Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4365, Persuasion


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After getting a compliment, Tan Luo Xing put on a fawning smile, “It’s my duty to help solve your problems, Divine Monarch. However, Yang Kai is followed by some Open Heaven Realm Masters this time. I couldn’t see through their strength as they were concealing their auras, but I don’t think they’re pushovers.”


Black Crow sneered, “I was worried that they would be too weak. To this Monarch, the more powerful a blood sacrifice is, the better they’ll taste. Hmm?” As he spoke, he suddenly turned to look in a particular direction. Apparently, he had sensed something.


At the same time, explosive sounds were heard as World Force undulated. There was also an aura that was extraordinarily powerful and eerie. Obviously, the people who were responsible for standing guard had engaged Yang Kai in battle.


“A Divine Spirit!” Black Crow turned pale and widened his eyes in disbelief. Why was there a Divine Spirit following Yang Kai around? Moreover, judging from the Divine Spirit’s energy fluctuations, she should be a mature one! In other words, she was at least as strong as a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!


Black Crow’s expression darkened instantly. To him, there was no doubt that a powerful blood sacrifice would taste better and be more beneficial to him. Still, he had to be wary of a mature Divine Spirit. Even though he had many strong cultivators in the Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm who worked for him, they would be useless when faced against such a foe.


Despite his wariness, he wasn’t afraid. More than twenty Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were a force to be reckoned with. If they got into a life-and-death battle with this Divine Spirit, both parties would likely be equally matched.


While he was pondering on whether he should fight or retreat, he heard someone speaking to him, “Black Crow, your friend has come all the way here to see you. Why don’t you let me in?”


Upon hearing that voice, Black Crow immediately had the urge to kill. That was the voice of the accursed brat who had repeatedly ruined his plans in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. First, he failed to seize Yang Kai’s body and had to settle for an inferior one. Then, he foiled his plans to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace, leading to the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven which forced him to flee to the Shattered Heaven. Yang Kai was the cause of all of his misery. Whenever Black Crow thought of that brat, he was eager to skin him alive and drink his blood.


In fact, he had secretly made an oath that as soon as he returned to his peak, he would scour the 3,000 Worlds to look for this boy and let him taste the cruellest torture imaginable. However, it never crossed Black Crow’s mind that they’d meet again so soon.


As he narrowed his bloodshot eyes, he raised his arm and bellowed, “Let them in!”


Black Crow was fully aware of his subordinates’ strength. Since Yang Kai had a Divine Spirit with him, there was no way his blood slaves could stop him. In that case, he decided to directly let them in. He wanted to find out why Yang Kai had come all the way to the Shattered Heaven to look for him.


The battle ended as the explosive sounds died down.


Soon enough, under the attention of many Mid-Rank Open Realm Masters, Yang Kai led Yue He, Zhu Jiu Yin, and the others to barge into the place and walked up to Black Crow.


*Shua shua shua…* 


The cultivators who were hidden earlier flew over from all directions and surrounded Yang Kai and his group.


At this moment, nearly 30 Mid-Rank Open Realm Masters had gathered together in this small Spirit Province. There was also the Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider. People who had no idea what was going on would be shaken to the core if they saw such a powerful group.


As their eyes met, Yang Kai smiled and saluted in a friendly manner, “Good to see you again, Black Crow. Who could’ve thought that we’d reunite in this place?”


Black Crow’s eyes seemed able to spit fire as he snarled, “Quit being so presumptuous. How dare you call this Monarch by his name?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “It’s just a name. Please don’t mind it, Divine Monarch.”


Black Crow snorted, “Stinking brat, you ruined this Monarch’s plans in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, yet you still have the gall to show up in front of me? Do you think I can’t do anything to you just because you have a Divine Spirit to protect you?” 


Then, he lifted both arms and put on a smug smile, “Do you see it now? I have many powerful subordinates with me. As soon as I give the order, they’ll kill you.”


Yang Kai spoke up with an amiable expression, “I believe that you’re capable of doing that; however, it’s pointless for you to kill me now. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is gone, and you’re currently being hunted down by the Cave Heavens and Paradises. I believe that life has been terrible for you in the Shattered Heaven, am I right?”


At the mention of this, Black Crow became even more infuriated, “If you hadn’t interfered, this Monarch wouldn’t have fallen into such a miserable state!”


If he had managed to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace, he could’ve taken control of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and made use of the resources left behind by Blood Monster Divine Monarch to restore his strength while remaining hidden from the world, rather than being forced to flee and getting hunted down.


“I was forced to do that, Divine Monarch. If you had really refined the Blood Monster Divine Palace, I would’ve died. In order to survive, I had to oppose you at that time,” Yang Kai said with a smile, as though he wasn’t the one who did that back then.


Black Crow barked, “What do you want, boy? Have you come all the way here just to annoy me? In that case, this Monarch will never let you off!”


“Of course not,” Yang Kai shook his head and said solemnly, “I’m here to join forces with you.”


Black Crow gawked for a moment before growling, “Are you saying that you want to join forces with this Monarch? Did you fumble your words? Or did I mishear you?”


Yang Kai replied, “You didn’t mishear me, nor did I speak wrongly.”


Black Crow looked around and laughed in a maniacal manner. His laugh reverberated across the entire Spirit Province.


A moment later, he stopped laughing and snorted, “Even though this Monarch has no idea what your intentions are, I know that you’ve not some kind-hearted saint. Scram while I’m still in a good mood; otherwise, all of you have to lose your lives here!”


Yang Kai stared at him and shook his head, “You haven’t even asked about what I want to join forces with you for, Divine Monarch. Why are you in a rush to chase me away?”


Black Crow scoffed, “If possible, you’re the first one this Monarch would kill. Are you taunting me by telling me to work with you? Who do you think you are? Do you even have a right to join forces with me?”


Ignoring his mockery, Yang Kai went on to say, “You had no choice but to flee from the Blood Monster Territory and hide in this broken Spirit Province because of those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Don’t you want to get your revenge?”


Black Crow stared at him with narrowed eyes as a dangerous glint flashed through his gaze. It was as though he was pondering on whether he should attack Yang Kai here and now. Certainly, he had no regard for the latter whatsoever. When he was in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven back then, he had just taken over someone else’s body, so he was only able to exert a fraction of his true power. That was the reason Yang Kai was able to repeatedly foil his plans.


But now, he was already a Fifth-Order Realm Master while Yang Kai was still just a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm cultivator. They were not even comparable anymore.


However, he was wary of the Divine Spirit. With this Divine Spirit’s protection, it would be unrealistic for him to kill Yang Kai even though he had many strong subordinates with him.


“You hold some grudges against those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises, and it’s the same case for me,” Yang Kai continued, “Since we have common foes, why don’t you join forces with me?”


Black Crow’s interest had been piqued as he asked, “Why is there a feud between you and those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises?”


Yang Kai explained, “That’s because I want to directly break through to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, and it seems to have affected some people’s interests, so I’ve been targeted by them. In fact, I was lured to this place and there is a trap waiting for me in the depths of the Shattered Heaven.”


Understanding now, Black Crow nodded faintly, “As expected, you really want to ascend to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm directly. It’s no wonder that the Cave Heavens and Paradises won’t let you off. If I were them, I wouldn’t let you achieve your goal either. However, since you’re aware that it’s a trap, why are you still going straight into it?”


“There’s a reason I must go, but I’m not going to tell you about it. It’s a coincidence that we’ve come across each other here. I didn’t deliberately look for you.”


Black Crow turned to look at Tan Luo Xing and reckoned that the latter must have exposed his whereabouts by being followed. Faced with Black Crow’s deathly stare, Tan Luo Xing was instantly drenched in cold sweat.


Black Crow snorted, “Since those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises have set up a trap for you, it’ll be useless regardless of how many people you bring with you. This Monarch isn’t a fool, so why would I decide to perish together with you?”


“You’re wrong, Divine Monarch.” Yang Kai shook his head, “If all Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises had joined forces, there’s no way I would survive and even trying to resist would be pointless. However, we’re only going to deal with some of them here, so they can’t possibly summon a large number of their strongest cultivators. They are currently targeting me and the people around me, so if you seize the chance and make a move now, they won’t be able to counterattack. Since you have so many powerful cultivators with you, don’t you want to deal a heavy blow to them?”


While Black Crow was contemplating it with a frown, Yang Kai just stared silently at him without urging.


A moment later, Black Crow sneered, “Regardless of what you say, this Monarch will not believe even one word from your wicked mouth. I indeed hold some grudges against the Cave Heavens and Paradises, and I’ll storm into their Headquarters some day, kill all of their disciples and destroy their inheritances that have been accumulated over so many years. However, I also very much want to see you dead! Hahaha. You want to use me to ease your burdens? You’re too naive, brat.”


Yang Kai said with a frown, “We can settle the score between us in the future, Divine Monarch. Such a chance is hard to come by, if you don’t make a move now, you’ll regret it in the future, won’t you? Do you want to keep hiding in the Shattered Heaven forever? If they discover your whereabouts, do you think they’ll let you live peacefully here?”


“This is none of your business. Get lost now, or else I’ll kill you right here.” Black Crow waved his hand to chase them away.


“Divine Monarch!”


While Yang Kai attempted to keep persuading him, the blood mist around Black Crow undulated as he snapped, “If you don’t leave within three breaths, you’ll have to stay here forever!”


Following that, the twenty or so Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters circulated their strength. At that instant, the aura of World Force permeated the broken hall. Yue He, Qu Hua Shang, and Bai Qi became alarmed with only Zhu Jiu Yin remaining impassive as she stared coldly at Black Crow Divine Monarch.


A frustrated Yang Kai shot Black Crow Divine Monarch a glare and said through clenched teeth, “We’re leaving!”


Then, he turned around and swung his sleeve before walking off, seemingly quite vexed.


In the blink of an eye, they left the Spirit Province and headed straight to the depths of the Shattered Heaven.




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