Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4391, Profound Yang Mountain Makes a Move


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The Proprietress’ alluring eyes trembled. It had been one year since they arrived at this place, and they’d had a taste of the power and strangeness of the Astral Wind many times. Other than hiding in this cave, they were unable to fend it off in any way.


However, now, Yang Kai’s Wood Element Divine Manifestation was able to completely ward off the Astral Wind that had been giving them a headache for a long time. It went to show that the Wood Element treasure he had refined was extraordinary.


Gazing at his secret room, the Proprietress became slightly at ease.


Since Yang Kai was able to make such a move, it meant that he was aware of what was going on in the surroundings; therefore, he should be almost completely healed. Initially, she was worried that the Astral Wind would have some negative impact on Yang Kai. Now, it seemed that not only did he have a way to fend it off, but he could also protect the three of them.


Although Yang Kai had only ascended to the Fifth Order, his previous efforts hadn’t gone down the drain. This Wood Element Divine Manifestation alone was a powerful method in his arsenal.


Inside the secret room, Yang Kai appeared jovial.


Not long after he arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, he was struck by the Astral Wind once, which resulted in him being quite battered. When he checked on his Small Universe after that though, he realised that the gigantic tree, which was the manifestation of his Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation, was completely fine. At that time, he speculated that this Divine Manifestation might be able to protect against the Astral Wind.


Unfortunately, he hadn’t had a chance to test this theory.


Therefore, when the Astral Wind struck again, he immediately activated the Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation. Just like he had expected, the aura of the great tree was able to keep out the Astral Wind.


The discovery made him set his mind at ease. With this Divine Manifestation, he wouldn’t have to worry about the Astral Wind in the Shadowless Cave Heaven again; moreover, not only could this Divine Manifestation protect himself, it could also protect those around him.


In a place such as the Shadowless Cave Heaven, this kind of Divine Manifestation was like a trump card that could save their lives as they wouldn’t have to worry about the brutality of the Astral Wind ever again.


Even though the Headquarters of the three great forces were safe, the locations were not movable. On the other hand, Yang Kai could use this Divine Manifestation wherever he wanted. Although the protection range was limited, it was more than sufficient.


One hour later, the Astral Wind dissipated.


Yang Kai retracted his Divine Manifestation and the gigantic tree with vigorous green light slowly disappeared. Following that, he continued absorbing the medicinal efficacies of the World Fruit.


Over the past month, he had been continuously absorbing the World Force coming from the World Fruit.


Presently, not only had he made up for the losses that he had suffered in his Small Universe from the Astral Wind, but he had also managed to strengthen it. Even the landmass of his Small Universe had expanded quite a bit.


He had a feeling that he had reached the limits of the Fifth Order and, in just a few days, he would be able to achieve a breakthrough and ascend to the Sixth Order.


There wasn’t a need to worry about whether the medicinal efficacies of the World Fruit were sufficient. Since Yue He was able to go from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order, Yang Kai could do the same.


In the meantime, on one of the peaks of Profound Yang Mountain, the door of a palace suddenly opened. Second Mountain Lord Yun Fei Bai stepped out and looked around before ordering, “Inform the Third Mountain Lord and the Fourth Mountain Lord. Assemble the troops and follow me to capture that whore Lan You Ruo!”


A number of Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had been keeping guard outside the palace, immediately replied, “Yes.”


Looking in the direction of the caldera, Yun Fei Bai sported a cold expression.


Previously, he was injured by Yang Kai, which was an incredible loss of face. The spear that penetrated his chest had left him severely wounded and it took him a whole month to recover. He could still feel his chest aching to this day.


Although Yang Kai wasn’t in a better state either as he had almost been decapitated, he was only a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master while Yun Fei Bai was in the Sixth-Order. They were not supposed to be an equal match to begin with as the difference of even one Order was like the gap between the Heavens and Earth. Being wounded so seriously by a boy a whole Order lower than him was humiliating, so it was expected that Yun Fei Bai would be resentful.


In order to recover quickly, he used a lot of resources that were hard to come by in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so it could be said that these were immense losses for him.


He was extremely vexed. If it weren’t because the Head Mountain Lord had his eyes on Yang Kai’s mastery over the Dao of Space, which might help them find the exit, Yun Fei Bai would definitely kill him and rip his corpse into countless pieces.


Since the Head Mountain Lord had given the order though, Yun Fei Bai wouldn’t dare to kill Yang Kai. Nevertheless, it would be fine to treat him harshly. He secretly swore that once he captured Yang Kai, he would cut off all his limbs and stuff him into a jar where he would spend the rest of his miserable life.


As for Lan You Ruo, he was determined to obtain her. He had previously invited her to join Profound Yang Mountain and promised to make her the Fifth Mountain Lord; however, since she embarrassed him and didn’t appreciate his kindness, he couldn’t be blamed for being hard on her.


Meanwhile, the Third Mountain Lord Geng Qing and the Fourth Mountain Lord Zhou Ya were already ready. If Yun Fei Bai hadn’t insisted on personally making a move to get his revenge, they would’ve brought their people with them and stormed into the caldera a month ago. Upon getting the news at this moment, they responded quickly. Soon, numerous rays of light left Profound Yang Mountain and headed to the hiding place of the Proprietress and her subordinates.


There were dozens of people in total. The three Sixth-Order Mountain Lords led the way while the weakest among this group were in the Fourth Order. Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters weren’t qualified to interfere in this matter. There were also six Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in this team.


Such a force was more than enough to deal with Lan You Ruo and the others.


In fact, they had always known that Lan You Ruo was hiding in the caldera. The reason they hadn’t stormed that place until now was that the Mountain Lords were wary of her Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation. If she became desperate, she might be able to severely wound one or two of them, even if defeating them was impossible.


Furthermore, Yun Fei Bai wanted to wait for the Astral Wind to weaken the Proprietress and her companions. It would only take one or two years for her power to noticeably decrease. By then, it’d be much easier to capture her.


Even without Yang Kai making a scene on Profound Yang Mountain, Yun Fei Bai was already prepared to make a move. Now that the Head Mountain Lord valued Yang Kai’s capabilities, coupled with the grudges between them, the battle against Lan You Ruo was inevitable.


This large group of people flew through the sky.


In just two to three days, they arrived at a spot near the caldera. Following the three Mountain Lords’ order, the caldera was quickly surrounded as World Forces undulated.


Inside the cave below the volcano, Chef exclaimed, “Profound Yang Mountain is here, Proprietress!”


The Proprietress sported a solemn expression and nodded, “I know.” Then, she took a glance at Yang Kai’s secret room, “I’ll go out to have a look. If things go wrong, immediately bring Yang Kai away from here.”


Chef asked worriedly, “What about you?”


The Proprietress replied, “You don’t have to worry about me. I have a way to flee!”


Accountant took a step forward, “I’ll stay with you to give you a hand, Proprietress!”


“Many people from Profound Yang Mountain are here; even three Mountain Lords have arrived, but I’m still able to escape if I’m on my own, so you don’t have to come with me.” As soon as she finished speaking, she leapt into the air and dashed out of the cave. As she separated her palms, a passageway appeared in the magma.


Chef and Accountant watched her leave as their eyes were filled with anxiety.


Initially, they thought that after ascending to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, they would be able to share some of the Proprietress’ burdens. However, in this kind of situation, Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like them were useless. If they tagged along, they might be captured by the enemy and used to threaten the Proprietress.


They couldn’t help but blame themselves for being useless as they were unable to lend her a hand at the most critical moment. Chef’s eyelids twitched as he gazed at the secret room, [What’s wrong with Yang Kai? Why hasn’t he come out after one month of recuperation?]


If he had stepped out of the secret room, they could make use of his Space Secret Technique to flee even if they were unable to defeat their enemies. However, he had been meditating for a whole month, and he didn’t seem aware that the enemy was already at their door.


Outside the caldera, the three Mountain Lords stood alongside one another. A lot of people had surrounded the caldera as auras undulated. Upon seeing that the magma was roiling , Yun Fei Bai curled up his lips.


A snow-white figure shot out of the fiery red magma. The imperial dress she was clad in perfectly outlined her curvy figure.


The Proprietress stood silently in the void as she flicked her sleeve and swept a glance over these people. Then, she fixed her eyes on Yun Fei Bai and the others before asking, “What brings you here, Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain?”


Yun Fei Bai sneered, “Stop asking the obvious. You’re fully aware of why we’re here.”


The Proprietress replied, “I’m not you, so how am I supposed to know what you’re thinking?”


Yun Fei Bai scoffed, “Since you’re trying to play dumb, just keep doing that. Don’t beg for my mercy when I beat you up later.”


The Proprietress shot him a dispassionate glance, “Yun Fei Bai, although you’re also a Sixth-Order cultivator, you’re no match for me. Go back to where you came from before your pride isn’t the only thing that’s hurt.”


A furious Yun Fei Bai snapped, “You’re pretty arrogant, bitch! Let’s see whether you’re really as strong as you say you are!”


Upon finishing his words, his figure shook as his World Force swirled around him and he pounced at the Proprietress.


Geng Qing helplessly shook his head, “Second Brother is still so hot-tempered. Can’t he see that she’s trying to goad him into a one-on-one fight with her?”


Zhou Ya sighed, “Second Brother is a conceited man, so just let him be. That Lan You Ruo has spent a year being exposed to the Astral Wind, so she isn’t as strong as she was before. Just get ready for now. Once Second Brother injures her, we can join forces and take her down together.”


Geng Qing nodded lightly before taking a step forward and immediately appeared on the other side to form an encirclement with Zhou Ya.


Looking up, they saw that Yun Fei Bai and Lan You Ruo had begun their clash. Both of them were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so every move they made was world-shaking. As their World Forces permeated the air, the explosions of light from their Secret Techniques erupted everywhere. There was no doubt that it was an intense battle.


After observing the battle for a while though, Geng Qing arched his brow as he realised that Lan You Ruo was truly powerful. Although her strength seemed to have been weakened, she was still able to match Yun Fei Bai.


He secretly felt astounded. If Lan You Ruo were at her peak, she would’ve been truly intimidating. Although she might not be able to defeat the Head Mountain Lord, there wouldn’t be a big of a gap between their powers.


Since such a top cultivator had some grudges against Profound Yang Mountain, they reckoned that they must end her life. If she escaped this time and sided with either Unrivalled Guild or Twin Spirit Island, it would be troublesome for them.




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  1. So will they hold off Yang Mountain until Yang Kai goes up an order, or will Yang Kai show off his too strong peak 5th order cultivation. If the latter, he’ll probably rank up mid battle.

    1. Hard to tell which MoMo would consider cooler. From the logic so far, wasting this sort of energy by going to battle would be inconceivable decadence, but MoMo flip flopped on greater issues (like mid level open heaven masters being able to keep living creatures in their inner universes)

  2. YK would obviously break through just as the Proprietress is bit too be overwhelmed. He’ll give them a big shock and save the day, while Killing that 2nd Mountain Lord and escaping.

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