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Martial Peak – Chapter 4368, Heaven Covering Web

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On the other hand, when Yue He and the others, who were protecting Yang Kai, saw that Zhu Jiu Yin was suffering a setback, they realised that the Array had some impact on her. They wanted to break the Array, but the battle between the three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters and Zhu Jiu Yin was so intense they didn’t dare to act rashly. Left with no choice, they could only remain in place with their anxieties.


Above a certain Spirit Province fragment that was a few thousand kilometres away, some figures hid and suppressed their auras.


Apart from the fact that there was not even a single High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master around, this group of people were a match for the ones attacking Yang Kai and the others when it came to the number of people and collective strength.


The person at the front was seen with a pair of bloodshot eyes as though blood was swirling around behind them. He was none other than Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Just like what Yang Kai had expected, even though Black Crow had turned Yang Kai down outright, he was actually interested in this opportunity. However, he didn’t want to reveal his intentions in front of Yang Kai.


Certainly, he was aware that Yang Kai wanted to use him to deal with the Cave Heavens and Paradises, which was why he rejected him so firmly.


However, he wouldn’t want to miss such a good chance either; therefore, after Yang Kai and the others left, Black Crow led his people to secretly follow them to this place.


Presently, he could see that they had gotten into an intense battle. Even though he was several thousand kilometres away, he could still feel the horrifying World Force explosions sweeping across him, which made him feel elated, “Wonderful! Keep fighting so that this Monarch can appear at the last moment and reap all the benefits!”


He was resentful of both parties in this battle. The Cave Heavens and Paradises hunted him down and forced him to sneak into the Shattered Heaven. On the other hand, Yang Kai had repeatedly foiled his plans in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It could be said that he had fallen into such a state because of Yang Kai; therefore, he was determined to kill both parties.


Seeing both his enemies fighting to kill one another, he was naturally quite jovial.


Regardless of which party emerged as the winner, he would be able to reap all the benefits by kidnapping some blood sacrifices for himself. Both Yang Kai and the other party had many Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters with them after all.


To the side, Tan Luo Xing said with a fawning smile, “Everything is within your expectations, Divine Monarch. This dog-eat-dog fight between them is splendid.”


Black Crow grinned, “It seems that brat is on the losing side, though.”


Tan Luo Xing’s interest had been piqued as well, “Do you think Yang Kai will die?”


Since Black Crow was in a good mood, he decided to explain the situation, “He’s not going to have an easy time. Even though he has a Divine Spirit to protect him, there are three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters on the other side, and those Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters have set up the Locking Divine Spirit Array. As soon as they can break through the Divine Spirit’s protection, that brat will definitely die. Now, it seems that even though the Divine Spirit is powerful, she’s unable to ensure that little bastard’s safety. It’s just a matter of time before her guard is broken through.”


An excited Tan Luo Xing said, “I knew that he would have a short life. I hope he dies a horrible death!” Yang Kai was the main reason he had fallen into such a state. If Yang Kai hadn’t brought the Wooden Token to Abundance City, he wouldn’t have attempted to kill him and then been forced to flee from that place. Yang Kai was the cause of his misery.


Of course, if he hadn’t fled from Abundance City and come across Black Crow Divine Monarch, he would’ve exploded and lost his life just like Mo Mei and the others because of the Blood Principle Restriction.


At the thought of Mo Mei, Tan Luo Xing appeared dejected. Even though he was a slave now, he was still alive at the very least; however, the others from Abundance City were not so lucky.


Unbeknownst to him, the people from Abundance City were now living a great life in Void Land. It would be interesting if he ever found out about it.


It was apparent to Black Crow which party was on the losing side. Zhu Jiu Yin was in a perilous situation as she had to keep retreating, so he frowned and said, “This is bad. That Divine Spirit is no match for them. It’s time for us to make a move.”


Tan Luo Xing was shocked, “Are you going to help that boy, Yang Kai, Divine Monarch?”


Black Crow grinned, “The best scenario for this Monarch is if the battle drags on. If one side loses too soon, how am I supposed to get my blood sacrifices?”


Tan Luo Xing was unwilling to act, but since Black Crow had given the order, there was nothing he could do.


And so, they secretly began moving from the Spirit Province fragment towards the battlefield. There were countless such Spirit Province fragments in the Shattered Heaven, so neither side currently in combat could’ve expected that a large number of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters was hiding behind this one like a pack of ferocious beasts, just waiting to strike.


Usually, regardless of how perfectly Black Crow’s group could hide, they would be unable to evade the perception of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters and a Divine Spirit. However, Zhu Jiu Yin and her enemies were engaged in a life-or-death battle now, so they were unable to pay attention to anything else.


The Spirit Province fragment slowly approached.


Just when they were about several dozen kilometres away from the Array, a strange turn of events took place.


An unfamiliar aura abruptly spread around as a figure appeared in the battlefield like a phantom and turned into a ray of light before charging towards Yang Kai.


Black Crow’s expression changed, “There’s one more person here?”


The aura that had suddenly appeared was that of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. Initially, Black Crow thought that both sides had shown all their cards, with three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters being sent to deal with the Divine Spirit, so it surprised him when he realised that there was a fourth such Master who had been hiding all along.


This person was pretty skilful as Zhu Jiu Yin wasn’t even aware of his presence. As soon as he made his move though, Ti Zheng and the others bombarded Zhu Jiu Yin with their attacks to tie her down. As long as she was unable to extract herself from the fight, Yang Kai was bound to lose his life following the fourth High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master’s attack even though he had Yue He and the others with him.


Things played out just as expected. The moment the fourth High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master made a move, Zhu Jiu Yin was unable to rescue Yang Kai as she was forced to counter the attacks from Ti Zheng and the others. The fourth Master shot past her and lightly pushed out his palm, whereupon Yue He and the others spat blood and were sent flying away. Following that, the person pointed a finger at Yang Kai.


“Young Master!” Yue He wailed as she pushed all her power in an attempt to save Yang Kai, but her efforts were futile.


Right before the finger was about to reach his forehead though, Yang Kai, who had been looking for the entrance of the Shadowless Cave Heaven, suddenly opened his eyes and clenched his teeth before summoning a small tortoiseshell, which spun around and rapidly enlarged in front of him.


Following a loud boom, Yang Kai was injured as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying. At the same time, the tortoiseshell was glowing brightly.


“Hmm?” The fourth Master arched his brow as he realised that it was no ordinary tortoise shell, he then pushed out his palm at Yang Kai three times in quick succession. As the horrifying World Force surged, Yang Kai felt like he was in a small boat caught in a tempest, at risk of drowning at any moment.


The tortoise shell obstinately stood guard in front of Yang Kai and glowing fiercely. It managed to fend off the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master’s successive attacks, but despite that, Yang Kai still felt his blood weltering in his body from the impact alone.


“Bi Xi’s tortoiseshell!” The person quickly figured out the tortoise shell’s origins.


As the saying went, ‘Bi Xi bears a heavy load’. Known for carrying a world on his back, Bi Xi naturally had exceptional strength and defence. The tortoise shell he shed was undoubtedly extraordinary. It was only natural that the shell could ward off several strikes from a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, regardless of how great a defence was, it could not withstand persistent bombardment forever. Moreover, Yang Kai was only in the Emperor Realm, so even though he could activate the power of Bi Xi’s tortoise shell, he was unable to persevere for a long time. Just the shockwaves from the clash would eventually be enough to kill him.


The fourth High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master seemed determined to kill Yang Kai in this place, so even though he could recognise Bi Xi’s shell, he didn’t seem to have the intention of holding back as he was ready to strike again. As his murderous intent surged, a terrifying aura suddenly spread out.


At the same time, a woman was heard yelling, “Heaven Covering Web!”


As the Divine Spirit’s aura swept across the sky, a colossal figure suddenly appeared. It was a gigantic silver spider. As her terrifying figure hovered in the void, all her legs were seen dancing. The crescent moon symbol on her back was especially conspicuous.


Zhu Jiu Yin had shown her true form!


When a Divine Spirit assumed their true form, it meant that they had fully activated their power. Previously, Zhu Jiu Yin was forced to reveal her true form by the two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land. Now that she was faced with four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, she couldn’t possibly have any reservations.


Furthermore, as soon as she revealed her true form, a huge spider web suddenly appeared and unfolded in the void before engulfing all four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. At that instant, a sense of danger rose within them as they felt like they were insects who had accidentally crashed into a spider web.


Zhu Jiu Yin was heard laughing in an eerie voice as she gently flicked a thread of the spider web with her huge leg. Following a clang, which sounded like a sword leaving the sheath or the music played by devils, the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who was raining attacks on Yang Kai fell into a dazed state. When he snapped back to reality, he suddenly saw a ray of light coming right at him.


Horrified, he was forced to stop attacking Yang Kai and quickly defend himself.


Following a loud boom, the local space shook. The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master flew backwards for a thousand metres as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


Being injured after just one strike, he became quite wary when he turned to look at Zhu Jiu Yin.


While Zhu Jiu Yin made this move though, Ti Zheng and the others didn’t stand idly by and seized the chance and fiercely strike at her body. Unable to deal with both sides at the same time, Zhu Jiu Yin was seriously wounded. There was a thirty-metre-long wound on her back that revealed her squirming flesh.


However, she was still slowly flicking her gigantic spider web as clanging sounds were heard in succession, which seemed able to shake the universe. The sound contained a mysterious power that could bind Ti Zheng and the others to their spots regardless of how hard they tried to struggle out of the web. 


Rays of light were seen moving around the spider web, and each one contained immense powers. The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters wouldn’t dare to underestimate these rays as they jumped around in embarrassment.


Ti Zheng snarled through clenched teeth, “You were concealing your true strength all along!”


Even though Zhu Jiu Yin had showcased great strength in the battle back in Void Land several years ago, it was still only slightly difficult to deal with. Ti Zheng and the others had estimated that just three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters would be enough to deal with her.


The reason they used the help of a fourth person was to make sure that no accidents would happen.


Furthermore, the Locking Divine Spirit Array was arranged here to suppress her Source and weaken her.



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