Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4380, Shadowless Cave Heaven


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Half a day later, Ti Zheng fell into a despairing state.


Most of the foundation of his Small Universe was gone. Even if Wu Kuang stopped sucking his strength now, his cultivation would definitely regress, and it would take him countless years to restore it, if that was even possible.


On the other hand, Wu Kuang had swollen significantly after absorbing so much power, now looking like a giant fatty. World Force could be seen spurting out from his pores and bringing with it streams of blood, which formed a thick layer of blood mist around his body.


It seemed that he would explode at any moment due to his inability to contain so much power, but in reality, he didn’t seem to have the intention of stopping as he still madly used his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to absorb Ti Zheng’s power.


Furthermore, as time passed, Wu Kuang’s aura increased rapidly.


It had only been seven or eight years since Wu Kuang ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. This amount of time was normally only enough for a cultivator to stabilise his cultivation, but presently, Wu Kuang seemed to be at the peak of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm as he was showing signs of achieving a breakthrough.


Upon seeing that, Ti Zheng was horrified.


[What kind of evil technique is this Heaven Devouring Battle Law!? Does it even allow him to rapidly increase his cultivation without any drawbacks!?]


Without saying a word, Wu Kuang madly circulated his Heaven Devouring Battle Law and greedily absorbed the last remnants of the Seventh-Order cultivator’s Small Universe.


This kind of chance was extremely hard to come by. Even though he had done similar things before, the ones he targeted had always been Fourth and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Now that there was such a great chance, he certainly wouldn’t want to miss it.


In fact, it was all thanks to Yang Kai that he managed to have this chance.


If Yang Kai hadn’t brought a mature Divine Spirit with him that severely injured Ti Zheng, Wu Kuang’s sneak attack wouldn’t have been successful.


It never crossed his mind that Yang Kai would manage to cause such a massive stir in the 3,000 Worlds just several decades after they separated, even becoming the Lord of Void Land.


It was true that a talented person would never fall into oblivion wherever he went.


Three days later, Wu Kuang stopped circulating his Secret Technique and took a deep breath to suppress his weltering vitality.


After three days of continuous absorption, he had swollen tremendously. From afar, he looked more like a balloon than a person. Blood was still streaming out of his seven orifices as the blood mist swirled around him.


However, his aura was already much stronger than when he started. There was no doubt that he had reached the peak of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


On the other hand, Ti Zheng’s breathing was extremely weak. His gaze was listless and his figure had withered as his Small Universe had been completely drained. Presently, he was already on his last legs. Even if Wu Kuang decided not to kill him, he would soon die.


“Do you have any last words?” Wu Kuang asked in a grim voice.


Without saying a word, Ti Zheng stared fixedly at him.


Wu Kuang nodded, “Farewell then, Sir.”


Then, he landed a palm on Ti Zheng, who exploded into dust and went with the wind. The fact that a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master fell into such a state was truly miserable.


After killing Ti Zheng, Wu Kuang immediately shot towards the depths of the Shattered Heaven. Soon, he found a Spirit Province and snuck into it. Then, he set up a number of Spirit Arrays that could conceal his presence and set the Spirit Province moving towards his destination. Following that, he sat down with his legs crossed and focused on refining the power he had just absorbed.


He was extremely full now, so it would take him a long time before he could digest it all. When he stepped out of seclusion next, he would be a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


He was the one who had created the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, and since he arrived at the 3,000 Worlds, he had modified and improved it several times. With this Heaven-defying Secret Art in his hands, he could just drain the powers of some Open Heaven Realm Masters to increase his cultivation, which was why he disregarded Ti Zheng’s promise to him.


Just like what Wu Kuang had said, 1,000 years was too long for him. If he wanted to ascend to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, he just had to look for his own chances instead of waiting for others’ help.




Under the grey sky, there was a barren land that was filled with Death Qi. The Principles and World Force in this place seemed broken and incomplete.


[Is this the Shadowless Cave Heaven?]


Presently, Yang Kai was standing on a barren mountain as he looked around with a frown.


Compared to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the Shadowless Cave Heaven was too dreary. Although the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was just a Universe Cave Heaven, it had a lot of different biomes and sceneries. However, the Shadowless Cave Heaven was extremely desolate as far as the eye could see, which puzzled Yang Kai greatly.


This was the first place he landed after he passed through the Void and entered the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


Since there was a portal, one should theoretically be able to go in as well as come out; however, after scanning his surroundings for a long time, Yang Kai was unable to detect any Space Principle fluctuations nearby, let alone find the entrance where he had just passed through.


In other words, if he wanted to leave the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he had to look for a different exit.


[Where’s Proprietress?]


Yang Kai looked around but found nothing. Nevertheless, since the Shadowless Cave Heaven was just a Universe Cave Heaven, its landmass shouldn’t be comparable to a true Universe World. As long as Proprietress was here, he would find her one day.


Before he even moved though, Yang Kai suddenly detected something and looked in a particular direction, only to see some figures rapidly approaching him. In the blink of an eye, they already reached him.


There were three people in total. Their auras suggested that they were all Open Heaven Realm Masters with the leading one being a middle-aged man in the Fifth Order, then there was a Fourth-Order woman and a Third-Order young man.


At first glance, they looked like they were a family of some kind; however, when a cultivator reached the Open Heaven Realm, it was impossible to tell his age by looking at his appearance. Therefore, Yang Kai couldn’t be sure that they were indeed related.


He was just trying to look for the Proprietress when he came across these people, which elated him.


Obviously, he had caused some disturbance when he entered this place, which attracted these people.


Before Yang Kai could ask anything, the middle-aged man sized him up and asked, “Are you a newcomer?”


Yang Kai saw no reason to deny it, so he simply nodded, “Yes.”


The middle-aged man said, “Judging from your aura, you seem to have just broken through.”


Yang Kai’s aura was too conspicuous as he was unable to completely control it yet. Anyone who wasn’t blind could easily tell that he was a newly promoted Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai nodded again, “Indeed.”


“Such a shame,” the middle-aged man shook his head while the woman and the young man behind him appeared sympathetic. It was truly miserable that Yang Kai had fallen into this place not long after he entered the Open Heaven Realm.


After comparing their own experiences to Yang Kai’s, they felt less frustrated now. At the very least, they only accidentally fell into the Shadowless Cave Heaven many years after they entered the Open Heaven Realm.


“What’s your name, Senior Brother?” Yang Kai cupped his fist at the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man replied, “Ma Tian Yuan.”


“So it is Senior Brother Ma.” Yang Kai flashed a smile at him, “I’m new to this place, so I know nothing. Would it be alright if I ask you some questions?”


A curious Ma Tian Yuan gazed at him and asked, “What do you want to know?”


“I’m looking for three people,” Yang Kai replied, “They arrived in this place half a year ago. One woman and two men. The woman is a Sixth-Order Master while the two men with her are in the Fifth-Order. One of the men wears a big apron with a ‘Slaughter’ character on it while the other has a pair of arrogant-looking eyes that makes you want to punch him on sight.”


As soon as Yang Kai finished speaking, Ma Tian Yuan narrowed his eyes while the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master woman and the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master young man exchanged glances.


It seemed that the Proprietress was indeed in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. At the very least, Ma Tian Yuan and the others seemed to recognize her, Chef, and Accountant. If not, they wouldn’t have reacted in such a way.


“Haha. So, you’re close to that Madame, Junior Brother.” Ma Tina Yuan suddenly laughed.


An elated Yang Kai asked, “Do you know where they are, Senior Brother Ma?”


Ma Tian Yuan replied, “En, I do. They’re guests in our Unrivalled Guild, which is not far away from this place. If you want to see them, this Ma can lead the way for you.”


A grateful Yang Kai said, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Ma.”


“Don’t mention it. That Madame is Unrivalled Guild’s honoured guest. Since you’re close to her, you’re also our guest. This way, please.” Ma Tian Yuan extended his hand towards a particular direction.


After thanking him one more time, Yang Kai followed him and afterwards was followed closely by the woman and the young man.


On the way to their destination, Yang Kai asked curiously, “Senior Brother Ma, it’s my first day here, so I know nothing about this place. What kind of place is this Unrivalled Guild? Is it your great force?”


Ma Tian Yuan replied, “I wouldn’t dare to say that. The three Leaders of Unrivalled Guild are all Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters while this Ma is only a Fifth-Order. I’m just someone who works for the Leaders, so I wouldn’t dare to say that Unrivalled Guild belongs to me.”


A shocked Yang Kai asked, “There are three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Unrivalled Guild?”


There were only two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in all of Void Land. Throughout the entire 3,000 Worlds, it was rare for any Second Class great force to have three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


The woman couldn’t help but add, “Big Brother Ma was also a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the past.”


An astounded Yang Kai turned to look at Ma Tian Yuan, “Since you managed to reach the Sixth Order, how did you end up in the Fifth Order?”


Ma Tian Yuan appeared dejected as he shook his head with a bitter smile, “It’s a long story. You’ve just come to the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so you have no idea about the environment here. You’ll soon find out how dangerous this place is soon enough. By the way, how did you fall into this place?”


“I came here looking for someone,” Yang Kai replied.


Upon hearing that, the three people sported awkward expressions. Ma Tian Yuan asked, “Are you looking for that Madame?”


“En,” Yang Kai nodded.


Ma Tian Yuan tutted, “You’ve come all the way here to look for her? Do you know that no one has ever left this Shadowless Cave Heaven before? Once you fall into this place, you’ll never be able to escape.”


“I did hear about that,” Yang Kai nodded and put on a smile, “However, I believe that as long as there’s a will, we’ll be able to find a way out.”


There was an admiring look on Ma Tian Yuan’s face, “Those three people must be very important to you.”


Yang Kai smiled gently, “That woman is called Yue He. She’s is my Elder Sister, so she’s certainly important to me.”


“I see.” Ma Tian Yuan nodded upon hearing that.


Yang Kai went on to say, “Elder Sister Yue He has done me a lot of favors. Without her support, I couldn’t have achieved anything in this life.”


Ma Tian Yuan praised him by saying, “You’re a righteous man who knows how to repay favours. This Ma is more than happy to become friends with someone like you. Hmm, why did you stop walking suddenly, Junior Brother?”


He was puzzled at the sight of Yang Kai stopping in his tracks all of a sudden. As their eyes met, Yang Kai looked smilingly at him with a meaningful gaze.


“That Elder Sister that I’m looking for is not named Yue He,” Yang Kai said slowly.




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