Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4377, Small Universe


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Yang Kai was now an Open Heaven Realm Master. He had come a long way and encountered countless dangerous incidents. Finally, he took this vital important step.


His emotions undulated in his heart, and as he recalled everything that he had gone through, he couldn’t help but let out a long roar to express his excitement. His roar was so loud that the entire void seemed to be shaking.


It wasn’t until this moment that he had time to examine his own Small Universe. Sending his consciousness inwards, the entire Small Universe appeared in his mind.


The first thing he could see was a gigantic ancient tree. The tree crown stretched out like a colossal umbrella and seemed to cover the entire sky. Extremely rich vitality exuded from every part of the tree as it breathed life into the Small Universe.


At that instant, Yang Kai realised that it was the Manifestation of his Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation in his Small Universe.


He comprehended the Towering Evergreen from his Wood Element Power, which was derived from the Immortal Tree’s essence; therefore, the Manifestation of this Divine Manifestation had something to do with the Immortal Tree.


Upon realising that there was a shadow beneath the tree, Yang Kai became startled for a moment before looking up. There, a dazzling golden Sun hung in the sky. Caws sounded as there seemed to be a three-legged exotic bird flying around inside the Sun.


The shadow under the tree was caused by the great Sun’s glow. It was the Manifestation of his Golden Crow Casts the Sun!


Yang Kai arched his brow as he hadn’t expected his Small Universe to look like this. Besides that, he seemed to understand something at that moment.


As his thoughts flashed, time in the Small Universe seemed to accelerate rapidly. The radiant Sun in the sky traveled across the sky, disappearing beyond the horizon as a bright Moon rose from the opposite side. The Manifestation of Water Reflects the Moon seemed to have cast a silvery glow on the entire Small Universe, giving it an ethereal ambience.


There was a Golden Wolf standing atop a certain mountain as it howled at the Moon. Apart from that, innumerable Stars could be seen twinkling in the sky.


The round Moon was the Manifestation of Yang Kai’s Water Element Power while the Golden Wolf was the Manifestation of his Metal Element Power. As for the Stars, they were the representation of the Heavenly Yin Sand that he had just refined.


As his thoughts flashed, Yang Kai was able to make the Sun and Moon cycle in succession.


A strange feeling filled his heart as at that instant, he realised that his comprehension of the Dao of Time had improved significantly.


He had always been a novice when it came to his studies of the Dao of Time, and that was only thanks to him having learned the Time Flies Seal, without which he couldn’t even have comprehended the basics of Time Principles.


However, after such a long time, he was still considered a beginner in the Dao of Time. That was because most of his time was spent on the comprehension of the Dao of Space.


First of all, he didn’t have a natural aptitude when it came to the studies of Dao of Time, so it would be quite time-consuming if he insisted on learning it. Secondly, his time was limited so he had to focus on one Grand Dao. There were countless Grand Daos in the Universe, but while being versed in many had its advantages, mastering one was still a better choice.


Nevertheless, at this moment, the Dao of Time was like a generous Elder who opened up to him and taught him all kinds of skills and knowledge, tremendously enhancing Yang Kai’s comprehension of it.


The reason behind that was the formation of his Small Universe.


He knew nothing about other people’s Small Universes, but presently, there were Sun, Moon, and Stars in his Small Universe. As these celestial objects that moved in an endless cycle, like a flowing river of time. His entire Small Universe was filled with ample Time Principles, which was how he obtained such tremendous benefits.


There was no doubt that it was a pleasant surprise.


As his thoughts continued flowing through his mind, he saw Mu Zhu and Mu Lu sitting together on the tree branch of a certain Spirit Tree in the transplanted medicine garden. As their heads pressed against one another, they swung their legs and looked dazedly at the starry night sky. While the Stars twinkled, they also batted their eyes.


Mu Lu remarked, “It’s beautiful.”


Mu Zhu uttered, “En. It’s wonderful.”


In the past, although the Small Sealed World was an independent World of its own, they had never seen such a magnificent view before. Now, everything had changed. Since these Wood Spirits started following Yang Kai and settled in the Small Sealed World, they had never seen such a wonderful night sky. The sight before their eyes made them recall the time they grew up in the Star Boundary. Back then, they always loved to sit together and enjoy the mesmerising night view.


Yang Kai retracted his mind and sported a solemn expression.


The situation Mu Zhu and Mu Lu were in suggested that his Small Universe was able to accommodate living creatures, which was contrary to common sense.


In the 3,000 Worlds, only the Small Universes of High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were fully corporeal, akin to real Universe Worlds.


Presently, Yang Kai was only a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, which was two Orders below the requisite Seventh-Order.


Two Orders was a massive gap that countless cultivators failed to surmount in their lifetime. Although one could slowly cultivate over time, it would take them a painfully long period as well as many fortunate changes to achieve this goal.


However, Yang Kai wasn’t surprised at the outcome. If he attempted to break through like everyone else, his Small Universe would’ve become the same as those of other people. However, the moment his Small Universe was formed upon his ascension, he integrated his Sealed World Bead into his Small Universe, leading to this incredible transformation.


The Sealed World Bead was already able to accommodate living creatures, but due to the limitations of its grade, it was unable to take in Open Heaven Realm Masters without the risk of exploding.


After the Sealed World Bead merged with his Small Universe, the new Small Universe inherited the characteristics of the Sealed World Bead. Accommodating living creatures was just one part of that.


Moreover, there were Sun, Moon, and Stars inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe, giving it a day and night cycle. Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements formed into a virtuous cycle. The Grand Dao and World Principles inside it were incredibly complete. Basically, his Small Universe was no different from a real Universe World.


Even the Small Universe of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master might not be as perfect as his.


The Great Sun was a Divine Manifestation he had comprehended after refining the Golden Crow’s True Fire while the Moon was the Manifestation of the Water Element Power he refined from the Moon Essence. If someone wanted to reproduce his success, they would have to refine the Golden Crow’s True Fire and Moon Essence as well.


However, it was extremely difficult to refine the Golden Crow’s True Fire and Moon Essence, both of which were High-Rank materials. One of them was scorching while the other was freezing. Either of them could easily kill a cultivator who absorbed them haphazardly.


In the entire 3,000 Worlds, probably only Yang Kai’s Small Universe contained the Sun and Moon that rose and set.


Upon seeing that Yang Kai was grinning from ear to ear, Zhu Jiu Yin couldn’t help but scoff, “Why are you so ecstatic when you’ve only ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm? Can you be more ambitious, you smelly brat?”


It was then Yang Kai opened his eyes and cupped his fist with a solemn expression, “Many thanks for your protection, Senior.”


If Zhu Jiu Yin hadn’t tagged along, he would’ve been dead by now. Since four High-Rank cultivators were waiting for him in this place, he would have had no hope of surviving. In front of absolute power, all strategy was meaningless.


“From today forward, I consider your oath fulfilled, Senior.”


Since Zhu Jiu Yin had fulfilled her promise, Yang Kai certainly wouldn’t go back on his word. Some time ago, he said that as long as she could escort him to this place, her oath would be completed regardless of whether he survived or not. From now on, she no longer had to protect him.


Zhu Jiu Yin snorted, “Save your platitudes, this Queen is fully aware of that.”


Then, Yang Kai turned to look at Qu Hua Shang and thanked, “Many thanks, Senior Sister Qu.”


Qu Hua Shang shook her head with a bitter smile, “I wasn’t able to help you in any way.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Simply coming with me is already more than I could have asked for, Senior Sister Qu.” He knew that when she returned to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, she would be punished; after all, she had jumped in to interfere when those from Myriad Demons Heaven were dealing with Yang Kai. Since she was a Core Disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, she was in all essence a representative of her Sect. Her actions this time had tarnished her Sect’s reputation.


Following that, Yang Kai gazed at Yue He and said, “Please take care of Void Land.”


A startled Yue He subconsciously asked, “Where are you going, Young Master?”


Without responding to her, Yang Kai put on a smile before he pressed his palms together and pulled them apart as he shouted, “Open!”


As Space Principles undulated, a huge crack suddenly appeared in front of them. The aura of another world exuded from the crack.


Naturally, it was the aura of the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


Ti Zheng was right to say that there was a restriction around this Universe Cave Heaven that would bar anyone below the Open Heaven Realm from entering. Although Yang Kai had found the entrance using Space Principles earlier, he could feel that there was a force that stopped him from entering it.


Upon ascending to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he realised that the force no longer blocked him.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai slipped into the crack as he sent a Divine Sense message to Yue He, “Go back to Void Land and wait for me. I’ll definitely bring Proprietress out of this place.”


Yue He widened her eyes in disbelief and shot forward to follow him, but the crack disappeared the next instant. When she reached the spot, the entrance was nowhere to be seen.


Bai Qi was dumbfounded as well. As they exchanged glances, they inspected the Void around them but failed to find the entrance.


A pale Ti Zheng said, “Stop wasting your time. The entrance is so well hidden that even this Monarch is unable to sense it, let alone you all. The reason that brat can enter it is that he’s a Master of the Dao of Space. Still, it’s a wise choice that he went in alone.”


Zhu Jiu Yin shot him a cold glance, “What do you mean?”


Ti Zheng replied with a smile, “The Shadowless Cave Heaven is an extremely strange place where one can enter but not come out. Over the years, many Open Heaven Realm Masters have accidentally fallen into it, but no one has ever managed to leave, so no one knows what’s going on inside. Although that boy can enter easily enough, he probably doesn’t have the confidence to come out again. So, he doesn’t want to drag all of you into it. Hahaha. He’s just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Does he think he can change anything by going in?”


At this moment, he was completely at ease. Even though he didn’t achieve his goal of killing Yang Kai, he had managed to force him to become a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, which was good enough.


It could be said that the Cave Heavens and Paradises could stop worrying about anyone challenging their status as Yang Kai’s future was now ruined. The best a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could achieve was the Seventh-Order in the future, which was in the same Order as them now. Moreover, it’d take Yang Kai millennia to reach the Seventh Order by ordinary means, so there was truly nothing for them to worry about.




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  1. This is a huge step forward in his cultivation, as was becoming a Great Emperor before. Now he has to grow stronger and climb all the way to the maximum or Ninth Order.

  2. Whats with the “only high rank small universes can accomodate living creatures” bullshit? A random 4th order venerable from Seven Wonders Land was very much able to easily host multiple people inside his small universe. Such a weird retcon to make, for such a meaningless detail.

    1. That was mentioned when Open Heaven masters collected fragments of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in chapter 4296. It essentially said that that venerable used a special technique and that the universe wasn’t as “majestic”.
      And at least back then, that venerable also was (and perhaps had to be) inside his universe while others were inside whereas Yang Kai is not. So you could argue it is more limited

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