Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4384, None of Them Can Fight


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In fact, the same thing happened to the Wei Brothers in the past; after all, no one was willing to hand over a large part of their own resources to someone else.


However, once a newcomer had a taste of the Shadowless Astral Wind, they would be eager to join one of the three great forces without anyone luring them; otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to survive in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


As the Wei Brothers recalled the past, they put on bitter smiles.


After pulling himself together, the younger Brother Wei continued, “There were two men and one woman. All of them are fairly powerful. The woman was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm while the men were in the Fifth-Order. When they arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, they happened to land on a place just outside of Profound Yang Mountain. The Mountain Lords noticed them and attempted to make them join our great force. The Second Mountain Lord even promised the woman that she would become the Fifth Mountain Lord; however, she turned down the offer.”


“The Fifth Mountain Lord? Why did the woman turn down such a good offer?” Yang Kai asked in puzzlement.


The younger Brother Wei explained with a helpless smile, “In fact, our Second Mountain Lord has a problem. It’s that he’s very lascivious. The woman is alluring, and she’s as powerful as the Second Mountain Lord. Therefore, he declared that the woman needed to be his partner before she could become the Fifth Mountain Lord in Profound Yang Mountain. Perhaps the woman was from a powerful background, so she was rather hot-tempered. After an argument, she got into a fight with the Second Mountain Lord.”


“What happened next?” Yang Kai asked.


“Although the woman was powerful, she was unable to fight against so many people on her own. There are four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Profound Yang Mountain, so it was expected that she was no match for them. The Mountain Lords joined forces and injured her, but she managed to flee in the end. The Second Mountain Lord was so furious that he hunted them down for a while but to no avail.”


Even though Yang Kai was furious, he pretended to be nonchalant.


The older Brother Wei continued, “They won’t let that woman off. Although she was powerful, the Mountain Lords could’ve prevented her from fleeing if they went all out. However, the Shadowless Cave Heaven is different from the outside world as resources are scarce here. No one is willing to make a move unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s because fighting consumes a lot of power. If the Mountain Lords wanted to make the woman stay at that time, they would’ve had to pay a hefty price. That was why they let her go.”


The younger Brother Wei nodded his head, “A long time has passed since that incident. I guess the Second Mountain Lord is about to make a move. Even if those three were able to find a shelter, their strength must have been weakened by now as they had to constantly resist the Shadowless Astral Wind. Certainly, the Second Mountain Lord will be able to easily defeat them now.”


Yang Kai asked, “Do you know where the three of them are now?”


The older Brother Wei gave him a weird look, “Why are you asking this question, Senior Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai put on a faint smile, “Just curious.”


The unsuspecting older Brother Wei shook his head and replied, “We don’t know where they are now, but the Second Mountain Lord should be aware of it.”


Then, he pointed at the front, “Profound Yang Mountain is over there. It’s the Second Mountain Lord who is in charge this month so I’ll bring you to meet him first. After you join Profound Yang Mountain, we can have a proper chat.”


“Many thanks,” Yang Kai nodded.


There were more than ten mountains in Profound Yang Mountain. Looking from afar, one could see many palaces scattered around the mountains, and quite a number of cultivators were seen moving about. The people who could enter the Shadowless Cave Heaven were all Open Heaven Realm Masters. On the way to their destination, some people would greet the Wei Brothers and inquire about Yang Kai’s background.


The Wei Brothers were completely honest with them, and upon hearing their explanation, these people appeared envious.


That was because Yang Kai was brought to Profound Yang Mountain by the Wei Brothers. After he handed over eighty percent of his resources, the Wei Brothers would also get a handsome reward. Certainly, these people were envious of them for getting such benefits.


Soon, they reached a peak where there was a majestic Grand Hall. One could even hear some flirtatious and playful voices coming from inside.


Upon reaching the entrance, one of the Wei Brothers spoke up, “Please wait for me here, Senior Brother Yang. I’ll inform the Second Mountain Lord about your visit.”


Yang Kai nodded and waited patiently.


The older Brother Wei entered the Grand Hall, and just a moment later, he stepped out and said to Yang Kai, “The Second Mountain Lord is ready to meet you. Please come with me, Senior Brother Yang.”


As soon as Yang Kai followed the Wei Brothers into the Grand Hall, he caught a whiff of a pleasant fragrance and felt a rather decadent aura.


Looking up, he saw a lot of women’s clothes scattered around on the ground, which also included some undergarments.


At the other end of the Grand Hall, there was a rather soft-looking man lying on a huge chair, surrounded by seven or eight women in revealing clothes.


These women were wearing different styles of clothing, and they were each beautiful in their own unique way. There was a woman who squatted in front of him and helped him massage his calves. There was also a woman who let the man lie on her thighs and rubbed his temples. Another woman was seen sipping some wine into her mouth and then passing it into the man’s mouth.


The sight was extremely licentious. These women were barely covered as a large part of their skin was exposed.


When the Wei Brothers and Yang Kai stepped into the place, the women turned to look at them with their alluring eyes.


Be it Ma Tian Yuan or the Wei Brothers, they all said that the Second Mountain Lord from Profound Yang Mountain was a lascivious man. It seemed that it was indeed the case.


The women around him were all Open Heaven Realm Masters ranging from the Third Order to the Fifth Order.


After the Wei Brothers entered the Grand Hall, they hung their heads low and stared at their feet while Yang Kai looked fixedly at the man.


As their eyes met, the soft-looking man curved his lips into a wicked smile. While he remained lying on the chair, he wandered his hand around one of the women, which caused her to moan incessantly.


“You want to join Profound Yang Mountain?” The man asked impassively.


“Are you the Second Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain?” Yang Kai questioned him instead.


The man put on a faint smile, “En. This King is Second Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain, Yun Fei Bai.”


“Half a year ago, a woman and two men arrived at this place. Were you the one who injured that woman?” Yang Kai asked.


Yun Fei Bai narrowed his eyes and shot Yang Kai a meaningful glance.


To the side, the Wei Brothers realised that something was off as they turned to gaze at Yang Kai. The older Brother Wei pulled Yang Kai’s sleeve and secretly spoke to him, “Why are you asking this question, Senior Brother Yang?”


An unfazed Yang Kai stared fixedly at Yun Fei Bai, “Is it true?”


Yun Fei Bai retracted his hand and slowly sat up before glaring at the Wei Brothers. Faced with the stern stare, the brothers were immediately drenched in cold sweat as they felt a crawling sensation on their scalps.


Then, Yun Fei Bai turned to look at Yang Kai and replied smilingly, “En, she was hurt by this King. She should feel honoured that I was interested in her, but she couldn’t appreciate my kindness. This King had no choice but to harm her a little. What’s wrong? Do you know her?”


“Yes.” Yang Kai nodded, “She’s my Proprietress.”


Yun Fei Bai said, “In that case, you’re not here to join Profound Yang Mountain. What’s the purpose of your visit?”


Yang Kai flashed a grin at him, “Since you’ve hurt Proprietress, I’m here to return the favour.”


Yun Fei Bai became startled for a moment before he pressed his palms together and guffawed, “You? Retaliate against me?” Then, he sized Yang Kai up, “You’ve just entered the Fifth Order, right? Why are you making a scene here in Profound Yang Mountain instead of strengthening your own cultivation? Are you sick of living?”


He paused for a moment, “Good. This King was preparing to deal with that slut in a few days. Since you’ve come all the way here, I’ll capture you and then look for her. I believe that she’s important to you, which is why you’re so concerned about her. You should make a good bargaining chip.”


“You want to capture me? Let’s see if you’re capable of doing that!”


As soon as Yang Kai finished speaking, he unleashed his Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm aura and like a Flood Dragon leaving the ocean, he charged at Yun Fei Bai.


The Wei Brothers beside him were forced to stagger back from the impact while Yun Fei Bai remained seated while giving Yang Kai a disdainful look.


“You dare?!” One of the women who leaned against the man yelled and raised her hand before pushing her palm towards Yang Kai. The woman was a fairly powerful cultivator in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Clad in very thin clothing, her precious places were exposed while she made a move. Any man who saw this would feel their blood boiling.


“Scram!” Yang Kai bellowed and pushed out his fist.


Following a loud boom, the woman shrieked and sprayed out a mouthful of blood while she was sent flying away. Her tender body crashed into the wall and then fell into the debris.


Yun Fei Bai’s expression changed drastically as he stood straight up and roared, “Impudence!”


He didn’t make a move just now because he didn’t think there was a need to. There was no way a newly promoted Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could possess much strength, so the women around him should be able to deal with him.


However, it never crossed Yun Fei Bai’s mind that his strongest woman would be sent flying after just one exchange of blows.


The other women were dumbfounded, but they soon came to their senses and shouted as they used their Secret Techniques on Yang Kai.


These women were not just Yun Fei Bai’s playthings; after all, they were all Open Heaven Realm Masters who were strong in their own right, though their Orders varied quite a bit.


Presently, they were making a move at the same time, so the sight was both alluring and imposing.


An unafraid Yang Kai threw out his fists in quick succession, unleashing a barrage of fist shadows as he attacked the women in all directions.


Explosive sounds were continuously heard as his World Force blew out the surrounding walls. These women clad in skimpy outfits were all sent flying in different directions.


Amidst the weltering dust, Yang Kai shot into the sky and looked around before knitting his brows, “So weak. None of them can fight!”


Besides the first woman who traded moves with him, there was also another Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master among these women while the rest were Third and Fourth-Order.


However, these two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were totally incomparable to Ma Tian Yuan. After the battle against Ma Tian Yuan, Yang Kai had a better understanding of his own strength. He thought that all Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would be about as strong as Ma Tian Yuan, but after this battle, he realised that he had overestimated others while underestimating himself.


After giving it a thought, he realised that it wasn’t surprising. Ma Tian Yuan fell from the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm to his current strength, so he was at the very peak of the Fifth-Order. These two women were naturally much weaker than him.


The place was a mess, but although the women were injured by Yang Kai, they were still alive.


Outside the ruins, the Wei Brothers were dumbfounded at the turn of events as they shuddered in fear.




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