Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4376, Chaos Breaks, A New World Is Born


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“If this brat can’t break through the fog of chaos, he’ll definitely lose his life,” An old voice was heard coming from one of the four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Ti Zheng and the others exchanged glances as they felt that they had probably overestimated Yang Kai’s potential. He was going through so much danger although he was just ascending to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so it probably wouldn’t have mattered even if they allowed him to obtain a Seventh-Order Yin Element treasure. Based on their observation, if Yang Kai really attempted to achieve the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, he wouldn’t stand a chance of succeeding.


The chaotic aura around Yang Kai was so thick that it had engulfed him entirely. Looking from afar, they felt as though he had been covered in a large cocoon that totally obscured his figure.


Inside the cocoon, Yang Kai was completely at ease as he silently felt the chaotic aura and the state before Heaven and Earth split apart. It was as though he had travelled through time and returned to the beginning of history, when there was still nothing but chaos.


Just then, cracking sounds were heard coming from his heart as his Dao Seal began to shatter. The Dao Seal was the very core of an Emperor Realm cultivator as it was the essence of their cultivation. When the Dao Seal broke apart, it meant that their Grand Dao also started dispersing. If this Dao Essence wasn’t quickly integrated into a Small Universe, the consequences would be dreadful.


Therefore, before the Dao Seal completely collapsed, a Small Universe had to take shape.


In order to achieve that, one had to break through the chaos by splitting Heaven and Earth apart in their body, melding the Seven Elements together into a new World.


At this life-and-death moment, Yang Kai seemed to be oblivious to the situation he was in.


He couldn’t help recalling the moment his body was destroyed by Great Demon God Mo Sheng. It was the final battle between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm. In order to win that battle, all the Masters from the Star Boundary, including all the Great Emperors, waged war against Great Demon God.


It was in that battle that Yang Kai lost his life under a horrifying attack from the Great Demon God. If it weren’t for the Immortal Tree, he wouldn’t have stood a chance to be reborn.


It could be said that he was someone who had died and come back to life before, so he knew better than anyone else about the cycle of life or death.


Most other people wouldn’t have a chance to experience dying and then being reborn.


All of a sudden, a realisation dawned upon Yang Kai as he felt that he gained enlightenment.


“All life starts with chaos and returns to chaos in the end. What is life? What is death? That doesn’t matter. One will only realise life or death if he’s aware of it. There is no life or death if he knows nothing of it. What is reality? What is an illusion? There are no boundaries in this world, all is a construct of one’s mind!”


As his murmur was heard coming from the cocoon, there seemed to be a spiritual light that penetrated his mind and broke through the thick fog, which allowed him to see a glimmer of the future.


At the same time, the chaotic aura around Yang Kai seemed to have been seized by an invisible hand as it stopped churning entirely.


Just three breaths later, a crack appeared on the chaos cocoon, and soon after, it was covered in cracks.


The aura of Heaven and Earth exuded from it as a brand new World was taking shape, and through the cracks, Yang Kai’s own World Force began to permeate.




The void shook.


The cocoon shattered all of a sudden and revealed Yang Kai’s figure. His eyes were still tightly closed as he remained seated with his legs crossed in the void; however, there was a storm swirling around him, which made his clothes and hair flap in the wind.


The Dao Seal in his body completely shattered, but there wasn’t a risk of his Grand Dao collapsing. That was because at this exact moment, his newly formed Small Universe absorbed this Grand Dao and integrated with it.


Chaos was broken, and a new World was born!


At that moment, the illusory image of a Small Universe manifested behind Yang Kai’s back. It was his very own world that had just taken shape.


Ti Zheng narrowed his eyes and spoke up, “He actually succeeded.”


He was puzzled as he could see that Yang Kai was about to be consumed by the swirling chaos just now; however, he somehow managed to break through that fog at the last moment and enter the Open Heaven Realm. He didn’t understand what Yang Kai had gone through during that life-and-death moment.


Only Yang Kai knew exactly what had happened.


The moment the Small Universe appeared, Ti Zheng exerted more power with his eyes in an attempt to peer into it. Unfortunately, the Heaven Covering Web was still in place, so he was unable to see it clearly even though he was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Upon seeing that Yang Kai had advanced to the Open Heaven Realm, Zhu Jiu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, but the next moment, she was stunned as she gazed forward with a frown.


That was because instead of immediately consolidating his newly formed Small Universe, Yang Kai actually turned his hand over and revealed a rounded bead.


Zhu Jiu Yin immediately recognised that it was his Sealed World Bead. She knew that there was an independent World inside this bead, but she had never entered it due to it not being able to withstand her immense power.


[What’s this brat trying to do by taking his Sealed World Bead out at this point?]


While she was wondering, she saw Yang Kai’s body shake as his Small Universe’s illusory image appeared behind him again. Following that, he nonchalantly tossed his Small World Bead into his Small Universe.


Zhu Jiu Yin’s brows twitched as she exclaimed, “What the hell are you doing, you crazy brat!?”


Yang Kai opened his eyes and grinned at her, “Just taking a little gamble!”


Zhu Jiu Yin felt her chest tightening while Bai Qi and the others widened their mouths in disbelief. Their expressions changed when they realised Yang Kai’s intention.


While they were staring anxiously at him, Yang Kai performed a hand seal and shouted, “Open!”


Following his shout, the Sealed World Bead exploded inside his Small Universe. The bead had been with Yang Kai for many, many years, and it had helped him overcome numerous dangers.


It could be said that the Sealed World Bead was one of the most important treasures throughout his cultivation journey.


At this moment, the bead had completed its last duty and detonated following Yang Kai’s order.


Following that, the Small Universe’s illusory phantom trembled violently because it was suffering from a huge impact that was coming from the collapsed Small Sealed World.


Although the Sealed World Bead looked like a small rounded bead, it contained an entire World within it. At this moment, it was exploding within Yang Kai’s Small Universe, so the immense impact could be imagined.


If Yang Kai was unable to bear such an impact, his newly formed Small Universe would be destroyed, and he would most likely lose his life.


There was no doubt that this was an extremely risky move because he was making a bet on his Small Universe and the Sealed World Bead. Once he failed, he would lose everything.


However, if he succeeded, the Sealed World Bead would integrate into his Small Universe and the benefits he would receive would be inconceivable.


Putting the newly formed Small Universe aside for now, the landmass in the Small Sealed World was quite expansive. When the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed, Yang Kai had collected many of its fragments and stored them inside the bead. Each fragment contained the heritage left behind by a deceased Eight-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. At that time, countless Open Heaven Realm Masters were trying to snatch these Spirit Province fragments. Yang Kai was weak, so he could only collect a few pieces.


Usually, even an Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t dare to absorb these fragments into their Small Universe, unless their aura was extremely similar to that of the Blood Monster Divine Monarch. The consequences of forcefully doing this would be akin to poisoning oneself.


Yang Kai didn’t have to worry about it as he had the Small Sealed World to act as a filter.


Over the years, the Small Sealed World had fully assimilated the aura of those fragments, which significantly strengthened the heritage within the bead.


Furthermore, Yang Kai wasn’t doing this on a whim.


In fact, a long time ago, he had already planned on merging his Sealed World Bead with his Small Universe while he was breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm.


Others didn’t have such an option, but it was different for him.


Both the Small Universe and the Small Sealed World were part of Yang Kai’s heritage, with the latter having been thoroughly painted with his aura, so there was absolutely no conflict when merging the two. However, the problem he was facing now was the impact that had been inflicted on his Small Universe after the Small Sealed World literally exploded. As long as he could get through this trial, he would be able to achieve his goal.


The task was as difficult as ascending to the Open Heaven Realm.


The illusory image behind him continuously expanded as Zhu Jiu Yin and the others watched, their hearts pounding against their chests.


Ti Zheng and the others were puzzled as they didn’t know what Yang Kai had done to make this kind of scene. They had been paying close attention to Yang Kai since the beginning, but after he achieved his breakthrough, all they saw was him toss some kind of bead into his Small Universe, and then this happened.


[What in the world was that bead?]


Although they couldn’t look into what was going on exactly, the ever-expanding illusory phantom suggested that Yang Kai’s Small Universe was experiencing an unimaginable impact.


Yang Kai sported a solemn expression as he repeatedly used different hand seals and focused on controlling his strength to stabilize his Small Universe while merging it with the collapsed Small Sealed World as soon as possible.


Inside his newly formed Small Universe, bolts of lightning flashed across the sky as a great thunderstorm blew through it, as if it was the end of the world. Mu Zhu and Mu Lu hugged each other tightly as they trembled in the medicine garden.


These two petite Wood Spirits had always lived inside the medicine garden in the Small Sealed World. When trying to assimilate the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai didn’t release them as he already had a plan in mind. Although it appeared even more perilous than when he was ascending to the Open Heaven Realm, everything was well within his control.


From time to time, Yang Kai would roar as the illusory image behind him expanded and contorted; however, as time passed, things were showing signs of improvement as the illusory phantom became more stable.


Just like what Yang Kai had expected, everything was going well. The Small Universe was formed by splitting Heaven and Earth apart when he was attempting a breakthrough. On the other hand, the Sealed World Bead had been with him for years, so he was able to control every part of the Small Sealed World as he pleased. That was why everything fell into place as there was no conflict when merging the two.


His Dao Seal had already fallen apart as it turned into Dao Essence which filled the entire Small Universe.


As time passed, the thunderstorm calmed and the illusory phantom behind Yang Kai stabilised, its violent energy fluctuations dissipating. 


All the commotion died down.


An Open Heaven Realm’s aura swirled around Yang Kai. That was indeed a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s aura.


Every new Open Heaven Realm Master had to go through this phase and it would take them some time to fortify their cultivation and consolidate their aura so they could take it out and retract it at will.




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  1. As the MC, there’s no way he won’t become the strongest existence. The only question is how he’ll bypass the 2 order level up limit? High rank world fruit? The true open heaven pills he found?
    Wonder if he’ll become a divine spirit after fully absorbing his dragon source. So the human cultivation system’s limits won’t apply to him?

    1. So far those are the revealed mechanics for bypassing the limit. Unless he goes through two hundred pill recipes and invents new ones or something.

  2. I wonder if breaking through at a lower level is actually a hidden blessing. Something that lets him be unbeatable, even by those at a higher level than he is.

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