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Martial Peak – Chapter 4392, Flee

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After the intense battle lasted for a while, it was apparent that the two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were equally matched. All of a sudden, someone came over and reported, “Third Mountain Lord, Fourth Mountain Lord, we’ve detected some strange movements in the caldera.”


Upon hearing that, Geng Qing stared intently in that direction for a moment before saying, “They’re Lan You Ruo’s Fifth-Order subordinates. The magma is roiling inside the caldera. There should be some secret passageways. These guys must be trying to flee since the situation isn’t in their favour… Hmm? There’s one more person with them. Who is that?”


Zhou Ya looked in the same direction and gave it a thought before saying, “He must be that brat who injured Second Brother. It seems that his injuries are pretty severe. One month has passed, but he’s still unconscious. Someone has to carry him on his back and flee.”


Geng Qing nodded, “You’re right. I’ll leave those three to you, Fourth Sister. If we can capture them, it will distract Lan You Ruo. By then, Second Brother will have an easier time dealing with her.”


A hesitant Zhou Ya asked, “What about Second Brother?”


With a smile, Geng Qing replied, “Don’t worry, Fourth Sister. I’ll make sure that he won’t get hurt. When the time is right, I’ll join forces with him.”


It was then Zhou Ya nodded, “I’ll go then.”


Following that, she swept a glance over the people around her, whereupon more than ten people left with her to race after Chef and the others.


One hundred kilometres in front of them, Chef carried Yang Kai on his back while running away at the speed of the wind. On the other hand, Accountant followed them with a golden abacus in his hand. When he turned his head and saw many rays of light racing after them, he exclaimed, “Run, Chef! They’re coming right at us!”


Just like what Geng Qing had said, there were some secret passageways under the caldera. It had been one year since the Proprietress and the others arrived in this place, so they were familiar with the terrain. Even if the cave’s entrance was blocked by their enemies one day, they would still be able to flee.


Not long after the Proprietress dashed out of the caldera, she engaged in a battle with the enemy. Upon seeing that things were deteriorating, Chef and Accountant immediately brought Yang Kai with them and fled through another exit.


Although they moved cautiously, they were still detected by their enemies. Now that their enemies were chasing after them, they had no choice but to flee at their top speed.


Both of them were only in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and they had a burden with them that was Yang Kai. On the other hand, Zhou Ya was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who had more than ten people with her. Both parties were not equally matched to begin with, so there was no way they could defeat their enemies if they got into a fight.


Therefore, they would only stand a chance to survive by fleeing. At the same time, they prayed that the Proprietress would be fine.


After running away for a while, a pale Accountant cursed, “I don’t think we can get away, Chef. That woman is pretty swift.”


Although there was only a difference of one Order between the Sixth and Fifth Order, the gap in power was vast. Usually, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be able to deal with five Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with ease. Therefore, it was expected that a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was also able to fly at a greater speed.


Since Zhou Ya was determined to hunt them down, Chef and Accountant were not able to get rid of her regardless of how hard they tried.


Seeing that the distance between them was shortening, Chef tossed Yang Kai at Accountant and said, “Leave with him now. I’ll delay her for a while.”


After taking Yang Kai, Accountant gritted his teeth and placed him over his shoulder without hesitation. Then, he charged forward at full speed. It wasn’t the right time to argue. If they couldn’t make a decision quickly, they would fall into a terrible state.


Chef took a deep breath as his figure expanded and turned into a several-dozen-metre tall giant. The apron around his waist swayed with the wind.


With a knife in his left hand and a chopping board in his right, Chef appeared solemn and foreboding.


Then, he hurled the chopping board behind him as it expanded with the wind. It was as though the chopping board was about to cover the entire world. The unsuspecting Zhou Ya and the others came into contact with the chopping board and became bound by a mysterious force.


Chef raised his knife and bellowed, “I am the knife and chopping board, and you are the fish!”


Then, he brought down the knife as the blade shone viciously. The world around him seemed to have turned into his kitchen with him as the chef that was on top of everything.


Zhou Ya was flabbergasted as she hadn’t expected that a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would possess such a horrifying Divine Ability. He was apparently more powerful than the average Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Although she was a Sixth-Order Master, she still couldn’t help but feel terrified while she was bound to the chopping board. It was as though she was about to be cut into countless pieces.


Not daring to be negligent, she yelled and surged her World Force as she broke free of the restraint and shot towards Chef.


The more than ten Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were not standing idly by either. As they respectively used their Secret Techniques and artifacts, their World Forces became a chaotic torrent.


In just three breaths’ time, Chef’s gigantic figure flew backwards as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Like a deflating balloon, he shrank rapidly. The colossal chopping board turned back into its original form and was stored by Chef.


The blade light dissipated and his World Force subsided. Zhou Ya looked up and saw Chef spitting blood while fleeing into the distance. Despite his burly figure, he was extremely agile. With her face turning crimson, she roared, “Follow him! Don’t let him flee!”


She was a Sixth-Order Master and had personally led a team of powerful subordinates, but she was obstructed by a mere Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivator. Although it had lasted only several breaths of time, it was humiliating enough.


In the meantime, the Proprietress had fallen into a perilous state. Yun Fei Bai was embarrassed as he wasn’t even able to hurt his opponent, and upon seeing things not progressing, Geng Qing immediately joined forces with him.


As the two Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain worked together, they were able to gain the advantage right away.


However, to their horror, they realised that Lan You Ruo was still able to cope.


Geng Qing couldn’t help but feel terrified. Just a while ago, he believed that although Lan You Ruo wasn’t a match for the Head Mountain Lord when she was at her peak, there would only be a small gap between their powers. Nevertheless, it now seemed that she and the Head Mountain Lord would be equally matched when she was at her peak. Both of them were just one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


If not, she couldn’t have remained so powerful after being affected by the Astral Wind for one year.


However, it all had to end on this day.


Regardless of how powerful Lan You Ruo was, she had to be killed in this place. The two of them had made a move while their Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm subordinates disturbed her from outside the battlefield. Even though she was formidable, there was no way she could leave this place alive.


During the intense battle, some people from Profound Yang Mountain had to back down from time to time as they were injured by the Proprietress. In just one incense stick, seven Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had temporarily lost the capabilities to fight, while one of them was even killed.


Although the Proprietress managed to hurt many of her opponents, she had been wounded as well. In this kind of situation, it was a miracle that she had made it so far. If it weren’t because Geng Qing and Yun Fei Bai were worried that she would attempt to drag one of them down with her if she was pushed too far, her situation would’ve been even more difficult.


There came a moment when Geng Qing’s gaze brightened while he attacked the Proprietress alongside Yun Fei Bai. He initially intended to back down, but he charged forward instead, using a Divine Ability that shot towards the Proprietress when she made a mistake and exposed an opening in her guard.


During a life-and-death battle between powerful cultivators, a single opening could determine the outcome.


As his World Force undulated, his Divine Ability landed on the Proprietress’ delicate figure and exploded, whereupon she detonated and turned into dust.


Yun Fei Bai became rooted to the spot as he asked in disbelief, “She died?”


Geng Qing was stunned as well and with a frown, he had a feeling that something was off.


Although his Divine Ability was mighty, Lan You Ruo wasn’t weak. How was it possible that she was killed just like that?


Then, he looked down and saw a figure dashing into the magma.


“It was just an illusion. She fled!” Geng Qing bellowed.


“Where does she think she’s going!?” Yun Fei Bai yelled and plunged into the caldera.


“Wait, Second Brother! There might be a trap!” Geng Qing shouted, but it was too late. The impetuous Yun Fei Bai had already disappeared into the magma.


Left with no choice, Geng Qing ground his teeth and followed.


However, before he even dove into the magma, there was an explosion of World Force beneath him, as though a Divine Ability was expanding before his eyes. Following that, Yun Fei Bai wailed while spraying out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying back. There was a dent on his chest and his aura was unstable. It was apparent that he had suffered a serious setback.


Then, he spat blood again and roared with a hideous expression, “How dare that bitch set me up!” 


A speechless Geng Qing reckoned that Yun Fei Bai’s terrible temper would forever land him in trouble.


As the magma subsided, they looked down at it and hesitated. After what happened to Yun Fei Bai, Geng Qing wouldn’t dare to rashly plunge into it as he was worried that Lan You Ruo was hiding under the magma.


As such, he turned to look at one of his Fifth-Order subordinates and ordered in a grim voice, “Go down and have a look.”


The Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master appeared terrified, but he wouldn’t dare to disobey the order, so he clenched his teeth and dove into the magma.


A moment later, he dashed out of it and shook his head, “That woman is nowhere to be seen. She must have escaped.”


“Where else can she go?” Yun Fei Bai’s eyes were bloodshot as he was resentful of the Proprietress, “All of you, get down and search for her! I have to get her regardless of what it takes!”


Geng Qing explained, “We don’t have to do that, Second Brother. I believe Lan You Ruo is going to look for her subordinates. Fourth Sister is pursuing them, so we just have to meet up with her and I’m sure we’ll find Lan You Ruo over there.”


Yun Fei Bai turned to look at him, “Really? What if she doesn’t look for her subordinates?”


Geng Qing said, “Please trust me, Second Brother. Lan You Ruo seems to be someone who values the people around her greatly, so I believe that she won’t let her subordinates perish on their own.”


After giving it a thought, Yun Fei Bai nodded, “Good, we’ll look for Fourth Sister.” Then, he spat out a mouthful of blood and took a deep breath.


The wound on his chest was extremely painful.


On the other hand, Chef and Accountant were pale as they ran, blood streaming from their mouths. Although Chef had stopped Zhou Ya and the others for several breaths of time using his Secret Technique, their opponents resumed chasing them soon after. Left with no choice, Accountant had to make a move as well.


In the end, both of them were wounded while their enemies were getting closer and closer.


While carrying Yang Kai on his back, Chef cursed, “Brat, are you going to wake up or not!? We’ll die soon! By then, I’ll throw you to that woman and let her rip you into countless pieces!”



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