Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4385, Fighting a Sixth-Order Master


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“You court death!” Yun Fei Bai roared. He would be completely humiliated if word got out that his women were hurt in his own room.


Initially, he intended to capture Yang Kai and then deal with the woman named Lan You Ruo; however, his mind was now filled with murderous intent.


As his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm aura permeated the air, he raised his hand and then brought down his palm.


A gigantic green palm was immediately formed above Yang Kai’s head, made from the purest World Force.


The attack was like an entire Small Universe pressing against Yang Kai. Moreover, it was the Small Universe of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


At that instant, Yang Kai felt tremendously pressured. Although he’d had a good fight with Ma Tian Yuan after he had just ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, he hadn’t been forced into going all out. However, as he was faced with a furious Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now, any slight negligence would cost him his life.


His fighting spirit had been ignited as he boldly shot into the sky and met the palm head-on.


A sense of ruthlessness flashed through Yun Fei Bai’s eyes as he clenched his fist, whereupon the gigantic palm also closed and turned into a cage as it grasped Yang Kai’s small figure.


The next instant, however, Yun Fei Bai’s expression changed drastically.


As World Force undulated, rays of light shot out in all directions. The gigantic hand exploded as a figure shot out and charged towards Yun Fei Bai as swift as lightning.


Upon seeing that, Yun Fei Bai snorted. Although he didn’t seem to be moving, he abruptly appeared in front of Yang Kai. As his clothes flapped in the wind, powerful but inconspicuous attacks bombarded Yang Kai. Every attack contained an extremely horrifying World Force.


Yang Kai continuously fended off the attacks as his figure shook and stepped backwards upon impact.


He reflected as he fought, realizing that a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was truly powerful. Although he was pretty strong as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, there was still a difference of one Order between them. Therefore, there was a clear disparity between their might.


Yang Kai knew he had to settle this fight as soon as possible; after all, they were in Profound Yang Mountain where there were four Sixth-Order Mountain Lords. If the battle dragged on, the other Mountain Lords and the powerful Masters from Profound Yang Mountain would take notice of the commotion. By then, Yang Kai would fall into a perilous situation. He wasn’t arrogant or ignorant enough to believe he could deal with several Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters all at once.


“You’re really something, brat!” Although Yun Fei Bai was incensed, he still couldn’t help but praise Yang Kai upon seeing that the latter was able to ward off his attacks.


Even though there was only a difference of one Order between the Fifth-Order and the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, the disparity in strength was as great as the distance between the Heavens and the Earth. 


If Yun Fei Bai was dealing with any other Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was confident that he would be able to take down the other party in ten moves. However, Yang Kai had already fended off 100 blows and aside from looking a bit awkward was perfectly fine.


He couldn’t help but wonder whether Yang Kai really was a new Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, [Is he just playing the pig? If he isn’t a new Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, what’s going on with that unstable aura of his?]


While Yun Fei Bai was still lost in his thoughts, Yang Kai, who was forced to continuously step backwards, suddenly stopped in his tracks.


At that instant, Yun Fei Bai felt his chest tightening as a sense of crisis suddenly befell him.


The next moment, Yang Kai reached out his hand and summoned a long spear into his grip.


The entire world seemed to shake the moment the spear appeared.


A mighty Dragon Roar resounded as a majestic Dragon Pressure permeated the air.


Yang Kai’s demeanour changed completely as he held the spear in his grip. He let out a breath and wielded the spear. Without any wasted movements or hesitation, he unleashed the full power of his Supreme Limitless Spear technique.


Yun Fei Bai’s expression changed drastically when he saw the spear approaching him. In his eyes, he could see a terrifying Great Dragon charging at him. As the Dragon swam through the air, seemingly determined to swallow him down in one fell swoop. Faced with this terrifying monster, he felt as insignificant as an ant.


He immediately bit his tongue to compose himself. Resisting the Dragon Pressure, Yun Fei Bai roared as he summoned a scroll, on which some illegible characters were written. Despite that, every stroke of the characters looked like a uniquely-shaped sword.


The terrifying Sword Qi spread out.


After he infused his World Force into the scroll, the characters came apart and turned into beams of very pure Sword Qi. As they slashed across the void, the sounds of breaking through the air were heard.


This was a complete humiliation!


As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Yun Fei Bai was forced to use his artifact when dealing with a mere Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. This was totally inconceivable to him. Prior to this, it never crossed his mind that such a formidable Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master existed in this world.


Comparing himself, back when he was still a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, to this young man, Yun Fei Bai felt he wasn’t even worthy of carrying the latter’s shoes.


To the side, the Wei Brothers were dumbstruck and shuddered violently.


They were not on the battlefield, so they were not able to experience how powerful Yang Kai was directly; however, upon seeing that the Second Mountain Lord had summoned his artifact, they knew that the latter had no other means to deal with the opponent. That was why they appeared horrified.


Yang Kai wielded the Azure Dragon Spear with complete freedom, unrestrained by anything. The spear was like an extension of himself, and he could manipulate it in any way he imagined. The scroll glowed wildly as the beams of Sword Qi criss-crossed one another. However, they were all warded off by Yang Kai.


It had been many years since Giant Spirit God Ah Da had given this spear to Yang Kai, and Yang Kai had used the Azure Dragon Spear and killed many enemies already.


Nevertheless, it wasn’t until this moment that he had a real taste of the spear’s true might. This was an artifact that only an Open Heaven Realm Master could truly wield.


Although he was able to bring out a fraction of the spear’s power in the past, it was only because he possessed a Dragon Source. Since he was weak, he was unable to fully display the spear’s might.


However, this time was different. With the weapon in his hand, Yang Kai could clearly feel fluctuations that resembled joy coming from the spear. Holding it, he felt as though he could challenge all 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises alone.


Like a thunderstorm, Yang Kai repeatedly thrust out his spear in rapid succession.


The attacks didn’t only contain the power of the Azure Dragon Spear, but also Yang Kai’s understanding of the Dao of Space and Dao of Time.


In Yun Fei Bai’s eyes, Yang Kai’s spear and figure were blurry and elusive, making it almost impossible for him to follow his movements or identify his position. On top of that, his own thoughts seemed to be disturbed, like there was a disconnect between his mind, body, and the surrounding world.


The power of the scroll had been fully activated, and all the characters had left its surface, transforming into colourful blades of Sword Qi that repeatedly slashed through the air.


A long time seemed to have passed, but it was also as if only an instant had gone by.


When Yang Kai’s figure completely disappeared from Yun Fei Bai’s sight for an instant and he suddenly felt a tremendous sense of danger engulfing him.


As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he had experienced countless life-and-death moments; therefore, he was extremely sensitive to danger, and he was able to react appropriately.


All the Sword Qi returned and formed into a dazzling sword wave in front of him before he pushed it forward.


The next moment, Yang Kai abruptly appeared before him, as though he was throwing himself into the sword wave.


He didn’t seem to have the intention of backing down as his eyes were filled with determination and murderous intent. As Yang Kai stared fixedly at his opponent, he unleashed a grand thrust with his Azure Dragon Spear and bellowed, “Die!”


Blood splattered everywhere.


Yun Fei Bai’s chest had been penetrated by Azure Dragon Spear while Yang Kai’s neck was slashed across by the sword wave. The flesh around the wound rolled up as he was almost decapitated.


Upon impact, both of them were forced to step back as their blood splattered out.


It had to be said that at that moment of crisis, Yun Fei Bai had reacted in the best possible manner. If he hadn’t harmed Yang Kai with that sword wave, forcing his spear thrust off course ever so slightly, the attack could’ve killed him.


After they separated, Yang Kai held the spear in one hand while covering the wound on his neck with his other. He seemed determined to continue attacking; however, before he could make a move, he suddenly looked in a particular direction and snorted, “This isn’t over. When I see you again, I’ll definitely kill you!”


Upon declaring so, Yang Kai shot away from Profound Yang Mountain.


He wanted to kill Yun Fei Bai, but the intense battle just now had alerted the top Masters from Profound Yang Mountain and he could detect that those Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Mountain Lords were approaching. If he stayed there any longer, he would’ve been besieged by them.


“Kill him for me! Kill him!” An extremely pale Yun Fei Bai stomped hard and his roar reverberated across the entire Profound Yang Mountain.


The figures who were coming to Yun Fei Bai immediately turned around and chased after Yang Kai, including the Third and Fourth Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain.


There was only one person who landed in front of the ruined Grand Hall. It was a fair-skinned and gentle-looking person who looked like an innocent young man; however, the shrewdness behind his eyes suggested that he was older than he appeared.


“Head Mountain Lord!” The Wei Brothers hurriedly lowered their heads.


This young-looking man was actually the First Mountain Lord of Profound Yang Mountain, Mao Zhe.


The Four Great Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain were all in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but he was the undisputed leader because he was just one step away from the Seventh-Order. In this regard, the other three Mountain Lords as well as the Three Chiefs of Unrivalled Guild and the two Island Masters of Twin Spirit Island were incomparable to him.


In the Shadowless Cave Heaven, cultivators were still able to break through to the next realm; however, due to the scarcity of resources and the existence of the Shadowless Astral Wind, cultivators who had fallen into this place considered themselves lucky if they could maintain their current Order. No one dared hope to achieve a breakthrough here.


It took a substantial amount of resources for a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to ascend to the Seventh-Order; therefore, even though Mao Zhe had remained in his current Order for over 10,000 years, he was still unable to take the leap to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


However, everyone believed that if he hadn’t fallen into the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he would’ve reached that realm in the outside world long ago.


“Second Brother, what happened?” Mao Zhe looked around and asked.


With a pair of eyes that seemed able to spit fire, Yun Fei Bai said through clenched teeth, “I was caught off guard by some brat.”


Mao Zhe looked in the direction Yang Kai had left with a slightly furrowed brow, “If I’m not mistaken, that person is only in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, right?”




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