Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4389, Consuming a World Fruit


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“You’re pretty poised about all this,” Accountant said admiringly.


Yang Kai shrugged while replying, “There’s nothing else I can do about it, so I think I should be optimistic.”


Just then, a rustling sound was heard. Proprietress rose from the chair and approached the three of them, who turned their heads to look at her.


When she reached them, she extended her hand towards Chef, who promptly passed her the blood-staunching paste and took a rock chair from a nearby spot before placing it behind her. 


As the Proprietress took a seat, she gazed at Yang Kai with a conflicted look and scooped up some blood-staunching paste before applying it to the bruises on his face.


In response, Yang Kai beamed at her.


A frustrated Proprietress snapped, “Why are you smiling like a fool?” Then, she exerted more force with her hand, which caused him to wail in pain.


After a sigh, she rubbed the paste on his skin and said, “Since you’ve ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, there’s no going back. The Small Universe in your body has formed, so it’ll be useless even if you regret it in the future.”


“I won’t regret it.” Yang Kai shook his head, “When I arrived in the Outer Universe, it was you who took care of me like a caring Senior. Now that you’re in trouble, there’s no way I can sit back and do nothing. I’m even willing to barge into the 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Paradises for you, let alone a mere Shadowless Cave Heaven.”


“Stop boasting!” The Proprietress shot him a glare and ground her teeth, “A Senior? Am I that old to you?”


In an instant, Yang Kai was soaked in cold sweat, “Proprietress is still in the spring of her youth, the word ‘old’ can in no way be associated with you. I was wrong!”


After a snort, the Proprietress gently continued, “Since you’ve ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, your limit will be the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Given your heritage and foundation, it won’t be difficult for you to make it to the Seventh-Order as long as you have enough resources. If you want to go further than that, it’ll depend on whether you’ll come across the right opportunities, so you’d better brace yourself for it.”


“I understand.” Yang Kai nodded. By refining Open Heaven Pills and resources of various Elements, a cultivator could only rise two Orders from the one they initially broke through to. This was a universal truth that had been proven by countless cultivators since time immemorial. No one had managed to overcome this law. That was because there was a limit for growth regardless of whether one refined Open Heaven Pills or other resources.


However, if one could find Innate Open Heaven Pills formed in the Universe Furnace, they could break through this limit.


Unfortunately, such pills were incredibly rare. Whenever the Universe Furnace appeared, it would cause an upheaval in the 3,000 Worlds and lead to a reign of terror and bloodshed.


Even the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, who rarely stepped out of the Cave Heavens and Paradises, would make a move upon getting wind of its appearance. In that kind of situation, even the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were unable to interfere as they could be easily killed if they were the slightest bit careless.


Whenever the Universe Furnace appeared, it was normal for hundreds, if not thousands of Open Heaven Realm Masters to lose their lives, all of them at the Mid-Rank at minimum. Even many Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would die in this struggle.


“There’s no rush to cultivate as you have to stabilize your foundation first. When a person reaches the Open Heaven Realm, all they have to do is accumulate more power in order to advance.” While the Proprietress was giving Yang Kai a valuable lesson, she suddenly glanced at his neck and pinched his chin before turning his head slightly. With narrowed eyes, she asked, “How did you get this wound?”


Although the wound on his neck caused by Yun Fei Bai had basically healed, there was still a mark left. Upon realising that it was a cut that almost beheaded Yang Kai, the Proprietress was shocked.


“Who hurt you?” She asked in a grim voice.


Yang Kai batted his eyes and scratched his nose, “Before coming to this place, I went over to Profound Yang Mountain.”


“Yun Fei Bai?” The Proprietress’ eyes turned cold.


Yang Kai explained, “I had no idea where you were, but I heard that Yun Fei Bai from Profound Yang Mountain was hunting for you, so I decided to go over and get some information from them. Don’t worry. Although I’ve suffered a setback, he isn’t in any better condition. I left a hole through his chest, which can be considered a little interest for what he owes you.”


Upon hearing that, Chef and Accountant exchanged astounded glances.


It was only now that they understood how Yang Kai was able to find them in the caldera. It turned out he gathered some information from those in Profound Yang Mountain. They secretly admired him for his audacity.


They were aware of how powerful those from Profound Yang Mountain were, and Yun Fei Bai was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. It was inconceivable that Yang Kai was able to wound Yun Fei Bai and even escape from that place.


The fact that he had pulled off this feat was beyond their ability to imagine.


When they took a look at the wound on Yang Kai’s neck, they confirmed that it was a cut that almost decapitated him. He was so close to losing his life.


“Are you sick of living!? How could a mere Fifth-Order like you barge into Profound Yang Mountain?” The Proprietress gazed at him in astonishment as she still couldn’t believe what she had just heard.


Yang Kai just laughed like a fool while feeling warm in his heart.


The Proprietress ground her teeth as though she was ready to reproach him, but upon recalling that he had done all this for her, she didn’t have the heart to be harsh. Therefore, she said in a caring manner, “You mustn’t act on a whim again in the future.”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “I’ll remember it.”


With her eyes filled with a sense of self-blame, the Proprietress heaved a sigh. If she had been careful enough back then, she probably wouldn’t have fallen into the Shadowless Cave Heaven, which led to Yang Kai getting forced to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


“Just treat your wounds first. You’ve just ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so you have to immediately consolidate your cultivation. You should cultivate in seclusion for a period of time. Although this place isn’t particularly safe, we can’t find a better location,” the Proprietress ordered, “Moreover, you’ve just arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so you’re not aware of the dangers here yet. I’ll tell you about it at a later time.”


“There’s no rush…”


Before Yang Kai was able to finish his words, the Proprietress shot him a glare, “Go now!”


Yang Kai immediately jumped up and complied, “Yes!”


Then, he walked into a secret room in the cave and sat down with his legs crossed. The Proprietress set up a number of barriers outside the room before stopping.


Left with no choice, Yang Kai could only start cultivating in seclusion.


The wounds inflicted on him in the previous battle had healed, and the assault from the Proprietress, Chef, and Accountant had only resulted in some bruises, which could be ignored. The reason he screamed at the top of his lungs just now was to arouse the Proprietress’ sympathy, which proved to be effective.


Now, he closed his eyes and checked on his Small Universe.


His Small Universe was newly formed as he had just ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Anyone else would have to cultivate in seclusion for three to five years to stabilise their foundation; however, Yang Kai’s Small Universe had inherited the heritage of the Small Sealed World as he had merged the two, so he was able to stabilise it much quicker than normal.


Furthermore, the previous two battles with Ma Tian Yuan and Yun Fei Bai respectively had helped him quickly consolidate his cultivation, even though the battles didn’t last long.


His battle against Yun Fei Bai was especially intense as he was constantly at risk of dying. This kind of immense pressure was more effective than cultivating in seclusion, which was dull and tedious.


Now, instead of fortifying his Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, Yang Kai had to hurriedly ascend to the Sixth-Order.


The Shadowless Cave Heaven was obviously not a hospitable place. Those from Profound Yang Mountain, who had four Sixth-Order Mountain Lords with them, had formed grudges with the Proprietress and Yang Kai. Even in the 3,000 Worlds, Profound Yang Mountain could be considered a top Second Class great force.


Without its two Divine Spirits, Void Land would be incomparable to Profound Yang Mountain.


Since Yang Kai had injured Yun Fei Bai, those from Profound Yang Mountain would never let him off, so it was expected that they would make a move sooner or later. Given his Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, he couldn’t survive when dealing with such a behemoth even though he had the Proprietress with him. Therefore, Yang Kai would only gain the qualifications to struggle against them by reaching the Sixth Order.


He was already able to injure Yun Fei Bei while he was in the Fifth Order, so it shouldn’t be hard to kill him after he made it to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. By then, he could join forces with the Proprietress to oppose the entire Profound Yang Mountain.


Anyone else would have to wait for a painfully long time if they wanted to go from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order, refining countless Open Heaven Pills and cultivation resources to strengthen the heritage of their Small Universe. If this process could be completed in hundreds to a thousand of years, it would be considered fast. Those who had less aptitude and resources could take thousands to over ten thousand years to do this, if they managed to at all.


However, Yang Kai was different. He was supremely talented, and his foundation was incredibly solid, so he was able to refine Open Heaven Pills and cultivation resources at a much quicker pace than average.


Furthermore, he still had a Mid-Rank World Fruit. 


In the Primordial Land of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai repeatedly entered worlds in the fruits and obtained a number of World Fruits, which included two Mid-Rank ones and thirteen Low-Rank ones. He also managed to obtain a root from the World Fruit Tree. After that, Meng Hong from Great Moon Province gave him a Mid-Rank World Fruit, so he ended up with three Mid-Rank ones in his possession.


World Fruits were Heaven-defying treasures that could allow an Open Heaven Realm Master to directly ascend to the next Order. The limit of Low-Rank World Fruits was reaching the Third-Order, while the limit of Mid-Rank World Fruits was the Sixth-Order. There was no doubt that these fruits were invaluable.


When Yang Kai was on the way to the Star Boundary, he was besieged by Hei He and forced to let Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue respectively consume a World Fruit to turn the situation around.


Guo Zi Yan was originally a Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he directly rose to the Third-Order after taking a Low-Rank World Fruit. On the other hand, Lu Xue was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so she became a Fifth-Order one after consuming a Mid-Rank World Fruit.


Furthermore, Yue He had consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit, allowing her to reach the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Hence, Yang Kai still had one last Mid-Rank World Fruit with him. That was the reason he was willing to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm at that time. With such a Heaven-defying fruit, it could be said that it made no difference whether he ascended to the Fifth Order or the Sixth Order. The only issue was that he had to consume the last fruit.


However, he managed to make up for this loss somewhat by taking the Space Rings of the four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who had ambushed him.


The most valuable aspect of a World Fruit wasn’t its ability to make a cultivator directly reach the next Order, but rather its ability to increase the limit of a cultivator’s Martial Dao. Such an opportunity could never be purchased with money.


Yang Kai had ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so theoretically, the best he could achieve in the future was the Seventh-Order; however, after taking a World Fruit, he would reach the Sixth-Order directly, and his limit would increase to the Eighth-Order.


When Yang Kai was forced to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm outside of the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he had already considered that. Ti Zheng and the others thought that his future was ruined, but they were not aware of his intentions. The reason Yang Kai even agreed to break through was that he had a Mid-Rank World Fruit with him.




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