Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4355, Old Bai’s Accident


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With the auction house and Asura Arena’s 30% share, plus the Star City’s rent and taxes, Void Land was now making a lot of money every day, more than enough to meet its current needs. It no longer needed to worry about making ends meet.


However, Sixth-Order materials were still a problem. Although materials of this Order were not as rare as those of the High-Rank, the amount of Sixth-Order materials one could find was definitely not great and they couldn’t easily be bought with money. Although the Star City was now popular and some Sixth-Order materials were now flowing in, there were still many in Void Land who needed Sixth-Order materials.


The Great Emperors, Yang Kai’s Wives, and even Mo Xiao Qi, Lin Yun’er, Li Wu Yi, Yang Yan, and several others all needed Sixth-Order materials.


Although Yang Kai made a huge fortune in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, including a lot of Sixth-Order materials, it couldn’t support the needs of so many.


Originally, after Yue He and Mo Mei advanced to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, they wanted to use Sixth-Order materials to cultivate; however, due to the lack of materials, they could only cultivate with Open Heaven Pills. While refining Open Heaven Pills could certainly help steadily improve their cultivation, the efficiency was not as good as directly refining Sixth-Order materials.


Although Void Land had been spending a lot of money to acquire Sixth-Order materials, it still could not keep up with its pace of consumption, resulting in Yang Kai contributing even the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd.


The Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was sealed within the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd. It was a Sixth-Order Metal Element material that could be refined by cultivators.


In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Xu Zhen had helped Yang Kai upgrade his Wind Gourd to this Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd. This item had played a significant role in Yang Kai’s hands and he repeatedly used it as a trump card to deal with strong enemies. However, now that Void Land had a shortage of Sixth-Order materials, Yang Kai could only prioritize the cultivation needs of everyone first. Besides, he had made up his mind to not leave Void Land easily, so the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd would also not be of any use for the time being. When he later broke through to the Open Heaven Realm, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd would also become useless.


On the other hand, Void Land wasn’t the least bit worried about Fifth-Order materials, because the Gourd Vine could produce a whole set of Fifth-Order materials every month. There were always enough Fifth-Order materials, and all they needed to do was slowly wait. So, Void Land never needed to buy Fifth-Order materials, and instead, they bought a lot of Fourth-Order and Third-Order materials.


The Star City was developing steadily, and everything in Void Land had gradually entered the right track. Day by day, Yang Kai’s retreats were also being rewarded. He had now refined six Element Powers, only missing the Yin Element. From these Element Powers, he had obtained the Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation by comprehending the mysteries of his Golden Crow’s True Fire, the Earth Great Dragon Bead helped him obtained the Dragon Shield Secret Technique, which was a powerful defensive ability, and the essence of the Immortal Tree helped him comprehend the Towering Evergreen tree, another Divine Manifestation which was remarkably effective in both protection and healing. 


During these days of retreat, Yang Kai also comprehended Water Reflects the Moon. Although it was not a Divine Manifestation and instead just a Divine Ability, it complemented the Golden Crow Casts the Sun perfectly.


The Metal Element Power was refined by Yang Kai from the Monster Core of the Golden Wolf King, and around the same time as when Yang Kai realized the Divine Ability of Water Reflects the Moon, he was also blessed with the comprehension of Golden Wolf Howls at the Moon.


Among the six Elements he had refined, he had only not yet comprehended a Divine Ability from his Yang Element.


However, Yang Kai had obtained his Yang Element Power by refining the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng, so he, who did not know what he would be able to comprehend in the end, could only wait in silence.


The Void Auction House held an auction every three months, and each time the finale was a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. Most recently, the tenth Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill had been auctioned off.


In other words, it had already been three years since the Great Void Land Migration. Void Land and its Star City had been developing quite well during this time. The only hiccup was the High-Order Yin Element treasure that Yang Kai needed, which there was still no news of.


However, Yang Kai had mentally prepared himself for this, so he was not anxious. Not to mention 3 years, he could continue to wait for several hundred years. He believed that as long as he had and was in this Star City, sooner or later, he could get what he wanted.


Yang Kai had originally planned to just sit back and wait, but life never went as one planned. He overestimated the patience of some people and underestimated their determination to target him.


While he was in retreat one day, the isolation barrier was touched. Yang Kai opened the restriction, and Bian Yu Qing hurriedly came in, her expression slightly unsightly, “Sect Master!”


Yang Kai looked at her and asked, “What is it?”


“There is news from the Void Dock that Bai Qi was found.”


“Old Bai was ‘found’?” Yang Kai frowned, “What happened to Old Bai?”


Bian Yu Qing responded, “Bai Qi was severely injured by someone and fell into a coma. He was brought to the dock by a passing ship.”


“What!?” Yang Kai immediately jumped up.


More than a year ago, he had sent someone to Thousand Birds Territory to find the Proprietress, and to ask her to come to Void Land as a guest. He intended to ask her to open up a First Inn branch in their own Star City so that it would be convenient to take care of and meet each other. But the messenger he sent eventually came back and reported that the First Inn branch was closed temporarily. 


The 3,000 Worlds was vast and boundless and filled with seemingly endless Great Territories. Yang Kai simply did not know how to find Old Bai and the Proprietress, so he could only give up.


Who would have guessed that today, when he finally got news of Bai Qi. That he was seriously injured and unconscious!


Old Bai was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master, so for another cultivator to injure him so gravely, they would have to be at least in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm! Being that he was a shop hand of First Inn, and the personal attendant of the Proprietress, who would dare attack him so recklessly?


If Bai Qi was so seriously injured, what about the Proprietress?


Yang Kai’s heart clenched, and he suddenly had a sinking feeling, like a big invisible net was covering him.


After receiving the news, Yang Kai immediately summoned Yue He and asked her to follow him to the Star City Void Dock.


Soon, Yang Kai saw Old Bai while Jin Yuan Lang personally reported the situation at the dock. Void Star City was now overcrowded, and every day there were many people waiting in line outside the dock to enter. Although the number of people was quite large, Jin Yuan Lang had been in charge of the dock for a few years now, so he was able to handle it.


When checking one of the ships waiting to enter, the owner reported that there was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master called Bai Qi on board, who seemed to know the Lord of Void Land.


Jin Yuan Lang did not dare to be slow and went to check, and when he saw that it was indeed Bai Qi, he urgently treated his wounds to stabilize his condition while also sending a message to Void Land.


When Yang Kai arrived, Bai Qi was still in a coma, his face as pale as paper. His aura was unstable, and his body was drenched with fresh blood. The dried blood was caked onto his clothes in a way that was unbearable to see.


“Sect Master, Brother Bai has already taken a Healing Pill, and there is no danger to his life for the time being, but…” Jin Yuan Lang, who was worried, stepped forward to whisper something to Yang Kai.


“But what?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice, his face almost dripping with gloom.


“But, Brother Bai had pushed himself too far. When he was seriously injured, he did not heal his injuries properly and instead over-exerted his own strength, resulting in the Small Universe in his body showing signs of instability. There is a risk that it might collapse soon. It is difficult to say whether he will survive.”


Yang Kai’s face became uglier and uglier.


If the Small Universe in Bai Qi’s body really collapsed, then his cultivation would become completely useless, and he would become a cripple.


“Is there a solution?” Yang Kai asked.


Jin Yuan Lang shook his head slowly.


Yang Kai turned his head to look at Yue He; after all, someone from Abundance City would not know much about this kind of thing while Yue He might have some options.


Yue He promptly answered, “If we have a Star Gathering Universe Pill, it should help him stabilize his Small Universe! During battles between Open Heaven Realm Masters, there are cases like Old Bai’s, where the Small Universe in their body becomes turbulent. If the situation is mild, it is fine and can be resolved with some meditation and quiet cultivation, but if it is serious, it would require external help to restore. The Star Gathering Universe Pill has this effect, but that pill is precious and ordinary Alchemists would find it difficult to refine.”


Yang Kai immediately said, “Send out a message that my Void Land is offering a huge reward for a Star Gathering Universe Pill! If anyone has this Spirit Pill or can refine it, Void Land will fulfill any one wish they have, as long as it is within our ability!”


The Star City was now full of talented people from all walks of life and even many Alchemists from other great forces were stationed here.


The only way to get a Star Gathering Universe Pill was from the Star City, and Yang Kai could only pray that someone in Star City had or could refine one.


After asking Yue He to take care of Old Bai, Yang Kai asked in a deep voice, “What happened?”


Jin Yuan Lang cupped his fist and said, “Sect Master, my subordinates don’t know what happened exactly, but when they were checking a certain ship, someone reported that there was a seriously injured person on board, called Bai Qi. It turned out to be Brother Bai, so I hurriedly reported it.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Bai Qi was unconscious, so how did the people on the ship know that his name was Bai Qi? Where is the owner of this ship?”


“He’s outside.” Jin Yuan Lang said before hurriedly asking someone to bring the manager in.


The manager, who was only in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm, said with some trepidation once he stepped into the room, “Profound Thunder Sect’s Lu Wen Fei greets Sirs!”


Yang Kai turned his head towards him, looked him up and down, and saw that this man’s hair was white. He looked elderly, with an unstable aura. Obviously, the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm was his limit and Profound Thunder Sect was just a Third Class Force.


Jin Yuan Lang said, “Manager Lu need not be afraid. My Void Land will never bully the weak. I only called you over because my Sect Master has some questions he wishes to ask.”


Lu Wen Fei bowed his head and said, “Sir, this old man will tell you everything I know no matter what questions you have.”


Yang Kai nodded and asked, “Manager Lu, I want to know where you found Bai Qi and what the situation was at that time?”


Lu Wen Fei hurriedly reported, “Sir, this old man met Sir Bai Qi in this Void Territory. He was in a hurry at that time, but it seemed that because he was seriously injured, his strength was failing him and his speed was quite slow. This old man invited him onboard, but he only had time to report his name, and that he was to be taken to the Yang Kai of Void Land directly. After that, he passed out.”




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