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Martial Peak – Chapter 4393, Twin Spirit Island

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Although Chef was lamenting, he never slowed down his pace. Unfortunately, they were unable to get rid of Zhou Ya as she was more powerful than them.


Seeing as the enemies were getting closer, Accountant bellowed, “Leave! I’ll deal with her!”


Upon finishing his words, he turned around and readied himself to clash with Zhou Ya.


A flabbergasted Chef exclaimed, “No!”


However, he was unable to stop him, so he clenched his teeth and whirled around to follow him.


Accountant turned his head and bellowed, “What are you doing?”


With a solemn expression, Chef replied, “We’ll never get rid of her, so I think we should just perish together. Before that, we’ll at least bite some flesh off her!”


Accountant’s gaze darkened as he nodded with a heavy heart. Then, Chef quickly fished out a long cloth to tie Yang Kai tightly on his back. With a kitchen knife in one hand and a chopping board in the other, he was prepared to face his enemies.


Just then, they saw a ray of light rapidly approaching from behind Zhou Ya. The ray of light directly stormed into the enemies’ formation and caused a lot of Fourth-Order and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to collapse to the ground. Many of them were injured and sent flying away as they sprayed out mouthfuls of blood in mid-air.


An astounded Zhou Ya turned her head with a fierce gaze and surged her World Force to trade moves with the ray of light. As a series of explosive sounds were heard as the world seemed to pale. The ray of light whisked past Zhou Ya and landed on a spot beside Chef and Accountant.


“Proprietress!” Chef and Accountant were pleasantly surprised.


The ray of light was none other than the Proprietress, who had shaken off Geng Qing and Yun Fei Bai.


Her face was slightly pale as she brushed away the blood on the corner of her lips. Then, she extended her hands and grabbed both of them before yelling, “Let’s go!”


Chef and Accountant were uncontrollably hoisted into the air.


“You’re injured, Proprietress,” Chef gazed at the trail of blood on the corner of her mouth with a worried expression.


“It doesn’t matter.” The Proprietress took a glance at Yang Kai on his back and asked, “Hasn’t he woken up yet?”


Chef shook his head, “No. Perhaps he’s at some kind of critical juncture.” 


Given such a commotion, Yang Kai should have been shaken out of his meditative state even if he was still recuperating. However, his eyes remained tightly closed, as though he had cut off all connection with the outside world, which put them in a tight spot.


“Should we force this brat up?” Chef asked.


“No!” The Proprietress shook her head. Yang Kai wasn’t someone who would put his companions’ lives at risk and he should be aware of what was going on in his surroundings. In other words, he knew what they were going through, but there was a reason that he couldn’t wake up. It would be a terrible thing if they forcefully interrupted him.


“Where are we going now?” Accountant asked as he turned his head to look at the enemies behind them. Zhou Ya and her subordinates were still relentlessly chasing after them.


The Proprietress declared, “Twin Spirit Island!”


Previously, they were unwilling to join any of the three great forces because, first of all, they had just arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so they were unclear about the current situations in this place. Secondly, once they joined one of the great forces, they would be restricted in many ways and completely bound to that great force.


Only after learning that no one had ever left the Shadowless Cave Heaven over the years, did the Proprietress start considering joining one of them.


Profound Yang Mountain was excluded as there were some grudges between them; therefore, they were left with Unrivalled Guild and Twin Spirit Island. Among the two, Twin Spirit Island was the weakest as there were only two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on their side, so it was naturally their best option.


Some time ago, the Proprietress visited Twin Spirit Island and was greeted warmly by the two Island Masters. It was apparent that they were trying to persuade her to join their great force.


Initially, the Proprietress planned on asking for the opinions of Yang Kai and the others before deciding whether they should join Twin Spirit Island. Nevertheless, before Yang Kai even awakened, three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain had arrived at her door.


Left with no choice now, they could only head to Twin Spirit Island. If they were accepted into the great force, they could probably resolve this crisis.




There was an expansive lake in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, and in the middle of the lake were two islands that looked similar in terms of shape and size. Since both of them were closely connected, they were named Twin Spirit Island.


As the Proprietress and the others headed straight to Twin Spirit Island, it was apparent what their intention was.


On the other hand, Zhou Ya was still relentlessly pursuing them and two days later, Yun Fei Bai and Geng Qing finally joined her.


As Geng Qing looked in the direction the Proprietress and the others were heading, he gave it a thought and pondered, “Is Lan You Ruo going to Twin Spirit Island? When did she even come into contact with those Island Masters?”


Yun Fei Bai snorted, “That bitch is a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all, so it’s expected that those two want her to join their Sect. I guess they came into contact some time ago. We need to catch them quickly. We mustn’t let them reach Twin Spirit Island. If she joins forces with Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan, it’ll be difficult to deal with them.”


Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan that he just mentioned were the Island Masters of Twin Spirit Island. They were also a married couple. It was said that they had been in the Shadowless Cave Heaven for even longer than the Head Mountain Lord.


Geng Qing narrowed his eyes before chuckling, “It’s been a short time since Lan You Ruo arrived in this place, so she isn’t aware of that couple’s temperaments. She must be acting out of desperation since she has no other choice. Don’t worry, Second Brother. It’ll be a good thing if she reaches Twin Spirit Island.”


Yun Fei Bai shot him a glance, “Why is it a good thing?”


Geng Qing explained, “Aren’t you aware of what that couple is like, Second Brother? Although both of them are in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, the same as us, they’re quite cautious and timid. The reason they want to recruit Lan You Ruo is that she’s a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. If she becomes a part of them, they’ll be able to better resist Profound Yang Mountain and Unrivalled Guild; however, since the three of us are hunting Lan You Ruo down, will the couple have the guts to accept her?”


After giving it a thought, Yun Fei Bai nodded, “You’re right. Those two have always been cowards. If they find out that woman has some grudges with us, they’ll likely refuse to accept her group.”


Zhou Ya said, “If she is turned down, she won’t have a way out anymore.”


Yun Fei Bai’s eyes brightened as he looked at the front and put on an eerie smile, “They’re basically flying into the deathtrap.”


Realizing this, an elated Yun Fei Bai slowed down a little as he calmly followed the Proprietress and her group.


As they kept moving forward, they arrived at a beautiful lake two days later. The Proprietress, Chef, and Accountant stepped on the water and reached Twin Spirit Island soon after.


Twin Spirit Island was surrounded by a barrier, and no one was able to see through the fog and find out what was going on inside.


The Proprietress immediately fished out a Jade Token and infused her power into it. The Jade Token instantly turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the Grand Array.


This Jade Token was given to her by the Island Masters when she visited Twin Spirit Island previously and could be used as a communications artifact. They hoped that she would join their Sect one day, so naturally they provided her with a way to contact them.


After the Jade Token was gone, the Proprietress turned her head and saw many rays of light rapidly approaching them. It would probably take them no more than a quarter-hour to arrive, so she was naturally worried.


A moment later, the fog around the Grand Array roiled and a figure stepped out of it. He was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was clad in tight-fitting clothes, which made him look quite well put-together.


The Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master looked around, and when he saw the Proprietress, his expression turned solemn, “I’m sorry for being late to welcome you, Madam Lan. Please forgive me.”


The Proprietress had paid a visit previously, so he naturally recognised her.


“It’s fine. Please tell the Island Masters that I’ll agree to the conditions they mentioned, and am willing to join Twin Spirit Island,” the Proprietress declared.


The Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was evidently startled. Although he wasn’t sure what these conditions were, he wasn’t in any place to ask as he was just a messenger. As such, he simply nodded, “Please give me a moment, Madame.”


After he finished speaking, he turned around and disappeared into the Grand Array. Before he left, he looked into the distance with some concern.


In a parterre garden on Twin Spirit Island, a middle-aged man with a jade crown was having a stroll with a pregnant woman clad in an imperial dress. Pleasant fragrances permeated the place as flowers of different colours bloomed around them. The woman was stroking her belly while the man held her arm to support her weight. He looked down at the bulging belly from time to time with a joyful expression.


They were none other than the Island Masters of Twin Spirit Island, Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan.


While having a walk in the garden with his wife, Hua Yong asked gently, “Do you love this garden, my dear Wife? All of these flowers were brought back from the outside world and some of the species are extremely rare.”


Shu Mu Dan put on a reserved smile, “You didn’t have to do all this, Husband. These flowers cannot be consumed for cultivation. The subordinates might have some complaints against you since you told them to use so many resources for this.”


Hua Yong asked, “Who would dare to have any complaints?” Then, he stood in front of his Wife and crouched down before pressing his head against the bulging belly, “Moreover, Lin’er will only be pleased when you’re happy. That way, he’ll leave your stomach sooner.”


Shu Mu Dan started blushing as she looked around and poked the man’s head with one finger, “How old do you think you are? Get up now. Others will laugh at us if they see this.”


Hua Yong took her hand and caressed his own face with it before he looked up and flashed a smile at her, “Who would dare to laugh at me?”


“Island Masters…” Just then, someone rushed into the place. When he saw the Head Island Master crouching down in front of the Second Island Master and caressing his own face with her hand while the Second Island Master blushed with a loving expression, he became stunned.


Shu Mu Dan’s face turned a shade redder in embarrassment.


Hua Yong slowly got up and straightened his face before coughing into his fist, “What’s wrong?”


The person looked down at his feet and reported, “Madam Lan is here again. She said that she’ll agree to your conditions to join Twin Spirit Island.”


Upon hearing that, Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan exchanged glances and became ecstatic. The former laughed and said, “Very good! Although some people will fall into the Shadowless Cave Heaven from time to time, Sixth-Order Masters are rare. If Lan You Ruo could join us, our power will be greatly strengthened.” Then, he turned to look at the messenger, “Is she outside?”


The person replied, “Madam Lan is indeed waiting outside.”


“Welcome her inside right now!” Hua Yong ordered, then changed his mind, “No, no, no. My Wife and I will personally welcome her.”



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