Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4397, Unable to Recognise Him


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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A horrifying aura spread out, which caused a large part of the fog around Twin Spirit Island to evaporate in an instant.


Under the Great Sun, Yang Kai was seen wielding the spear in a heroic manner as his weapon’s power dazzled the world.


Geng Qing and Zhou Ya, who were attacking the Proprietress, turned to look at him with trembling eyes.


“Divine Manifestation!” In the garden, Hua Yong was dumbfounded as he stared at the Great Sun in disbelief, “How is that possible?”


Shu Mu Dan parted her lips, which were now covered with her hands.


Divine Manifestations were exclusive to High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. They had never heard of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master being able to wield one. If they found out that Yang Kai had already comprehended Golden Crow Casts the Sun when he was still an Emperor Realm cultivator, they would probably faint from shock.


The dazzling Great Sun cast a radiant glow on Yun Fei Bai’s flustered expression.


Right after the Divine Manifestation appeared, Yang Kai’s aura grew to horrifying heights. A dazzling red-gold light washed over the Azure Dragon Spear in his hands as the pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire seemed able to burn down the entire world.


As Yang Kai thrust out his spear, the world around him trembled.


There was no way Yun Fei Bai would be able to dodge this attack, so at this life-and-death moment, he roared and madly infused his World Force into his axe, which suddenly shone brightly as it clashed with Azure Dragon Spear head-on.


Since he was unable to dodge, he had no choice but to meet the enemy head-on. Only by doing so would he stand a chance to survive.


Following a loud boom, shockwaves erupted as a halo of light exploded outwards.


The glow of the axe dimmed greatly. After the clash, the axe’s spirituality seemed to have been damaged, which went to show how terrifying the spear’s power was.


Azure Dragon Spear pressed forward, knocking away the axe as it continued to pierce out. Yang Kai, who was holding the spear, wore a fierce expression on his face as murderous intent surged from his form.


At this moment, an inch from death, Yun Fei Bai retreated hastily in an attempt to flee, but his expression changed the next moment. That was because he realised that the space around him had become extremely viscous. It was as though he had been bound by a mysterious force, which rendered him unable to move as he pleased.


[Right! This bastard is a Master of the Dao of Space!] That was the first thing that came to Yun Fei Bai’s mind.


Although he managed to break free from the Space Principles’ restriction in the next moment, he had lost his only chance to escape the attack. Watching as the spear rapidly penetrated his chest, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. The pain in his chest was excruciating and there was a black flame burning through his wound.


It was the second time he had been run through by this spear.


The first time took place one month ago when his chest was pierced by Yang Kai’s spear. It took him one month before he recovered from that wound. This time around, three Sixth-Order Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain had come all the way here with their dozens of subordinates. Initially, Yun Fei Bai thought that he could get his revenge, but he hadn’t expected to be wounded in exactly the same way again.


This time was far more severe. Although his injury was serious previously, there wasn’t a risk of him losing his life; however, there was Golden Crow’s True Fire burning in his wound now.


Yang Kai withdrew his spear, bringing with it a lot of boiling blood. Before the blood even dropped to the lake, it evaporated because of Golden Crow’s True Fire. Then, Yang Kai aimed his spear at Yun Fei Bai’s head as he was determined to end his life.


“Don’t you dare kill Second Brother!” At the critical moment, Zhou Ya came at Yang Kai from behind. Her sword turned into countless sword waves. Every sword wave contained the World Force of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow and leapt away. Seizing the chance, Zhou Ya hurled out a long piece of red cloth and draped it around the injured Yun Fei Bai before fleeing into the distance. At the same time, she exclaimed, “Third Brother, run!”


She was truly terrified. The guy, who had remained unconscious all this time, suddenly woke up and killed nine of their subordinates in an instant. Not only had he severely injured Yun Fei Bai, but he had also managed to showcase a Divine Manifestation. The power he possessed was inconceivable.


If he were on his own, the three Mountain Lords could have joined forces and dealt with him. However, he also had the now-maddened Lan You Ruo on his side.


There was no way the three of them could defeat these two people. Moreover, Yun Fei Bai had been critically injured, so Zhou Ya knew the only option was to run.


On the other hand, Geng Qing felt immensely pressured as he had to battle against the Proprietress on his own. There was nothing else he could do apart from defending himself. Upon hearing Zhou Ya’s words, he directly used a feint to gain some distance before he fled from the battlefield.


However, a relentless Proprietress turned into a ray of light and chased after him.


Initially, Yang Kai wanted to pursue Yun Fei Bai and Zhou Ya as well, but he suddenly frowned and gazed at the Proprietress. The next instant, he moved to intercept her.


Presently, she was clad in a scarlet Artifact Armour. With both her hands holding the greatsword, she looked quite valiant. However, her eyes were completely red, and she was engulfed in rich Monster Qi.


Facing Yang Kai, she hacked at him with her sword without hesitation.


Yang Kai raised his spear to parry the attack, and following a loud clang, he was sent flying several thousand metres away while the Proprietress’ figure shook a little. After stabilizing her footing, she charged at him again. Her sword seemed to have turned into a storm and blasted towards Yang Kai.


It was the first time Yang Kai saw her in such a state. Earlier, he could feel that there was something wrong with her, which was why he decided to stop her and let her rest first. However, it never crossed his mind that she couldn’t even recognise him now.


As his gaze fell upon the scarlet Artifact Armour, he knitted his brow, knowing that something was wrong with it as it seemed to contain horrifying Monster Qi that was affecting her mind. If she couldn’t come to her senses in time, her mind would be completely corrupted by the Monster Qi. It would be too late to save her by then.


It wasn’t the right time for him to ask Chef and Accountant what had happened, nor was he in the mood to chase after Zhou Ya and the others. Left with no choice, he could only wield his Azure Dragon Spear and ward off her attacks while exclaiming, “Proprietress! Wake up! It’s me!”


The Proprietress ignored him as the Monster Qi around her thickened. Every strike she made carried immense force and Yang Kai found it increasingly hard to deal with her.


It had to be noted that Yang Kai had a 4,000-metre-long Half-Dragon Form, so he possessed incredible physical strength. It was hard to imagine that the Proprietress could use such a monstrous force despite her delicate figure. However, given the way she used her power, it must be pretty taxing for her.


When Zhou Ya and the others turned their heads and saw that Yang Kai and Lan You Ruo had gotten into an intense battle, they breathed a sigh of relief despite not knowing what had happened.


They were truly worried that Yang Kai and Lan You Ruo would pursue them.


Then, Zhou Ya looked down and saw Yun Fei Bai spitting out a mouthful of blood. The blood coming out of his mouth was boiling hot, as though it contained a scorching heat and she exclaimed, “How are you, Second Brother?”


Yun Fei Bai covered the wound on his chest with his hand as a sense of resentfulness flashed through his eyes, “It’s Golden Crow’s True Fire! That brat condensed a High-Rank Power!”


As he spoke, he sprayed out another mouthful of boiling blood.


Zhou Ya comforted him by saying, “Hang in there, Second Brother! I’m sure when we return to Profound Yang Mountain, Big Brother will have a way to help you.”


Yun Fei Bai nodded his head and fell silent as he pushed his power to suppress the Golden Crow’s True Fire in his body in order to stop the wound from worsening.


The people who surrounded Chef and Accountant on the lake had dispersed by now. Since the three Mountain Lords were gone, they certainly wouldn’t dare to remain. They had hurriedly followed Zhou Ya and the others back to Profound Yang Mountain.


Chef and Accountant didn’t chase their opponents as there were only the two of them. If they pushed the enemy too far, they might fall into a perilous situation instead.


Upon seeing that Yang Kai and the Proprietress were locked in a fierce battle, Chef anxiously screamed, “Oh, no! The Proprietress has lost her rationality and is fighting against Yang Boy! What should we do?”


Accountant yelled, “Don’t hurt her, Yang Kai! Wake her up immediately!”


“I’m trying!” Yang Kai replied while dodging the attacks. However, he wasn’t sure how he could make the Proprietress regain her senses. If this matter dragged on, she would fall into critical danger. It would be terrible if she was left with some irreversible damage.


Inside the garden, Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan gazed silently at the water mirror. Through the reflection, they could see two figures engaging in an intense battle in the sky. The area around the lake was a mess. The barrier around the lake had stood for thousands of years, but it was now almost destroyed due to this one battle.


After observing for a time, Hua Yong wore a helpless smile and muttered, “Is this really a battle between Sixth-Order Open Heaven Masters? It looks more like a clash between those Seventh-Order Masters.”


Shu Mu Dan added, “Lan You Ruo seems to have been affected by the Monster Qi in that scarlet armour and lost her mind. It’s the best chance to lend her a hand now, Husband. It’ll be too late if you wait any longer.”


After giving it a thought, Hua Yong nodded, “You’re right, my Wife. Please come with me.”


“En.” Shu Mu Dan nodded gently and retracted the mirror, and then they leapt into the air together and flew out.


A moment later, the fog separated and revealed the figures of Twin Spirit Island’s Island Masters.


Upon seeing them, Chef and Accountant appeared vigilant.


Shu Mu Dan hurriedly said, “Please don’t be nervous. We mean no harm.”


Hua Yong added, “We were cultivating in seclusion to comprehend a Secret Technique, but it never crossed our minds that such an astonishing battle had taken place outside of Twin Spirit Island. Now that Madam Lan is in danger, we have a Secret Technique that might be able to help her regain clarity. Please allow us to use it on her.”


After exchanging glances, Chef and Accountant immediately figured out the couple’s intentions.


Earlier, the Proprietress brought them to Twin Spirit Island in order to seek shelter with the Island Masters and ward off those from Profound Yang Mountain. Unfortunately, Hua Yong and his Wife were not willing to interfere in this matter, so they refused to meet them. Cultivating in seclusion was just an excuse they had come up with.


Now that those from Profound Yang Mountain were forced to leave, and Yang Kai and the Proprietress had showcased incredible strength, this couple must have been worried that those from First Inn would hold a grudge against them, so they hurriedly came out to offer assistance.


Despite the fact that Chef and Accountant understood all this, they didn’t point it out as the most important thing right now was to wake the Proprietress up.


As such, Chef lowered his head without hesitation, “If you’re able to help my Proprietress, we’ll owe you a favour.”


Accountant added, “Please lend us a hand.”


Hua Yong nodded in return, “We’ll begin right away.”


Then, he exchanged glances with his Wife. After a nod, he fished out a flute while she sat cross-legged. As she waved her hand, a zither appeared on her knees.


The pleasant music of the flute and the zither sounded and permeated the air as it whisked across the area like a pair of invisible hands. The music seemed to have a soothing effect wherever it went.




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