Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4359, Interception


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No matter what he said, Yang Kai could not persuade Yue He, so he could only give up and let out a sigh, “Fine. This trip is dangerous, so it’ll be just you, me, and Old Bai.”


Yue He said, “What about Mo Mei?”


“Void Land needs someone to assume command, so Mo Mei can’t leave. No one else needs to know. I will write a letter to her explaining the situation.”


This trip to the Shattered Heaven was not a problem that could be solved with numbers. Since the mastermind behind this wanted to lure him out of Void Land, they must be fully prepared. Void Land’s current strength was most likely not worthy enough to be placed in front of their eyes. What’s more, if they sent too many people, they would easily expose themselves; thus, it would be easier for Yang Kai and the others to hide their movements if they embarked on this trip with only three people. 


Subconsciously, Yang Kai was not optimistic about the prospects of this trip. If he really did take all the major pillars of Void Land with him and something went wrong, Void Land would be finished. The hundreds of thousands of disciples would become homeless and displaced.


On the contrary, if Mo Mei and the others stayed behind, even if something happened to him, with Void Land’s current scale and the almost perfectly prospering Star City, Void Land would still have the power to continue to exist and develop.


Yue He pondered for a moment before gently nodding her head.


Yang Kai summoned Bian Yu Qing and gave her a few confidential instructions.


A few days later, the Star Gathering Universe Pill was finally refined. Mo Mei delivered the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill’s recipe and the 10 portions of the World Source Liquid Yang Kai prepared to the Alchemist in question, exchanging the Star Gathering Universe Pill with them. Afterwards, she returned to Void Land.


Yue He stood guard while Old Bai swallowed and refined the Star Gathering Universe Pill. It took a whole day for his Small Universe, that had been endlessly shaking, to finally settle down. There was no longer any more risk of collapse, he just needed to slowly recuperate.


With everything ready, Yang Kai set off, fearing that a long delay would only cause more problems.


At the Void Dock, a large, rough-looking man strode forward while leading a group of people. The disciple who was guarding the dock came forward and bowed while cupping his fist, “Sir Wei, are you on your way out?”


Although the person who had arrived was only a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the disciples guarding the dock recognized him because he was Wei Que, from Great Moon Province, and they had been instructed by their superiors to take special care of him.


It seemed that the Sect Master had some connections with Great Moon Province.


Wei Que chuckled, “Business is good these days, so I’m going back to the Sect to pick up some supplies and deliver some profits. I’ll have to bother you, Fellow Brothers.”


“Sir Wei is too polite.” The disciple nodded lightly and led a few other disciples to perform a casual inspection before waving them through.


After leaving the dock, Wei Que immediately summoned a boat and took several disciples from Great Moon Province aboard, speeding off into the distance. It was only half a day later that Wei Que, who was in the cabin compartment, reached out and took a bag from his waist, whispering after patting it gently, “Sect Master Yang, we’ve already travelled for half a day.”


Once he was done, the mouth of the bag suddenly opened and 3 figures appeared in front of him. The three figures were none other than Yang Kai, Yue He, and Old Bai.


Old Bai, who was still seriously injured, coughed.


Yang Kai put the Fated Paths Bag away and cupped his fist, “Many thanks, Senior Wei.”


Wei Que waved his hand, “Sect Master Yang is too polite. Void Land has been very kind to my Great Moon Province. What this Wei has done is nothing in comparison. It is hardly enough to return even one of the favours we owe.”


After a short pause, Wei Que continued, “This Wei is a simple man. Although I don’t know why Sect Master Yang is doing this, it is obvious he is going to do something big. If there is something that Great Moon Province can do, please feel free to ask!”


When Yang Kai suddenly approached Wei Que and asked him to bring him out of Void Land quietly, the latter realized that the matter at hand was not simple.


Void Land was Yang Kai’s territory. If now, as Void Land’s Sect Master, he needed to conceal his whereabouts when he entered and left, it would mean he suspected that there were people both inside and outside of Void Land that were watching him, which made it necessary for him to act so secretively.


How powerful was the enemy he was facing for him to still be so cautious even with Void Land’s current strength?


Great Moon Province was only a Third Class great force and could not afford to get involved in such muddy waters, but Wei Que was a man who believed deeply in repaying favours and grudges. He was willing to help even though he knew it would be extremely dangerous.


Yang Kai said, “This Junior appreciates Senior Wei’s kind intentions, but others can’t help me this time. Many thanks.”


Wei Que sighed, “In that case, Sect Master Yang must be careful not to let these wicked people’s schemes succeed!” He knew that this was Yang Kai’s personal matter. Also, he wouldn’t be able to help with his meagre strength, so he didn’t try to force the issue.


Bidding farewell to Wei Que, Yue He summoned a small wooden shuttle and the trio headed straight towards the nearest Territory Gate.


Two days later, the Territory Gate came into sight


There were Territory Gates between all Great Territories, and when crossing one, a cultivator would be exposed to a strong pressure. If one tried to cross a Territory Gate with their physical body without having a cultivation of at least the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm, they would face grave danger to their lives. 


If a cultivator under the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm wanted to cross a Territory Gate, they had to use some type of flight-type artifact.


Although Yue He’s wooden shuttle was not a high-grade artifact, it wasn’t a low-quality item either. She also had a cultivation of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so it would not be a problem for them to pass through the Territory Gate.


In a matter of breaths, the swirling Territory Gate was right in front of them, and the wooden shuttle rushed straight in. Even before the slight feeling of dizziness could pass, the three of them were already in another Great Territory.


Before Yang Kai had the time to check the situation around them, he heard Yue He cry out, “Young Master, look out!”


The next moment, a great sense of crisis overwhelmed them. Violent World Force burst out, the wooden shuttle burst into pieces, sending Old Bai flying with a trail of blood behind him. Fresh damage was added to his already seriously injured body. Yang Kai also felt uncomfortable, but he was well protected by Yue He and did not suffer any kind of serious injury. Yue He, on the other hand, was bleeding from the corner of her lips, and had obviously been wounded.


Yang Kai’s face was instantly filled with rage. He could guess that his Void Land had to be littered with the prying eyes of outsiders, so he hid in the Fated Paths Bag and asked Wei Que to take him, Yue He, and Old Bai out quietly. He did think that the road ahead would be thorny, but he never anticipated being intercepted as soon as they left Void Territory!


The person who attacked was extremely decisive and had obviously determined that they would emerge from this Territory Gate; thus, the enemy did not hesitate to bombard them with their Divine Ability. Yue He and Old Bai were caught unprepared, plus they had just passed through the Territory Gate and were still a little disoriented, leading to them suffering a big loss.


Looking up, Yang Kai saw two people, an old man and a young man, standing in the void. The old man had a crane-like face, and looked hearty, full of energy. Cold light flashed through the slits of his long and narrow eyes, as he squinted them.


The young man looked like he was only a teenager, but the aura he was emitting showed that it was absolutely impossible for him to be a mere youth. 


Both the old man and the teenager were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. One of them was holding a wooden branch with lightning flashing out of it, while the other was carrying a copper rod, which looked rather out of place.


The young man with the copper rod smiled at the three of them and fixed his gaze on Yang Kai, before asking warmly, “Void Land’s Yang Kai?” 


Yang Kai shouted angrily, “It is this King! Who are you, announce your names!”


The young man smiled, “You’re young, but your tone is filled with arrogance. On the other hand, although your strength is low, you have managed to stir up the entire 3,000 Worlds, so you are qualified to know the name of this Monarch.”


After saying so, he cupped his fist while holding the copper rod in a backhand grip, and declared, “Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Master, Shen Liang!”


The old man, while holding the wooden branch behind his back and putting one hand on his chest, said indifferently, “Vice Union Master, Jiang Yun Shan!”


“Heavenly Sword Union?” Yang Kai raised his brow and said coldly, “Heavenly Sword Union has lost their Union Master not long ago, but two more have now popped up? Haven’t you people had enough yet?”


Shen Liang chuckled, “You mean Kong Feng? If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten. This Monarch must thank you for killing that old dog; otherwise, how would this Shen have been able to become the current Union Master? Though, while I am thankful to you, I still have to take revenge. No matter what, Kong Feng was the previous Union Master, and he was killed at your hands. Since I am the new Union Master, I can’t just ignore this slight. Therefore, I am here today to take your head. I advise you to not resist, otherwise, it will be very unpleasant!”


Yang Kai grunted, “Since I can kill a Kong Feng, I can naturally kill you. If you want to die, just try it!”


While speaking, he urgently sent a voice transmission to Yue He, “Try to hold them back for a while, we can’t win this fight so we need to find a way to escape!”


Two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had come at once, and only Yue He could contend with them. Old Bai was definitely no match for them, not to mention himself. It was a fight they would definitely lose.


The only way for them to have any chance of survival was to use Yang Kai’s Space Secret Techniques to escape!


Yue He understood and gave a nod.


Shen Liang laughed lightly, “You are truly a brat who doesn’t fear the Heavens. No wonder you dare to act like that. Come come come, let this Monarch dig your heart out to see how big it really is.”


Saying so, the copper rod in his hand smashed down. Even though it was just the slash of a rod, it felt as if the whole world was crashing down. The terrifying World Force tumbled down, making both the Heavens and the Earth shake.


At the same time, Jiang Yun Shan also struck with the wooden branch in his hand which caused lightning to appear and turn into thousands of thunder swords, each thunder sword containing an abundant amount of World Force.


Old Bai roared with strong spirit. The power of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm poured out, transforming into a sky of fist shadows which clashed with the thunder swords.


Yue He summoned a vase with several flower branches in it, each branch with a flower bud on it. She took out a flower branch and shook it. In an instant, flowers filled the sky, gently flying all over the place. Each flower petal was like the world’s sharpest blade, able to cut even space.  


The main reason why there was a huge gap between the strength of a newly advanced Open Heaven Realm Master and an old Open Heaven Realm Master was the difference in accumulation in their Small Universes. There was also a huge difference in the quality of the artifacts that they possessed.


Even if the artifacts one possessed before they advanced to the Open Heaven Realm were exceptional, they would not be useful after they broke through. The chasm between the Emperor Realm and the Open Heaven Realm was just too great; thus, one had to find someone to refine new artifacts or buy new ones that were suitable for their new Open Heaven Realm cultivation.


Artifacts of the Open Heaven Realm were graded on the same scale as the Open Heaven Realm itself.


Yang Kai was something of an exception as even though he had not advanced to the Open Heaven Realm yet, he had a powerful weapon like the Azure Dragon Spear in his hands. Thus, he need not pay much attention to this.


However, after the Hundred Sects Alliance invaded Void Land, Yang Kai began paying closer attention to Open Heaven Realm artifacts.


This couldn’t be helped. There were too many new Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land, and their base strength couldn’t be raised in a short period of time. After all, it took time to strengthen one’s foundation. Thus, if he wanted to immediately raise their combat power, he had to use external means, like artifacts.




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  1. I have to say, if YK doesn’t assend to the Open Heaven Realm soon all the chapters until then feel like a complete waste. Up until now the plot armor has made it so he could compete on somewhat equal footing, but outside of void land and outside of constraints of a Universe Cave Heaven he is and very well should be dead in about five minutes. Even those meager sixth order noname figures should be able to easily annihilate him without even any question. Let alone the actual forces behind them. I do hope I don’t have to skim though too many chapters until there is any meaning again. Really don’t like YK fleeing his way towards a rescue mission where he has even less chance of survival than what he is currently fleeing from. Stupid plot line overall.

    1. Dunno, feels like the set up with the yin treasure trap suggests he’ll have an opportunity to dive in Naruto-style, refine that sucker and somehow save the day. That or give in, refine something as low as fifth lvl treasure (Box from yang treasure? Could be good for a set?), boost it with the last fruit, get to lvl 8 and then hope for a Universe Forge to open in front of him

      1. That high lvl yin element seen by LYR and Co is part of the trap so do you think the high lvl OHR people still did not take it back and restrained LYR? It would be stupid to leave their bait (yin element) just lying around to give opportunity to YK. That why he should have extra 6th lvl yin in his bead. But if he refine lower lvl wouldn’t his Dao seal or cultivation Dao crumble due to his self promise? If I am the enemy I will get all info from him and his treasures and force him to process a lvl 1 yin element just like what ZYJ did in the ruins arc. Hehehe

    1. There’s never been a real rush the guy is just stupid. Spider chick is right. They know he has at least a divine spirit so they would’ve planned for that with open heaven realm high rank masters, so now with no divine spirits; an emperor realm weakling, a newly promoted 6th order and a sickly 5th order party wtf are they supposed to be doing against anyone????

      This is just dumb.

      Only thing I’m puzzled about is how quickly he was discovered. Other than that this is a literal fools mission and he should be dead already or on his way to death.

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