Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4343, Simply Astonishing


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Auction items were quickly displayed and sold under the hammer. An hour later, Lu Xue announced, “The next item is our finale for today’s auction, I hope you won’t be disappointed!”


Silence fell as everyone in the auction house immediately straightened their backs. It was so silent that needles could be heard falling on the ground.


As they all knew, the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was coming!


Shopkeeper Tong and Shopkeeper Jin met each other’s eyes, and sat up involuntarily, staring at the platform unblinkingly. On the auction stage, a woman who appeared to be a maid walked up with a tray in her hand and a smile on her face, and stopped beside Lu Xue. The tray was covered with a red cloth, obscuring what lay beneath from the prying eyes below.


Lu Xue raised her hand to remove the red cloth, revealing to everyone a jade bottle.


Lu Xue’s crisp voice resounded throughout the entire auction house, “A Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. It can help one to comprehend the essence of splitting Heaven and Earth apart when a cultivator is attempting to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, thereby greatly improving the chances of one completing the process successfully. With the complement of this Spirit Pill, as long as one’s aptitude is not terrible, they can definitely advance to the Open Heaven Realm. The reserve price is 1 Open Heaven Pill, and there is no limit on the increase in price. Please!”


After saying that, Lu Xue stood on the auction platform and said no more.


Contrary to the previous scene where all kinds of items were auctioned and everyone responded heatedly, vying to increase the price, the appearance of this final item drew no bids. Everyone just stared at Lu Xue blankly, unable to believe their own ears.


Shopkeeper Tong and Shopkeeper Jin too, looked at each other, almost thinking that they had heard it wrong.


[The starting bid of a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill is 1 Open Heaven Pill?]


Although all the previous items started from 1 Open Heaven Pill with no exception, this was the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill that had long since vanished from the 3,000 Worlds. Was its reserve price really just 1 Open Heaven Pill?


The information was so shocking that no one could open their mouth to start bidding, lest they desecrate the precious Spirit Pill with their lowly bids.


The auction house fell into a quaint silence for a while before the sound of rapid breathing began filling the air.


Lu Xue, who was standing on the stage, was a little stunned, thinking that she might have not explained clearly. How had the atmosphere, which was so heated earlier, suddenly turned so quiet?


Suddenly, a voice asked weakly, “Elder Lu, may I ask if the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill of your noble Sect really has an opening price of 1 Open Heaven Pill?”


Lu Xue said lightly, “Yes!”


The man hesitated, then asked again, “But the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill is such an extremely precious thing, how could it only start from 1 Open Heaven Pill…? Elder Lu, please don’t kid with us. We have low cultivation, and our knowledge is very limited, so none of us have ever seen such a Spirit Pill before.”


If one had seen it before, there was essentially no way to distinguish its authenticity, and just how many were there in the 3,000 Worlds who had actually seen a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill before?


Although this man did not finish what he wanted to say, many quick-witted cultivators present understood what he meant. This guy was speculating if Void Land had fabricated a counterfeit Spirit Pill to pass it off as a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. However, he did not dare to say so outright and was just beating around the bush.


Shopkeeper Tong sneered in his heart when he heard this. The person who said this really was stupid. The reason Void Land was willing to take such a massive loss in this auction was to create publicity for their Star City. Were not all of the previous auction items sold at a loss too? Although it was a bit bizarre that the starting price of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was only 1 Open Heaven Pill, Void Land had the capacity and daring to do so.


On top of that, this was the first time Void Land held an auction. If they really did auction a counterfeit item, their reputation would be forever ruined. Who would come to support them in the future if they did such a despicable deed?


Therefore, regardless of the oddity of the situation, the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill should not be fake.


On the auction stage, Lu Xue looked in the direction of the man and replied, “This Queen is here to preside over the auction under Sect Master’s direct order. This Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was bestowed to me by the Sect Master, who refined it personally. Many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land have also benefited from such Spirit Pills. If anyone thinks this pill is inappropriate in any way, they don’t have to participate in the auction. Please begin bidding!”


Shopkeeper Jin cleared his throat, and shouted, “This Old Master offers 1,000 Open Heaven Pills!”


Not to mention 1,000 Open Heaven Pills, this Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was possibly worth 10 million Open Heaven Pills. Shopkeeper Jin naturally did not expect to get the Spirit Pill with this bid, but he took the initiative to start the process. For one, he wanted to test the waters; for another, it was to show favor to Void Land. It was up to Void Land, however, if they saw through his intentions.


In the previous auctions, the highest price an item was sold for was just over 1,000 Open Heaven Pills. The price Shopkeeper Jin offered was just a fraction of the true value of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, but it was still reasonable in this strange situation.


Just as he finished speaking though, voices exploded from all directions in the auction house, filled with cultivators shouting their bids for the item.


In just three breaths, the price had already exceeded 10,000 Open Heaven Pills and was continuing to rise at an extremely rapid rate.


Shopkeeper Jin and Shopkeeper Tong turned their heads from time to time to look in the direction of the other bidders, observing the reactions and expressions of these potential opponents, inferring their limits.


The two old foxes were waiting for everyone to exhaust themselves before jumping out to make the final call!


The atmosphere of the auction house suddenly became scorching hot. People were shouting their prices over each other because their previous bids were quickly outdone.


Twenty breaths later, the price of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill had exceeded 100,000 Open Heaven Pills!


At this point, there were only three people left in the competition. These three people were undoubtedly shopkeepers in the Star City. When it reached 120,000, there were only two people left.


However, these two were obviously approaching their limits. Each increase in price was not high, and they were gnashing their teeth each time they offered a new bid, as if they had a deep hatred for the other party.


Shopkeeper Tong and Shopkeeper Jin looked at each other and nodded lightly.


They had been holding back for the right timing to make a move, and it had finally arrived. The two had been observing from the sidelines, so they had a very detailed grasp and judgment of the situation. This was a good opportunity to make a move.


“130,000!” Shopkeeper Jin called out decisively. This time, he added 10,000 Open Heaven Pills all at once, which for the people present was not a small number.


In the crowd, a cultivator turned his head angrily at him with his eyes red, “Shopkeeper Jin, you…”


Shopkeeper Jin cupped his fist towards him with a smile, “Shopkeeper Zhou, please excuse me!”


Shopkeeper Zhou ground his teeth for a while before shouting decisively, “133,000!”


“140,000!” Shopkeeper Jin remained calm and relaxed.


Shopkeeper Zhou’s initially straight back slumped and he released a deep sigh as he shook his head.


On the auction stage, Lu Xue waited for a moment, but seeing that no one raised the price, after three breaths, the hammer finalized the deal!


Shopkeeper Jin’s and Shopkeeper Tong’s tightly clenched fists finally loosened as they both grinned wildly.


[We did it! We really did it!]


At this moment, Shopkeeper Tong felt extremely fortunate that he chose to partner with Shopkeeper Jin; otherwise, he would not have been able to win the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill with his limited financial resources. At the very least, Shopkeeper Zhou was much wealthier than he was.


A Spirit Pill that was worth tens of millions of Open Heaven Pills was now actually won by two old foxes for a mere 140,000 Open Heaven Pills. Such a lucrative trade was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


The reason was that the cultivators remaining in the Star City were all from humble backgrounds and had limited financial resources. The people who really had the means and resources had already escaped; otherwise, they would not have the chance to grab such a great deal!


Now, although both of them have sold most of their belongings for cheap and could not do any business in the near future, as long as they waited for the right opportunity, they could resell this Spirit Pill for millions!


Lu Xue’s voice once again rang out, “Many thanks to all of you for your support this time. Though this auction has ended for today, in three months’ time, Void Land will be holding another auction, where another Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill will be auctioned. It will be like this every three months thereafter!”


After saying that, Lu Xue turned around and walked down.


In the auction house, many cultivators were stunned for a while, followed by a loud commotion.


There would be another auction in Void Star City in three months, and there would also be another Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill sold every three months from now on!


In other words, every three months, Void Land would be auctioning off a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill!


Simply astonishing! Many had made a large profit today, but they still could not help feeling moved at the news of another auction in three months.


There were not many opportunities like this for them to take advantage of a great force. If one missed it this time, one still may have another chance, but if one did not grasp the chance, it would be impossible when Void Star City truly flourished.


Shopkeeper Jin and Shopkeeper Tong stood there, the smiles on their faces suddenly stiffened.


After a while, Shopkeeper Tong took in a deep breath, “Just how many Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills does Void Land have?”


If they were willing to take one out for auction every three months, it meant that they had enough to spare. But wasn’t this Spirit Pill said to already be extinct? It was precisely because of this that the value was high. If it was available everywhere, it would not be worth much.


Shopkeeper Jin’s eyes flashed and speculated, “Elder Lu just said that this Spirit Pill was refined by Void True Monarch himself. It seems that Void Land does have a lot in stock!”


“Then our Spirit Pill…” Shopkeeper Tong’s initial joy turned into worry.


Shopkeeper Jin chuckled, “What are you worried about? As long as this kind of Spirit Pill is not released in massive quantities, its value will never decrease. Void Land is clearly planning to use these Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills to draw in people to their Star City, so they will naturally only release a limited supply. In other words, we made a lot of money this time!”


Shopkeeper Tong thought for a while after hearing the words, then cracked into a smile, “You’re right, Void Land will never let the value of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill fall unless they want to sabotage themselves.”


“Let’s go!” Shopkeeper Jin stood up, “Let’s collect our Spirit Pill, I’ve never seen such a precious thing before in my life after all.”




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    1. That was kind of the point of the auction. To make people think that void land’s star city is place of many opportunities and a very profitable location to set up shop. Its because these people will be able to resell the pill and make a profit that this star city will attract more people who will want to try their luck.

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