Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4387, I Don’t Dare


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


It seemed that the woman wasn’t willing to become Yun Fei Bai’s plaything. She was forced into such a state.


Unfortunately, she was too weak to resist. The fact that Yang Kai barged into Profound Yang Mountain and wounded Yun Fei Bai allowed her to see a glimmer of hope, so she came all the way here to look for him and give him some information.


After storing the jade slip, Yang Kai turned around and left.


He hadn’t fully recovered yet, and he wasn’t certain whether the woman was telling him the truth. It’d be terrible if Yang Kai’s opponents found him because she was leading him into a trap. Therefore, he decided to change hiding spots.


A while later, he found a cave on another barren mountain and snuck into it to recuperate.


The wound on his neck was hideous; however, it was nothing more than a flesh wound after Yun Fei Bai’s residual power was expelled, so it wasn’t difficult to heal it. Given his intrepid physique, it would only take him three to five days to recover.


A few days later, Yang Kai fished out the jade slip and identified his current position. After going through the information in the jade slip, he turned into a beam of light and headed in a particular direction.


Half a day later, he landed on a huge caldera. Looking down, he realised that the caldera was basically bottomless. Horrifying red magma weltered inside the basin while dark smoke was seen billowing from it. There were countless such calderas in the surrounding 1,000-kilometres radius and from time to time, the magma would burst out and form red rivers.


The environment here was more hostile than most places, but according to the information in the jade slip given to Yang Kai by that woman, the Proprietress, Chef, and Accountant were currently hiding here.


In the entire Shadowless Cave Heaven, there were only a small number of places that were safe from the Shadowless Astral Wind. Besides the Headquarters of the three great forces, this caldera was one such place. However, it was less effective compared to the Headquarters of the three great forces.


Yang Kai rubbed his nose as he felt a lump in his throat. The Proprietress was a beautiful woman, but she was also a peak Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. In order to look for a cultivation resource for him, she fell into the Shadowless Cave Heaven, and eventually, she had to hide in this kind of terrible place. He couldn’t help but blame himself.


In the past, he was determined to become a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master and didn’t listen to anyone’s dissuasion. Perhaps he had been too willful back then.


When he took a deep breath, the pungent smell seemed to have turned into needles and jabbed into his lungs. Looking down at the caldera, he yelled, “Anyone home?”


There was a passageway under the magma that had been set up with a barrier to serve as a shelter.


Chef suddenly opened his eyes and listened attentively for a moment before poking Accountant with his elbow. Then, he asked in a small voice, “Do you hear anything?”


Accountant opened his listless eyes and shot him a glance, “What do you mean?”


Chef scratched his head, “I think I heard Yang Kai’s voice.”


Accountant hurriedly took a glance at the Proprietress, which revealed more of the white parts of his eyes, before glaring at Chef, “Stop spouting nonsense. That brat is just an Emperor Realm cultivator, how is he supposed to enter the Shadowless Cave Heaven? You must have heard it wrong.”


Chef nodded, “You’re right… Wait… Listen…”


Accountant sported an awkward expression because while speaking to Chef, he could indeed hear a familiar voice calling out to them. Due to the weltering magma, the voice was only faintly audible. If Chef hadn’t pointed it out, he wouldn’t have noticed it.


In a nearby spot, the Proprietress opened her eyes, which were filled with doubt and puzzlement.


A moment later, she became furious and snarled through clenched teeth, “That damned brat!”


Then, she stood straight up, and as the hem of her dress flapped in the air, she shot out of the passageway.


After exchanging glances, Chef and Accountant hurriedly followed her.


Atop the caldera, Yang Kai had called out to them several times but no one responded to him. He thought that the woman might have lied to him as the Proprietress and the others might not be hiding in this place.


However, there wasn’t a need for that woman to take the risk to do such a thing; after all, what if Yang Kai was determined to end her life?


Just when he was about to dive into the volcano to have a look, his expression changed as he stared fixedly at the magma.


A moment later, the magma formed into a huge swirl as though it had been stirred by an invisible force. Just then, a figure shot out through the centre of the swirl. Her snowy white imperial dress was conspicuous in this hostile red and black environment. Like a lotus on a snowy mountain, she was pure and immaculate.


Before she even arrived, her familiar aura came right at Yang Kai, who smiled like a fool, waved, and called out enthusiastically, “Proprietress!”


As he spoke, he flew forward and spread his arms to tackle Proprietress in a bear hug.


Proprietress’ expression was so cold that it was as though one could scrape a layer of frost off her face. Before she could even say a word though, she was stunned by the sudden hug.


When Chef and Accountant dashed out of the vortex and saw what was going on, they were dumbfounded.


Chef opened his mouth so wide that it was as though a fish could be stuffed into it. He snapped out of his dazed state a moment later and poked Accountant, “Am I seeing a hallucination? Is Proprietress in his embrace right now?”


Accountant was equally astounded, but upon coming to his senses, he furiously summoned his abacus and shook it noisily. With his eyes filled with murderous intent, he was ready to charge forward, “Proprietress is being taken advantage of! Let’s kill him together!”


Chef immediately pulled him back, “Don’t panic. It’s not easy to take advantage of Proprietress, and she doesn’t need us to make a move on her behalf.”


Accountant shot him a glance and fell silent for a moment before nodding, “You have a point.”


Then, he put away the abacus and silently waited for the good show to start.


Nearby, the Proprietress was so stiff that it was as though she had been bound to the spot. As she felt the immense force, which contained a deep sense of longing, coming from the young man’s arms, her fury significantly subsided.


Just then, Yang Kai was heard saying, “I’m truly happy that you’re fine, Proprietress.”


She sighed, and then Yang Kai looked up at Chef and Accountant before grinning at them, “You guys look energetic as well.”


While Chef chuckled, there was a perfunctory smile on Accountant’s face.


The moment he finished speaking, Yang Kai found his head being lifted up forcefully. Releasing the woman in front of him, he asked hesitantly, “What are you doing, Proprietress?”


She was grabbing his hair and pulling him backward. The coldness behind her eyes weltered as she said through gritted teeth, “What am I doing? I should be the one asking you that!”


Upon finishing her words, she landed a kick on his shoulder.


Although she was a woman, she was also a powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. She had exerted a lot of force with her kick, and Yang Kai didn’t dare to resist. After a grunt, he was sent flying away like a sack and crashed into the nearby cliff, forming a Human-shaped hole in it.


As the broken rocks tumbled down, Yang Kai felt the world spinning around him. Before he could pull himself together, Proprietress pounced on him and grasped his ankle before she spun around several times and hurled him into the magma.


Yang Kai plunged into the magma with a splash and disappeared below.


Following that, Proprietress shot downwards as though she was determined to kill.


Chef and Accountant both had their faces twitch as they watched.


A moment later, violent movements were felt coming from the magma. Following that, a pitiful shriek broke through the sky as Yang Kai was blasted out of the magma while flailing his limbs in the air. Proprietress followed him closely and repeatedly assaulted him in a ruthless manner. 


Faced with the storm of attacks, Yang Kai groaned in pain and covered his head. His nose had even started bleeding.


“You dare dodge? Try dodging one more time and see what happens!” Proprietress beat him up while verbally threatening him.


Under the pressure, Yang Kai didn’t dare to resist in any way. Helpless, he could only lie on the ground and curl up into a ball, covering his head to protect his vitals while he let the Proprietress vent out all her anger on him.


“Stop hitting me, Proprietress! I can see what’s under your skirt!” Yang Kai suddenly exclaimed.


Proprietress was already incensed to begin with, so upon hearing such loathsome words, she exerted even more strength into her kicks.


Unable to take it anymore, Chef and Accountant immediately went over to pull her back.


Proprietress’ chest heaved heavily as her figure trembled with fury. She said through clenched teeth, “Let go! I must kill this infuriating boy today!”


“Please calm down, Proprietress. You don’t have to do this kind of dirty work yourself. We’ll do it for you!” As Chef spoke, he sent a signal to Accountant with his eyes, whereupon they pushed Proprietress away and pounced on Yang Kai, who had curled up on the ground, before they beat him up in a merciless manner.


Although Proprietress’ attacks were hurtful, Yang Kai wouldn’t have any grudges against her.


She must be aware that he had ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, so it was only natural she felt various kinds of disappointment and grief in her heart.


However, Yang Kai wasn’t about to put up with Chef and Accountant beating him up. Therefore, he shot them a glare to mean that he would settle the score with them for assaulting him today.


“You dare you glare at them!?” Proprietress bellowed while placing her palms on her hips.


“I don’t dare to! Forgive me!” Yang Kai covered his head again.


With Proprietress’ backing, Chef and Accountant became increasingly ruthless.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai silently counted the number of attacks they landed on him.


A moment later, Proprietress suddenly spoke up, “Alright, stop. Do you two really want to kill him?” She didn’t mean it when she said she wanted to kill Yang Kai.


Simultaneously, Chef and Accountant leapt away and retracted their powers since they were done with their job.


Yang Kai, who was still lying on the ground, slightly parted his fingers and examined Proprietress through the gap. Upon seeing that she was still furiously gritting her teeth, he quickly flashed a fawning smile at her.


However, his swollen face made him look both funny and abominable.


Upon seeing that Proprietress took a step forward, Yang Kai shuddered and quickly covered his head again.


She bent over and clenched the man’s collar before hoisting him up to her face. Glaring at him with a pair of slightly reddened eyes, she questioned solemnly, “You broke through to the Open Heaven Realm, didn’t you?”


“Yes…” Yang Kai bashfully nodded his head as he wouldn’t dare to look her in the eyes.




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  1. The way they talked when he was ascending, it sounded like Yang Kai had a way to replace his weak 5th order element. I don’t remember what he had to believe that, unless has a special use for that Tai Yi Cleansing water.

    But a lot has happened, and I kept thinking the World Bead was the bead from I Shall Seal the Heavens so what do I know.

    And now that I said that, I’m not even sure if it is I Shall Seal the Heavens or another from that series lol

    1. He got several World Fruits from the G.A.R.B., including Mid-Rank ones, which can bypass
      the two-rank Open Heaven promotion limit by 1. He told Yue He about it during his
      promotion to OH5 to remind her.

    2. Yeah, they where talking about the World Fruit. So it didn’t make a difference if he chose fifth or sixth order, because he could skip to sixth order with the mid rank fruit he has left to still have the same chance as if he used a sixth order element to start. But he does have no way currently to still reach the ninth order (of course he will eventually find some bullshit way to still do it anyway, as he is Yang Kai).

      All he did back then was basically trade the contents of those 4 high rank demons space rings for a mid rank world fruit. Which imho was a very stupid trade, as all of them would have pulled out their really good stuff into their small universes if they wheren’t as dumb as YK.

      1. He does have a way to reach lvl 9. OH pills can help one to reach 2 lvls up. World fruit can Inc 1 and don’t forget the 5 FURNACE PILLS he got from monster cave which can Increase another lvl as well (though he doesn’t know how many he need) . So maybe he’ll use pills to reach lvl 6 then fruit to lvl 7, coz if he uses fruit @lvl5 then his pill expenditures will increase once he reaches lvl 6 and above.
        But if he broke through previously to lvl 6 maybe his current treasures and pills will allow him to breakthrough direct to Ultra saiyan mode. 😂😂😂😂

        1. The mid-rank fruit can only be used to ascend to mid-rank. So he couldn’t use it as a 6th order to go to 7th order.
          And for the pills, it wasn’t said yet if using Furnace Pills also increases the limit the same way as World fruits do, but just that you can use them to break through after reaching your limit. So for example it could be that if he now uses furnace pills to break through twice, then he could no longer break through with normal pills since he already used his “breaking through with pills” twice

  2. She is angry at him because he came looking for her, and that he reached the Fifth Level of the Open Heaven realm, when he wanted to reach the Seventh Level so she took the risk of searching for the resource he needed. In few words her trip was wasted and now all four are in trouble together.

    1. Also because the history is repeating itself – his predecessor also went for order seven and ended up breaking through to order five instead. He didn’t have a good end, and Proprietess is still devastated by that.

  3. Good dog! He ran to save his mistress, even sacrificing future achievements. And he received a well-deserved award for it. Auf

  4. I now think that those who break through to a high rank directly will be subject to some kind of curse. From a being who has surpassed that level. So Yang Kai avoided it by breaking through to fifth. But it still looks really bad.

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