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Martial Peak – Chapter 4371, Riding A Tiger

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As they exchanged glances, they knew that they couldn’t hold back anymore. If they still wouldn’t risk their lives, Black Crow would escape from this place.


After they made a decision, layers of blood mist were seen exploding around the four of them. As these four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters burned their Blood Essence, their auras exploded. Even the Thousand-Eyed Demon Phantom behind Ti Zheng became reddened and more overbearing.


No one was willing to use this kind of technique unless they were left with no choice, as doing so would damage their foundation and it would be troublesome to recover from.


However, that was the least of their worries in this situation.


In an instant, Zhu Jiu Yin felt immensely pressured as her Heaven Covering Web was no longer able to restrict the movements of these four Masters. Following the attacks of the Thousand-Eyed Demon Phantom’s demonic lights and blade, the web was starting to show signs of collapsing.


Although Zhu Jiu Yin was trying her best to sustain it, she was unable to persevere indefinitely; after all, she hadn’t fully restored her power yet. Just now, she had caught her opponents off guard. She had already done her best by trying to confine them for such a long time.


Seeing as the four enemies were about to break free from her web, Zhu Jiu Yin realised that once they managed to do so, she would be unable to ensure Yang Kai’s safety on her own.


She suddenly had the intention of retreating.


While she was still lost in her thoughts, she felt her chest tightening. Following a loud boom, her gigantic true form staggered backwards while her Heaven Covering Web broke apart.


A ray of light shot out of the spider web and rushed in the direction Black Crow and his subordinates had left earlier. Apparently, he was trying to save the captured Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. He disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye.


Meanwhile, Ti Zheng and the others bombarded Zhu Jiu Yin with their attacks. The giant Spirit Peak repeatedly landed on her while the Thousand-Eyed Demon Phantom slashed across the void with its blade. A flustered Zhu Jiu Yin brandished all of her legs, and even the crescent moon mark on her back started glittering.


She wanted to weave a web again, but she didn’t have the chance to do so. As soon she spat out a thread of spider silk, it would be destroyed with overwhelming force.


The remaining three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters seemed to have tacitly come up with a strategy as two of them pinned Zhu Jiu Yin down while the last person pounced towards Yang Kai.


Their goal this time was to kill Yang Kai, so as long as they could achieve their objective, they could immediately leave this place. By then, Zhu Jiu Yin would never be able to stop them.


Even though Zhu Jiu Yin was powerful, she was faced with the Divine Manifestations of two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters on her own. Meanwhile, the last person brought with him an immense World Force and broke through the spider web’s restriction before appearing before Yang Kai in the blink of an eye.


Yue He, Bai Qi, and Qu Hua Shang became alarmed as they hurriedly tried to intercept this person.


However, the difference in their strength couldn’t be made up with numbers. Faced with the tremendous force, the three of them were sent flying away after just three breaths. They looked battered as they sprayed out blood from their mouths.


Since there were no more obstacles in the way, the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master looked at Yang Kai condescendingly. An Emperor Realm Junior to him was just an ant.


Engulfed in a sense of crisis, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and pushed all his might to use Bi Xi’s turtle shell to protect himself.


Yang Kai had used the turtle shell to fend off his opponent some time ago so he was naturally prepared to do so again. However, even though this shell was sturdy, the person using it was too feeble. Instead of destroying the turtle shell, this Master only had to continuously attack and Yang Kai would eventually die from the impact.


Therefore, even though Yang Kai had summoned the turtle shell, this person still didn’t seem to have the intention of holding back. As he brandished his fists, innumerable shadows engulfed Yang Kai.


*Hong hong hong…* 


World Force surged like a storm.


Even though the light on the turtle shell remained strong and obstinately stood guard in front of Yang Kai, the fallout that passed through the shell and reached Yang Kai was enough to cause severe damage. Just a moment later, Yang Kai felt as though all his bones had been dislocated and the vitality in his chest was weltering. It seemed that he would lose his life at any moment.


At the critical moment, he could no longer hold back and shouted, “Dragon Transformation!”


Following a high-pitched Dragon Roar, the universe trembled. A huge and majestic Dragon’s head manifested behind Yang Kai’s back before disappearing into his body.


As a golden light glittered and explosive sounds were continuously heard. Yang Kai’s figure expanded rapidly. His hands turned into gigantic Dragon Claws and Dragon Horns grew out of his forehead. A long Dragon Tail swept out and his entire figure was covered in a layer of glistening golden Dragon Scales.


Simultaneously, a rich Dragon Pressure permeated the void.


An originally petite Human suddenly transformed into a 4,000 metres long behemoth. Yang Kai had refined all the Dragon Blood Pills he had obtained from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, which allowed his Dragon Form to evolve massively once again.


Bi Xi’s turtle shell expanded exponentially as it seemed to cover the void and hovered in front of Yang Kai, who extended his claw and grabbed it as though he was holding a colossal shield.


Following a Dragon Roar, Yang Kai shot a glare at the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who attempted to harm him. As his Dragon whiskers flapped in the air, he targeted the person and hurled the turtle shell at him.


“You’re part of the Dragon Clan!?” That person was flabbergasted.


He never expected to see Yang Kai undergo such a transformation. Feeling the pure Dragon Pressure, he fell into a dazed state, and by the time came to his senses, the turtle shell was already upon him.


Then, he roared and parried the attack with both hands. As the violent forces clashed, that Master was forced back several hundred metres before he was able to stabilise himself. On the other hand, Yang Kai slightly bent backwards as he almost flipped over. The flesh on his arms exploded as his golden Dragon Blood splashed across the void.


There was still an enormous gap between their powers, which was why Yang Kai immediately suffered a setback. If it weren’t because his Dragon Form was extremely sturdy, he would’ve exploded on the spot from the impact.


Meanwhile, Ti Zheng and the other Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master were stunned as they looked dazedly at Yang Kai. Quickly, they used feints to withdraw and widen the gap between Zhu Jiu Yin and them.


Zhu Jiu Yin breathed a sigh of relief as she didn’t have the intention of relentlessly attacking them. Just now, for a moment, she thought that Yang Kai was doomed as she secretly cursed at him for being overconfident about his capabilities and interfering in this matter. If he really died in this place, Shan Qing Luo and the others would become widows. By then, she wouldn’t know how she could explain herself to Shan Qing Luo when she returned.


However, it never crossed her mind that the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master would relent at this moment, allowing Yang Kai to escape from death’s door.


The intense battle came to an abrupt halt as Yue He and the others, who were coming back to protect Yang Kai, stood there in disbelief.


Ti Zheng and his companions gathered together as they vigilantly stared at Zhu Jiu Yin while examining Yang Kai. They appeared both doubtful and shocked.


Yang Kai sported a solemn expression as he hovered in the void like a true Dragon overlooking the Heavens and Earth. Even though he was the weakest at the scene by far, he was also the most overbearing.


“Are you really a member of the Dragon Clan?” Ti Zheng asked through clenched teeth with a pale face.


He was severely wounded when battling against Zhu Jiu Yin just now. The main reason was that he had humiliated Zhu Jiu Yin, so the woman targeted most of her attacks at him, which led to his current miserable state. At this moment, the Small Universe in his body was trembling violently.


“What difference does it make whether I’m part of the Dragon Clan or not? Cut the crap and fight if that’s what you want,” Yang Kai replied. Every word he said was like thunder that reverberated across the void, making all of their ears ring.


Despite what Yang Kai had said, he could clearly see a sense of wariness behind the eyes of Ti Zheng and the others. He became slightly at ease as he realised that Mie Meng and Bi Xi were right to say that it was useful to reveal his Dragon Form at the most critical moment.


Ti Zheng and the others were naturally not wary of him, but they were of the Dragon Clan. Revealing his Dragon Form had pros and cons. Even though the Dragon Clan was extraordinarily powerful, they had many enemies in the 3,000 Worlds, so this identity might attract some unwanted trouble for him.


However, he had no choice but to reveal his Dragon Form in that kind of situation just now.


Ti Zheng snorted, “How could there be such a strange Dragon Clan member like you in this world?”


As a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was naturally more familiar with the Dragon Clan than ordinary people. Although Yang Kai had many characteristics of the Dragon Clan, there were still some traces of a Human in him. That was why he was doubtful. With that said, he was puzzled at the purity of the Dragon Pressure he was currently feeling.


If Yang Kai only had a faint Dragon Clan bloodline, he couldn’t possibly exude such a pure Dragon Pressure. 


There was a reason that the Dragon Clan was touted to be the Head of the Myriad Spirits.


“Whether I’m a Dragon or not is none of your business,” Yang Kai decided the less he revealed the better.


“Hmph! This Monarch has a way to find out!”


As Ti Zheng spoke, he rubbed his fingers together and obtained a drop of golden Dragon Blood that was floating nearby. After having a taste of the blood though, he sported a dark expression.


The other two High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters turned their heads and observed his expression before realising that Yang Kai was indeed a Dragon Clan member; otherwise, Ti Zheng wouldn’t have sported such a solemn look.


At that instant, they furrowed their brows as a single thought crossed their minds, [This is bad!]


It wouldn’t have mattered if Yang Kai was just a random Dragonborn. The Dragon Clan was known for its lasciviousness, and they had left behind countless Dragon Descendants in the 3,000 Worlds. Half-Dragons and Dragonborn were not valued by the Dragon Clan at all, so they could be killed without any concern. However, a Pureblood Dragon couldn’t be killed as one pleased.


If they could erase all traces of the act, they could ensure the Dragon Clan never found out about it. It wasn’t like there had never been Dragons who were murdered in the past. Nevertheless, even if they could kill Yang Kai today, there was no way they would be able to kill Zhu Jiu Yin; hence, this news was bound to leak out. Although they were all Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, they were not willing to risk offending the Dragon Clan.


It wasn’t that the great forces behind them were afraid of the Dragon Clan, but creating this kind of unnecessary conflict would be extremely detrimental to them. 


At that instant, they found all their previous actions laughable.


They had summoned four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters and more than 20 Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters to deal with Yang Kai, but in the end, many of them were either killed or injured, and they were unable to kill him as they pleased.


What was the point of doing all this?


If they knew Yang Kai was a Dragon Clan member, they wouldn’t have spent so much effort setting up a trap in this place. Now, they were all riding a tiger, unable to get off.


They couldn’t let Yang Kai go just like that as many of their subordinates were killed. How were they supposed to explain themselves to their respective great forces when they returned? What’s more, if they released Yang Kai, it would be troublesome should he manage to ascend to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


At that instant, they didn’t know what to do as they could neither kill him nor release him.



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