Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4394, Blood Monster Battle Dress


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If Lan You Ruo, a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, joined Twin Spirit Island, she would be the Third Island Master. In other words, she would be the third most important person after Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan, so she definitely deserved to be welcomed by the couple personally.


Before the two of them could leave the garden, however, the messenger continued, “Island Masters, there’s one more thing I need to tell you. Madam Lan seems to be injured, and just now, I could see that some people were pursuing her.”


“Who are the ones chasing her?” Hua Yong frowned. Lan You Ruo was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so rarely anyone in the Shadowless Cave Heaven could hurt her or even have the guts to pursue her. Suddenly, he felt there was more to her trying to join them at this moment than it appeared.


The messenger replied, “Island Masters, you’ve not stepped outside for years, so you’re not aware of what’s going on. There are some grudges between Madam Lan and Profound Yang Mountain’s Second Mountain Lord.”


As the person spoke, Shu Mu Dan suddenly waved her hand, then the water around them came together and formed into a mirror. The reflection on the mirror showed the view outside of Twin Spirit Island.


Through the mirror, they could see Lan You Ruo and her three subordinates waiting outside the barrier. One of them was unconscious, so he had to be carried on another person’s back.


As Shu Mu Dan looked into the distance, her expression changed, “Three Mountain Lords from Profound Yang Mountain are over there!”


Hua Yong’s expression turned solemn as well. He could see the intimidating Yun Fei Bai and the others through the mirror. Of the four Sixth-Order Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain, three of them had come all the way here with many subordinates, which went to show that they were determined to end Lan You Ruo today.


“What are the grudges between Madam Lan and Profound Yang Mountain’s Second Mountain Lord?” Hua Yong asked in puzzlement.


Since his Wife was pregnant, he had been staying on Twin Spirit Island to keep her company and ignored the affairs in the outside world. Before Lan You Ruo paid a visit previously, he wasn’t even aware that there was a new Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


Certainly, he had no idea what was going on when he saw this sight.


The messenger replied, “I don’t know the details, but those from Profound Yang Mountain have always been arrogant, and the Second Mountain Lord Yun Fei Bai is a lascivious man. Madam Lan knew nothing about the affairs here when she arrived in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, so she might have gotten into a conflict with them for some reason.”


Upon hearing his explanation, Hua Yong nodded and said with a dark explanation, “Now I know why Lan You Ruo is eager to join Twin Spirit Island. She’s basically left with no other choice now, so she wants to make use of us to resolve this crisis. Clever of her.” He snorted.


Shu Mu Dan asked with a frown, “What’s your plan, Husband?”


Hua Yong replied, “If she had agreed to join Twin Spirit Island previously, I would’ve welcomed her; however, since she intends to make use of us now, we can’t grant her wish. If we accept her, we’ll be offending Profound Yang Mountain.”


A worried Shu Mu Dan said, “If we don’t let her in, she won’t be able to deal with Yun Fei Bai and the others on her own.”


“That’s her own problem.” Hua Yong shook his head and gazed at his Wife, “What do you think?”


After giving it a thought, Shu Mu Dan said, “If Madam Lan could join Twin Spirit Island, our power will increase significantly, and we’ll have the might to go up against Profound Yang Mountain and Unrivalled Guild. Although the three great forces in the Shadowless Cave Heaven have coexisted peacefully so far, we’re still the weakest in the end. Therefore, we control far less territory than the other two great forces.”


“Do you want to accept her even now?” Hua Yong asked.


With a helpless smile, Shu Mu Dan shook her head, “I have no idea what to do. I’ll leave the decision to you, Husband.”


Hua Yong took a glance at her bulging belly, then his gaze became determined, “Ignore her.”


Although they could strengthen Twin Spirit Island’s power by accepting Lan You Ruo, Yun Fei Bai and the others would never let her off as they appeared determined. There was bound to be a battle if they took a side now, and given the situation his Wife was in, there was no way she could fight. No one could afford to take responsibility if their child was affected. They had waited for a long time before they had their own child, so they naturally valued him above all else.


Shu Mu Dan let out a sigh. As a woman herself, she sympathised with Lan You Ruo for what the latter was going through, but at the same time, she had to protect her child, which was why she was feeling helpless.


Outside of Twin Spirit Island’s barrier, the Proprietress felt her heart sinking.


The two Island Masters hadn’t shown up, nor had they opened the barrier. It was apparent to her that they were not willing to invite trouble to themselves.


She wasn’t in any place to blame them though. Although she had intended to join Twin Spirit Island previously, her arrival at this time was indeed inappropriate.


The reason she made this decision was that she had no other choice; otherwise, she would never want to trouble anyone else.


Seeing as the enemies were about to reach them, the Proprietress immediately decided to flee, “Run!”


Then, she surged her power to wrap up Chef and the others before attempting to head in a different direction.


“Where do you think you’re going!?” Someone was heard yelling as a figure abruptly appeared in that direction. He was none other than the Third Mountain Lord Geng Qing. It wasn’t certain when he had snuck to the other side, but he happened to be right in the Proprietress’ way.


Faced with an incoming Divine Ability, the Proprietress hurriedly parried and was forced back to her original spot.


In the meantime, the sounds of people breaking through the air were heard as many figures landed in all directions and surrounded them.


With a cold gaze, the Proprietress swept a glance over the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain.


There was a gloomy expression on Yun Fei Bai’s face as he spat and raised his chin. He appeared smug as he looked at the Proprietress, “Keep running. Let’s see where you can run now!”


Without saying a word, the Proprietress glared at him.


Yun Fei Bai took a glance at the fog-covered Twin Spirit Island and put on a devious smile, “Do you want to seek refuge in Twin Spirit Island? Have you even investigated the temperaments of this useless couple? Do you think these cowards have the guts to accept you?”


Inside Twin Spirit Island, Hua Yong sported a dark expression and snorted. Not only could they see the outside view through the mirror, but they could also hear what was happening as well. That was why he could hear Yun Fei Bai’s words.


A conceited Yun Fei Bai shouted, “Hua Yong, Shu Mu Dan, this woman wants to side with Twin Spirit Island, do you want to open up the barrier and let her in?”


No one responded from the other end of the barrier.


With his palms spread, Yun Fei Bai said, “Look, they don’t even dare to respond to me. Do you think that they can protect you? Naïve!”


Zhou Ya said with a frown, “We should deal with our business here first, Second Brother!”


It was too arrogant to provoke the Island Masters right in front of their door. Although Profound Yang Mountain was stronger than Twin Spirit Island, the latter still had two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on their side. If they became infuriated, they might act out in anger, which would be extremely detrimental to them now.


Yun Fei Bai snorted and gazed at the Proprietress, “Whore, I’ll give you one last chance! If you don’t want to die, be good and become my woman; otherwise, this place will be your graveyard.”


Geng Qing was exasperated as he really thought that Yun Fei Bai was so lascivious that he was willing to risk his life for a moment’s pleasure. It wouldn’t have mattered if they hadn’t found out Lan You Ruo’s true strength; however, after the battle on this day, they realised that this woman was just as powerful as the Head Mountain Lord. Although Yun Fei Bai was also a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he would never be able to control her. Only by killing her could they solve this problem for good. That was the reason Geng Qing was rendered speechless when he saw Yun Fei Bai still lusting after her at this point.


“A dog’s mouth can never smell fresh!” The Proprietress shot a deathly glare at Yun Fei Bai, “Stop spouting nonsense and fight. There may be many people on your side, and it’s true I cannot defeat you, but I can take at least one of you down with me before I die. Let’s see which one of you will be so unlucky.”


“Impudence!” Yun Fei Bai stomped his foot on the ground in rage, “Third Brother, Fourth Sister, come with me and kill this woman!”


His murderous intent surged as he raised his hand and summoned a huge axe almost three meters tall. The flash of light swirling around it suggested that it was an extraordinary artifact.


Upon seeing that Yun Fei Bai had summoned this artifact, Geng Qing knew that he was determined to kill this woman.


Geng Qing and Zhou Ya traded glances and summoned their own artifacts as well, whereupon they shot towards the Proprietress. Before they even reached their opponent, their rumbling World Forces shook the surrounding world.


Inside Twin Spirit Island, Shu Mu Dan appeared sympathetic.


All of them were in the same Order, so the outcome for Lan You Ruo was foreseeable since she was fighting against three enemies on her own. After a sigh, Shu Mu Dan looked away.


She had always been a gentle person, and since her pregnancy, she had become even more sensitive; hence, she didn’t have the heart to see another woman being killed.


Faced with the World Forces of three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Chef and Accountant found it difficult to even breathe, as though a mountain was pressing down on them. Even their legs were beginning to buckle under the pressure.


And they were only bearing the fallout from the enemy’s pressure. At the centre of the three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters’ pressure, however, the Proprietress closed her eyes and took a deep breath.


Chef and Accountant widened their eyes as though they were waiting for something to happen.


The next moment, the Proprietress opened her eyes, which appeared as fierce as lightning. A red glow suddenly swirled around her and engulfed her entire figure as though it had spirituality of its own.


Some explosive sounds were heard, and when the red glow faded, the Proprietress was already covered in a scarlet Artifact Armour, which was so tight-fitting that it perfectly outlined her alluring figure. A flash of light was seen swirling around the armour. There were two Dragons on her shoulders with eyes that seemed completely lifelike. There was also a helmet that covered her entire head except for her soul-piercing eyes.


Her arms were protected by very solid pads, and as she made a grabbing gesture, a scarlet sword appeared out of thin air as though she had pulled it out from the Void.


The gale stirred up waves on the lake behind her as the Proprietress seemed to have turned into an armour-clad female knight, valiantly wielding the greatsword in her hands.


However, unlike her usual self, the Proprietress clad in this armour radiated a rich Monster Qi.


“Blood Monster Battle Dress!” Chef murmured under his breath with a pale face.


Although it was called the Blood Monster Battle Dress, it had nothing to do with Blood Monster Divine Monarch from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Chef and the others had no idea where the Proprietress obtained this armour, but they knew that she never used it unless she had no other choice. The fact that she had summoned this Artifact Armour suggested that they were facing a real life-or-death crisis.




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