Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4367, Locking Divine Spirit Array


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Yang Kai stared at the void in front of him. They had arrived at this place following the instructions in the jade slip given by Ti Zheng, and Bai Qi confirmed that Proprietress had disappeared here. It meant that the entrance to the Shadowless Cave Heaven was somewhere around this place. As long as they could find the entrance, they could enter and save her.


However, this was easier said than done. The first difficulty they were facing was where to look for the entrance.


The Shadowless Cave Heaven had remained undiscovered in this place for countless years, which suggested that the entrance must be well hidden. After all, innumerable people had moved around the Shattered Heaven over the years. If the entrance could be found easily, the Shadowless Cave Heaven would’ve been exposed by now.


In reality, this Universe Cave Heaven had essentially remained undiscovered.


Only the masterminds here knew how to open up the entrance as they had lured the Proprietress to this place and made her fall into the trap.


Despite the fact that it was serene in the void, anyone could feel the hidden murderous intent.


With a solemn expression, Zhu Jiu Yin spoke up, “Brat, I have a bad feeling.” 


As soon as she arrived at this place, she could feel that they were being watched over by countless pairs of eyes. After scanning the surroundings with her Divine Sense, she could clearly feel that many auras of living creatures had hidden in the Spirit Provinces around them.


Yang Kai said gently, “Please stand guard for me, Senior.”


Zhu Jiu Yin turned to look at him and realized that he had closed his eyes. As Space Principles swirled around him, it was apparent that he was looking for the entrance.


“Such a troublesome brat!” Zhu Jiu Yin snorted in disgust, but she wouldn’t dare to be negligent as she paid close attention to her surroundings. At the same time, she secretly made a decision that the moment things turned South, she would immediately take Yang Kai away. It wasn’t a wise choice to fight enemies in a trap set up by the other party. She wasn’t a fool, so she wouldn’t do such a silly thing. Now, she just had to ensure Yang Kai’s safety. As for the life or death of the others, it had nothing to do with her.


As Space Principles undulated, Yang Kai scanned the surroundings with his Divine Sense.


The Universe Cave Heaven was actually an independent Sealed World that lingered in the Void of the Shattered Heaven. If there was really an entrance, there would be some Space Principle fluctuations coming from where the two places intersected.


When the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened up in the past, Yang Kai made use of Space Principles to discover entrances in advance,


Therefore, he believed that he could also find the entrance of the Shadowless Cave Heaven by doing the same thing here.


Even though Yang Kai was just a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master, which meant that he was the weakest among everyone here, even Zhu Jiu Yin was no match for him when it came to this. There was no doubt that she was powerful, but she knew nothing about the Dao of Space. The entrance of the Shadowless Cave Heaven was well hidden, so perhaps only some slight Space Principle fluctuations could be felt. She couldn’t sense them, but Yang Kai might be able to.


As long as he could find the entrance, he could try to enter it.


As he emptied his mind and carefully examined every part of the Void with his Divine Sense to observe the tiny differences, he fell into a kind of trance.


“Come out!” Zhu Jiu Yin suddenly bellowed and turned to look at a particular Spirit Province while raising her hand.


In silence, a Spirit Province of several hundred square kilometres exploded. As the stones scattered everywhere, a few figures appeared in embarrassment as they looked both horrified and doubtful.


However, before Zhu Jiu Yin could make a move again, she heard someone guffawing, “You’ve got a short temper it seems, Senior Sister Zhu. That isn’t good for you as it might make you grow old faster.”


Following that, a figure engulfed in Demon Qi shot out of a Spirit Province in a different direction. He was none other than Ti Zheng, who showed up in the restaurant in the Shattered Heaven Star City before.


He wasn’t on his own as he was followed by two others. Fog was seen weltering around them, so no one could clearly see their figures.


However, the auras exuding from their bodies suggested that they were High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


*Shua shua shua…* 


Many figures started appearing above the Spirit Provinces around them. Yue He and the others looked around and became alarmed. That was because, in the depths of the Shattered Heaven, more than 20 Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered together in this part of the void. Apart from Ti Zheng and the other two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, the rest of them were Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Even the weakest one was in the Fourth Order.


This kind of formation could be described as horrifying. Throughout the 3,000 Worlds, only the Cave Heavens and Paradises were able to mobilize so many powerful Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Judging from the current situation, Qu Hua Shang’s speculation some time ago was right. This time, they had indeed gathered three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters at the Shadowless Cave Heaven to deal with Zhu Jiu Yin. As long as they could hold her down, the rest of Yang Kai’s companions were no match for their people.


The difference in numbers on the two sides was glaring.


“I’m old enough to be your Grandmother, so what if I’m a little foul-tempered?” Zhu Jiu Yin snorted and reproached him.


Ti Zheng replied with a smile, “I hope that your power justifies your terrible temper, Senior Sister Zhu.”


Just then, someone beside Ti Zheng asked, “Qu Girl, what are you doing here? Don’t forget your identity,” He could apparently recognise Qu Hua Shang.


She pressed her lips together and replied, “Junior Brother Yang has saved my life on multiple occasions. Since he’s in trouble now, I can’t sit back and do nothing. My actions today are mine and mine alone; they have nothing to do with my Master Sect. After this incident, I will return to the Sect to accept any punishment they deem necessary.”


“There’s never a gentle fight in this world. Are you sure you can leave this place alive?” The person asked.


Qu Hua Shang replied with a smile, “If I die, I won’t have anything to worry about anymore.”


The person nodded, “Since you’ve understood, this King will say no more. We are all responsible for our own actions.”


“Many thanks for your lesson, Senior,” Qu Hua Shang elegantly saluted him.


An impatient Zhu Jiu Yin scoffed, “Cut the crap. Yang Boy has come here as he was told. Make a move now if you want to kill him. Let’s see if you’re capable of doing that.”


Ti Zheng grinned, “Senior Sister Zhu, since you can’t wait any longer, I’ll grant your wish!”


As soon as he spoke the last word, he turned into a fog of Demon Qi and brought with him a horrifying World Force as he pounced on Zhu Jiu Yin.


Meanwhile, the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters beside him made a move at the same time. One of them was wielding a sword while the other flicked his fingers and sent out numerous beams of light.


At that instant, the auras of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm permeated and shook the world.


As soon as these three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters took action, the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters around them moved towards specific places to form an Array. Following that, they sent flags into the Void and started forming hand seals, linking them in a profound and mysterious manner.


A fight between High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters was terrifying, so these Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were unable to interfere at all. It seemed that their only purpose here was to operate some kind of Array, rather than to face Zhu Jiu Yin head-on.


This was undoubtedly a wise move as not only could they prevent any loss of life on their side, but they could also weaken Zhu Jiu Yin’s strength.


Before the Array fully activated, Zhu Jiu Yin already felt a pressure coming at her. She immediately realised that this mysterious Array was targeted at Divine Spirits.


Thus, she yelled, “Protect Yang Boy!” As she spoke, she charged towards the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters on her own, initiating a world-shaking battle.


Yue He and the others formed into a triangular formation as they surged their powers to ward off the fallout from the battle, protecting Yang Kai behind them. Presently, Yang Kai was just a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master, so if he was hit by a shockwave from the battle between Zhu Jiu Yin and her enemies, he would die on the spot. Therefore, Yue He and the others wouldn’t dare to be negligent.


When the Hundred Sects Alliance invaded Void Land previously, Zhu Jiu Yin was able to fend off two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters; however, it seemed taxing for her to battle against three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters now as she fell into a disadvantage almost immediately. Faced with the attacks of Ti Zheng and the others, she could only protect herself but not counterattack.


Furthermore, the current situation was different from the previous one. Back then, Zhu Jiu Yin had nothing to worry about, so she could focus on the battle against her enemies. But this time, she had to ensure Yang Kai’s safety, so she was even more constrained.


Just a moment later, a rumbling sound was heard as the Array targeted at Divine Spirits took shape. An abstruse pattern lit up in the void as Zhu Jiu Yin and the others stood in the centre of effect.


Zhu Jiu Yin suddenly became slightly sluggish, and following a rain of attacks from Ti Zheng and the others, she fell into a perilous situation. Just a while later, wounds could be seen appearing on her body.


“What is this damned Spirit Array?” Zhu Jiu Yin bellowed through gritted teeth.


While Ti Zheng calmly attacked her, he replied, “Locking Divine Spirit Array. It’s an Array specifically designed to suppress Divine Spirits. Senior Sister Zhu, you’re extremely powerful, so this Array won’t have much impact on you; however, in a life-or-death battle, even the slightest influence might cost your life.”


“Despicable!” Zhu Jiu Yin snarled.


It seemed that the siege by Shen Liang and Jiang Yun Shan from Heavenly Sword Union previously was indeed just a probe. Zhu Jiu Yin was forced to make a move in that fight, so the other party brought out this Locking Divine Spirit Array to deal with her.


Ti Zheng grinned, “Senior Sister, you’re quite beautiful, so you shouldn’t waste your time protecting a boy in the Emperor Realm. Why don’t you side with me from now on?”


“Side with you?”


“That’s right.” Ti Zheng smiled faintly, “I do need a mount now. Since you’re a Divine Spirit, you would be qualified. As long as you side with me, I’ll treat you well.”


Murderous intent surged as Zhu Jiu Yin roared, “You dare blaspheme this Queen!? You court death!”


She couldn’t believe that someone had the gall to want to make her, a Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, their mount. There could be no greater humiliation. However, it was useless for her to be enraged at this moment. Under the restriction of the Locking Divine Spirit Array, her Divine Spirit Source had been slightly suppressed, so she wasn’t able to fully exert her strength. What’s more, she still had to protect Yang Kai. In short order, her fair skin was marred with wounds.


Fortunately, as a Divine Spirit, Zhu Jiu Yin’s vitality was quite astonishing; otherwise, she would’ve been weakened significantly from these wounds.


She secretly cursed at Yang Kai for being obstinate as she was dragged into this mess. There were times when she had the urge to grab him and simply flee from this place. However, she was even more infuriated by Ti Zheng’s words, so she became determined to teach him a lesson today.




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