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Martial Peak – Chapter 4344, Assigning New Tasks


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As they walked out of the auction house, both Shopkeeper Tong and Shopkeeper Jin trembled, unable to contain their excitement.


A jade bottle was held in Shopkeeper Jin’s hand, containing the rare Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill!


Recalling what Elder Lu just said, Shopkeeper Jin praised admirably, “Void Land really is efficient and upright!”


“En.” Shopkeeper Tong stroked his beard and nodded, “There’s no more need for you and I to worry, we just need to wait for the right opportunity.”


When the two went to Elder Lu to retrieve the Spirit Pill, she assured them that before the two resold the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, their safety and that of their families would be guaranteed by Void Land. In addition, if they found a buyer in the future, if necessary, they could request Void Land to act as an intermediary to ensure impartiality and that the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was sold at a reasonable price.


The two shopkeepers were ecstatic to hear the news!


Earlier, they were a little worried that after obtaining the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, it would be hard to fend off greedy Masters who intended to bully or outright rob them with their meager abilities. Now, with Elder Lu’s assurance, what else did they need to worry about? Who in Void Star City would dare to cross Void Land?


Void Land obviously took their concerns into account, so they took the initiative, and Void Land also knew that even if they won the Spirit Pill, they would not use it themselves. They surely would be selling off such a precious item for a good price.


Logically speaking, after the two won the Spirit Pill, Void Land bore no responsibilities to them, but Void Land’s initiative to give them such a guarantee truly bought their trust and respect.


Shopkeeper Jin handed the jade bottle in his hand to Shopkeeper Tong and said, “Brother Tong, according to the agreement, you will be in charge of guarding it for the first month.”


Shopkeeper Tong smiled when he heard the words, “There’s no need, Brother Jin can keep the Spirit Pill by his side.”


If there was no guarantee from Void Land, Shopkeeper Tong would have to be a little wary of whether Shopkeeper Jin would pocket all the profits himself, but now he no longer needed to worry about this at all, unless Shopkeeper Jin was willing to take the risk of offending Void Land.


Safeguarding the Spirit Pill also meant that he had to bear the risk of losing it, so why would Shopkeeper Tong take up such an arduous but fruitless task? That was the reason for his forthrightness.


They were both cunning old foxes, so how could Shopkeeper Jin not know what Shopkeeper Tong was thinking? Still, he just laughed and nodded, “Brother Tong, you really are too lazy. Fine, I’ll keep the Spirit Pill. It’ll probably be sold off after a few months, and this Old Master is not going anywhere during this time.”


Shopkeeper Tong smiled and cupped his fists, “Many thanks for your hard work, Brother Jin!”


After the first auction of Void Star City, many cultivators left one after another in a hurry, especially the shopkeepers. It was unknown where they went.


The already deserted Star City was left with even fewer occupants now, but the 30,000 Void Land disciples continued the reconstruction projects without pause.


Construction done by cultivators was indeed different from mortals. There were obvious changes in the Star City every day, and in less than a month, the rebuilding of the entire Star City was completed.


Even the huge auction house ordered by Yang Kai was completed through the joint efforts of Yun Xing Hua and Yue He. According to Yang Kai’s request, the size of this auction house should be no less than that of Red Clouds Auction House back in Thousand Birds Star City, which meant it could comfortably accommodate 10,000 people. The huge auction house located in the very center of the Star City would soon become one of its most important landmarks.


Yang Kai personally inscribed ‘Void Auction House’ onto a giant plaque that hung proudly above the main entrance of the auction house.


Nanmen Da Jun had been working non-stop recently. The newly expanded and reconstructed Star City naturally needed a new Grand Array. That said, his accomplishments in the Dao of Arrays could not match that of Grandmaster Wu Liang’s, and Void Land was no longer as resource-rich as before, so it was impossible to create another Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array.


However, Nanmen Da Jun had been shadowing Grandmaster Wu Liang for a few months, so with his exceptional talent in Dao of Spirit Arrays, it was not difficult to arrange some decent Arrays in the Star City.


Of course, limited by his own cultivation and many other factors, the strength of the Spirit Arrays Nanmen Da Jun arranged was not high, and they would be unable to resist powerful attacks.


But Void Land was just 100 kilometres away from the Star City, which to Open Heaven Realm Masters was essentially within arm’s reach. Who would dare to attack the Star City under Void Land’s watch? If so, the 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land would not mind teaching the intruders a harsh lesson again.


The Star City was now completed, and compared with the original, its scale was several times bigger. Also, because of the strict planning, the buildings in the Star City were also well-organized, no longer chaotic like before.


The Star City had been built, but a Governor had yet to be chosen.


Yang Kai imitated the management system of the Thousand Birds Star City of Great Battle Heaven, establishing a Governor’s Mansion in the Star City, and charging Mo Mei, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, to serve as the first Governor of the Star City.


There was no other option really. In the entire Void Land, Yue He and Mo Mei were the strongest. Yue He did not want to take up the responsibility and just wanted to stay by Yang Kai, so Mo Mei had no choice but to take up this task.


Although she was born in Blood Monster Cave Heaven, she had been City Lord of Abundance City for many years, giving her plenty of experience in management. She only needed some time to get familiar with the new environment and things would proceed smoothly.


Under the jurisdiction of the Governor’s Mansion, the Star City was divided into four major districts – north, south, east, and west; each district having its own supervisor in charge. The East City District was overseen by Pang Duo, West City District by Gong Yang Xi, South City District by Fan Wu Xin, and North City District by Chen Tian Fei. These four reported directly to Mo Mei. With the four of them assisting her, managing the Star City would not be a problem for her.


This arrangement disappointed Yun Xing Hua a little; after all, he had been in charge of the Star City before this. As an official from Void Land, he had a high position and authority, and countless people attempted to curry favour with him every day.


However, he was not even a Commander in this new Star City.


He did not dare to complain though; after all, the Star City was lost right under his nose. Furthermore, he was only a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. He understood that it was impossible to entrust him with such an important task.


Fortunately, Yang Kai did not disregard his hard work and handed over management of Void Auction House to him.


The Void Auction House was located in the very centre of the Star City, not belonging to any of the four districts. It was directly under the control of the Governor’s Mansion, and everyone understood that auctions would play a pivotal role in the future of the Star City, so being its Head Manager was not worse than being in charge of a district.


Yun Xing Hua was naturally grateful for this arrangement.


Yang Kai originally wanted Lu Xue, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, to serve as a Commander, but she refused. Her personality was not suitable for works that involved public relations, and she did not like communicating with strangers, so she decided to remain in Void Land as the Hall Master of the Martial Hall, while also serving as a member of the Elder Council.


Yang Kai took into account that the cultivators in Void Land would need a Master to guide and pass down their experiences, so Lu Xue deciding to assume command of the Martial Hall was also a boon.


With this arrangement, everyone in the Star City was assigned their own duties, and the general framework of the Star City was established. In the entire Star City, apart from Void Auction House, which was directly owned by Void Land, there were more than eight blocks of shops reserved for Void Land, while the other shops would be leased out.


Yang Kai had been relatively free recently, so after heating up his furnace and refining some Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, he went into retreat.


His current situation was a little awkward. He could not leave because he was under close watch by a few Cave Heavens and Paradises, so he could only stay hidden in Void Land, waiting for a Seventh-Order Yin Element treasure to arrive at his doorstep.


He had a lot of free time now. His Wives were all cultivating in retreat so he could not bother them, which meant he could only cultivate by himself. Whenever he was bored, he would play chess with Bi Xi to kill some time.


At the Void Dock, a group of Void Land disciples had nothing to do but did not dare to slack off and decided to patrol in every direction in groups of three to five.


There was always at least one Void Dock in each Star City, which served as the gateway in and out of the Star City. It made managing the entries a lot more convenient; otherwise, anyone could enter the Star City from any location. Unrestricted and unregulated access could lead to unnecessary chaos and even unrest, allowing those with ill intentions to easily slip in and stir up trouble.


There was a Void Dock in Thousand Birds Star City. When the Proprietress first brought Yang Kai there, she was stopped by a Master on duty from Great Battle Heaven and had to undergo certain entry procedures.


Void Star City aimed to become a top-tier Star City, so it was naturally essential to have a functioning Void Dock. However, Void Star City only had a single Void Dock.


Of course, the current Grand Array set up by Nanmen Da Jun was not very strong, but no one would break the Grand Array unless they wanted to offend Void Land.


The one overseeing the Void Dock was Jin Yuan Lang!


The Void Dock was the face of the Star City, so the one guarding it could not have low cultivation; otherwise, the Star City would inevitably be underestimated. Jin Yuan Lang, who was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, was the perfect choice.


This was also a small means by Void Land to display their authority. It was believed that anyone who came here would not dare to look down on Void Land after knowing Jin Yuan Lang, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, was guarding the entrance.


No matter how big Thousand Birds Star City was, the one guarding its Void Dock was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


It had been almost two months since Void Land migrated here, and during this time, the Void Dock remained quite idle.


Since no one came to the Star City, naturally no one passed through the Void Dock.


On this day, however, a disciple was observing the void when he suddenly rubbed his eyes and stared carefully at a certain spot. A shudder ran through him as he shouted, “Someone is approaching!”


As soon as the shout resounded, the surrounding cultivators moved simultaneously towards the Void Dock.


Some disciples immediately went to report to Jin Yuan Lang, who was cultivating.




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