somewhat low, his knowledge and experience were obviously not comparable to Yue He’s. It would be much better if Yue He could give him some advice.


Yun Xing Hua immediately accepted the order and led a group of his subordinates straight to Void Land. Yue He was currently stuck with Bi Xi playing chess, unable to extricate herself, so she was in need of ‘rescue’.


“Elder Mo!” Yang Kai called again.


Mo Mei responded, “Subordinate is here.”


Yang Kai turned his head and looked at her with a smile, “The blueprint of the Star City’s construction is your duty now. I want this completed in the shortest possible time. Once plans are finalized, begin construction immediately.”


Mo Mei laughed lightly, “This is a big project!”


Yang Kai assured her, “All 600,000 disciples in Void Land are at your disposal. If you need anyone’s help, you may transfer them as you wish. If you need materials, consult with Second Manager.”


Mo Mei saluted elegantly, “I have received the order, and will definitely live up to the Sect Master’s expectations!”


As soon as everything was given their assignments, Yang Kai headed back to Void Land, allowing the resurrection of the Star City to begin.


The representatives of the seven Subordinate Sects led the disciples of their respective forces to expand the scale of the Star City with great enthusiasm, so it would not be long before the project was completed. At the same time, Chen Tian Fei led a group of people to convene the remaining shopkeepers still in the Star City and explained to them the plans made by Void Land. All the shopkeepers agreed without a single refusal.


For one, who had the courage to object? Void Land’s strength was overwhelming, and Chen Tian Fei, who was right in front of them, had a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation. For another, this was a good deal for them. They were getting new shops without needing to pay for them, all they had to do was to sit back and wait. Naturally, there was no need to object. For those reasons, Chen Tian Fei’s duties were progressing very smoothly.


Yun Xing Hua and his subordinates found Yue He, and together they began brainstorming various matters regarding the auction house, which was going to be built in the very centre of the Star City. Yue He had been to many places over the years, and participated in numerous auctions, so she had no trouble providing some ideas and references.


Mo Mei, after convening with Bian Yu Qing, brought 30,000 disciples from Void Land to carry out large-scale construction work across the Star City.


Neat rows of houses were quickly assembled, and streets wide enough to accommodate 20 people walking side by side were paved. Golden Light Dock and the other Subordinate Sects also took the initiative to contribute to the construction process once they were done expanding the Spirit Province. Although the number of people was not large, it was the intention that mattered… 


The entire Star City was filled with activity.


Shopkeeper Tong and the others had been living without a fixed place for the past two days as there really was nowhere for them to stay after their shops were levelled. As such, these shopkeepers gathered either in groups of three or five to spectate the rapidly rising buildings in the Star City, excitement filling their hearts.


At this moment, they no longer had any doubt about their decision to remain. They initially had only stayed because they had nowhere else to go, but no one knew that it would turn out to be such a huge blessing in disguise.


Void Star City was not thriving yet because it was not built up, and its reputation has yet to be established; however, when the time came, this place would definitely prosper.




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