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Martial Peak – Chapter 4364, Blood Sacrifice


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“The reason Black Crow is resentful of me is that I ruined his plan to refine the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Now that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is no longer around, it’s useless for him to keep on hating me. On the other hand, those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises hunted him in the Blood Monster Territory and even though he escaped from that Great Territory in the end, he was forced to live miserably in the Shattered Heaven. I believe that if there’s a chance, he won’t mind retaliating against those people.”


Back then, Black Crow Divine Monarch was trying to refine the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If he had succeeded, the life or death of all the people in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would have fallen into his hands. Unfortunately, Yang Kai foiled his plans at the critical moment. This was indeed an unresolvable feud.


However, fighting back in order to survive as Yang Kai had done, and the active hunt to exterminate him by the Cave Heavens and Paradises were not equal in weight. Yang Kai had ruined his plan while those from Cave Heavens and Paradises wanted to kill him, so both of these parties were also his enemies. With that said, it was more difficult to deal with the Cave Heavens and Paradises in comparison.


Black Crow Divine Monarch must be fully aware of that, which was why he had hidden in the Shattered Heaven.


It was said that the enemy of an enemy was a friend. Perhaps they could join forces over this matter temporarily. As for their feud, they could settle it at a later date. Black Crow Divine Monarch had lived for a long time, so he must be able to see the big picture.


“Regardless, we have to meet him first. Maybe we’ll get what we want, but even if we don’t, we won’t suffer any losses.”


Since Yang Kai had made a decision, the others were not in any place to say otherwise, especially Qu Hua Shang; after all, she was a disciple from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven that was also involved in hunting down Black Crow Divine Monarch.


As they raced after the ray of light, they moved forward at full speed.


Broken Spirit Provinces were scattered everywhere in the Shattered Heaven. There was no vitality in these Spirit Provinces, and their World Principles were long gone. These shattered Spirit Provinces were supposed to be parts of Universe Worlds in the Shattered Heaven, but after the epic war in the past, the neighbouring Great Territories were all broken, and their Universe Worlds were destroyed, leaving behind only remnants.


On a certain small Spirit Province, many figures had concealed themselves while there were some strong cultivators who stood guard around the periphery.


All of a sudden, a shriek was heard coming from the deepest part of the Spirit Province, which sent a chill down everyone’s spine. The Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who stood guard shuddered upon hearing that as they mourned for the lost life.


These people were cultivators who were born and bred in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. When the Blood Monster Cave Heaven broke apart, they were found by a person called Black Crow Divine Monarch, who helped resolve the Blood Principle Restriction in their bodies and brought them away.


Initially, they thought that they could finally break free from the cage that had confined their ancestors and them and start a new life; however, no one could’ve expected that it was just the beginning of their nightmare.


They were still Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Masters when they left the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but Black Crow Divine Monarch gave them resources and helped them ascend to the Open Heaven Realm in a short period of time. Due to years of accumulation and Black Crow Divine Monarch’s help, they were able to ascend to the Fourth Order at minimum. Many of them were in the Fifth Order while there were a small number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters among them. Very few lost their lives when breaking through.


Following that, Black Crow Divine Monarch led them all the way to Shattered Heaven.


Due to the fact that Black Crow Divine Monarch loved drinking human blood, he would need an Open Heaven Realm Master to use as blood food from time to time. The Shattered Heaven was a chaotic and lawless place, where countless lives were lost every day. As a formidable force like them wandered around, they could wait for the right targets and make a move at the right time.


There were many unlucky Open Heaven Realm Masters who were captured by them and brought to this place to be served as blood sacrifices for Black Crow Divine Monarch.


However, even though they were powerful, there were times when they were not lucky enough to find any target.


For a time like this, Black Crow Divine Monarch would choose one of them to be his blood sacrifice.


Initially, 35 people had left the Blood Monster Territory with Black Crow Divine Monarch, but after just 3 years, only a little more than 20 of them were left. Those who were gone didn’t lose their lives in battle but instead had their Blood Essence sucked dry by Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Luck wasn’t on their side recently as they couldn’t capture anyone to serve as blood food, so as soon as they heard the shriek, they knew that one of their companions had perished.


Now, their life or death was basically in Black Crow Divine Monarch’s hands. Although some of them were stronger than him, none of them dared to rebel.


If this went on, all of them would be killed by Black Crow Divine Monarch in a few years. Nevertheless, there was nothing they could do. When Black Crow resolved the Blood Principle Restriction for them, he also left something in their bodies, which ensured that they wouldn’t be able to break free from his control even after they advanced to the Open Heaven Realm.


The shrieks didn’t last for a long time. After slightly more than ten breaths’ time, the voice weakened. The Open Heaven Realm Masters on the Spirit Province sported indifferent expressions as they were already used to this.


All of a sudden, someone exclaimed, “Someone is coming!”


The people who were responsible for standing guard immediately looked around and saw a ray of light approaching them at high speed and they quickly put their guard up.


However, just a moment later, someone recognised the person who was approaching and shouted, “Don’t panic. It’s Tan Luo Xing!”


As expected, Tan Xing Lu appeared within everyone’s sight just a while later, but before he even reached them, he exclaimed, “Hide yourselves! There are some new blood sacrifices following me!”


Upon hearing that, all of them became energised as they used their Secret Techniques to conceal their auras and figures.


They had been extremely unlucky recently as they were unable to capture any blood sacrifice at all. They had just lost another companion, and no one knew who the next among them would be; therefore, when they heard that some blood sacrifices were following Tan Luo Xing, they quickly got prepared. As long as they could catch those blood sacrifices, they would be safe in a short period of time.


On the other hand, upon informing his companions about it, Tan Luo Xing shot towards the deepest part of the Spirit Province.


Just a moment later, he arrived at a collapsed Grand Hall that was protected by powerful cultivators in all directions. However, all of them looked as pale as white sheets now. In the middle of the Grand Hall stood a figure that was engulfed in blood mist. For some reason, he was trembling violently, and the blood mist around him contracted and expanded irregularly.


There was a withered corpse lying on the ground in front of this figure. The corpse didn’t contain any moisture, as though it had been left in the burning sun for countless years. His skin was horrendously pale, and all his Blood Essence was gone. He must have gone through a terrifying experience before his death. His hollow eyes almost popped out, and horror was written all over his shrivelled face.


Tan Luo Xing took a glance at the corpse and instantly recognised his identity. Just a few days ago, he had chatted with this man over some casual topics, so it never crossed his mind that after he returned from the Star City in the Shattered Heaven, the other party would already be dead.


Still, he quickly retracted his gaze and called out, “Divine Monarch!”


All of a sudden, the figure covered in blood mist extended his hand and slapped Tan Luo Xing. The slap was so forceful that he flipped over several times in the air, and when he landed on the ground, half of his face was swollen up while several of his teeth were broken.


“How dare you disturb this Monarch when I’m having my meal? Is it your first day working for me? Or do you also want to be my blood food today?” Black Crow Divine Monarch’s grim voice was heard coming from the weltering blood mist.


Tan Luo Xing shuddered and fell on all fours as he pleaded, “Please forgive me, Divine Monarch! Please forgive me! I know I’ve made a mistake. Please don’t kill me!”


Black Crow roared like he was an injured beast. His eyes were bloodshot as he said through clenched teeth, “Old Dog Blood Monster, you still taunt this Monarch even after your death! What did you do to the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture!? Damn you!”


It wasn’t until Black Crow fled from the Blood Monster Territory and arrived at the Shattered Heaven that he realised there was something wrong with the Scripture that he had cultivated. That was because after he ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, he had to look for suitable blood sacrifices from time to time and swallow all their Blood Essence; otherwise, he would be at risk of self-detonation.


Even though the learner of the Scripture was supposed to consume others’ Blood Essence to increase their power, there was a difference between doing it proactively and being forced to do it. He had a speculation that the Scripture he had obtained was tampered with by Blood Monster Divine Monarch, which was why he had fallen into such a state.


Whenever he needed a blood sacrifice, he would feel unbearably itchy as though countless cats were scratching his Soul. He was unable to control his emotions as he’d become highly irritable.


Then, he turned his head and stared fixedly at Tan Luo Xing, “Why did you disturb this Monarch? If you can’t provide a good reason, I’ll devour you immediately!”


Tan Luo Xing became horrified as he knew that Black Crow wasn’t pulling his leg. If he couldn’t come up with a satisfactory reply, he would lose his life the next instant.


Not daring to be negligent, he pressed his head against the ground and said in a shaking voice, “I found Yang Kai in the Star City.”


“Yang Kai?!” Black Crow Divine Monarch became startled for a moment, then the blood mist around him exploded as he shot towards Tan Luo Xing and yanked him up before saying through gritted teeth, “Are you talking about that damn brat who ruined this Monarch’s plan back in Blood Monster Cave Heaven? Where is he!?”


If Yang Kai hadn’t foiled his plan, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a state. At that time, as long as he could refine the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and make use of its resources, he could wait until he recovered his strength before leaving. By then, he could go anywhere he pleased instead of hiding from his enemies in this place.


Tan Luo Xing quickly said, “I’ve lured him to this place. He’ll be here soon.”


Upon hearing that, Black Crow was elated, “Good, very good! That brat ruined this Monarch’s plans in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. I’ve been wanting to get my revenge, but I didn’t know where he was. Now that he dares to show up in the Shattered Heaven, he’s basically stepping right into his grave. This Monarch will definitely catch and kill him!”


After he finished speaking, he gently put down Tan Luo Xing and said with a mild expression, “You’ve done well.”


Silavin: Wanted to separate this guy’s name Black Crow to be named Hei Ya. However, Black Crow is just his title. Not his actual name. So, it should be fine. 




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