Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4395, Fighting Three Enemies At Once


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Although she could significantly increase her power by using the Blood Monster Battle Dress, the rich Monster Qi within the armour had an erosive effect. The longer the Proprietress wore it, the more her consciousness would be eroded, leaving extremely difficult issues to resolve afterwards.


Therefore, the Proprietress would never use the Blood Monster Battle Dress unless it was absolutely necessary.


Although Chef and Accountant were aware that she had such an artifact, they had never seen her use it before. This was the first time!


The three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain were stunned upon seeing the Proprietress’ transformation. As their gazes fell upon the armour and sword, they immediately realized that the Blood Monster Battle Dress was truly extraordinary.


Geng Qing suddenly exclaimed, “Watch out, Second Brother!”


Yun Fei Bai’s axe was already right above the Proprietress’ head. As he bellowed and forcefully brought down his weapon. At the same time, he surged his World Force to empower the axe, making it seem like he could split apart the Shadowless Cave Heaven with this strike.


Faced with this world-shaking attack, the Proprietress raised her sword with both hands as a shockwave spread around from her feet. The next moment, she ignored the limits of space and abruptly appeared before Yun Fei Bai as she clashed with the axe with her sword.


Following a deafening clang, a visible halo of light spread out a thousand kilometres in all directions, shaking space wherever it passed.


Yun Fei Bai’s pupils shrank as he was sent flying away like a cloth sack, his gaze filled with complete shock.


He had traded moves with Lan You Ruo in the caldera not long ago, and although she was truly powerful, he was still able to compete with her. However, at this moment, this one clash made him realise that there was a huge gap between their powers.


[Where does the artifact on this woman come from? Why does it contain such horrifying power!?]


While he was still lost in his thoughts, the Proprietress, whose armour seemed to burn with terrifying flames, reached him as she raised her sword and chopped down.


A panicked Yun Fei Bai immediately parried the attack with his axe. A horrifying force descended upon him. Pressured by the oppressive World Force, he found it difficult to breathe.


Following several loud clangs, Yun Fei Bai sprayed out a mouthful of blood. It was apparent that he had been injured.


A relentless Proprietress raised her sword again as she appeared determined to ruthlessly kill him.


Presently, she was fighting three against one, and although her power had increased significantly thanks to the Blood Monster Battle Dress, she would still fall into a perilous state if she couldn’t kill at least one of her opponents quickly.


Feeling the aura of death descending upon him, Yun Fei Bai widened his eyes in horror. Faced with this series of attacks, he was unable to counterattack at all, and if he couldn’t dodge the coming strike, even if he survived, he would be severely wounded.


At the critical moment, Geng Qing and Zhou Ya came to his rescue. Since the three Mountain Lords had come here together, the other two certainly wouldn’t let the Proprietress kill Yun Fei Bai without doing anything.


In fact, the moment the Proprietress and Yun Fei Bai began trading moves, the other two Mountain Lords started rushing towards the battlefield. Nevertheless, due to the Proprietress’ incredible speed and strength, it wasn’t until this moment that they caught up.


Still, it was better late than never.


Zhou Ya wielded her long sword and infused her World Force into it, whereupon a sword screen engulfed the Proprietress. At the same time, Geng Qing appeared from the side as he performed hand seals and bombarded the Proprietress with different Divine Abilities.


The two of them finally managed to force the Proprietress back.


Using this delay, Yun Fei Bai hurriedly dashed backwards and dodged the attack. As a breeze whisked across his sweat-soaked clothes, he felt cold all over. Prior to this battle, he would never have imagined that there was such a wide gap between Lan You Ruo and him since both of them were in the Sixth Order. If Geng Qing and Zhou Ya hadn’t come to his rescue just now, he would’ve been critically injured or even killed.


Although he admittedly underestimated his opponent, it also went to show that the Proprietress was horrifyingly powerful.


This kind of humiliation made him feel completely ashamed and enraged, so he charged forward with his axe and surrounded the Proprietress alongside Geng Qing and Zhou Ya, launching all sorts of Divine Abilities at her in a maddened rage.


Meanwhile, in the parterre garden on Twin Spirit Island, Hua Yong gasped as he gazed at the battlefield through the water mirror and said in shock, “I can’t believe Lan You Ruo is so strong!”


Although there was a barrier around Twin Spirit Island, he could still feel terrifying energy fluctuations coming from outside.


Still reeling from the shock, he thought it was fortunate that they hadn’t accepted Lan You Ruo into Twin Spirit Island. Given the power she had showcased, if she really joined them, the couple wouldn’t be a match for her even if they joined forces.


He believed that they had to be cautious. If Lan You Ruo had some ulterior motive, the couple wouldn’t be able to deal with her; moreover, Shu Mu Dan was pregnant, so her combat capabilities were severely limited right now.


On the other hand, the more observant Shu Mu Dan gave it a thought and said, “She must have paid a heavy price to obtain this kind of power. It seems to me that the armour she’s wearing is quite malevolent.”


Hua Yong pondered on it for a moment and nodded. “You’re right, my Wife.”


The Proprietress was able to match the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain on her own, leading to an intense battle. Yun Fei Bai and the others were horrified as they were unable to take her down even though they had joined forces. The blunt-looking sword in her hands contained a power that could make them all flustered.


To their dismay, the three of them could only come to a draw in a fight against Lan You Ruo at the moment.


On the other hand, Chef and Accountant were in a perilous situation. The three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain had brought with them dozens of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. These people wouldn’t dare to interfere in the battle between the Sixth-Order Masters as just the fallout could be deadly to them, so they turned their eyes to Chef and Accountant.


The two of them ran away in embarrassment as the lights of Secret Techniques expanded behind them, causing them groan and grunt in pain.


Fortunately, both of them were Fifth-Order Open Heaven Masters, so although they were unable to deal with the dozens of enemies, they could still flee for a while. However, as time passed, the people from Profound Yang Mountain formed an encirclement around Chef and Accountant and were slowly tightening it.


It was apparent that there would come a point when the encirclement became so small that the two of them would be unable to flee.


The Proprietress repeatedly wanted to lend them a hand, but she was blocked by Yun Fei Bai and the other Mountain Lords.


The situation seemed to be in Yun Fei Bai and the others’ favour because they realised that as time passed, Lan You Ruo’s moves became less sharp even though the power she was able to use remained unchanged. The power of the Divine Abilities she cast also appeared somewhat unsteady.


Looking up, they saw that there was a layer of blood mist surrounding her scarlet armour and her eyes under the helmet had become bloodshot. The Monster Qi made her look like a real Monster.


The three of them were astounded at first, but soon realized that there must be a downside to this Artifact Armour. It couldn’t be used for a long time, or else there would be some hidden concerns.


Understanding this, they switched tactics and stopped clashing with the Proprietress head-on. Instead, they circled around and stalled for time.


Judging from Lan You Ruo’s actions, they knew that she would become increasingly erratic as time passed, and eventually, they would be able to easily deal with her. For a battle at this level, having more power didn’t necessarily mean that one could secure victory.


The Monster Qi around the Proprietress thickened as there seemed to be a layer of blood swirling around her scarlet Blood Monster Battle Dress. The eyes under the helmet were crimson as they reflected a glint of madness and brutality.


Every strike she made with her sword seemed able to break the Heavens and Earth apart, but at the same time, she became increasingly wild and unfocused.


She was unable to react when Zhou Ya came at her with her sword and penetrated a junction in the armour, piercing through her belly.


Before Zhou Ya could celebrate her victory though, the Proprietress turned her head and hacked at her with her greatsword.


Zhou Ya exclaimed and retracted her sword before backing off quickly; however, she was still struck by the violent force as the vitality in her chest convulsed, almost causing her to spit blood.


Seeing as the relentless Proprietress chased after her, Zhou Ya grit her teeth and parried the incoming flurry of attacks. On the other hand, Geng Qing attempted to hold the Proprietress down while Yun Fei Bai forcefully hacked his axe at her figure.


Following a loud boom, the Proprietress’ lithe figure plunged into the lake and caused a huge splash. The spot where she fell into the water was boiling and dyed red. The fish in the lake that were attracted by the metallic tang went over to absorb the red light, but they all exploded a moment later.


Following a loud splash, a red glint flashed through the lake’s surface as the Proprietress shot out of the water. Due to Yun Fei Bai’s strike earlier, she seemed to have regained some clarity in her mind and there was a sense of struggle behind her bloodshot eyes.


However, when she saw that Chef and Accountant were in danger, the sense of struggle disappeared and was replaced by madness again.


Holding the sword in one hand, she wielded it and formed a ray of red light before charging towards Yun Fei Bai.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Loud noises were continuously heard as their World Forces clashed.


In the garden, Hua Yong narrowed his eyes and remarked, “Lan You Ruo is doomed.”


To his side, Shu Mu Dan let out a sigh.


As a fellow woman, she had to admit that Lan You Ruo was more powerful than she was. However, Lan You Ruo was on her own, so she was unable to defeat the three Mountain Lords from Profound Yang Mountain.


As a fellow Sixth-Order Master, she was fully aware of how powerful the three Mountain Lords from Profound Yang Mountain were and understood that she might not be a match for any one of them even if it was a one-on-one fight.


However, Lan You Ruo was able to face three of them for such a long time even though she was on her own.


In fact, given the power she had showcased, she could totally flee and those from Profound Yang Mountain would be unable to stop her. The reason she stayed and fought this life-and-death battle was that she had to protect her companions.


Even if she could flee, the people around her were unable to do so.


Therefore, Shu Mu Dan admired the Proprietress for her loyalty and righteousness.


She turned to look at her Husband and parted her lips, but she was unable to say anything in the end.


It had been a long time since they got married, so Hua Yong was able to figure out her intentions by looking into her eyes. It was apparent that she wanted to plead with him to let Lan You Ruo in, but as their eyes met, he slowly shook his head.


By letting Lan You Ruo in, they would offend those from Profound Yang Mountain and invite trouble to themselves. Even if they could somehow appease those from Profound Yang Mountain, the power Lan You Ruo had showcased this time made Hua Yong feel wary.


Given her strength, she was completely capable of becoming the Head Island Master. There was no way the couple would allow her to usurp their position.


Shu Mu Dan let out a long sigh and stroked her bulging belly. There was a loving expression on her face as she hummed a nursery rhyme to distract herself.




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