Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4372, I’ve Made Up My Mind


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As Ti Zheng and the others traded glances, they were unable to make a decision.


Just then, the fourth High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, who had run after Black Crow earlier, returned. He had no idea what was going on, so he couldn’t help but ask, “What are you all doing?”


Another High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master parted his lips and quietly informed him of the situation, causing the former to frown.


Ti Zheng asked, “Where’s Black Crow?”


“He escaped,” that person said resentfully. Black Crow was an Old Monster who had been reborn by taking over someone’s body, and he had also cultivated a Heaven-defying Secret Art. Even though the one who chased him was a High-Rank Open Heaven Master, Black Crow still managed to throw him off. Left with no choice, he could only come back.


They were not able to either kill or release Yang Kai, while Black Crow had captured their people and fled. Their plot this time could be said to be a complete failure; therefore, all four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters sported extremely dark expressions.


While they were in a dilemma, Yang Kai suddenly asked loudly, “What’s going on with this Shadowless Cave Heaven? Why can’t I open the portal?”


Initially, Ti Zheng wanted to ignore him. The failure this time would definitely damage his reputation in Myriad Demons Heaven. When he returned to his great force, he would probably be demoted and punished. Presently, he was wondering how he could settle the issue, so he wasn’t in the mood to reply to Yang Kai. However, as he darted his eyes around, he suddenly thought of something and with a smile, he said to Yang Kai, “You’re just a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master, so you’re unable to open the entrance to the Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


“Why is that?” Yang Kai gazed at him with a tilted head.


Ti Zheng explained, “That’s because there’s a restriction around the Shadowless Cave Heaven. The minimum requirement to pass through this barrier is to be in the Open Heaven Realm. It’s just like how the barrier around the Blood Monster Cave Heaven dictated that only those below the Open Heaven Realm Masters could enter it. The Shadowless Cave Heaven is just the opposite. Only Open Heaven Realm Masters can go in.”


“I see,” Yang Kai muttered under his breath as though he had already expected it.


While both parties were locked in an intense battle just now, he had repeatedly attempted to open up the entrance to the Shadowless Cave Heaven. Unfortunately, even though he had found the entrance, he was obstructed by some kind of repulsive force, which stopped him from succeeding. He had a feeling that he was not powerful enough to force it open. If he had sufficient strength, he could easily enter the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


“Do you want to go in? It’s easy. Just ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.” Ti Zheng grinned.


Upon hearing that, the other three High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters arched their brows as they realised Ti Zheng’s intention.


“You want me to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm?” Yang Kai sneered at him.


Ti Zheng shrugged and coughed before saying, “It’s entirely up to you whether you want to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, and no one can force you to do so. However, I have to tell you that the Shadowless Cave Heaven isn’t a pleasant place. Over the years, many people have entered it, but none of them have managed to come out, so no one knows what the situation is like inside or how dangerous it is. It has been half a year since Lan You Ruo fell into it. If you’re too slow, you might not even have a chance to retrieve her corpse. Nevertheless, I heard that you’re proficient in the Dao of Space. After you go in, you might be able to find a way out. Lan You Ruo’s life or death is up to you now.”


He seemed to be encouraging Yang Kai to break through right now, so upon hearing that, Yue He paled and exclaimed, “Don’t listen to him, Young Master!”


Yang Kai remained in his 3,000 metres Dragon Form as he narrowed his eyes and looked condescendingly at Ti Zheng.


Even though Ti Zheng’s face was somewhat pale, he still stared back at him smilingly.


A moment later, Yang Kai closed his eyes and returned to his Human Form. Things had come to a point where they wouldn’t fight again. Ti Zheng and the others were wary of the Dragon Clan, so they wouldn’t kill Yang Kai. On the other hand, Yang Kai had no way to defeat them, so it was pointless to sustain his Dragon Form.


Ti Zheng observed his expression and realised that Yang Kai sported a conflicted look, as though he was trying to make a difficult decision.


Upon that realization, Zhu Jiu Yin shot him a glance, “Brat, are you really…”


Yue He anxiously spoke up, “You have come so far in this path, Young Master. It would be an incredible shame if you fail at the last step. Please don’t even think about it!”


Yang Kai turned to look at her and realised that her eyes were filled with concern and anxiety. There was still a trail of blood at the corner of her mouth. All of a sudden, he stopped hesitating and calmed down as his gaze turned resolute. Then, he took a step forward and helped her brush away the blood on her lips before gently saying, “It’s indeed a shame to fail at the last step, but… I should have my own power now.”


As a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master, he was too weak and insignificant in all these battles.


When he was besieged by Shen Liang and Jiang Yun Shan from Heavenly Sword Union back then, all he could do was stay behind everyone’s protection. Now, he was attacked by Ti Zheng and the others, but all he could do was let his companions protect him. He could only watch as Zhu Jiu Yin fought a life-and-death battle with the enemy while Yue He and the others repeatedly spat blood just to shield him from harm.


He wouldn’t want to go through this kind of terrible experience again as it pained him to see his companions being harmed while he was powerless to help.


As that realisation dawned upon him, all his worries melted away and he was left with a decision in his mind, which was ascending to the Open Heaven Realm!


All of a sudden, he felt as though he had been enlightened.


Only by ascending to the Open Heaven Realm would he have a right to be viewed as important in the 3,000 Worlds. Only by ascending to the Open Heaven Realm would he be able to enter the Shadowless Cave Heaven and stand a chance to bring the Proprietress out of this place.


“Please don’t do that, Young Master!” Yue He exclaimed. Yang Kai had been working hard, and coupled with his incredible luck, he had managed to condense six High-Rank Elements. As long as he could complete the last step, he would directly ascend to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm and make a name for himself. If he failed at the very last moment, it would be the biggest regret in his life.


Yang Kai spread his arms and flashed a smile at her, “What do you see?”


A puzzled Yue He shook her head, her eyes filled with concern.


Yang Kai explained, “It’s a pair of powerless arms. What can I do with them? Proprietress has fallen into danger because of me, but I’m unable to save her because there’s no power in my hands.”


Then, he balled up his fists as though he was trying to grab something, “Only by having strength that I can call my own, can I change anything.”


He and the Proprietress were unable to wait any longer. Just like what Ti Zheng had said, no one knew what was going on inside the Shadowless Cave Heaven. It had been half a year since the Proprietress fell into it, so there was no telling what kind of danger she was facing. Although the Proprietress was among the strongest in the Sixth Order, she might not be able to break free from this trap.


Moreover, what was the point if he kept waiting? It was unrealistic for him to obtain a High-Rank Yin Element treasure now. This time, Myriad Demons Heaven led the way and used Proprietress to lure Yang Kai out of Void Land. What would come next? There was no way they would let him off, and the merchants wouldn’t dare to offend all the Cave Heavens and Paradises by selling him a High-Rank Yin Element treasure.


It had been 3 years since he started developing the Star City and business had been excellent, with all the streets filled with people buying and selling all manner of goods. However, although he had offered a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill and a High-Rank Metal Element Monster Core, he still couldn’t get what he wanted.


Even if he kept waiting, he might not be able to achieve his goal in the end. 


Rather than waiting for a dream that was out of reach, the most important thing for him now was to have his own strength.


Affirming his decision, he turned around as his black hair flapped in the non-existent wind and bellowed, “I’ll ascend to the Open Heaven Realm as you wish, Ti Zheng. I hope you all won’t be too disappointed!”


Upon hearing that, Ti Zheng rubbed his palms together and guffawed, “You’re indeed a promising young man.”


If Yang Kai wanted to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm now, he wouldn’t be able to become a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master because he didn’t have a High-Rank Yin Element treasure. He could only make it to the Sixth Order at most. In that case, they were willing to accept such an outcome.


All this while, they had been worried that Yang Kai would directly ascend to the Seventh Order, giving him a chance to become a Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and challenge the order of the 3,000 Worlds.


If he only ascended to the Sixth Order, there would no longer be any worries. The highest limit a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could achieve was the Eighth-Order. There were quite a number of Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who stood guard over the Cave Heavens and Paradises, so Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to cause a stir.


At that instant, Ti Zheng found Yang Kai to be less despicable as he secretly cursed at the latter for being so difficult. If Yang Kai had made up his mind earlier, they wouldn’t have had to go through so much effort. If word got out that some of the Cave Heavens and Paradises, led by Myriad Demons Heaven, joined forces just to suppress an Emperor Realm Junior, all of them would lose a lot of face.


“Young Master…” Yue He still wanted to dissuade him. 


Yang Kai raised his hand and stroked her head, “Stand guard for me.”


With her lips pressed together, Yue He gazed at him with reddened eyes.


While Qu Hua Shang heaved a sigh, Bai Qi sported a conflicted expression, not knowing what to say. He felt extremely guilty and thought that things might not have come to such a point if he hadn’t gone to Void Land to look for Yang Kai.


However, he didn’t know what else to do. If he stopped Yang Kai, it was akin to letting the Proprietress perish. If he let Yang Kai ascend to the Open Heaven Realm at this point, the latter’s future would be ruined. He was truly caught in a dilemma.


“Why do you all wear such expressions?” Yang Kai flashed a smile at his companions.


Zhu Jiu Yin spoke after a sigh, “Brat, it’s up to you whether you want to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm or not. You have to think it through.”


Even though she had once tried to force Yang Kai to refine a Sixth-Order Element in Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary back then, that was because she wanted to increase his strength to prepare for the Spirit Seizing War so that he could stand a better chance to become the winner. Now that he had to voluntarily give up the dream he had been pursuing for years, she couldn’t help feeling sorry for him.


The main reason she stopped forcing him at that time was that he threatened to kill himself, which showed just how firm his determination was.


“I’ve made up my mind.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded. He appeared completely at ease. Even though he would ruin the foundation he had built by ascending to the Open Heaven Realm today, he would never regret his decision.


That was because if he insisted on being stubborn, the people around him he cared about would be hurt. That was a future he would never want to see.


“Does any one of you have a Sixth-Order Yin Element treasure? Give it to me.” Yang Kai gazed at his companions, who shook their heads at the same time.


He arched his brow and turned to look at Zhu Jiu Yin.


She said, “Why are you looking at me? This Queen does have some Sixth-Order materials, but none of them are of the Yin Element.”




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  1. Boom after hundreds of chapters he only realized he is just a twat if not in OH realm. Lol that is why he should have kept a spare 6th yin with him. He is too arrogant and confident he can directly ascend with all the combined clan/sect powers interfering with his puny strength. But don’t worry yk you are “The MC” so even if you ascend to lvl1 OH realm you will still reign supreme.

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