Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4360, Prophetic Words


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When the Hundred Sects Alliance attacked, Mo Mei was pitted against Luan Bai Feng and ended up being completely outclassed. Of course, the biggest reason was because she had just broken through and her foundation was still unstable, but there was another matter as well, which was that she lacked suitable artifacts to assist her. Thus, she ended up having to use her bare hands to fight. If she had an artifact that suited her current cultivation at that time, the situation would have been much better.


As such, after the Star City was rebuilt and developed, Yang Kai asked Bian Yu Qing to allocate a large amount of money to purchase artifacts for Void Land’s Open Heaven Realm Masters. Furthermore, with the many spoils obtained after the battle, many of Void Land’s new Open Heaven Realm Masters could now exert much greater power than they were able to at that time.


The vase in Yue He’s hands was worth 40 million Open Heaven Pills! It was an artifact meant for those in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


The artifacts used by Open Heaven Realm Masters were all capable of channelling and augmenting World Force, which were incomparable to the artifacts used by cultivators below the Open Heaven Realm.


Flower petals flew amidst the sky that was filled with flowers in the void, which made Shen Liang and Jiang Yun Shan lose all sense of direction. How could they find Yang Kai and the others, when the only thing they could sense around them were colourful flower petals and chilling murderous intent. It was almost as if they were trapped in a sealed world. Hurriedly, both of them used Secret Techniques to try and break out of the trap, which caused shockwaves and endless rumbles to sound.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai shouted without hesitation when he saw that the two of them were trapped, immediately wrapping Yue He and Old Bai in his Space Principles to escape.


The next moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly. The space around them seemed to have turned into a cage, locking them in place, making it impossible to flee.


“We’re trapped!” Yang Kai’s face was gloomy. This feeling seemed familiar. Instantly, a person’s figure popped up in his mind, which caused him to grit his teeth and shout, “Luan Bai Feng!”


When the Hundred Sects Alliances invaded Void Land, Luan Bai Feng had been there to help Kong Feng. This woman was extremely proficient in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. If there was anyone that could seal a local region of space so quickly and quietly, it was her!


When Kong Feng was captured, that woman resolutely fled. Yang Kai thought she had gone back to Black Prison, but unexpectedly, she was here. In other words, this time, they were not facing off against two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but three!


“Hehehe…” Luan Bai Feng’s figure suddenly appeared, along with a charming laugh. She spoke while playfully looking at Yang Kai, “Little boy, you have a good head on your shoulders. You could even guess that this Queen was also here. Then, guess again, will you be able to leave alive this time?”


Yang Kai glared at her, “Luan Bai Feng, my Void Land and your Black Prison have no grudges or enmity. Why do you keep coming to provoke trouble again and again?”


Yang Kai felt hatred surging within him. If it wasn’t for this woman, he could have taken Yue He and Old Bai away with his Instantaneous Movement. But this woman had sealed off that possibility, making him unable to escape with his Space Principles.


Luan Bai Feng flicked her jade-like finger and said with a smile, “We really do have no grievances, but this Queen is short of ore slaves and is very interested in your Open Heaven Realm Masters. How about this? Give me all the Open Heaven Realm Masters in your Void Land, then I will spare your life. How about it?”


“In your dreams!” Yang Kai ground his teeth and roared, “If I don’t die today, I swear to crush your Black Prison one day!”


Luan Bai Feng put her hands on her chest and delicately said, “I’m afraid of men with such big tempers!”




When the boundless rain of flower petals broke apart, two figures appeared. It was Shen Liang and Jiang Yun Shan, who were trapped by Yue He before. Glancing at Luan Bai Feng, Shen Liang snorted coldly and asked, “Why are you talking so much nonsense? Kill them first!”


Luan Bai Feng said smilingly, “This Queen is a gentle woman. Although I am capable of bullying the weak, it is not something I am willing to do. Helping you trap them is the limit of what this Queen will do this time. If you want to kill them, do it yourself, I’ll just watch from the sidelines.” Saying so, she actually took a few steps back.


Shen Liang snorted coldly without worry and ordered, “You take care of Yue He, this Monarch will kill that brat!”


Jiang Yun Shan replied, “Good!” A thunderous beam of lightning headed towards Yue He with a single swing of the branch in his hand.


Right when he did so, Yang Kai shouted, “Zhu Jiu Yin! Until when do you plan to wait!?”


As soon as Yang Kai said so, Shen Liang and the others’ faces changed dramatically. Shen Liang, who was about to rush towards Yue He, immediately assumed a defensive stance, his eyes darting around as he pushed his Divine Sense wildly.


Luan Bai Feng also froze while Jiang Yun Shan directly summoned a defensive artifact to protect himself.


Before the Hundred Sects Alliances fought against Void Land, no one took Void Land seriously, and no one even considered the possibility that there could be two mature Divine Spirits hidden in this puny Second Class force.


After that battle though, Zhu Jiu Yin’s origins were made clear.


Yang Kai left Void Land this time seemingly followed by only Yue He and Bai Qi; however, who knew whether he had any hidden backup like Zhu Jiu Yin or Bi Xi.


The reason why Luan Bai Feng did not attack just now was because she was afraid that Zhu Jiu Yin was hiding nearby; thus, as soon as they heard Yang Kai shout the name ‘Zhu Jiu Yin’, the three of them acted as though they were facing a terrifying enemy.


Taking this opportunity, Yue He and Old Bai, who had been secretly instructed by Yang Kai, struck out in unison, targeting a certain spot in the void.


After the raging World Force exploded three times, the imprisoned space suddenly loosened.


Although Luan Bai Feng had set up a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array here, it was not very solid as she had to act quickly. Thus, Yue He and Old Bai could easily break through it by force.


Luan Bai Feng’s pretty face turned red as she shouted, “It’s a trick, stop them!”


Yang Kai turned his head around and sneered at her as he manipulated Space Principles once again. As long as he could escape from here, he was confident he would be able to get rid of Luan Bai Feng and the others.


When he first entered the 3,000 Worlds, he was able to escape from the Proprietress. Now that his strength was far greater, it would not be difficult for him to use his Space Beacons and Space Principles to escape from Luan Bai Feng and the others.


Suddenly, Yang Kai’s expression became odd as he looked behind Luan Bai Feng in a daze. The next moment, his eyes lit up with pleasant surprise.


Old Bai said anxiously, “Go! What are you doing?”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, his tense expression suddenly becoming completely relaxed.


Luan Bai Feng, however, shivered violently, because at that moment, a cold aura appeared behind her. It was as if a poisonous snake had climbed up to the back of her neck and gently hissed into her ear.


“Your name is Luan Bai Feng?” A voice suddenly sounded from behind her.


Luan Bai Feng’s body jolted, and the full might of her Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation burst out along with a roar. She struck behind her with the back of her palm, which, though hurried, still contained all her strength.


Whipping her head around at the same time, she saw the face of the person standing behind her.


Charming and enchanting, the person’s Heavenly beauty could topple kingdoms. Even though Luan Bai Feng was a woman herself, she could not help but be moved when she saw her.


Divine Spirit, Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, Zhu Jiu Yin!


This turned out to be a trick disguised as another trick! When she saw Yang Kai rushing to escape, she thought that the boy was just trying to distract her. However, who knew that Zhu Jiu Yin was really nearby, and at some point had snuck up behind her.


Facing Luan Bai Feng’s attack, Zhu Jiu Yin just gently slapped away her palm. This casual slap held the power of a mature Divine Spirit though and the sound of bones cracking rang out as Luan Bai Feng was sent flying like a paper kite without a string. Fresh blood sprayed from her lips as she tumbled uncontrollably.


A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master was as weak as a three-year-old child in front of Zhu Jiu Yin. 


Zhu Jiu Yin did not pause. Her whole body seemed to not move at all, yet somehow still managed to catch up to Luan Bai Feng. With a flip of her hair, each strand turned into a poisonous snake. There, a group of thousands of snakes opened their mouths, hissing endlessly as they bit Luan Bai Feng. 


*Zheng zheng…*


Ethereal music sounded at that moment, as if someone was plucking a zither in the void. Yang Kai did not know when, but a woman with a breathtakingly beautiful face had appeared. Her white arms and calves were exposed with a pinkish tinge dyeing them. She sat cross-legged in the void, a zither before her and a sweet smile on her face. With a single move of her delicate hand, sound waves that were visible to the naked eye turned into sharp knives, heading towards Jiang Yun Shan.


Yang Kai turned his head to look, and exclaimed with widened eyes, “Senior Sister Qu!”


In truth, he really did just shout Zhu Jiu Yin’s name to distract Luan Bai Feng and the others to take advantage of their lapse in attention and create an opportunity to escape.


Who knew that his words would be prophetic and Zhu Jiu Yin would really appear.


His cultivation had not yet reached such a state where his words would become law, whereby the World would follow it; thus, Zhu Jiu Yin had only shown up because she had been secretly following him to protect him. His attempt in deception not only fooled Luan Bai Feng and the others, but also Zhu Jiu Yin herself.


When Yang Kai went to Zhu Jiu Yin and asked for her help, she had firmly refused. He thought that she would really not assist him this time, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn she had actually followed him in secret.


This warmed Yang Kai’s heart. No matter what the reason may be, Zhu Jiu Yin did follow him in the end.


Not only did Zhu Jiu Yin follow him, but Qu Hua Shang had also tagged along. Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had opened a Dao Temple in Void Star City to attract young talents from all over the world to ‘discuss the Dao’. This Dao Temple was the reason Qu Hua Shang had been present in Void Star City for the past few years. She had even visited Void Land numerous times. It was just that this time, Yang Kai had not informed her about this incident, and he did not know why she had come here with Zhu Jiu Yin.


Zhu Jiu Yin was now equivalent to a peak Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Meanwhile, Qu Hua Shang was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. With the two of them joining the battle, the roles of hunter and prey had instantly been flipped.


The melody of the zither was soul-stirring, forcing Jiang Yun Shan to retreat again and again. Jiang Yun Shan was definitely stronger than Qu Hua Shang in terms of raw strength; after all, it had not been long since Qu Hua Shang had advanced to the Open Heaven Realm. Thus, even with the artifacts given to her by her Sect, it would be difficult for her to make up for the gap brought by the difference in their foundation.


However, when Zhu Jiu Yin appeared, Jiang Yun Shan was also momentarily distracted and had to divert part of his attention to monitor her. Thus, for a while, he was caught off guard and greatly affected by Qu Hua Shang’s sound attack.


Meanwhile, there was another enemy remaining, Shen Liang, who was still watching.


Yue He decisively held a flower and swept it towards Shen Liang. The flower petals filling the void trapped him again. Violent sounds came out of the storm of petals, but Shen Liang was unable to escape in short order.




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